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    I thought the original topic was a post about how great of a last 12 months it's been around here lately? So, um, how did this turn into a bitch & moan fest? "RV sux!" -- "no he didn't" / look at the report -- we really did suck!" thread. Man, I really think people like to complain more than celebrate. Sorry for the lean times. :) Next up on the topic wheel: let's discuss Vic Trilli's tenure. We'll be right back after this message from Debbie Downer.
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    I was pretty impressed with Flusche. Would be pretty cool if an under recruited LB turned DE ended up in the NFL as a TE. His numbers were good.
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    I said we need to see young guys start to step up(verb) not a step up (noun). Starter is an internal accomplishment. A good recruit is a good player compared to our peers, not just compared to our roster. Andy Flusche was a legit CUSA level player. He was not an NFL player or even an all-CUSA player. I don't even think he was honorable mention. You can't win anything substantial with a team that has no all-conference players. We need more of those type of players, particularly on the offensive line and on defense, where we have had one (Kishawn McClain) since 2014 when Cyril Lemon and Derek Akunne made all conference. Personally I think Littrell's recruiting in his first two classes were not that impressive, especially outside of the skill positions. He hit on a QB (the most important position) some receivers, and had Jeff Wilson and that pretty much led us to 9 wins. We looked pedestrian and overmatched in the games after the Jeff Wilson injury. Our general average play across the board, save for our QB and receivers, was severely exposed. The point is that even though we had a good record last year, there are plenty of spots and opportunities to where if we have underclassmen who are the real deal, they should start. If underclassmen can't surpass average upperclassmen then they probably won't be any better than average themselves. We don't want that cycle.
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    Dangit. That's a bummer they're selling it. I was lucky enough to win the raffle the first year they did that for the North Texas vs. Texas game in 2004. Still have the "winning ticket" they gave me when I drove up to Denton for the photo op. It has my wife's name on it too but she quickly got "cut" for an all-guy's road trip (ipd054 was one of them). Funny story was I think they were expecting high-roller people (wine & cheese crowd / couples crowd) and when I told them I was bringing all dudes (we were in our early to mid-30's at the time) I think RV had a panic attack. Bunch of fraternity people wrecking their bus was just what they wanted for the inaugural trip! haha. Anyway, we all behaved as I knew we would, we saw UNT get their butt kicked 65-0, drank a lot of beer on the bus coming & going & had a great time. They shoulda kept doing those raffles. It was a very neat experience.
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/04/07/unt-position-build-magical-run-cbi-next-season
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    Could I have the same team from last year ?
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    transfers to Okie State: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/high-schools/2018/04/06/basketball-former-argyle-star-vivian-gray-transfers-oklahoma-state
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    I’m a little worried about special teams. We need that edge. It could be the difference between winning and losing.
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/04/06/follow-thoughts-unts-depth-chart-including-curious-case-bryce-english
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    We are getting down to the wire folks on our 8 th Annual Spring Scholarship Classic B.B. Game! We will cut off player registrations tomorrow at about 5:30pm...that’s April 8th at 5:30 pm. Still need your help as we are behind a bit this year for some reason...we still need two team captains. Without captains we can’t do a player draft and players would just be assigned a team. So...volunteers anyone? Still need players as well...could use a few as the “official” sign-ups” are a tad low...several have told me they are playing but have not, as yet, signed up. Here is the sign-up/donations link: https://one.unt.edu/8th-annual-spring-classic Folks...your donations...any amount...any...are critical to our success. Here are the event details...register to play, make a donation or simply come watch and support this event...WE NEED YOU! April 14th...11am tip-off Bhansen Gym (Highland Street across from Super Pit) Player Fee-$35 (includes player t-shirt) Silent Auction No admission fee to come and support these student-athletes. After event gathering at Eastside Social Club...All Welcome! Question? Just post here or PM me! Hope to see you there!!!!
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    Okie State is picking up some great transfers on the women’s side these days. Interesting I think...Question is why?
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    I know the team stays at the Marriott Solana on home game days and they are a sponsor, so maybe recruits stay there too?
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    Found some clarity: he started at EP Franklin and will be finishing his HS career at Parkland.
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    How is the ankle? You on a gimpy ankle is still pretty good for this game. 😂😂. Any chance?
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    Oh, How I love seeing this....and that 20 win note as well! Basketball is back at UNT! And...it feels GREAT! 👍
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    Me! Snake Pit was dope! What a place and what memories of that place...and, we can relive some of those memories as the 8th annual Mean Green Spirit Scholarship basketball game will be played there on April 14th with an 11am tip-off! Come support these great student athletes who just win 2nd Place in the National Spirit Team competitions in Daytona!
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    Come on now, you know what I was trying to say. If guys have size on them and move well they're getting snatched up by blue blood programs whether they can play or not. We're going to have to do 1/2 things. 1. Win with undersized under recruited guys consistently enough to convince the bigger time guys this is a place they can come win and be seen, or 2. Hit on some evaluations and projections with longer/leaner guys who need to develop physically and skills. That is if we want HS DL.
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    Worked with Crest many times..was a super Fire Lt.. He never brought up his BB career at NT with me. Very humble individual.
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    Under McCarney they stayed at Tx Motor Speedway which never made a ton of sense to me.
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    Not must. A senior laden team of studs year in and year out is ideal and fantasy. When underclassmen start making noise on gameday rather in rahrah coach speak we will then know recruiting has taken a step up. We need that step defensively, desperately. Until then, tighten your seatbelt and hope a Jeff Wilson-less offense can lead this team to a winning season. I don't doubt winning, I just doubt winning comfortably in this current format. And given that, a sliver of doubt does linger.
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    7-on-7 is prevalent everywhere there are a lot of D1 recruits. The argument that D1 readiness among high-school recruits here specifically has fallen off as a result is an unsubstantiated take that really doesn't even have correlation to back it up, let alone causation.
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    Curious to see if Nicholas Pichon will be of any help in the middle. 6'3 and 297 lbs could go a long way if he has solid technique.
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    Meanwhile, back at the original headline, congratulations to a good young man who deserves the recognition.
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    Just going to say.. Preston left a ton to be desired.. believe he had multiple bonehead plays vs Iowa in the 2nd half and during Troy he even got replaced.. I think a major question is how/who slots into the DB group from this recent class. K.Davis is an LB now (likely on the inside to replace EJ), Gibbs, Williams, Crosby, Morris? Would love to see Gibbs at CB, having a taller, willing to tackle guy on the edge is something we need.. Williams is a great FS/Centerfielder and his size could be his biggest disadvantage. Morris seems to be that Rover spot to challenge T. Davis and Crosby and he anything on the skill positions.
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    4.56 plus his build.. which is lighter than 220 is not a great time.. his injury history as well.. Tied for 13th.. so he is middle of the pack, with a multiple leg injuries, and a bad shoulder.. playing at a lighter weight and couldn’t hold up in CUSA vs lighter competition compared to the NFL The point is he was middle of the road.. he likely needed people to go back and rewatch his tape because of the number or injuries. I’m going to guess not many teams ran through Apogee this year.
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    I've always thought the hardest position to recruit at G5 is LT to protect the QB's blind side. Maybe times have changed enough to shift that thought to the DL?
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    You don't care what classification is making plays, but underclassman must be in the 2 deep? I am interested in the level of competition for the starting position. Did we move a DT to DE because our options at that position is poor and now we may burn a red shirt on a undersized freshman? Like most schools we will be challenged to recruit DL so we better develop them with a red shirt and a 5 year program.
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    When there is rarely an underclassmen maneuvering past an upperclassmen on the 2-deep....That's a problem. I mean, until there is significant progress on defense it's a problem regardless of the 2-deep. I don't care if 8th graders are out there making stops as long as stops are taking place. And significant IMO would be for the defense to crack the 20's in PPG. It's a stepping stone and one I would like to see take place in 2018.
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    No doubt--its especially hard to do here in this region because 7-on-7 is so prevalent and there are very few college ready DL in TX and OK HS anymore.
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    I hear gunshots around here all the time 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    If we can turn into the Leach Tech (consistently win 8-10 games) then i will live with a few defensive struggles.
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    I'm curious to see some of the coaching adjustments to the new personnel. How different is the offense going to look this year? I can't imagine it's going to be the exact same sans Wilson. What have the coaches seen from the spring to sprinkle in new wrinkles in the defense? 2018 is going to be fun!
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    It's amazing that we still don't have a senior starting skill position player.... This offense should be phenomenal in 2018 and downright terrifying in 2019
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    Thanks. From time to time I have trouble reading things. Eyesight is off a little. DeepGreen
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    Been awhile since someone brought that back. Never gets old.
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    These things are not cheap. If you do not drive it yourself you should budget about $86.46/hr. If you are the driver you should budget about $71.46/hr for operation. Here is the math for those who love to argue the minutia: Sample data in calculation 13 trips performed 78 total hours of service 1,450 miles of travel Associated hard costs Cost to “make ready” 13 washes/prep— $10/hour x 13 hours = $130 Driver wages (including pre/post trip) — $15/hour x 104 hours = $1,560 Fuel — 263 Gallons @ $2.60 = $683.80 Insurance (monthly premium) = $342 Associated soft costs Oil change ($150 per 6,000 miles) — .025 per mile x 1,450 = $36.25 Tire replacement — ($450 per 100,000 miles).0045 per mile x 1,450 = $39.18** Major tune-up — ($600 per 75,000 miles) .008 per mile x 1450 = $11.60 TOTAL BREAK-EVEN POINT = $7,060.43 Excludes employer payroll tax or workers’ comp premium **Based on six tires Hourly break-even point: $6,744.18 / by 78 hours of service = rate of $86.46 per hour OR $6,744.18 / 1,450 miles = $4.65 per mile Fuel Bus fuel capacity: 250 gallons Average MPG: 4 to 9 mpg Average fill-up cost: $950 Commercial truck stop required for large buses Maintenance Tire replacement: $400 — $600 each Lube, oil and filter service: $150 — $250 Turbo replacement (diesel): $1,500 — $2,000 Insurance Minimum: $5 million liability required Monthly cost: $280 — $500 Labor National average hourly pay School bus drivers: $10.19 — $18.32 Transit bus drivers: $9.57 — $23.09 Greyhound Bus Lines: $15 — $20.67 Source: Payscale.com
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    As a 'newbie'.. 1. The "Stand". I still get chill bumps when I watch it. 2. The WHOLE 2013 Season. The Georgia game was freaking awesome as was ALL the road wins! Ball State was nuts. Ryan has told me stories of the Ball St. O-line puking their guts up right on the line. The reactions and comments made by he and his team mates are priceless! 3. Lance against Mid Tenn. All that has to be said. 3a. Any time Brelan touched the ball. 4. Kansas St. 2010 game in Fouts with Chico coaching. That was a hell of a show. 5. Kansas St game in 2012. Gave them everything they wanted and more. 6. My proudest.... the Alabama game in 2011. The boy went toe to toe with probably the best O-line in the country the whole night. 7. Last but not least. Becoming a member of the Mean Green family!
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    Good article. I want to see Woolridge and Simmons work on free throw shooting during the off season. Could make a big difference in our win-loss record for next season.
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    i will save my comments until November. I will get back to you then.
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    The physical issue concerns me. I can't get the way Troy basically bullied us physically in the NO Bowl out of my head...
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    Agreed. This is a defense that will continue to struggle. And at this point the blame has to fall on this staff. It was an issue on the roster when they took over and they have done minimal to shore it up. I have no reason to believe that this defense will not allow 35 ppg a second year straight.
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    I think he’s upgraded the roster at a very high level with skill positions. But the lines still look lighter than we need them to be. And I think that we can’t be so aggressive with our DBs next season unless the pass rush has improved—that cost us greatly against teams that could pass (SMU, FAU, and Troy, as well as UAB). I do worry about next year being a return to the mean and that we don’t win all of those close games like we did this past year. But the schedule is helped by having both Liberty and Incarnate Word, as well as Rice, UTEP, and SMU at home with a new coach and without their first round WR. That should be five wins right there. Win 4 of the remaining 7 games and we get back to 9 wins, which is doable.
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    Love our QB, very much like our WRs, our RBs should be solid and could be special...everywhere else there are some question marks. Billy, I think you answered your question. This year's roster looks like last year's roster, and some of us were a little concerned about last year's roster going into the season. And we were exposed a few times. But they won 9 games. And last year's roster was young. Most of our roster has gained another year of experience, maturity, and FBS-level training. I think we'll win a lot of games in '18.
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    I really think people not understanding it are being purposely obtuse. You see "women" everyday that aren't really "women" according to your book. They may have a penis in their undergarments. They may have had a penis at some point, but had surgery to remove it. The inverse applies to the "men" you see (complete with facial hair) that really have a vagina. You just don't realize that you see it, because you can't tell. Yet people are ooked out over this prospect and try to make a law making it illegal for them to use common sense on which restroom to use. If you look like a woman (regardless of what sex organ you were born with), then go into the women's restroom. It really is simple. Throwing up some lowbrow strawman argument - "ok, i will SAY I am a girl and go into the chick's restroom so I can see them nekkid -- IS THAT RIGHT?A?A ZOMG?1" doesn't really address what really goes on or protect anyone. It only serves to divide. There are lesbians in the women's bathroom nearly every time a woman goes in there -- bust is that dangerous? Let's take a person who looks like a woman (to everyone), is a woman in all their life capabilities (yet was born with a penis) and is attract to men (like a 'woman') -- why would them going into the men's room be safer for everyone involved? It really makes no sense. In the obtuse view, all non-binary or trans people LOOK like Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies or Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie. This is NOT how it is in real life. They appear and present just like the gender they feel|are|whatever. That is their life goal. Sure... drag shows exist.. but that is like saying actors on broadway all have too much make-up, fake boobs and high heels.. singing every emotion they have. It is a very shallow view of humanity just for the sake of not wanting to empathize.
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    Maybe he is talking about it is a disservice to the students that are creeped out and they have to just fit in with the normal society outside college that can care less about the people pooping in the stalls next to them. Is that given too much credit? I have worked with a few trans-folk over the years and many many more manly looking women. I never cared about which door they entered to drop a poop in the toilet. Honestly, not once.
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    We're heading into year three of the Littrell era following his third recruiting class and third spring football practice season. The overall roster talent under Littrell has turned around from Mccarney's last year, as we all expected and as it absolutely had to. In year two we saw an impressive 9 wins, but we can all agree that it was not a loaded roster and that a few players, including an all-conference quarterback, really led the way and helped us to a lot of close wins. Now with our post-spring depth chart out to look at, we have something that roughly resembles what we will trot out on the field for year three. On paper, it reminds me a lot of last year's roster. On offense you have a really good QB, good receivers, offensive linemen who have experience but are likely not going to be preseason all-CUSA picks, and no Jeff Wilson but with a promising young backfield. On defense you still see not much proven depth, a few solid dependable players, decent amount of returning experience among starters, and mainly upperclassmen starting. One of the two exceptions to the last point was a big surprise in Tyreke Davis being listed over Ashton Preston. Imo that is very promising to see. My personal evaluation is that we have some star playmakers like Fine, Guyton, and Lawrence who can lead this team to a lot of wins but I'm not necessarily sold that this roster, top to bottom, is shaping up like a top-of-the-conference type roster. I like seeing Tyreke Davis pushing Preston out of the listed starting lineup because it shows the possibility of a recruited underclassmen locking up a starting spot early because of good play rather than lack of competition at the spot. NFL-type players are guys that come in and push legit D1 players out of starting spots. I would like to see more of that. Many of the young players who have played under Littrell so far have done so by default or because of lack of competition. Ozougwu starting over a walkon at Jack is an example of that. That's not a great look. So what do you guys think of the roster Littrell has built to this point? Do you see this roster becoming a top CUSA roster this year? Does this roster have the talent across the board to survive a key injury or two?

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