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    My whole UNT life has been who is the qb. Now all I care about is can we get a left tackle!?
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    We peaked week 1. This entire season has been a downward spiral. Not sure wth is going on...
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    I don't need to visit as I still remember. I don't want to go back there anytime soon. I wish we were 8-0, but I don't think it's terrible that we're not. First, we have a very reasonable shot at a true 10 win regular season - something we've never done before. Secondly, our win at Arkansas combined with the punt saw 'round the world, is getting us more notice than being undefeated would. We don't have to go back to 1975 to point to a signature win again. I don't care if the pigs are having a down year as NEXT year we'll still be talking about humiliating them in Fayetteville and only the people at Arkansas will know it was in a down year. As long as we aren't waiting decades for our next signature win, we'll be in great shape. It's still green and good, just not green and perfect!
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    Could we have played a cleaner game? Absolutely. Another win for North Texas? I'll take it! Congrats to the team. Let's keep the momentum going.
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    To say the offensive line is not doing their job would be an understatement.
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    Does the offense go into the locker at half every game and get their balls cut off? Good Lord we're worse than Dodge right now.
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    UTSA, UTEP & UTA could have the Irrelevant Trophy to battle over.
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    They should more realistically look into FCS. I don't have any angry vitriol toward them forming a team. Just looking at it from an objective point of view.
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    I heard him giving an interview after a game one time. Great player AND a great ambassador!
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    https://247sports.com/Recruitment/DAndre-Plantin-37344/RecruitInterests/ 2 year starter at VA Tech. Transferring in December.
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    For the first time in 14 years, UT-Arlington is seriously considering the revival of its dormant football program. UTA president Vistasp Karbhari and athletic director Jim Baker have examined the costs of adding a football team within the next 10 years, according to documents obtained through an open records request. In addition to football, the Mavericks have also looked at adding women's soccer and beach volleyball. In 1985, the university disbanded its football program because of budget constraints. In a statement provided Thursday, Baker said the university is seeking an additional feasibility study from a third party. Baker also said the football program "must be exclusively funded by private, philanthropic resources" and exclude any additional money from student fees. Through school spokespersons, Baker and Karbhari declined interview requests Thursday. Karbhari also cited Baker's statement when asked for a comment. In September, the state's attorney general ruled UTA had to release selected emails and documents about UTA's football program. Those materials were released earlier this week after The News filed a complaint to the state's attorney general office. According to an internal budget projection, adding those three sports could cost UTA $146.7 million over 10 years. During the 2017 fiscal year, UTA reported $530,067 in athletic donations and $14.1 million in total operating athletic revenue. Adding women's soccer and beach volleyball brings an estimated combined cost of $10 million over 10 years, with volleyball starting in Year 2 and soccer in Year 3. The two sports would have 20 combined full scholarships, which would help UTA fulfill the Title IX obligations that come with adding 85 football scholarships. In April, Baker and Karbhari reviewed a document that featured a 10-year projection for the football program. By the sixth year, the Mavericks would have a team competing in the Football Bowl Subdivision, the NCAA's highest level. Read more: https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2018/10/25/exclusive-ut-arlington-considering-reviving-football-program-30-years-after-disbanded
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    In my opinion. He is the best at promoting UNT and our football program on social media. I love that he predicted a perfect season and stays so involved. He seems to be willing to do whatever is asked of him to sell Mean Green football. I hope more former players follow his example.
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    There had better be an oline coach firing after this game. It couldn't possibly get worse
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    Losing to Rice would be the end of this season. I can hear people now: “ hey we’re 6-3 and that’s good for North Texas!!!!!!”
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    Its hard not to think of this teams offense in the first 4 games and compare it to what has happened since. Ever since only the USM game was similarish to those first 4 weeks. Other than the loss of Easley there really was nobody going out that can explain this regression. It is hard to think that this is anything other than focus. If the team is not focused that is an indictment of the offensive staff and SL.
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    This is getting embarrassing. First UTEP and now Rice 😞
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    And here is the TD for Rice, 17-17 12:50 left in Q3. offense and special teams have to stop putting the D in bad situations. currently -2 turnovers.
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    I almost forgot what it looked like when you had time to make a pass... How dangerous we really could have been with a good oline
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    I have this feeling that he's our 2020 starting QB
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    see things have changed, you can now sell your tickets in the past it was hard to give them away.
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    I think UAB/SMiss/LaTech/UNT could take care of all the East teams. West is pretty strong at the top, with some depth. Lost in this battle for the West: I think if we had beaten UAB and LaTech, we'd be ranked by now. Pure speculation, of course. UAB is getting some votes, but I am not sure they will get ranked even if they win CUSA title game. A T25 ranking would be great for the league.
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    Dear Mr. Mcingvale a big Thank You for all that you have done for The University of North Texas, the residents of the Houston area and the other folks that you have touched all over this nation. You are a fine man and set an example the rest of us can only hope to achieve. Your Degree is well deserved and I am proud that you and I attended the same University, UNT. GO MEAN GRENN!!!
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    Yes it is. Thats like wishing cheap shot after cheap shot on your neighbor’s dog. Poor dog, leave him alone! And that dude does not need to come close to a football field ever again. Can’t imagine what his son would play like in little league with dad coaching.
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    I’ve always had the opposite experience
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    I won't forget either. Those refs were ridiculous.
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    When this game has a start time of 9:30 how much complaining will occur?
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    Go in the Bonnie Brae entrance, south of Apogee. A lot less congested than the entrance off NT Blvd.
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    A commuter school in the same city as the Rangers, Cowboys, and Six Flags. Yeah....sounds like a good idea to me, no one is going to those games.
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    Get there early for tailgating. I’ve never had a problem. Rarely any line. If you arrive within an hour or so of kickoff, just set your expectations to wait in a line for a bit, but you’ll still be fine.
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    I don't see how a school with 40k students can be specialized. They are doing a great job in upping their research and churning out good degrees for the money. However, I really don't know. You probably know more than me.. What are they trying to specialize in? Seems like UNT is falling by the wayside when UTD and UTA are about to pass us by. UTD is incredible with their science... hard to believe they almost have 30k students. I doubt UTA or UTD will have the total college 'feel' of UNT. But Football on campus will help that process along..
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    They have done an amazing job with growing their university. I think having a FB team is the right move for them.
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    The above poster's advice is almost always dependable. In the event this time turns out to be his only error this year, I am offering you my favorite recording of The Blue Lot Blues for consolation:
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    Students are required to vacate the lot before a certain time on game days. They do not oversell the lot either. You'll be fine.
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    Class act and great coach at Ryan!
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    Been meaning to talk to you about my title...
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    It's one thing to struggle against the better teams in the conference but getting Mason killed against Rice!? Their sack leader has 2 on the season and Mason was hit every pass play. IT IS THE PROBLEM!
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    Mason literally only has 3 seconds to hold onto the ball each play. Our oline needs some more wheaties.
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    If she doesn't respond, DM me your number. I may be ubering today, so I'd have a blue lot pass available.
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    I'd like to have them. What is your favorite bottled beverage?
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    I am sorry to see them get this game. It is a great game and they do not deserve to get it.
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    It helps that he’s right down the road.
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    This makes zero sense. I think maybe you're confusing "expectations" with "hopes". You mean to tell me that if I dug up an old thread from 2016, the year Littrell arrived after a disasterous 1-11 year, I'd see you expected the team to win 12 games? EDIT: Heck, here is your expectation for THIS SEASON:
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    Does that mean we can change the name of the practice filed now?

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