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    Need more UNT alumni like Roy Metzler, John Williams and Frenchy getting the word out!!! Support their businesses and GMG!
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    This week (8-22) marked the fiftieth anniversary of my third and final degree from North Texas (NTSU). Dr. J. C. Matthews presided, and I was hooded by Dr. Dwayne Kingery. During my time, it was my pleasure to see, among others, Art Perkins, Bobby Smith, Vidal Carlin, John Love, Ron Shanklin, CharlwsBeatty, Cedric Hardeman, and (of course) Joe Greene. Fouts Field held many good memories. I was very fortunate. I was able to see some outstanding football, but more importantly, received an education that was second to none.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/friday-unt-notes-the-bottom-is-out-unt-football-hosts/article_5229f2bb-90e1-5305-a7fc-0217b0d374da.html
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    Lets get this defense quarterbacked. Give me E. J. Ejiya
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    I'm keeping "The Standard" Mike Law, unless his mom comes on here and wants him.• Finished with a team-high 62 catches for 819 yards and four touchdowns
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    STILL CLAIMING MY SON as a Leader in the secondary:
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    Love the interview room for EJ, make sure we keep spreading the media on UNT.
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    Great article, thanks for sharing.
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    If you have the directv app you should be able to use a chromecast type setup . Plug it in to the tv and link to your phone. With AT&T Dircetv will not cost you data so stream away. (just as a side, some channels will not let you cast certain shows) I personally have YoutubeTV and I cast games via my phone and a chromecast all the time. (When I am at events where I can not be at a game) Last year I was at a industry event and put the world series game on one of our TV's and we were the most popular kids at the party!
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    I would think she would want him but the question is will she share him.
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    I did something similar once. The differences were that I was streaming the ESPN app rather than DirecTV and I only did it for a couple of hours. I regularly do over the air games at tailgate. Sometimes getting the antenna positioned just right is a challenge.
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    They hate us because they...anus?!
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    "Stop" is his safe word? Newbie.
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    Good write-up. Here's to praying we decrease the number of times he's sacked this season - we need to keep Mason Fine healthy, what a great student-athlete.
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    Young man should be athletic. He has outgrown baseball, became a tight end and out grew that position. Good feet and his film shows a nasty streak. Like this commitment.
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    Cujoe will have 7 TD’s
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    Ride or die with my man Tre Siggers. Moving to the defensive side of the ball this year. Bold prediction: After adjusting to the position and moving up the depth chart, Tre will be starting by the end of the season.
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    i had a bad seat at the last Ark game.
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    I picked a sleeper from offensive, defense and special teams. So as not to be a sleeper hog, I will go with only one and that being Alvin Kenworthy. Wish he would switch numbers with Mooney and then we could nickname him/his leg "AK 47."
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    WR Jyaire Shorter. He’s gonna do some serious damage this year imo.
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    Shoot. Child’s play compared to attending a UNT vs LSU game at tiger stadium.
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    See this right here...this is the whole point. Sure, the competition was sub-par at best, but that is not the point. This team got several extra practices (coupled with the extra practice for the CBI tourney) and several extra games (coupled with the extra CBI games) to help the team mesh as a team earlier and to gain valuable game and practice experience. This trip along with the CBI should set the team up to start this coming season on a high note ready to go from day one. I think folks should seriously consider getting their season tickets as soon as they can as this season has the "makings" of one fun season. Cannot wait to see this team in action. I know several folks here on GMG.Com dropped their season tickets during the Benford years, but, if they remain UNT fans and basketball fans at all, the time is right to think about "coming home" and being part of this. Students are beginning to trickle back in, which always makes for a better game day experience, and the coaching staff is working hard to re-gain fans loyalty. Just think about it. I realize that once one "gets out of the habit of doing something" it is very hard to re-engage in that "something", but this team and this season might just be worth the effort. Can't hurt to at least think about it. A couple of long time fans who "went away" came back last season and bought season tickets again after a few years absent. Their presence was certainly noted and they helped make a positive impact by the fans on the coaching staff and the team. And, I would hazard a strong guess, that they are very pleased that they did return.
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    Not sure if this has been posted already but another great article on Fine: https://swcroundup.com/news/2018/8/21/5-things-for-2018-the-miracle-of-mason-fine
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    I am hot spotting my roku device and streaming my playstation vue app to the tv.
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    Oof, could we not get a soft gel light for E.J.?? Come on, ya'll!
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    I'm starting to notice a trend here. It seems like the staff is recruiting guys that can play both Guard and Tackle. Mose, Redfearn and Carroll are really the only three true "guards" we've recruited the last few years. Its good to see them going after guys with the athleticism and flexibility to play across the line. Really increases the depth and skillset overall
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    I'll take the overs. he was my pick forgot to post last night. My defensive sleeper is William Lemasters and Caleb Colvin (game changer on the DL)
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    Let me stay with the Man...the Myth.. the Legend....Jordan Murray
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    I’ll second that opinion, ...for now. I reserve the right to change my mind at any time in 2019.
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    You know, that no matter what the value is in the end, committee members will still simply ignore it if it is inconvenient to getting more big conference teams in.
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    Sometimes it's hard to admit when you're pushing your kids too hard. You're a brave man for stepping back Lifer!
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    i know mr fine is here but i had mason last year but since his father is here I will change to someone else if I need too. As i recall from last year I took him on page three and someone made a comment how sad it was he was taken on page three, how is the crow tasting these days. I knew Mason was going to be great one because I had a friend just like him when I was younger. The way Mason presents himself and the confidence he has and the confidence he gives to those around him. Mason is one of those special people who can make the people around belive they can crash through walls. Look he has us believing at UNT again. He will go far in life, no doubt about it.
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    This has been my dude since his freshman year. But you beat me to it. So, I will roll with his counterpart, Roderick Young. He's moving out to his natural position in the 3-3-5 and won't have to bare the weight of double teams all season. Expect to see him explode this season!
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    First of all, obviously, thoughts and prayers for the Tibbetts family. I think what we all need to do right now is take a step back and realize this was an "unavoidable incident" committed by a "lone wolf" with "a disturbing family history" and "mental health issues" and not be in such a rush to politicize this tragedy as this is neither the time nor the place to try to further our ___(topical political hot-button)___ agenda. oh. the murderer wasn't white? "look at that pretty tree" - guy in forest
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    Like I keep saying best QB in the nation! And college football.
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    We’d like to thank the SMU fanbase for attending tonight...he’s a nice guy
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    Still not getting the love for UAB. So in light of the many replies on here regarding my thinking they aren't that good, I went back and watched last year's game. First off: We had a 95 yard drive in 1:32 to end the first half that I had forgotten about. Second: Kelvin Smith is a beast and should be utilized much more in the passing game. Now to the game: * They should not have been on the field with us. Their first two scores were double moves against Brooks. Just bad, bad plays on his part. * We block a punt in their end of the field and the Wilson fumbles on the first play of the following drive. It was a terrible call. * They could not run the ball against us. * If our DB's, Preston and Hall would turn and look for the ball, we would have intercepted Erdely a couple of times. * We gave them a short field by going for it on 4th and 1 at midfield instead of punting and pinning them deep. * Their defense never stopped us. Wilson, Smith and Johnson ran all over them, Fine had no trouble finding Guyton, Bussey, Lawrence, Smith, Smiley, etc.... when given time and they really didn't pressure Fine too much. * Their best defensive players, LB's, all graduated and they were not that great. We will beat them going away.
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    So I shouldn't have paid $60 a ticket for two through the UNT Ticket Office? I asked for two lower bowl visitor section and I was told "we have no idea where we'll get tickets but I'll get you good ones!" 😒 Still have no idea where they're at to this day. They did take my $120 though.
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    Will you receive the marriage license via fax in February?
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