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    I am down here for a speaking engagement and wore this polo on the plane. Stopped in to a restaurant and sat at the bar. I hear a group of guys talking, and it goes like this: Man 1: We suck this year. Our offense and defense are bad, but our special teams is the worst in the country. That play we gave up two games ago was horrible. Man 2: That was cheating. (Admittedly, I should have stayed silent) Me: It was totally legal. You just didn’t play to the whistle. Man 1: If we had hit him, they would have thrown a flag. Me: Really? He didn’t fair catch it. Man 2: Take away that cheap play and it’s different. Me: Strange, I don’t remember punt returns being worth 30 points
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    Here's why I don't like these kinds of comparisons- We went to Iowa last year and was down only three going into the fourth quarter on the road to a team that destroyed Ohio State a few weeks later. And how much did that matter when we played FAU? Nada. We played Georgia tough a few years ago and lost to Tulane the next week. I don't mind that Tech fans are happy with their performance against LSU but it doesn't work that way. Our offense will put way more pressure on the Tech defense. Our passing game is better than LSU's. Does it mean we'll coast to victory? Don't know. But last week's game means nothing this week. I know this much, if we don't turn over the ball, protect Fine and stay focused......we will win, we are the better team.
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    “A much more hostile environment in Death Valley.” That’s probably true. Death Valley is a pretty harsh place to play. But mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m prepared to yell all game, in a very hostile manner. 😁
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    Then you shouldn't watch this
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    Liberty, the FCS-transition school, will be tougher than Louisiana Tech? Man! I get to use this same meme twice in 1 day!
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    Here’s my only complaint. You’re giving the shirts away on the hill, OUTSIDE of the stadium.
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    that is an awfully quick exit out of the blue lot after the game....
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    I would think so if you're gonna tailgate. Otherwise I think I'd just make the walk.
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    "...this week, I’m throwing caution to the win..." Not sure if clever pun, or just dumb writer.
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    I know they have sold at least 2 today. 😅
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    I do so hope and prey that I am wrong...I usually am when it comes to this sort of stuff, but I think we will be just short of a sellout. More than SMU, but still just short. We are getting there, but have not quite found the momentum as yet when it comes to ticket sales. La Tech will bring many more than SMU did and that will help attendance numbers, but still too many "around these parts" that have not returned after getting tired of losing and too many "locals" still sitting on the fence. Wren Baker and Company and Seth Littrell and Company are "winning 'em over", but not just yet. Maybe biggest ever, but not sellout. Now, it the weather does favor us...well......
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    Last line had to sting a bit. Sore losers. Glad it’s somebody other than us for a change.
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    Tony be right! SUMG, too, from his weAther report to me yesterday. We won’t need Noah or his Ark this Saturday. 🔵 Blue skies & a very 🔵 blue La Tech football team after we slobber’knock them back to Jambalaya “crawfish pie, fillet gumbo” Country. • We will win this game by 3 or 4 touchdowns. GMG!
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    Wife and I, plus friends, spent a week in Sicily this past June visiting several 2nd/3rd cousins in the area where my Dad was born. So, when DeepGreen posts on this board, THERE WILL BE NO DOWN VOTES! CAPISCI?
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    The way Wren Baker operates by ignoring past failures & “living in the past” attitudes at UNT I’d bet he already has the vision that ADLER has so adeptly stated. One major facility (IPF) at a time so this expansion won’t happen next year, but this group in the present AthleticDept. seems to not wait for the paint to dry on one project until they start their visualization on the next. Anyone else notice in the LSUvsLa Tech game video when the broadcaster said “this is the first sellout at LSU in a few years?” GMG!
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    So very sorry for your loss. As hard as it might be...try to remember the good times you had with your grandparents as I am sure they were many. May God grant you and your family peace. BTW...also very happy tp hear the ticket office story.
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    Right. Giving away tickets or deeply discounting them dilutes value. If the public continually sees free or nearly free tickets available, many will take the position of "they always give away tickets. If they're not, them I'm not going."
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    I have a friend that is unable to attend this week (La Tech). He has given me his ticket to sell. The ticket is on about the 20 yard line (N) and includes a parking pass (black lot I think). He wants face value of $115. Lemme know. Joe
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    DRC: UNT shows toughness in win over Liberty, Easly is coming on and so is the Mean Green's defense https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/what-we-learned----a-look-back-at/article_065df907-7082-5222-863b-9ecf62bfaa88.html
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    I'm predicting a 17 pt UNT win. They are re-applying the stickum to Jalen Guyton's hands as we speak.
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    I think it will be more than SMU game but just short of a sellout. I went to the ranked matchup between TCU and BYU years ago. I recalled getting cheap tickets and the game announced as a sellout but there were a handful of seats available. So I am predicting announced sellout with a few seats still available.
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    We will win...but we will earn it. I predict a 10 point win that is within 7 until midway through the 4th
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    I love the walk over the Pedestrian Bridge from Fouts. Doesn’t take any time.
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    ...and Buffalo...and Duke. Crazy times in NCAA football these days.
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    I think it's more important to see what the draw power is for CUSA teams as we have four of those games at home every year. We shouldn't be expanding the stadium for a P5 opponent we might have once every 4 or so years.
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    Here's a hypothetical situation. Jason Garrett gets fired and Jerry Jones hires Lincoln Riley because he's the next young upcoming offensive mind. OU looks to Denton and hires Seth....
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    As does most all of Louisiana based on my time living there...
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    Dumb question, but since when does Louisiana have technology? Good for them.
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    True, but Herman was in Houston...just sayin'
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    ESPN has us predicted in ServPro playing the below. Both P5's! http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/24773646/college-football-bowl-projections-week-4 SERVPRO First Responder Bowl Cotton Bowl, Dallas Dec. 26, 1:30 p.m. (ESPN) Bonagura: Northwestern vs. North Texas Sherman: Colorado vs. North Texas
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    I found SMU at 103 and voted them as being too high. Update: I see from the down vote we have a Pony fan lurking. They must be wondering how the other side lives. You know the winning side that people actually come out to watch.
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    Virginia Tech went to ODU, seats 25,000, we can attract power 5 schools here without more seats. All we need to do is keep winning and we can expand eventually.
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    Glad to hear the AD is using these promotions. Stuff like this really helps bring the casual fan in! Students like free stuff.
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    As many have stated, I am sorry for your loss and two that close together is tough, but I am pleased at how the ticket office handled the situation.
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    Sorry for your loss Chris. Happy to hear the ticket office was so accommodating. A happy customer is a returning customer.,
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    That's #newdenton for you! My condolences, but thanks for sharing your experience with the ticket office. It's good to hear.
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    The good feelings we all had after our Arkansas win we need to experience in Denton. As I said, Wren Baker will listen but I’m sure have nothing to do with attitudes that kept us in Fouts Field about 25 years longer than we should have. I wonder how many traveling Hokie fans were at that game at ODU’s small capacity stadium? Most likely not many. With such a small stadium there is no way ODU made their guarantee to VTI. Also wonder if local merchants benefitted from what had to be a small number of visiting Hokie fans? College town businesses usually welcome thousands of visiting fans. If we had 9K more seats for our Texas Tech game in a few seasons Red Raider fans would flll those (& more) & pay for most of their gate receipts guarantee. Can we draw at least 31,000 Mean Green fans in a game vs the Red Raiders? (Of course we can). ADLER lists other schools who’d have similar drawing power as Texas Tech with thousand of visiting fans to Old & New Denton.🙄 GMG! 🔺🔴🔻
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    Easy to think as we all have at UNT when Athletic dept. leadership was mostly all talk & rarely any do plus UNT finally started putting a high rollers (& large contributors) list together. Like Deep Green said there are others out there with those kind of bucks that can be tapped. You expand with the goal of having at least 1 P5 opponent on campus every year—sometimes 2. You beat them & Top 25 rankings are easier to attain. Some of the snowball “lower guarantees” schools on our future schedule can be bought out & replaced as that’s done all the time. With 283,000 UNT alums (as one posted that official number the last 24 hours) living within 1 to 1.5 hours of Apogee I like Wren Baker’s chances (& his obvious talents) of tapping into that gold mine successfully. CUSA cannot be our last stop. TCU went through 4 conferences in a 10 year period before they landed in the Big 12. For certain, UNTFan23, & looking ahead we might not need a 40K stadium most every game, but when Notre Dame calls us for a game in Texas I’d hope we’d say no to Jerry’s World &...DO IT IN DENTON (an old Denton Chamber of Commerce motto as I recall). Again, the LSU vs La Tech game was the Tigers first sellout in about 3 years. So there is no formula that says: (1) You have to sellout every home game or (2) You have to sellout Apogee 20 games in a row before there can be expansion talk. if we’d done that at Fouts we’d still be there since we never sold it out. (Of course, TxDOT’s future I-35E plans is the main reason we’re no longer at Fouts Field truth be told.

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