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    They should have left the old turf that was 30 degrees hotter on the visitor sideline.
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    So anywho, the point of the post wasn't for us to shit on current numbers. Way I read this whole thing is that we've long known the numbers have been shitty. Now the athletic department is putting it out there for all to see, which says to me complacency isn't the rule of the day -- they've got a public scoreboard to increase. That's how I read it. Call me Pollyanna, I guess, but as a former sales dude, public comparisons like that would motivate the hell out of me.
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    Green Crazy said it best. Embarrassing. If your name is not on the list, please join those who have committed to make Mean Green Athletics the best it can be. There is plenty each of us can do. Please don’t look for a reason not to help. Even if it’s $25. per year.
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    Carlos is awesome. Wears red pants for one week in May every year. Advocate for a lot of meaningful causes. He worked with the wife for 5 years, he comes to all football and most of basketball games. He is for sure going to be a cheerleader for athletics, and truly bleeds green through and through. Trading him for Silva.....this is a good day.
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    DRC: https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/draper-thrilled-to-join-ranks-of-scholarship-players-in-unt/article_5e75572c-7c5c-58bf-a23f-7f6e5df5ceb0.html
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    Y'all need to start loving the look of concrete. It's an amazing building material, and one we do well in Texas and have a long history of doing so. Emil Remond, one of the early members of the La Reunion Utopian Socialist colony west of the (then) town of Dallas, starting promoting the concrete industry after buying up many of the other colony members land in the 1880's. Link: https://dallasgateway.com/cement-city-follows-emile-remonds-discovery/
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    The guy is a team mate of our Westbrook commit Ward. I love his 247 page. If you have not seen it, check it out. https://247sports.com/player/deonte-simpson-46053447 I like the talent we are collecting. This 3 star guy can catch and has a burst.
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    I was looking at the donor list, and found this page that shows how many donors we have, how much we take in, and how we stack up against the conference and TCU/SMU. Link
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    We drop Army and get the flexibility to add Houston. That makes the coaches happy and should make you happy. Having to do that at basically the last minute meant our options were very small.
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    Things will get better as long as we keep winning. The future OOC schedules are better than they have been since the early 00's, which helps brings in other fans who might not be otherwise interested in coming to Denton for a game, but will entertain coming here for SMU, Army, Houston, Wyoming, Cal, Memphis, Texas Tech, etc. This is why the OOC games with FCS spares (basically anyone but SFA or SHSU) are just horrendous, though--until you get more fans to show up to games and create demand, these games give you nothing. I remember the Nicholls State game in 2014 at Apogee. We beat a team that didn't look like they could play Denton HS close, 77-3. People on here were just super excited about a mobile QB named Dajon Williams. Game didn't draw anywhere close to what was announced in attendance that day, probably about 13K in butts in seats, and although we got a win, that game didn't help us in any way other than getting to 4 wins instead of 3. Dajon Williams couldn't play against FBS competition, just like the other QBs on the roster couldn't. The point is that a huge "win" on the scoreboard didn't produce anything of real value to us. And, of course, the next season, at Homecoming, against FCS Portland State, we got murdered in the worst loss in modern college football history, 66-7, when even the few fans who come back for a game because of the homecoming stuff just shook their heads and left Apogee, thinking this was no different than playing at Fouts and getting killed by some SLC or SBC team back in the decades previous. Wren Baker is a breath of fresh air--he wants to succeed, he wants to be open about the situation. He's basically shown to be the opposite of his predecessor. Whether he can fix the .28% athletic donor from the alumni base figure to even just double within the next few years remains to be seen. Its very, very possible that it just can't be done here because of the culture and location of the school. But I believe he will give it his all and will do anything he can to make this place care about sports as much as it wants to care. The previous AD didn't, and he got a pass from the BOR and administration for about 10 years too long, because he cozied up to the right people to make sure he stayed within budget. Thank God those days appear to be in the past--in almost every way imaginable, too..
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    I remember a lot of similar comments when Mccarney was here. I'm not going to give any staff a pat on the back for being early on a guy who ends up with multiple P5 offers. If we see a guy who ends up going P5, I sure hope we are good enough at evaluating to recognize that kid is worthy of an offer from a CUSA school. That being said, it does seem like this staff is good enough at evaluating players who are more borderline. They're also starting to actually land some solid prospects, which is the most encouraging.
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    Not on the field, but on the court:
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    They are having custom made endzones done that will be installed in early august!
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    Without digging back through the video, was pass interference a spot of the foul penalty back then? They called interference on Houston in the end zone and put the ball on the one. It looked like the line of scrimmage was farther back than the 15. Overall, what a completely different game. That no step place kicker frightened me.
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    http://www.hudl.com/profile/5297195/Jake-Jones I noticed Jake on the new roster. He evidently is a walk-on from Willis, TX. 6'4" 250 lbs. DT/DE. His video reminds me a little of Andy Flusche coming out of HS. Pretty raw, but has a good motor. Will be interesting to see how he develops.
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    http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/ntex-m-footbl-mtt.html Looks like Daizion Carroll made it after all.
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    Guyton could be a game changer. He will get a lot of double teams. Will be interesting to see what schemes the coaches come up with to get the ball in his hand and take avenge of the other players who are receiving weaker coverage
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    Liberty again? Coach Littrell & Staff did not want to play the Army games. It's as simple as that. It had nothing to do with gaining fans' interest. Sorry you hate Liberty's philosophies, but it's a football game. If we want to see UNT win games, we schedule a punching bag that is moving up from FCS this season, and drop a game that takes your team out of its rhythm for 1/12th of the season. If we want to try and accomplish what Boise St. has done, we need to follow the Boise St. model for winning games. I'm going to assume the difference between a win against Liberty VS a loss against Army & possibly the next week as well would be the difference in a bowl game & a possible 10-win season VS an 8-win season. I think UNT fans & recruits will be more on board with a 10-win team (regardless of who they play) than an 8-win team that played Army.
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    Ben's making a valid point: It doesn't matter that you can identify talent if you're not bringing that talent it in. Early on this cycle, though, we seem to be doing better. Still early in the process to say "Hey we're doing awesome!" or to say "See we still suck at this!", but so far so good.
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    Haven't seen that site in a while... ...and I was hoping to get some work done today
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    Ha! You sound like one of those feed the impoverished children/SPCA ads. For just 7 cents a day (yes, that's the actual amout) you too can help an underfunded athletic department. With your donation we'll send you a picture of your adopted student athlete. If you dont help, who will? 🤣 I laugh to hide the pain.
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    Is this about recruiting 1-year grad transfers like SMU is doing? If so, I think Littrell is looking to build up long-term rather than use one of his precious 25-allotted scholarships to roll the dice on a 1-year player who may or may not pan out. He's in year 3 & still trying to build up depth from McCarney's willy-nilly awarding of scholarships to walk-ons & massive attrition putting us in a bind depth-wise.
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    As much as we all love Littrell. His inability to raise recruiting significantly is worrisome.
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    This would be great if we end up as one of the top 5 teams, but if we're outside there's no chance to gain any ground until the conf tournament. I'm intrigued by this format, I guess its' main goal is to improve our best teams' resumes in the final weeks of the regular season. It will certainly be an interesting season for CUSA basketball! Several teams have the opportunity to make some noise!
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    I know many if not most on here would scoff at the idea but if we wanted to add a new sport that would be nationally relevant overnight the answer is men's soccer.
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    Based on this picture of Wren's plans for the Mean Green Village, it could be here sooner than we know! Not sure how long "mid-term" is for this, but the fact that they've already dug deep into those short-term plans is a good sign! I agree that having a baseball program will boost our marketability. With the state of Texas being one of the most dominant areas of the country in college baseball (so many usually-stellar programs like Texas, A&M, TCU, Rice, Tech, Houston, DBU), being able to add that to our athletic department would put our name out there even more!
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    So much fun to watch on both sides of the ball this past season. He more than earned this scholarship through so much hard work! Can't wait for next season!
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    Congrats DJ! Dammn it. I still want McCasland's shirt! Well, not his shirt, but one like it.
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    The arena looks awesome. Few nice shots of the Jumbotron with "North Texas" very prominent.
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    No problem...send them a different number. They'll dance while we run over their asses.
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    That about sums it up. Very well deserved, D.J.!
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    Cautiously optimistic that we have the right guy.
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    This is why I'm not worried bout offer list with guys we eval. Our staff is on dudes early and they typically end up at big time schools. Sure I'd love to win some but we've proven we can identify talent.
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    The cost of stained concrete can vary greatly. For a basic application of a single stain color with sealer and minimal surface prep, most contractors charge between $2 and $4 per square foot. So it would have been very expensive.
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    While they are at it, I wish they would paint the silver metal frame of the steps from the concourse to the upper deck. A nice, you know, green would be good.
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    ...but...don't you dare even consider pointing out the truth of the matter or ppl will downvote you.
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    I hope you're right, but.....
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    I frequently get North Texas and Boise State confused. You know, same colors and same mascot.
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    Once you paint you always have to repaint!!
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    When he drops Army to schedule Liberty he is doing exactly what you point out - rightly, I think - is the problem. I don't like playing Liberty for personal & philosophical reasons, but it's also a bad choice for the reasons you state early in your message - the average UNT alum couldn't care less about watching that team. Army, on the other hand, would interest a broad array of fans. Bad decision.
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    Not to go round and round with you for another offseason on recruiting, but I don't care if they can evaluate talent. Our opponents will not care about what kind of talent evaluators they are. At some point, consistency has to be established in recruiting. And under this staff we are consistently 9-11 in CUSA ratings. And this will be class number 4 under this staff. If Seth Littrell wants to move on to greener pastures (And according to Tennessee he does), he needs to step up his recruiting game. Otherwise, he will be our version of Rick Stockstill...Just never quite sexy enough to attract a big contract.
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    Well then I would hate to hear UNT's current pitch if that is what smu is spitting out. The frustration is real.
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    DRC: UNT still have a clear advantage heading into opener, but the Mustangs are quietly adding experienced players who could make an impact https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/a-run-of-graduate-transfers-is-making-unt-smu-more/article_40984625-4a11-511a-8a71-40967a27df5c.html

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