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    Great crowd last night, but some continuous improvement ideas for us to keep in mind: 1. Be SELFLESS enough to stand at least on kickoffs, 3rd downs (when on defense), when UNT gets a first down (performing the first down gesture), during the almamator, and of course when UNT scores. 2. Be TOUGH enough to yell at the top of your lungs on defensive 3rd downs and spirit chants (especially the NORTH TEXAS chant @Harry captured above.) 3. Be DISCIPLINED enough to be quiet during the snap count when UNT is on offense. When Mason is flapping his arms up and down, he’s not doing an eagle gesture to get the crowd pumped up.
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    You go for two because it makes it 35 which means they need more than 5 touchdowns + extra points to win. It's not vengeance just math.
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    These are all solid points. They have also been posted every season since Harry invented the internet.
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    Let’s not forget the snapper on those field goals. First game and no mistakes.
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    dennis fisher (spelling) was an amazing marching band leader and paid attention to everything...williams does not former member here as well, 95-97....we wore our uniforms for every game...took off the coat for the third quarter...marched 3 shows a year...not this half asses shit that williams does now...he was my drum major so he knows what the green brigade should be about.
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    Oh no- were not taking the UTSA bait, Vito. One game at a time. I know your tricks.
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    Hmmmm...I have been to several away tailgates at places such as Houston, West Point, Middle Tennessee, New Orleans, SMU..where ya been? 😂
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    I was at Fouts at its first sellout against SFA in 1988. I was at its second sellout against SMU in 1990. I was there at Fouts for the Baylor game in 2003. I was at Apogee for the Houston game in 2011. And I was there last night and that was BY FAR...HANDS DOWN...the largest collection of NT fans to attend on campus event I've ever witnessed. Congratulations to WB and company. Y'all just set another bar never reached before. Let's keep climbing! Rick
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    DRC: Favorable schedule , improved defense, return of Mason Fine open up a world of possibilities for the Mean Green https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/brett-vito-time-has-come-for-unt-to-dream-big/article_726491e3-c606-5895-b739-98b8b3930da3.html
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    Almost. SMU’s upcoming slate is TCU Michigan Navy Houston Baptist UCF That is a VERY real possibility of them starting this season 1-5. Mid-season coaching change? Average attendance even smaller than the normal season (maybe 4,000 actual butts in seats at Ford)? #ponyup
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    Liberty Beat ODU 52-10! Yikes! Might say more about ODU than Liberty and we have a couple of weeks to see, but geeeeezzzzz, 52-10! Lime someone else said about Incarnate Word, Best respect every opponent or you might end up on the wrong side of the scoreboard. Just win baby...just win!
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    My point exactly. I have no idea how many were there. But I have zero doubt it's the most that's ever been in Apogee. I'm not going to debate the "analytics for a living guy" on how many seats were open per 25. But if someone says there were more at the Houston game, they're delusional. Anyone at both of those games that was taking pictures would see the difference.
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    I keep reading these statements that SMU leads the Safeway Bowl rivalry by a 31-6-1 margin. That's simply not the case. SMU held an 18-1-1 advantage in the pre-WWII days when they granted athletic scholarships in the University Division while North Texas did not in the College Division. All games were played at SMU and all officials were Southwest Conference employees. It was clearly an uneven playing field. SMU held a 7-1 advantage in games played 1974-1984 while they were wildly cheating, paying players, in what culminated with the Death Penalty for their program. Note - Until June Jones, every SMU coach that has had a winning season since 1958 when the NCAA started policing infractions had been caught for major recruiting violations. SMU held a 2-1 advantage in the games 1989-1992 while North Texas played at the FCS (1-AA) level with the significantly lower 1-AA scholarship limit. The playing field was finally leveled when North Texas moved to the FBS subdivision in 1994 but SMU refused to play North Texas. This prompted North Texas coach Matt Simon to issue the challenge "If they'd like to play on a Safeway parking lot just give a time and date." SMU dodged the challenge by stating that they weren't cowardly, but that the match-up just didn't make good business sense for them." By the early 2000's SMU had a new stadium that sat relatively empty except on the few dates that it was filled by fans of former SWC opponents like Baylor, Tech, TCU and A&M. SMU cancelled their men's track & field and cross country programs in 2004 citing financial reasons. Those home and home non-conference series with former SWC opponents, all except TCU, soon started drying up. The Safeway Bowl series was then started in 2006, the first time ever that SMU and North Texas met on a level playing field: no scholarship differences, no paying players. North Texas won that game 24-6. The Safeway Bowl has been played six more times with SMU holding a 4-3 edge in the series. The series has been good for North Texas because it's fans are possibly only ones in the nation that are excited about playing SMU, and just as importantly for SMU they now have a home and home rivalry other than TCU that brings out more fans than any of their supposed 'conference rivals'.
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    Is it possible our Receivers are even better than advertised? Man. They are good. I mean. Scary good.
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    Two phenominal representatives for our university. Rick
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    They’re in meltdown mode over there. But this just blows my mind. I’ve seen this before and I can’t believe they hold this in such high regard: I got to live through the Pony Express years, they were amazing. Why do they have so much pride about that time in their program? It ruined their football program, and basically their university and an entire conference. And they’re proud of it. Ask anyone in the country what they know about SMU. They don’t have to be a football fan. Just SMU. And the answer will be “oh yeah. They cheated” It’s sad. And they have fans that hold that as a sense of pride when t should be embarrassing. Amazing.
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    English seems like a good dude. The type of guy you want in your classroom and locker room.
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    Think the wind was really messing with Darden. I’ll chalk it up to game 1 mess ups. I fully expect that to be fixed going forward. Biagi is one of the best in the business.
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    let's just figure out the run game next week
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    Score a bunch points to win convincingly. Dominate, but don’t humiliate. Unless it’s smut.
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    Let's take care of Incarnate Word first before we have any Arkansas predictions. There's no gimmes out there. The extra talks just takes away from focusing on making sure the team plays to its full potential against the Cardinals.
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    A really good football coach once told me that we dont need a punt returner.....we need a punt catcher. His point was that we needed to catch the ball so that it does not bounce and bounce and bounce. We need to work on that this week. A second thing that he said was to stand no farther back than the ten yard line and do not back up. If the punt goes over your head it will almost always go into the end zone. We need to work on that, too.
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    A win against Arkansas would be very nice. But I want that first CUSA title. If it is a choice between a narrow upset of Arkansas and CUSA title I am taking the title regardless of our record at the end of he year. Now if you are talking about a 17+ points victory with solid play in all phases of the game against an Arkansas team that ends up going to a New Year's Day bowl I am in.* A win like that gets Apogee sold out this year. If we have a true "buts-in-seats" sellout and perform well the rest of the year the program can get to the heights we dream of. *(the rest of this mystical beat Arkansas & SMU season would include no worse than a 2nd place finish in our division for me to take the trade off)
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    I had a blast. I remember going to the sportatorium as a kid and watching ice man king parsons and the von Erich’s. I was impressed by the last few matches and the pure athleticism of the guys. Some big dudes jumping around and taking some hits. My 11 year old has never watched a minute of wrestling and he was all into it. That was worth it for me, seeing his reactions. Reminded me of the days my cousins and I would stay up late nights watching World Class Championship wrestling.