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    Love that DMN can post articles about a non-existent football program at UTA, but no mention of the Mean Green and the upcoming bowl season!
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    I looked at our schedule and saw UNT played in all 8 games before this one...so...
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    I am both very disappointed and encouraged by this game. I know that sounds bizarre, but that's my take away.
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    Man and Mean Green fans did pounce. And they were for the most part respectful. It's awesome We have to continue to show our numbers when we get blatant disrespect in the local media. That's how a fan base gets credibility. Apathy has been a hallmark of UNT athletics for years.....It looks like that ship is starting to turn a little. We need people outside UNT to say "whoa! Mean Green fans aren't messing around" Keep the pressure up!
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    Now I want Armed Forces Bowl with no Army On a Saturday with a good kickoff time
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    Any Safeways in Delaware?
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    Let’s clarify your assumption here. He’s had an agent since he got to Denton from Chapel Hill in 2015 (as does every other HFC and major college coordinator). He changed agencies this season to Jimmy Sexton’s firm.
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    New fundraising idea: $100 for 20 minutes behind the controls of that sick piece of equipment
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    I think it's quite the opposite...UH got played.
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    if Zach developed a 10 foot game, I'd agree entirely. he doesn't have it right now and I'd rather he not start forcing it. rather than a a high pick and roll I think "plan B" is going to have to be finding ways to simply unbalance the floor and spread out more for Ryan. his combination of quickness and athleticism and size is a nightmare...I love that he wants to distribute first, but he could drop 30 if he were more selfish. striking that balance when necessary will be a big key to the year
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    Grant said he felt this was the worst game we have played under him. Also said some other smart and encouraging things. We’ll be fine.
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    good lord I hate how so many of you are completely unable to separate your homer-ism from an objective assessment of a game. I swear the ignorance of forever having bad programs coupled with the entitlement of small-scale success leads to some of the worst sports takes ever tonight was absolutely an opportunity and I'm disappointed we didn't take full advantage. OU is a mid-level at best Big 12 team and we match up individually in terms of talent. that said, they dug in and really used their length to be disruptive on defense, especially in the first half, and we undoubtedly came out playing that one-beat quicker than ideal...rushed some shots, didn't execute as we normally would. we made some really good second half adjustments...Ryan was fantastic...he's becoming an all-time favorite of mine as he's one of the few in program history I can think of as having both above average measurables and a high hoops IQ. he was smartly assertive and their defense started to collapse more. we just missed shots...and anyone who has ever played this game understands that missed shots, especially bunnies like the Simmons' boys kept missing are highly contagious. I'm not happy with Grant for the weird Tikho/Gibson sequence in the second half...honestly, I don't think Gibson should've seen the floor in the second half...he looked erratic to me against the likes of Hawaii and lesser opponents and felt if he didn't knock down a few shots early he'd start pressing against OU. alas. Gibson will end up averaging 25 a night as a senior, but he has some IQ limitations right now and they were exposed. other than that, I think Grant's adjustments were spot on...we just didn't execute. we have a good and fun basketball team...two years after having five years of embarrassment. stop being so douchey after every (now much rarer) loss
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    Seemed like that 3-minute stretch around 13:00 - 10:00 (started at ~38-41, ended at ~40-48) was what did us in. Picked up some fouls that were iffy, & turned the ball over or missed some layups/open shots. After that, the guys started playing too tight & it got sloppy. We can be better, and I think we’ll do well in conference play.
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    first time in at least 5 years I altered social plans to watch UNT hoop online. we win this and I'll show up on the podcast
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    I like them better than the black ones.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/education/higher_education/university_of_north_texas/former-unt-athletes-reflect-on-final-stage-of-fouts-field/article_e80af2d8-8b60-50aa-96ec-d4b25fe75402.html
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    kind of like a wake with an open casket
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    Trust me recruits are well aware of the situation before they ever log on to gmg. And when they do its to see their own recruiting page
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    UTA football. Do we really need another college team in the state of Texas? I hope it never gets off the ground.
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    so then you think the increase in both influence and population is just coincidence and not correlation to causation?
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    Oklahoma doesn’t look good. Really feels like a game we should be winning. A fit Smart would help.
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    If I recall correctly a few years ago I ran into him at Randall Noe dealership in Terril. He was selling cars.
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    New Mexico would be the worst bowl, just because of date.