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    Great crowd last night, but some continuous improvement ideas for us to keep in mind: 1. Be SELFLESS enough to stand at least on kickoffs, 3rd downs (when on defense), when UNT gets a first down (performing the first down gesture), during the almamator, and of course when UNT scores. 2. Be TOUGH enough to yell at the top of your lungs on defensive 3rd downs and spirit chants (especially the NORTH TEXAS chant @Harry captured above.) 3. Be DISCIPLINED enough to be quiet during the snap count when UNT is on offense. When Mason is flapping his arms up and down, he’s not doing an eagle gesture to get the crowd pumped up.
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    You go for two because it makes it 35 which means they need more than 5 touchdowns + extra points to win. It's not vengeance just math.
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    These are all solid points. They have also been posted every season since Harry invented the internet.
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    Here are some of my observations: 1) I said it last season after our game against them, and I was right. Without Courtland Sutton their quarterback is just average. Not having a guy who can go up and grab poorly thrown balls rally exposes that passing game. 2) With that said, a LOT of Hicks’ throws were off because we got serious penetration into their backfield. Ejiya put some wicked hits on him and he was just a step away from being hit 5-7 more times. Kudos to coach Reffett. 3) At one point in the game SMU had 23 yards...and we had 27 FIRST DOWNS. Let that sink in. 4) The running game HAS to get better. Period. They brought extra men into the box and it worked. 5) Mason, though, made them pay repeatedly by throwing to the areas that linebackers vacated. 6) Bryce English will be an impact player. He didn’t get through much in the SMU game but he swallowed up linemen and allowed the other defenders to get home. 7) Medpilot and I noted that they appeared to want to concentrate on Guyton. I only hope every team does the same! He still got two TD’s and Bussey just plain WENT OFF. 8 I hope Jordan Murray’s shoulder is ok...and that he is able to be a valuable backup the rest of the year. 9) I am still pissed they put up the 23 points against the 2nd and 3rd team defense. Everyone outside of the Mean Green nation (and some within it, strangely) will fail to give our defense the credit they deserve and think that the game was actually close. It wasn’t. 10) Our receivers did an excellent job of breaking tackles and turning shorter catches into big gains. They have clearly been working in the off-season. I just hope that we find ways to connect on some of the longer throws. We tried at least twice to hit deep balls and they were either a little overthrown or the receiver had two defenders on him. Teams like Arky, FAU, and La Tech will be better at tackling and drives could stall out if we can’t force the safeties back.
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    Oh, SB Nation. You Crazy Kids. Link
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    Nothing is ever perfect. But it beats having to look across and see the stadium half empty and always begging people to go with you to the games. Had to pay full price for a good seat. Loved it. Had to park in Crumely parking lot and walk a mile. Loved it. Had a Rudy’s bbq sandwich and my dad a Beth Marie’s strawberry. Loved it. Saw friends like my old neighbor in Kingwood who moved back to Denton. He now has seasons tickets in 106, club and the new end zone tent. He just joined the alumni board and bought a recording studio in Denton (Rubber Hose?). Loved it! Cannot worry about the future too much but right now we are in a much better place. This glass is half full. Also loved the “go mean green” from the promo contestants. We should all reply with same response right back when that happens ...
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    I completely trust the coaching staff and players to "get one week better" and avoid a trap game on Saturday but as fans, it may be tough to get excited for a game against Incarnate Word after experiencing the excitement of knocking off the Ponies Saturday and looking ahead to Fayetteville's SEC stage on 9/15. So, to highlight exactly what can be accomplished this weekend, first take a look at the last 10 seasons of North Texas Football... From FBSchedules.com OK...even with several opportunities to start the season 2-0, the rug has been pulled out from under us by the likes of Ohio (twice) and SMU. The last 10 years, though, don't tell the entire story... Using Sports Reference's database, North Texas has not started a season 2-0 since returning to Division I (FBS) in 1995. Not only will a win on Saturday accomplish many things in terms of putting the 2018 squad in a position to meet some of the goals they've set but it will be a surprisingly historic start to the season for the program.
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    73 Division 1 Football schools are included in the World's Top 500 Academic Institutions. Congratulations to the student-athletes that will accept that kind of rigorous academic challenge. * Institutions within the same rank range are listed alphabetically. 2 Stanford University 5 University of California, Berkeley 11 University of California, Los Angeles 14 University of Washington 25 Northwestern University 26 Duke University 27 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 28 University of Wisconsin - Madison 30 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 38 University of Colorado at Boulder 40 The University of Texas at Austin 41 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 50 Vanderbilt University 51 University of Maryland, College Park 60 University of Southern California 70 Purdue University - West Lafayette 70 Rice University 74 Pennsylvania State University - University Park 79 Georgia Institute of Technology 86 University of Florida 90 University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Campus 94 The Ohio State University - Columbus 101-150 Arizona State University 101-150 Indiana University Bloomington 101-150 Michigan State University 101-150 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey - New Brunswick 101-150 University of Arizona 101-150 University of Utah 151-200 North Carolina State University - Raleigh 151-200 Oregon State University 151-200 Texas A&M University 151-200 University of Iowa 151-200 University of Massachusetts Amherst 151-200 University of Virginia 201-300 Colorado State University 201-300 Florida State University 201-300 Iowa State University 201-300 The University of Georgia 201-300 University of Alabama at Birmingham 201-300 University of Hawaii at Manoa 201-300 University of Houston 201-300 University of Kansas 201-300 University of Miami 201-300 University of Missouri - Columbia 201-300 University of Nebraska - Lincoln 201-300 University of Notre Dame 201-300 University of South Florida 201-300 University of Tennessee - Knoxville 201-300 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 301-400 Boston College 301-400 Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge 301-400 Temple University 301-400 The University of New Mexico - Albuquerque 301-400 University at Buffalo, the State University of New York 301-400 University of Central Florida 301-400 University of Cincinnati 301-400 University of Connecticut 301-400 University of Kentucky 301-400 University of North Texas 301-400 University of Oregon 301-400 University of South Carolina - Columbia 301-400 Washington State University 401-500 Brigham Young University 401-500 Florida International University 401-500 Kansas State University 401-500 Kent State University 401-500 Mississippi State University 401-500 Oklahoma State University 401-500 Texas Tech University 401-500 University of Oklahoma - Norman 401-500 University of Wyoming 401-500 Utah State University 401-500 West Virginia University And the rest....Numbers 500 - 1000 It's impressive that the Academic Ranking is actually based on actual Academic Performance Criteria and not Pretty School Colors, Greek Life, and Flowers on Campus like the useless rankings released by US News
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    Let’s not forget the snapper on those field goals. First game and no mistakes.
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    dennis fisher (spelling) was an amazing marching band leader and paid attention to everything...williams does not former member here as well, 95-97....we wore our uniforms for every game...took off the coat for the third quarter...marched 3 shows a year...not this half asses shit that williams does now...he was my drum major so he knows what the green brigade should be about.
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    Oh no- were not taking the UTSA bait, Vito. One game at a time. I know your tricks.
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    Took a few minutes to go to SMU's fansite. Many of them are talking about dropping football. Many of them are saying they are embarrassed for their small fanbase and lack of support. Most of them spoke about how they intentionally didn't watch the game. It made me happy. We have been through really really rough times and its nice to pay it forward. Especially to these folks.
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    It's sort of a North Texas tradition. NT pounds Southern Meth; Their coach resigns the following Monday. Let's watch and see. GO MEAN GREEN
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    Hmmmm...I have been to several away tailgates at places such as Houston, West Point, Middle Tennessee, New Orleans, SMU..where ya been? 😂
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    I was at Fouts at its first sellout against SFA in 1988. I was at its second sellout against SMU in 1990. I was there at Fouts for the Baylor game in 2003. I was at Apogee for the Houston game in 2011. And I was there last night and that was BY FAR...HANDS DOWN...the largest collection of NT fans to attend on campus event I've ever witnessed. Congratulations to WB and company. Y'all just set another bar never reached before. Let's keep climbing! Rick
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    Grayson Murphy: 5 solo tcks, 8 total tcks, 1 Forced Fumble ( LOSS 23-19) Gabriel Murphy: 2 solo tcks; 5 total ( LOSS 23-19) Garrison Johnson: 12 carries; 64 yds 1TD (Win 42-6) Kenneth Dotson: LOSS ( 34-14) Damon Ward: Stats haven't been uploaded yet (Win 55-0) Asher Alberding: No offenses stats; 2 solo 4 total tackles ( Loss 42-6) Kealon Jackson: 7 catches 57 yards (Loss 48-12) Jevin Murray: 2 tcks 1 Fumble recovery (Win 43-8) Taylor Jacobs: No stats uploaded (Loss 25-8) Will Kuehne ( 2 games ) 20 40 368 .500 18.4 3 21 33 346 .636 16.5 4 1 Oscar Adaway:: No stats Deonte Simpson : Stats haven't been uploaded yet (Win 55-0) Demeco Roland: (WIN 28-6) Kevin Wood: Loss ( 24-21) no stats Leandre Davis: Loss (9-7)
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    DRC: Favorable schedule , improved defense, return of Mason Fine open up a world of possibilities for the Mean Green https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/brett-vito-time-has-come-for-unt-to-dream-big/article_726491e3-c606-5895-b739-98b8b3930da3.html
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    Almost. SMU’s upcoming slate is TCU Michigan Navy Houston Baptist UCF That is a VERY real possibility of them starting this season 1-5. Mid-season coaching change? Average attendance even smaller than the normal season (maybe 4,000 actual butts in seats at Ford)? #ponyup
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    Hmmm I thought it was a fireball from Streetfighter
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    Apparently they’ve been defeated by spelling as well.
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    I've watched this show over the past few years off and on. The BIGGEST take away from helmet sticker mention is that this show usually only gives helmet STICKERS to P5 school athletes/players!!! I'm SHOCKED these P5 homers gave a helmet sticker to a G5 QB!!! Thank GOD for Seth Littrell our coaching staff, Mason Fine, Mr. Baker, and all of our UNT school athletes!!! I hope Coach Littrell and his family really like it Denton. Hopefully Mr. Littrell would like to make UNT a football dynasty!!! If not, Mr. Baker will have to pull off another superb head football coaching hire and soon. Soon, every P5 school with sub par record is going to come calling for coach Seth Littrell and his staff. I hate to even type this but it's true. I hope Mr. Baker and UNT can do everything possible to keep coach Littrell, but he's going to get some amazing head coaching offers very soon. I only hope UNT can convince coach Littrell that he can be inducted into the College Football hall of fame here at UNT like Hayden Fry was at Iowa!!!
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    Liberty Beat ODU 52-10! Yikes! Might say more about ODU than Liberty and we have a couple of weeks to see, but geeeeezzzzz, 52-10! Lime someone else said about Incarnate Word, Best respect every opponent or you might end up on the wrong side of the scoreboard. Just win baby...just win!
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    My point exactly. I have no idea how many were there. But I have zero doubt it's the most that's ever been in Apogee. I'm not going to debate the "analytics for a living guy" on how many seats were open per 25. But if someone says there were more at the Houston game, they're delusional. Anyone at both of those games that was taking pictures would see the difference.
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    I keep reading these statements that SMU leads the Safeway Bowl rivalry by a 31-6-1 margin. That's simply not the case. SMU held an 18-1-1 advantage in the pre-WWII days when they granted athletic scholarships in the University Division while North Texas did not in the College Division. All games were played at SMU and all officials were Southwest Conference employees. It was clearly an uneven playing field. SMU held a 7-1 advantage in games played 1974-1984 while they were wildly cheating, paying players, in what culminated with the Death Penalty for their program. Note - Until June Jones, every SMU coach that has had a winning season since 1958 when the NCAA started policing infractions had been caught for major recruiting violations. SMU held a 2-1 advantage in the games 1989-1992 while North Texas played at the FCS (1-AA) level with the significantly lower 1-AA scholarship limit. The playing field was finally leveled when North Texas moved to the FBS subdivision in 1994 but SMU refused to play North Texas. This prompted North Texas coach Matt Simon to issue the challenge "If they'd like to play on a Safeway parking lot just give a time and date." SMU dodged the challenge by stating that they weren't cowardly, but that the match-up just didn't make good business sense for them." By the early 2000's SMU had a new stadium that sat relatively empty except on the few dates that it was filled by fans of former SWC opponents like Baylor, Tech, TCU and A&M. SMU cancelled their men's track & field and cross country programs in 2004 citing financial reasons. Those home and home non-conference series with former SWC opponents, all except TCU, soon started drying up. The Safeway Bowl series was then started in 2006, the first time ever that SMU and North Texas met on a level playing field: no scholarship differences, no paying players. North Texas won that game 24-6. The Safeway Bowl has been played six more times with SMU holding a 4-3 edge in the series. The series has been good for North Texas because it's fans are possibly only ones in the nation that are excited about playing SMU, and just as importantly for SMU they now have a home and home rivalry other than TCU that brings out more fans than any of their supposed 'conference rivals'.
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    This year we need to beat Chad Morris and get a win in San Antonio. Two delicious goals to strive for . Let’s get a cusa championship and win a bowl game too. dream big work hard Mean Green!!!!! GMG
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    That's all well and good but did they take into account Incarnate Word's secret play? the Hail Mary!
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    Is it possible our Receivers are even better than advertised? Man. They are good. I mean. Scary good.
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    This one really grinds my gears, too. This used to happen at the Cowboys games. I get the excitement, but come on! I usually end up shushing the people in my section.
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    MORGANTOWN — Here are how the top contenders for the Heisman Trophy did through Saturday's games: Will Grier, WVU QB — Was the first quarterback ever to throw five touchdown passes and for as many as 429 yards against Tennessee in that school's long history, leading WVU to a 40-24 win. Grier's 429 passing yards were second-most in NCAA this weekend to the 444 yards Mason Fine of North Texas recorded while hitting 40 of 50 passes in a 46-23 victory over SMU. read more: https://www.wvnews.com/morgantownnews/sports/notebook-heisman-contenders-take-st-steps/article_54afb7f9-8c3c-5fd1-864d-a8492350e3ea.html
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    I didn't want it to get lost in all the offense, but our new punter was outstanding Saturday. Kenworthy punted twice for a 43 yard average. That takes away one of my worries.
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    The helmet is wrong but there couldn't be a more clear message sent as to who's helmet that is.
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    My head sees where you're coming from on that. My heart says F'em. I hope they lose every game by forty points minimum.
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    The last time we started 2-0 as an FBS team (I-A) was 1975. THAT’S 43 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!
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    Two phenominal representatives for our university. Rick
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    They’re in meltdown mode over there. But this just blows my mind. I’ve seen this before and I can’t believe they hold this in such high regard: I got to live through the Pony Express years, they were amazing. Why do they have so much pride about that time in their program? It ruined their football program, and basically their university and an entire conference. And they’re proud of it. Ask anyone in the country what they know about SMU. They don’t have to be a football fan. Just SMU. And the answer will be “oh yeah. They cheated” It’s sad. And they have fans that hold that as a sense of pride when t should be embarrassing. Amazing.
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    English seems like a good dude. The type of guy you want in your classroom and locker room.
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    Think the wind was really messing with Darden. I’ll chalk it up to game 1 mess ups. I fully expect that to be fixed going forward. Biagi is one of the best in the business.
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    let's just figure out the run game next week
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    Score a bunch points to win convincingly. Dominate, but don’t humiliate. Unless it’s smut.
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    Let's take care of Incarnate Word first before we have any Arkansas predictions. There's no gimmes out there. The extra talks just takes away from focusing on making sure the team plays to its full potential against the Cardinals.
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    I lost my voice at the end of the first SMU possession when Hicks was acquainted with our new turf. A decade+ of vocal training, technique, health, et al out the window all at once. Super raspy for my radio show Sunday. Been recovering these past two days since. But you know what? Totally worth it.
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    I've seen your last two games Sonny. Lemme know when something goes right.
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    Great win for our women's soccer team winning 4-1 over ACC Pitt!
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    Probably split 50/50 with TJ until the 2nd team was in.
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    Bryce and the rest of the D- line looked better than anyone could of anticipated! Great Job!!
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