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    This happened last month, but I didn't see anything posted about it already. Great to see him doing this well!
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    Visitor seating location is pretty much SOP throughout college football, in my experience. Look where OUR visitors sit. My advice (you didn't ask but I'm giving it) is to buy your ticket from the Athletic Department. If you don't, you'll end up surrounded by Hogs who will be pissed when we win...and you will be boared throughout the game. As others have said, it is a lot more fun when you are surrounded by Green.
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    Been monitoring North Texas chat rooms for a long long time. I dont post much anymore yet this deserves one. Always respected Johnny Jones. Anyhow, a few months back just before the end of the BBall season I was at a restaurant in Santa Clara. Johnny and the Nevada came through the door. As I walked by him I stopped to say hello. He stopped and spoke to me for at least 10 minutes .. asking me my name, when I was at North Texas, etc. Went out of his way to say hello and talk. Great guy and I wish him all the best. We all have jobs. But sometimes you meet somebody who respects the job and the relationships ... something we don't see enough. Johnny is always calm, collected and respectful ... and he put NT on the map for a while :)
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/brunner-makes-history-with-commitment-to-unt/article_06e02b5a-e86d-5357-80a4-9351f8b2b944.html
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    Now that he has NFL money, hopefully he can call Uber more. He was certainly a talented man.
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    I was on the sidelines! Kenny Washington!
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    Buy tickets through the NT Athletic Department so you're sitting with other Mean Green fans and can go nuts celebrating with your brethren.
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    Thats my list of guys I either think we are still on or have a realistic shot. And guys I like. This is not a list of guys UNT is high on or any top secret list I have. Just guys that I like and don't get the gut feeling we are out on. So don't read too much into it
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    6'3" 286 lbs. Also has an offer from Arkansas St., Army, La Tech, Navy, New Mexico, TSU-SM, Tulane, Houston Baptist, McNeese St, Midwestern State https://www.hudl.com/profile/7363594/Sincere-Haynesworth https://247sports.com/player/sincere-haynesworth-46055161
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    Hmmm. In my mind, his frame alone should almost make him a 3*, and film sure looks like he can play. Wonder if the fact that he is only from a 3A school depressed the rating a bit? In my mind the current rating is approximately adequate and getting him is clearly a win for UNT. Also: UNT will get the same player, whether he be rated .85 or .78
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    Very nice to see him get a shot at the next level. I wish him the very best...him personally. I can't stomach the damned Redskins franchise but their money is probably good so I hope Darvin gets to spend plenty of it.
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    Yep. I knew that Newman was out of his league when he revoked the offer to Spud. A really stupid decision if there ever were one.
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    Blakeley, I believe offered Spud out of high school, but I don't think he had the academics. Blakeley also recruited him out of juco, and then was replaced by Newman who didn't want Webb. Webb was not highly recruited out of juco and it was surprising when he signed with North Carolina. i couldn't believe Newman was stupid enough to pass on Spud. It is not like Newman's recruiting was any good and if nothing else Webb would have been a draw just to see a 5'7 player who could so easily dunk.
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    What happened to his rating? He's currently at an .81, not .85
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    Visitor Sections are 111 and 509. Facing west so bring a hat or sunglasses if you want to see the game.
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    @Brett Vito give my man his credit.... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    just rewatched the game....wow, such poor tackling by our defense. Guys staring at the turf and diving w/ head down hoping their shoulder knocks a guy down. The line, like in so many other games, got Fine destroyed. Miracle we won this game...wow.
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    I spoke to him personally three years ago about their entrance as they walked by during the Mean Green March. You were standing about 10 feet from me. Remember, after I walked along with him and asked he told me "We just don't have time to work on a marching entrance" To which I replied..."But your marching......RIGHT NOW to a real cool cadence that would be perfect to enter the stadium to. Why not just use it?" To which he shot back.."We just don't have time"...and he walked off. So to me this means it's a zero priority on whether they look like shit or not as a college football band. And that's why during the N.O. Bowl......they got their doors blown off by Troy. Rick
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    Wow, didn't realize he had suffered major knee injuries. Vito has been so busy telling us who has committed to SMU or reminding us of the cost of Apogee that I guess he decided this wasn't report worthy. Thanks for the update @UNT Mean Green Sorry to hear this about Mr. Reynolds.
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    It is Louisiana so at least the chicken was good. Haha.
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    Mistake. Herm edwards and Arizona State is going nowhere. Think Lovie Smith and Illinois.
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    You just have to love this young lady’s drive and determination to reach a lofty and rewarding goal. Callie Owens
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    I agree with Rick & Bill that our immigration policy should be based on constitutional laws. I just happen to believe that those laws should be written & enforced with a sense of compassion and understanding. There should be no place for xenophobia or racism.