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    I love that they have all these names to go with the uni combos. Necessary Roughness especially tickles me.
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    In unrelated news, UNC officials have determined that selling fake diplomas to kids taking fake classes is perfectly ok.
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    No. UNC should hit them where it hurts...…..the pocket book!! Why not cut or seriously reduce their "cost of attendance" for a couple of semesters? Hell, I would have kicked their asses off the team. There is no place for this crap!
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    Student athletes helped the NCAA to bring in $1 Billion
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    Um 18-32, MY GOOD MAN.
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    Hell at this point is English can provide solid depth to the NT position I'll be happy. Allows Young to stay at DE finally and cause havoc.
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    I would much rather him be the guy getting all the offensive rebounds that kick out from missed 3s. In the CBI he looked unstoppable on the glass.
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    For those who may not know, the design is from Fortnite. Fortnite is an EXTREMELY popular game that most people in my age group (18-31) play. Even younger & older people play it. Great design & the uniforms look lit as well.
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    I feel split about this. It is, of course, commendable that Deion helps his family who seems truly to need the help and seems to be struggling, and in that sense the COA has done something good here. The story clearly shows that he is someone to root for. However, in a way, this is going in the wrong direction. Those stipends were less meant for students to help their families but rather to alleviate the need for families to financially help the students. That is why the money is supposed to be calculated on the needs of a student in the place he is, not about where he is coming from. It is dangerous territory if it becomes the responsibility of universities to ascertain the well-fare of not just student-athletes, but also their families (what would/does happen to those who are poor and do not have student-athletes in their family). Society needs to respond to poverty and need in general (the way it oughta do that may depend on your politics), but it cannot be a universities responsibility to do this in a direct financial way. What universities can do is providing the minimum of what it takes to attend to the universities education so its pupils can get the skills they can then use to escape poverty. COA is meant to do exactly that, and there really must not be an expectation created that it should become more.
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    That burning may be from the sefless tough disciplined. #sorrynotsorry just now catching up on threads
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    This really is the only option, or we might go decades without people knowing who we are:
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    How is this taking advantage of the redshirt rule? They need to get booted from the team...Anything outside of a parking/speeding ticket should warrant a boot from the team, any team. Too much of this shit has been allowed to manifest itself in the fabric of collegiate sports as if it's just a part of it and if it's not murder or basically taped rape, 9/10 they get a pass. I call BS.
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    The female unit of the household, knowing absolutely nothing about the story of Ray until two minutes ago, offers this as the official theme song of gomeangreen.com
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    Remember when Dickey's team had all those players with their mugshots on the Denton County sheriff page? One of those incidents was for players stealing textbooks from locker rooms and then selling them back to the campus bookstore. Some of those players were our favorite talents (purposely not naming names) and didn't see any notable suspensions. Though UNC is in a different boat because they have such smoke above their fire.. All programs have some smoke though. Unfortunately.
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    Don't get too excited or use terms such as "lit". The old folks don't take too kindly to that kind of enthusiasm.
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    Miller had a great resume and track record. He will surely be a great addition at Loose Crotches and I wish him all the best. On paper, he looks like a coach on an upward trajectory and we'll be hearing of him in the near future, IMO.
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    Two quick thoughts... I've been approached by many people that know I'm a fan. They all say that they're "thinking" about going to the game. "My wife and I might go to the first game." "Some of us were talking about tail gating at the first game." I don't know how, but I'd like to see something that would stir people to actually put down their money. Hopefully for season tickets but at least for the first game. And second, This is the type game that is a trap for North Texas. Everything looks like it's set for wall to wall fans at Apogee. Plenty of hype and lots of high expectations. How many times have we been set up for success and fall flat. I think this staff will keep our players grounded but we must take care of business right from the start. I hope our fans will be in their seats well prior to kickoff. I'd like to see a full house when the team takes the field. I just can't wait. GO MEAN GREEN
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    I'm thinking Wilson's abilities came with Tashard Choice's coaching. Hoping that Smith is as good a student.
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    You're right. I guess that's the stupid young adult in me. I'm sure all of our 18/19/20 y/o players hate it too /s
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    Seriously? It's easily the ugliest combo
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    Really excited about Tyreke Davis at the rover position. Ashton Preston routinely got burned last year. English getting any meaningful snaps that you saw @GMG24?
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    I am pretty sure he was one of the lower paid assistants on the staff. And I know he lived in the New Mexico area before. I am guessing pay raise and location played in decision.
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    https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2018/8/6/17654594/history-wildcat-miami-dolphins-ronnie-brown-chad-pennington-tony-sparano Interesting article about the Wildcat formation that includes plenty of quotes from the great Patrick Cobbs.
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    I’ve been wanting this to happen for a while, the site looks dated and clunky. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. http://www.meangreensports.com/genrel/080618aab.html
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    I don't know. I mean don't get me wrong, the school has to react because this can easily become an NCAA violation with consequences for the school and it is a misappropriation of the gift. However, there is not exactly a need to completely nail those guys to a cross (unless they ran afoul of rules already once before). I do think that some of these dudes probably have trouble understanding that these shoes are not a gift to them but simply a work tool they need to take care of. If it were a gift you could do with it whatever you want. There needs to be a difference between this kind of thing and something that is a much more serious crime (domestic violence etc). So a suspension and maybe also a suspension of some future school issued material seems appropriate (since they seem not to be able to handle it).
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    Much like the defense, skeptical until I see something else to allow me to believe otherwise.
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    While I along with most others want to see the accolades and understand how vital Mason is, I would like to see us build the foundation that allows us to move forward (understandably not as strong) if one of your best players goes down, not in a situation where we self-destruct if our backups are not ready.
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    IMO, as I commented last year with Pearson unless a true Freshman is clearly the #2, I hope they redshirt him.
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    If we want recognition from a national perspective & possibly get some poll votes, Fine is going to have to put up video game numbers that force people to take notice. Unfortunately, that means he’s gonna have to stay in from whistle to whistle. Maybe he can come out in the 4th vs UIW or Liberty.
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    Kudos to UNC for not just telling them to go stand in the corner or giving them a scowl and a finger-wag. Perhaps the punishment will be sufficient to deter future transgressions and deliver a message to all.
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    Walk-ons.. You are responsible for everything just like a normal student. Besides game day meal, if you are scheduled to dress, you get two game tickets. That's it. Not even a jersey with your name on the back. You will see lots of walk-ons survive a season or two but then have a realization that their time is more important studying than spending 6 to 8 hours a day being a tackle dummy. Schools spend a lot of money on scholarships. They are not going to give walk-ons a chance unless they are hidden gems. I did it for four years at A&M. I was lucky. I got to play on special teams quiet a bit. But for the guys that didn't it was brutal getting the crap pounded out of you everyday and then not even get to dress on game days. In regards to athletes admissions? Schools have different standards when it comes to athletes and normal students. Let's take Rice for example. A normal student is required to have something like a 28 or 29 SAT score. A football player has to have a 19. Two points above the NCAA minimum of 17. Same for Baylor. Lots of schools stick with the NCAA minimum.
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    Thanks for getting this thread back on track. If Bryce English says he intends to make an impact that means that he is healthy and will return to form. Go Bryce!
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    A walk-on gets nothing financially other than swag/pregame meals mentioned previously from the team. They must pay for everything unless traveling with the team. They must get a meal plan, but they can eat in the team dining hall. Even if you only get books, you are considered on scholarship. This mainly happens in Olympic sports. Those sports have to divide a number of ships by the team. Baseball now has a 25% minimum scholarship requirement for any funding. I believe baseball gets 11.9 ships for a 29 man roster. Men's golf has 4 scholarships that they must split between their roster.
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    Well then that's awesome! Lol
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    What it looks like to me is we won 9 games last year and the guys coming in look good. Also if recruiting continues we will have best class in a long long time. #Step.1.Sept.1
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    I got a message asking about the post. Simmons is looking good. Has added muscle and strength in the off season. He has worked on his shooting 3 pointers alot. He will have a lot of open 3's in this offense.
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    I dig it. I liked it with the black pants until what happened to us in that combo.
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    I think the biggest part of Nic Smith's transition to starter will be his blitz pickup. Wilson was second to none in this category and it's a underrated aspect of a RB's game in this offense.
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    To be fair, I don't tend to be much of a stadium concessions guy no matter where I sit. I'm looking through all those menus, and I don't see much that I would generally want. I'm by no means anything along the lines of some crystal worshiping yoga practicing vegan, but stadium fare tends to be a bit much for me. Age has a way of punishing me exponentially more with each passing year for such indulgences.
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    Absolutely. Shanbour and Pearson should get some game time in case the worst-case scenario happens. From what I observed in the spring, Pearson looked good and Martin looked......raw.
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    They're bringing in an all grey look and I couldn't be more excited
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    sports/collegesports/2018/07/27/best-texas-baylors-green-gold-uniforms-compare-tcus-purple-black Has this been posted yet? Top Texas uniforms but have a picture of ours from spring practice in 2016!
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    So so sad what is happening to this game!! http://www.espn.com/college-football/sto...t-one-game
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    Just saying...the jerseys and pants don't even look like the same shade a grey and the green helmets makes the grey pop way more than the black helmets.

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