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    Funny how one person's favorite can be anothers least favorite. I prefer various green and white combos mainly because that's our colors. I like some of the black uni's and helmets, but prefer black as an accent color or maybe just special occasion (Halloween). I don't like the greys at all.
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    Are the pants cheaper when they reduce the length of the legs by 6 inches or more? This could be a cost savings.
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    I prefer the green and white combos too. Those are our colors. I do not like the all black or black/grey look like we wore at smut last year. But these...... ...are really sweet!!!
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    Really liked his tape out of Irving MacArthur and was hoping we would've offered him out of HS. Regardless, we're down a QB now, even if he wasn't going to see any time on the field. Best of luck to him in his coaching career
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    And taxpayers and donors gave student athletes probably $1 Billion in education,.....something that used to be deemed of value in this country at one time. Rick
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    UNC screws over students athletes for over 18 years with fake classes....zero suspensions. Students sell gear that the school profited over? Intolerable, the worst of the worst, suspensions handed out like candy and some calling for these kids to be kicked off the team....for selling some damn t-shirts and sweatpants?! I guess the lesson here is don’t mess with money pot kids.
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    I would say the top is great, it's the helmet and bottom that are out of place:):)
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    I like it. It makes it easy to spot a teammate.
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    UNT, Rice, UTSA and UTEP all need to join the Mountain West in an eastern division with New Mexico, Air Force, Colorado State and Wyoming. If not a revamped AAC. Winning games in all sports is our only way up. BEAT SMUt and Arkansas and then Fla Atl at home. Go Eagles!!!!!!!
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    Overall lateral move IMO. But he will be their top assistant. Ross Hodge is ours. He and Jareem were kind of tied (at least in salary they were). So theoretically puts him one step closer to the chair.
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    That really is funny because I really liked what we wore against SMU (maybe not quite at the beginning but after 30 minutes I was a fan), but this combo makes me want to throw up. Like, I'm fine with the helmet and bottom, but the top seems out of place for me.
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    UNT 6-6 4-4 Someone place the Gary Coleman "Whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis???? in my post.
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    DRC: Littrell addresses how offseason program has helped UNT get off to a good start in fall drills https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-tuesday-practice-notes-with-littrell-video/article_8c985508-2a9c-5527-8fd3-b2ee8aae7549.html
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    I thought the same thing per the video, but didn’t notice it at the caravan last week. Two other notes: 1. Do they make wind screens for cell phones? 2. Time to lock the gate... or get some WD-40 for it.
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    They’re way at the end of the field, so I’ll stick to 105. Plus I don’t have $650 a seat to spend
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    I would say we want respect, but won’t fully deserve it until we beat somebody. SMU is a must win for this, Arkansas would be ideal.
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    Joke's on him because he has no use for him in his offense. 🙄
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    Seems like they might've lost something at qb if they're looking at grad transfers.
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    Good God those are atrocious.
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    If only "education" wasn't a nebulous and uncertain object and was a tangible asset. This comparison makes absolutely no sense and I have two degrees. The value of my education isn't a dollar amount. The value of profit that student athletes brought to the NCAA is.
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    I agree Harry, FAU is that black cloud looming over our heads. I'm curious to see this year to last year. Last year, it just seemed like we could never one up them during the duration of the two games. At least we have a home field advantage, and beating FAU will change the minds of a lot of these sports writers gambling on them to take the conference in the coming years,,
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    Soccer is different too. The alternative uniform or away game uni is quite different than the home one. Manchester United had a royal blue away uni a few years back that blew my mind it felt so wrong. This years dark blue with gold emblem is sharp. It stirs interest and revenue like Oregon did in its hay day. GMG
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    Maybe Urban Meyer can join him in Italy after it all shakes out in Ohio.
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    If the coaches extended this opportunity to Kanye then I think it is his best interest to take it especially if Coaching is his future goal.
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    If we have a three touchdown lead in the 4th quarter I want to see the backups in a much as possible. Gains them experience and prevents injury to the starter.
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    Its just for this year though. We get that scholarship spot back next season or in the 2019 class. As long as we dont go over the yearly allotment for 2019. Just means we cant offer a walk-on an upgrade to scholarship.
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    But at least you and the others tried and got the OPPORTUNITY to be a part of something very few get to do. I bet you and the others wouldn't trade the experience for anything? Rick
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    And the thing is people STILL gave Bliss shots. Allen Academy hired him and he got suspended for forging eligibility paperwork and recruiting. He gets two more jobs at church affiliated schools after two significant scandals. Southwestern Christian hired him but then when everyone got reminded thanks to the documentary he was out. Then gets hired at Calvary Chapel in Las Vegas. Through all that he was welcomes as church speaker and speaker for the Texas High School Coaches Association.
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    Maybe a killer year from Fine would be more beneficial to the foundation of the Program. I suppose I'm not sure what is meant by some wanting to see more PT for the backup QBs. Going into the 4th quarter against UIW at 49-14? I think we can all agree that would be a time to rest Fine. Midway through the 4th quarter against Rice at 42-21? If Fine has already had a big day, I may be on board. If no, it may be time for some RB swing passes to pad those stats. Midway through the 4th quarter against USM at 30-24? Absolutely not.
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    Man, no thanks. The grey pants and wing logo don't match the jersey very well. To make it work we'd need a new uniform with a grey collar and numbers, which I wouldn't be a fan of. Call me old fashioned, but I think team's uniforms should be the school's primary colors.
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    Number one is ridiculous. Mose gets healthy and everything goes back to what it was. I just can’t imagine Murray at Tackle again.
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    I thought they outlawed the pants not including the knee pad?!
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    Look at his name. I think all credibility is shot.
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    anymore insight to how the freshman QBs are doing? Bean? Martin?
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    BOCA RATON — After months of searching, Lane Kiffin has finally found his graduate transfer quarterback. Former Arkansas and SMU quarterback Rafe Peavey has officially joined the Owls as a grad transfer and is immediately eligible to play. Peavey was cleared shortly before Tuesday’s practice and took reps with the first, second, and third-teams. “We’re always looking for people,” Kiffin said, “and we had looked for a while for the right fit of a quarterback due to numbers once Jason (Driskel) left.” Peavey, 22, was a perfect four-of-four for 116 yards and a touchdown in three games last season. A former three-star recruit from Missouri, Peavey transferred to SMU in 2016 and mainly served as Ben Hicks’ backup last season. Redshirt junior De’Andre Johnson is currently battling redshirt freshman Chris Robison for the starting quarterback job. Kiffin said the addition of Peavey is “not any reflection upon” Johnson and Robison’s performances. LINK: http://faufocus.blog.palmbeachpost.com/2018/08/07/florida-atlantic-adds-former-arkansas-quarterback-rafe-peavey-as-graduate-transfer/
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    Are those grey wings on the helmet? When I zoom in, it looks like they are grey.
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    Any uni combo is better than this!
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    Boy.....CUSA West is gonna be horrible this year.
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    I think this same combo with the black top would look really good
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    So....tell me again, why are student athletes given a "Cost Of Attendance" allowance? Rick
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    As do the coaches sunglasses.
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    Just a question... saw the Facebook photo for the soccer team - Is there not an "official" green? Can every team pick their own shades?

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