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    Actual footage of the author of this article
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    In unrelated news, UNC officials have determined that selling fake diplomas to kids taking fake classes is perfectly ok.
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    https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2018/8/6/17654594/history-wildcat-miami-dolphins-ronnie-brown-chad-pennington-tony-sparano Interesting article about the Wildcat formation that includes plenty of quotes from the great Patrick Cobbs.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-storylines-following-the-first-weekend-of-practice/article_4312c47e-4e21-577d-a6b5-c685566892c5.html
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    Agree. This situation brought back to my mind a long-ago investments class. The lecture topic was selling stock short. The prof quoted someone who said "He who sells what isn't his'n must buy it back...or go to prison!". Maybe some sort of reimbursement mechanism should be placed on the offenders.
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    I don't know. I mean don't get me wrong, the school has to react because this can easily become an NCAA violation with consequences for the school and it is a misappropriation of the gift. However, there is not exactly a need to completely nail those guys to a cross (unless they ran afoul of rules already once before). I do think that some of these dudes probably have trouble understanding that these shoes are not a gift to them but simply a work tool they need to take care of. If it were a gift you could do with it whatever you want. There needs to be a difference between this kind of thing and something that is a much more serious crime (domestic violence etc). So a suspension and maybe also a suspension of some future school issued material seems appropriate (since they seem not to be able to handle it).
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    Absolutely. Shanbour and Pearson should get some game time in case the worst-case scenario happens. From what I observed in the spring, Pearson looked good and Martin looked......raw.
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    Walk-ons.. You are responsible for everything just like a normal student. Besides game day meal, if you are scheduled to dress, you get two game tickets. That's it. Not even a jersey with your name on the back. You will see lots of walk-ons survive a season or two but then have a realization that their time is more important studying than spending 6 to 8 hours a day being a tackle dummy. Schools spend a lot of money on scholarships. They are not going to give walk-ons a chance unless they are hidden gems. I did it for four years at A&M. I was lucky. I got to play on special teams quiet a bit. But for the guys that didn't it was brutal getting the crap pounded out of you everyday and then not even get to dress on game days. In regards to athletes admissions? Schools have different standards when it comes to athletes and normal students. Let's take Rice for example. A normal student is required to have something like a 28 or 29 SAT score. A football player has to have a 19. Two points above the NCAA minimum of 17. Same for Baylor. Lots of schools stick with the NCAA minimum.
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    Nvm originally from last year.
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    I feel split about this. It is, of course, commendable that Deion helps his family who seems truly to need the help and seems to be struggling, and in that sense the COA has done something good here. The story clearly shows that he is someone to root for. However, in a way, this is going in the wrong direction. Those stipends were less meant for students to help their families but rather to alleviate the need for families to financially help the students. That is why the money is supposed to be calculated on the needs of a student in the place he is, not about where he is coming from. It is dangerous territory if it becomes the responsibility of universities to ascertain the well-fare of not just student-athletes, but also their families (what would/does happen to those who are poor and do not have student-athletes in their family). Society needs to respond to poverty and need in general (the way it oughta do that may depend on your politics), but it cannot be a universities responsibility to do this in a direct financial way. What universities can do is providing the minimum of what it takes to attend to the universities education so its pupils can get the skills they can then use to escape poverty. COA is meant to do exactly that, and there really must not be an expectation created that it should become more.
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    Just watched the documentary Disgraceful about the 2003 murder of a basketball player at Baylor. Baylor has been messed up for a long time.
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    No new uniforms this year, but we will certainly see new combos. I really want them to rock the green helmet, green jersey, white pants more often. What a clean, slick combo.
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    Do some of these prognosticators even bother to look at last years records and how many players return? I can't understand all this love for UAB. They have 16 starters returning, NT has 17. NT beat them last year and like NT they looked horrible in their bowl game a 41-6 loss to Ohio. UAB and several other teams are predicted to be significantly better, while NT is going to be substantially worse..
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    A walk-on gets nothing financially other than swag/pregame meals mentioned previously from the team. They must pay for everything unless traveling with the team. They must get a meal plan, but they can eat in the team dining hall. Even if you only get books, you are considered on scholarship. This mainly happens in Olympic sports. Those sports have to divide a number of ships by the team. Baseball now has a 25% minimum scholarship requirement for any funding. I believe baseball gets 11.9 ships for a 29 man roster. Men's golf has 4 scholarships that they must split between their roster.
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    Don't get too excited or use terms such as "lit". The old folks don't take too kindly to that kind of enthusiasm.
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    sports/collegesports/2018/07/27/best-texas-baylors-green-gold-uniforms-compare-tcus-purple-black Has this been posted yet? Top Texas uniforms but have a picture of ours from spring practice in 2016!
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    I got a message asking about the post. Simmons is looking good. Has added muscle and strength in the off season. He has worked on his shooting 3 pointers alot. He will have a lot of open 3's in this offense.
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    You're right. I guess that's the stupid young adult in me. I'm sure all of our 18/19/20 y/o players hate it too /s
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    This really is the only option, or we might go decades without people knowing who we are:
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    Once on campus he counts against your ship limit. Burned a ship
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    -- How can you trust anyone that lies constantly...?? -- So much for the Christian/Jewish commandment of " not bearing false witness". --- Being in education, it also bothers me that he constantly calls people "bully names" (Little Rubio etc.) like some immature kid. If the President can do it , does that mean every kid in school has permission to do it also without getting in trouble. ??? -- If you think so, then me calling him "Dishonest Donald" will not offend you. .This has nothing to do with which political party he is supposedly a member of ... just HIS character.
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    Your tone really angers me. Seriously. That is a child, not an anchor. It takes a ton of hard work to be an immigrant, trying to not stick out and hope to get your child a better life. When you have a child here, you are NOT anchored. You will still get deported. You will get the choice to leave the child with a legal family member or take them back to the land they fled originally... Now with little roots to even help them. If the CHILD gets SNAP benefits - it is hardly milking the system. It is the barest of needs to nourish a CHILD. https://yourtexasbenefits.hhsc.texas.gov/programs/snap With a single child family eligible - the house can only make less than $1700 a month to quality for food assistance of $192 for the whole month. What a deal! Well worth the anchor. Go ahead, dehumanize struggling families if it makes you feel better. It certainly doesn't help your cause though.