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    I know everyone wants to see Mason with video game numbers this year but I really hope if we're in the situation we get the backup(s) in the game. We need to have someone ready if the "worst-case" happens
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-s-defense-shows-positive-signs-in-sunday-workout/article_f82e04c0-fa05-5fd5-a95d-2407bb771c9a.html
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    I've always been conflicted about entrance requirements and why they are in some cases significantly dipped for athletes. You can get in to X school, or you can't. There should be no gray area. IMO, simple as that. And for the very, very select few schools that have held to their academic standard, kudos to them.
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    I hope every one who reads this board will read this article. After reading it I was very grateful for what my family has and I think you will feel the same way.
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    I've always thought that they should offer shirts with classic Scrappy's on them. For the pre-Hayden Fry era.... For the post Hayden Fry era...... And for the Hayden Fry era.... or
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    Features Hair-Griffin and also contains good data on rival schools.
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    DRC: Key receiver rounding into top form after tough end to last season https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-fall-camp-notes-day-fine-m-guyton-show-chemistry/article_474abaee-e6c2-5677-b5de-b2d6a3629f69.html
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    Assistant coach hired by NMSU
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    It was a really great listen. Particularly hearing which players are most likely to crack the two-deep, and what still keeps them from getting to be starters. Having that on the line (hardest position for me to thoroughly understand) is the most useful to me.
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    My brother was a walk-on for UNT recently. Benefits: Swag and pregame/Team Meals. Nothing financial whatsoever. Can be a thankless grind for those dudes.
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    Yes, the stable looks full now but situations change. The new redshirt rule should enable that to happen generally but what if not playing a strong freshman causes him to transfer? Not every quarterback is content to want to stay five years. Especially a good one. Game experience can be worth a lot. Mason Fine played as a true and I'm sure glad that he did. If Kason Martin plays this coming season it would put him in line to be the backup in 2019. If Kason doesn't play this year and Cade Pearson does then he's the heir apparent in 2020 due to experience. I like Pearson's play but I don't know that he's the best quarterback behind Fine. As long as we get one good quarterback every year then I hope that the coach has the option of putting his best two quarterbacks on the field. Now that the third best quarterback can play in up to four games, give him an opportunity in blowout games. In my opinion, there is no substitute for game experience.
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    Only way is if this year is a disaster and Fine gets hurt. I don't think these Freshman sniff the field until redshirt sophomore season. Unless we sign a 4 or 5 star QB I don't want to see a freshman QB starter again!
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    I would assume so... With the new red shirt rule....I would love to see some of the young guys get some reps. All indications are Kason Martin is looking good so far. He may force himself onto the field at some point...
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    Wanted to post an updated sheet. The percentage is clearly up, but more importantly the sheer number of offers from these commits is considerably higher than I’ve ever seen it.
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    The all white uniform North Texas wore against Iowa last year were razor sharp. I hate the grey look, it reminds me too much of Eastern Michigan’s uniforms, there I said it......I would love to see an all green combo this year. -GMG
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    Shocking update: Ray now identifies as a female. Man, what a bitch! * I see some have woken up this Friday without their sense of humor.
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    Love this staffs willingness to invest in our updated swag. Love the various combos that we currently have. Only couple suggestions would be to add, as mentioned above, the eagle feathers down our white and green pants (like our current black pants). Love the current flat black helmets with the green eagle logo, just wish it was larger like we have on our white and chrome helmets! Grey uniforms are awesome, love the added "UNT" and "Let IT Fly" helmet bumpers too!! This staff is getting it right! A+ PS: The digital media graphics have been incredible as well!!
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    “No one knows the impact I intend to have on the world other than those that have known me a long time.”
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    We had a recent post about COA benefits. What are the benefits for a walk-on? I assume that they get board. After all, they need to follow a menu in order to be in shape and have a chance for a future scholarship. It would be a shame if scholarship players were eating near the locker room and practice facilities and the walkon had to either leave campus to eat or do without. What about room? Do they get a room in Victory Hall or do they have to go elsewhere and pay their way? I realize that they pay their own tuition and books. At least, I believe that walk-ons pay for their books. Lastly, can they receive any part of a COA adjustment? If they are getting none of these benefits then I've got to admire even more the sacrifices they make in time and money to contribute to the sports program. And for some, they're not even rewarded with a game appearance.
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    Russian player Mark Tikhonenko is playing ball in Spain. Arkansas State transfer Jahmiah Simmons is playing in Virgin Islands. Larry Wise is looking to be a very solid recruit and could get playing time early. Team will be heading to Rome on August 12 returning from Florence on August 22. They will play four games, three of them against lower level professional teams and one will be against an all-star team of Italians trying to land a spot on a pro team. This should be of benefit for team to develop chemistry.
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    At the first Coaches Caravan Wren said that we were about $500,000 short and that construction would start after the coming season is over. I believe that the total cost was around $14M.
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