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    I know everyone wants to see Mason with video game numbers this year but I really hope if we're in the situation we get the backup(s) in the game. We need to have someone ready if the "worst-case" happens
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-s-defense-shows-positive-signs-in-sunday-workout/article_f82e04c0-fa05-5fd5-a95d-2407bb771c9a.html
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    I love that they have all these names to go with the uni combos. Necessary Roughness especially tickles me.
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    In unrelated news, UNC officials have determined that selling fake diplomas to kids taking fake classes is perfectly ok.
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    I've always been conflicted about entrance requirements and why they are in some cases significantly dipped for athletes. You can get in to X school, or you can't. There should be no gray area. IMO, simple as that. And for the very, very select few schools that have held to their academic standard, kudos to them.
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    I hope every one who reads this board will read this article. After reading it I was very grateful for what my family has and I think you will feel the same way.
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    I've always thought that they should offer shirts with classic Scrappy's on them. For the pre-Hayden Fry era.... For the post Hayden Fry era...... And for the Hayden Fry era.... or
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    No. UNC should hit them where it hurts...…..the pocket book!! Why not cut or seriously reduce their "cost of attendance" for a couple of semesters? Hell, I would have kicked their asses off the team. There is no place for this crap!
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    Student athletes helped the NCAA to bring in $1 Billion
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    Um 18-32, MY GOOD MAN.
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    Hell at this point is English can provide solid depth to the NT position I'll be happy. Allows Young to stay at DE finally and cause havoc.
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    I would much rather him be the guy getting all the offensive rebounds that kick out from missed 3s. In the CBI he looked unstoppable on the glass.
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    For those who may not know, the design is from Fortnite. Fortnite is an EXTREMELY popular game that most people in my age group (18-31) play. Even younger & older people play it. Great design & the uniforms look lit as well.
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    I feel split about this. It is, of course, commendable that Deion helps his family who seems truly to need the help and seems to be struggling, and in that sense the COA has done something good here. The story clearly shows that he is someone to root for. However, in a way, this is going in the wrong direction. Those stipends were less meant for students to help their families but rather to alleviate the need for families to financially help the students. That is why the money is supposed to be calculated on the needs of a student in the place he is, not about where he is coming from. It is dangerous territory if it becomes the responsibility of universities to ascertain the well-fare of not just student-athletes, but also their families (what would/does happen to those who are poor and do not have student-athletes in their family). Society needs to respond to poverty and need in general (the way it oughta do that may depend on your politics), but it cannot be a universities responsibility to do this in a direct financial way. What universities can do is providing the minimum of what it takes to attend to the universities education so its pupils can get the skills they can then use to escape poverty. COA is meant to do exactly that, and there really must not be an expectation created that it should become more.
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    That burning may be from the sefless tough disciplined. #sorrynotsorry just now catching up on threads
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    This really is the only option, or we might go decades without people knowing who we are:
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    I struggle to imagine that if he failed to qualify at North Texas that the Naval Academy would be an easier road to traverse.
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    Features Hair-Griffin and also contains good data on rival schools.
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    How is this taking advantage of the redshirt rule? They need to get booted from the team...Anything outside of a parking/speeding ticket should warrant a boot from the team, any team. Too much of this shit has been allowed to manifest itself in the fabric of collegiate sports as if it's just a part of it and if it's not murder or basically taped rape, 9/10 they get a pass. I call BS.
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    The female unit of the household, knowing absolutely nothing about the story of Ray until two minutes ago, offers this as the official theme song of gomeangreen.com
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    Remember when Dickey's team had all those players with their mugshots on the Denton County sheriff page? One of those incidents was for players stealing textbooks from locker rooms and then selling them back to the campus bookstore. Some of those players were our favorite talents (purposely not naming names) and didn't see any notable suspensions. Though UNC is in a different boat because they have such smoke above their fire.. All programs have some smoke though. Unfortunately.
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    Don't get too excited or use terms such as "lit". The old folks don't take too kindly to that kind of enthusiasm.
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    DRC: Key receiver rounding into top form after tough end to last season https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/unt-fall-camp-notes-day-fine-m-guyton-show-chemistry/article_474abaee-e6c2-5677-b5de-b2d6a3629f69.html
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    Miller had a great resume and track record. He will surely be a great addition at Loose Crotches and I wish him all the best. On paper, he looks like a coach on an upward trajectory and we'll be hearing of him in the near future, IMO.
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    Assistant coach hired by NMSU
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    Two quick thoughts... I've been approached by many people that know I'm a fan. They all say that they're "thinking" about going to the game. "My wife and I might go to the first game." "Some of us were talking about tail gating at the first game." I don't know how, but I'd like to see something that would stir people to actually put down their money. Hopefully for season tickets but at least for the first game. And second, This is the type game that is a trap for North Texas. Everything looks like it's set for wall to wall fans at Apogee. Plenty of hype and lots of high expectations. How many times have we been set up for success and fall flat. I think this staff will keep our players grounded but we must take care of business right from the start. I hope our fans will be in their seats well prior to kickoff. I'd like to see a full house when the team takes the field. I just can't wait. GO MEAN GREEN
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    I'm thinking Wilson's abilities came with Tashard Choice's coaching. Hoping that Smith is as good a student.
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    You're right. I guess that's the stupid young adult in me. I'm sure all of our 18/19/20 y/o players hate it too /s
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    Seriously? It's easily the ugliest combo
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    Really excited about Tyreke Davis at the rover position. Ashton Preston routinely got burned last year. English getting any meaningful snaps that you saw @GMG24?
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    I am pretty sure he was one of the lower paid assistants on the staff. And I know he lived in the New Mexico area before. I am guessing pay raise and location played in decision.
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    It was a really great listen. Particularly hearing which players are most likely to crack the two-deep, and what still keeps them from getting to be starters. Having that on the line (hardest position for me to thoroughly understand) is the most useful to me.
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    My brother was a walk-on for UNT recently. Benefits: Swag and pregame/Team Meals. Nothing financial whatsoever. Can be a thankless grind for those dudes.
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    Yes, the stable looks full now but situations change. The new redshirt rule should enable that to happen generally but what if not playing a strong freshman causes him to transfer? Not every quarterback is content to want to stay five years. Especially a good one. Game experience can be worth a lot. Mason Fine played as a true and I'm sure glad that he did. If Kason Martin plays this coming season it would put him in line to be the backup in 2019. If Kason doesn't play this year and Cade Pearson does then he's the heir apparent in 2020 due to experience. I like Pearson's play but I don't know that he's the best quarterback behind Fine. As long as we get one good quarterback every year then I hope that the coach has the option of putting his best two quarterbacks on the field. Now that the third best quarterback can play in up to four games, give him an opportunity in blowout games. In my opinion, there is no substitute for game experience.
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    Only way is if this year is a disaster and Fine gets hurt. I don't think these Freshman sniff the field until redshirt sophomore season. Unless we sign a 4 or 5 star QB I don't want to see a freshman QB starter again!
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    I would assume so... With the new red shirt rule....I would love to see some of the young guys get some reps. All indications are Kason Martin is looking good so far. He may force himself onto the field at some point...
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    Wanted to post an updated sheet. The percentage is clearly up, but more importantly the sheer number of offers from these commits is considerably higher than I’ve ever seen it.
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    The all white uniform North Texas wore against Iowa last year were razor sharp. I hate the grey look, it reminds me too much of Eastern Michigan’s uniforms, there I said it......I would love to see an all green combo this year. -GMG
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    Shocking update: Ray now identifies as a female. Man, what a bitch! * I see some have woken up this Friday without their sense of humor.
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    Love this staffs willingness to invest in our updated swag. Love the various combos that we currently have. Only couple suggestions would be to add, as mentioned above, the eagle feathers down our white and green pants (like our current black pants). Love the current flat black helmets with the green eagle logo, just wish it was larger like we have on our white and chrome helmets! Grey uniforms are awesome, love the added "UNT" and "Let IT Fly" helmet bumpers too!! This staff is getting it right! A+ PS: The digital media graphics have been incredible as well!!
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    “No one knows the impact I intend to have on the world other than those that have known me a long time.”
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    We had a recent post about COA benefits. What are the benefits for a walk-on? I assume that they get board. After all, they need to follow a menu in order to be in shape and have a chance for a future scholarship. It would be a shame if scholarship players were eating near the locker room and practice facilities and the walkon had to either leave campus to eat or do without. What about room? Do they get a room in Victory Hall or do they have to go elsewhere and pay their way? I realize that they pay their own tuition and books. At least, I believe that walk-ons pay for their books. Lastly, can they receive any part of a COA adjustment? If they are getting none of these benefits then I've got to admire even more the sacrifices they make in time and money to contribute to the sports program. And for some, they're not even rewarded with a game appearance.
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    Looks like Rice. http://studentaffairs.unt.edu/student-activities-center/programs/homecoming
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    By the way, Killarney's is in the same shopping center building as the Fairview Rally House Texas location. I met with the store manager yesterday on doing some cross promoting. They are working on a deal such that watching party attendees will receive special discount coupons at Rally House for UNT gear (in the range of 20% off). I'm also working with them on possible items for door prizes. More to come. The store manager is also wanting to use this as justification to the corporate folks to up their inventory on UNT products.
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