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    Meant to post this sooner, but better late than never. My wife bought me two tickets to the SMU game along with flights, hotel, etc. for a surprise father's day gift. I can't tell you how excited I was to attend this game! Unfortunately, the week of the game, both my grandparents had medical complications and passed on within five days of one another. The funerals were the weekend of the SMU game. I sent an email to the UNT ticket office to see if I could exchange my tickets for another game given the circumstances; quite frankly, I did not expect them to do this because this situation had nothing to do with them. To my great surprise, my mobile phone rang the next morning, and a nice gentleman from the UNT ticket office extended UNT's condolences for our losses, and asked me what game we wanted to attend. I told him the Southern Miss game, and he said no problem. I had printable tickets in my email that day!! What a class act these guys are!! Put a smile on my face during a very difficult time for our family and makes me even happier to support our athletics! GO MEAN GREEN! Beat LaTech!!
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    I am down here for a speaking engagement and wore this polo on the plane. Stopped in to a restaurant and sat at the bar. I hear a group of guys talking, and it goes like this: Man 1: We suck this year. Our offense and defense are bad, but our special teams is the worst in the country. That play we gave up two games ago was horrible. Man 2: That was cheating. (Admittedly, I should have stayed silent) Me: It was totally legal. You just didn’t play to the whistle. Man 1: If we had hit him, they would have thrown a flag. Me: Really? He didn’t fair catch it. Man 2: Take away that cheap play and it’s different. Me: Strange, I don’t remember punt returns being worth 30 points
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    Here's why I don't like these kinds of comparisons- We went to Iowa last year and was down only three going into the fourth quarter on the road to a team that destroyed Ohio State a few weeks later. And how much did that matter when we played FAU? Nada. We played Georgia tough a few years ago and lost to Tulane the next week. I don't mind that Tech fans are happy with their performance against LSU but it doesn't work that way. Our offense will put way more pressure on the Tech defense. Our passing game is better than LSU's. Does it mean we'll coast to victory? Don't know. But last week's game means nothing this week. I know this much, if we don't turn over the ball, protect Fine and stay focused......we will win, we are the better team.
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    Aaron Colvin of the Houston Texans formerly of the Oklahoma Sooners was repping the Mean Green Sunday. He is also the brother of Caleb Colvin who has been a great addition to the Mean Green DL and is only a sophomore.
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    NT93 should be banned from this board!
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    This season needs to have one of those “life altering” moments to grab hold of a new generation of die hards. Winning is good, but you need one of those wins that people can talk about for years. Big donations are good, but honestly they don’t tether people to the program unless they have been here a long time and recognize how rare they are. I was hooked after the Texas Tech game in 1999. Traveling down with a group of fellow Talons, being surrounded by obnoxious Tech fans, watching our team pull out a game where we were 30 point dogs, and celebrating in Lubbock that night stoked the fire for me. Then, two years later in my senior year being on the magical ride of that first New Orleans Bowl season cemented my love for the Mean Green. I was there when we lost to ULM and saw NT fans the lowest I have ever seen them, and then saw those same fans as excited as could be when we shocked Middle Tennessee (and every person outside Denton) the next week. I rode 12 hours in a bus with fellow students to see “The Miracle in the Desert” against New Mexico State. Then I helped arrange a watching party at Riprock’s where we saw our alma mater clinch the bowl with a win over Idaho...that place got so loud I literally felt the building shake. It wasn’t just the wins, or even who they were against, that did the trick. It was who I was surrounded by (my future wife and lifelong friends). It was the atmosphere of the game day. I truly hope and pray that this next Saturday 10-15k students walk into Apogee and scream until they are hoarse, high five until their hands hurt, and learn to live and die with this team like I did. THAT is when you will see a culture change.
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    There is something special going on with UNT FOOTBALL and I hope everyone is paying attention as we have been waiting for years to have all the pieces move in the same direction. The Mean Green have not only beaten, but trounced SMU and SEC's Arkansas so far in this young undefeated season. The media and generous donars are showing up and I think I hear that "Sleeping Giant's fan base waking . Kudos Mr. Baker, Mr. Prez., Board and Coach Littrell. I'm having fun.
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    Ryan isn't your run-of-the-mill accounting firm. The Texas Comptroller's office isn't being very nice to me on a cursory search to find details, but I can see that Ryan is an LLC, not a partnership. Brint Ryan is far more than a mere partner of the company who bears his name on the side of a tall building at the intersection of 635 and DNT. The company is an aggressive money making machine. Not to my particular taste in some of the things they do, but you can't argue with the cash flow. tl;dr -- Brint has more money than God and is as close as we have to a T. Boone at present.
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    If we beat LaTech and get to 5-0, people will still say we haven't played anyone.
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    DRC: UNT to unveil Greene statue, break ground on indoor facility this week https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/brett-vito-unt-will-have-a-lot-to-celebrate-at/article_93bcf0b1-85d3-5d3a-b208-a6e56416eccf.html
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    If you dig down further, the Josh guy is a VP within Ryan, LLC. So while I love the comeback, this now feels more like intra-office C-suite banter.
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    If we are as serious as it sounds about doing everything we can to keep Seth, then if Seth wants his Assistants to get raises, his assistants will get raises. I truly believe 2mil for Seth, and 2 mil for the assistants is not out of the question. Damn that just feel weird writing that and talking about UNT in the same sentence.
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    Don't borrow trouble, the interest rate is far too high.
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    We are growing a fan base. I want to go to any bowl in the metroplex, or possibly Shreveport, where our fans can attend and give us a home field advantage.
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    Meh. It would still be yet another in a long line of seasons that North Texas went to a bowl game and UTSA stayed home.
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    Yo, we all got 'bama at 1, right? SOREN PETRO: hold my beer
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    Too much of a chance to play Army again. No thanks.
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    “A much more hostile environment in Death Valley.” That’s probably true. Death Valley is a pretty harsh place to play. But mean, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m prepared to yell all game, in a very hostile manner. 😁
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    Then you shouldn't watch this
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    Liberty, the FCS-transition school, will be tougher than Louisiana Tech? Man! I get to use this same meme twice in 1 day!
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    That's a great story and one that needs to be shared with Wren. I'm pleased that when they were able to accommodate you they did. Grandparents are special. Mine are gone. I hope to be the kind of grandparent mine were to me to my now 19 month grandson. GO MEAN GREEN
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    So let me get this straight: Brint Ryan is the Chairman of the Board of Regents, who is a partner at a large accounting firm in Dallas. Dude makes bank. He's apparently in love with SL (I mean, who isn't) and retweeted him. Some idiot named Josh tried to play the "my school will just poach him" card, and got SHOT down hard when Ryan told him to look at his books (implying he'd donate any amount of money it would take to keep SL). That about right? Because that's amazing.
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    What if my aunt had balls? Would she be my uncle?
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    This so accurrate. How can anyone down vote this comment? On the other hand, F La Tech. They haven't done anything to write home about. I expect us to correct these little issues and dominate their ass. Our expectations have elevated with the potential of this team and complacency will kill us if allowed to creep in.
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    I know they have sold at least 2 today. 😅
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    News Flash.....it will be a good crowd which means more traffic. Plan to get there earlier than normal so you won't be stressed out! It's a real college atmosphere now w/ traffic, crowds and excitement. Don't bitch....be happy we finally have it!
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    The more I think about it and observe, the more I think that while the wing/tail section is architecturally nifty, it's impractical for getting butts in seats. They probably should've put a second deck behind the student section and kept the lower bowl end zone section as is. I know I'm being curmudgeonly nitpicky old man here. I was originally kinda excited about that section because it reminded me of that intimidating fan packed end zone section in Seattle's joint. We just don't seem to be quite marketable enough to pull that off yet.
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    Prior to Peter Pan, it was (and still is) Mason Fine's story. Everyone eats up that kind of little-guy-overcomes-odds-&-makes-everyone-who-passed-him-over-look-stupid story.
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    BTW, not mentioning any names, but we had a member of the UNT Board if Regents at this Watching Party. #newdenton
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    There's only so much money in the marketing/advertising pot every year. The AD needs to be judicious in its use of those funds for each game.
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    We will have a great crowd, smut game-like crowd. A down Arkansas win was a good win. But not the "signature" win that we need to get all fans and Dentonites on board with the Mean Green. At least I don't think so. Should we beat Louisiana Tech (and we will beat them!), that would put us at 5-0 and will garner attention from the locals. I hope so. Edit- I do not consider a win over Louisiana Tech as a “signature” win, but a necessary win to remain undefeated and hopefully win CUSA West title. Signature win, to me at least, is a win over a top 25 opponent, or a top shelf P5 program. Like ODU’s win over Virginia Tech. BEAT THE HELL OUT OF LOUISIANA TECH!
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    If 4-0, votes in both polls, and wins against Arkansas and SMU are not enough to sell out Apogee then we are not promoting this game enough. We are running TV, and radio ads in DFW, right?
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    Question: Were they fighting over a bucket of chicken from KFC?
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    First four games were fun, but this is where the test begins. Litrell and Co want championships and bowl wins and it begins this Saturday. Everyone is 0-0 right now, as far as I am concerned.
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    The only team I can see actually getting Seth Littrell in the next two seasons is OkSt when they get tired of being almost great with coach mullet and go in a different direction to get over the hump. Other than that, I do not think Coach Littrell leaves here within the next 3 seasons, not even for Texas Tech. Now, if Mizzou, Arkansas, or LSU open up in the next three seasons, i'm pretty sure he'll be outta here, and deservedly so. Our defensive staff on the other hand is gonna get poached. Maybe not Reffet, but everyone else could be gone. I also think some of our offensive staff (looking at Choice and Filani) and Biagi will get offers too. Contrary to most people, I do not think Graham Harrell is gonna leave yet. I think he needs a couple more years of seasoning before someone makes him a head coach on the lower level or a big school coordinator. I think they need to restructure Seth's deal depending on how the season ends, and then give a pay bump to all the assistant positions. like no one makes less than 150K type of pay bump!
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    Well, I appreciate the laugh, Brint. And I think I can say we all appreciate everything you do.
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    In a lot of ways I'm more concerned with WHO we play rather than WHERE we play. I have no problem with the ServePro Bowl as long as we are playing a name P5 school.
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    I anticipate a sudden increase in "Harold Taft" Google searches😀
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    No, that's a horrible idea. I'm not trying to be brash, but let me tell you why. We are way beyond those type promotions. Leave the exploitation of elementary students, cub scouts, and orphages to our neighbors in the Park Cities.These have zero return as very few of those children are likely to ever purchase tickets to games, and tickets given at less than 50% face value do not count towards paid attendance count. We have a product that people actually want. Instead, utilize our best salespeople, the season ticket holders that obviously already see value in North Texas games, to distribute any leftover tickets. Reward every season ticket holder by sending them a matching quantity of tickets to the Rice and Florida Atlantic games and request them to invite fans/alumni that they believe would be interested in seeing the Mean Green this season. Getting tickets to people that are in our target audience is what will build our season ticket base for future seasons. And..the tickets given away count as paid attendance as long as the quantities only match those of the season tickets.
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    They have a point. We've hit schedule magic with SMU and Arkansas being terrible and UIW and Liberty barely count. We have a terrible SOS.. but we have been winning and winning big on the scoreboard. It is easy to see both sides of the argument.
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    I dunno, I think it's pretty funny...I also think it's classless, and so is my sense of humor.

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