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    Congrats Mean Green. I wish we could have joined you still playing. I enjoyed our run. I’ve enjoyed your run as well. Great job forcing game 3. Unbelievable what your coach has done after a tough end to the season.
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    When was the last time you've seen this many students? Rick
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    Fun environment tonight. Can't wait until Friday.
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    NT 69 -------- USF 55 Final
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    Me and Waldo....already getting into it. Rick
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    Official attendance: 4196. And the team loves it. Rick
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    Props to the crowd. The TV analysts made mention of the Super Pit atmosphere at least five times.
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    CBI Finals Game 3....series tied 1-1 Winner take all..... Enough said.
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    I can't even put into words what this does for my soul. GMG
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    Awesome crowd scene at the Pit tonight. Felt like the good old days! Can’t wait for Friday night.
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    And Friday would be a perfect time for the 3’s to start falling again.🏀
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    That would be Pit Crew days during JJ era, which I was a proud member of while a student there.
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    And winning the way we did, they should all be back and bring a friend!
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    Best UNT years were absolutely the Bill Blakely ones about 1976-77 or so .. Won 22+ games those years (3 straight I think) but not in NCAA because it was only 24 or 32 teams then and we were independent with no conference championship to force us in.. The best NT game I saw was in 1965? when we defeated Cincinnati in the old Snake pit who had been national Champions a couple of years earlier (twice) before UCLA began its insane run of about 9 championships in 10-11 years. We were absolutely in the best Basketball conference in America... the Missouri Valley. UCLA was the best team but the MVC was the best conference.. in fact my senior year at Christmas 5 of the top 10 were MVC members. [ Louisville, Wichita, Cincinnati, and I think Bradley and Drake ] Texas Western aka UTEP won it all that year. .Why was the MVC so good ..??.. The ACC, SWC, SEC, and few others were all white and the MVC was integrated and pulling in a lot of talent and just outside of the South. . The best player I saw was Wes Unseld, later NBA Hall of Fame player and from Louisville. UTEP and UCLA were pulling in a lot of talent elsewhere then as well. .After I graduated Houston with Elvin Hayes was killing everyone except UCLA.. and the SWC was still not integrated or very little. Houston was then also an independent before joining SWC as team #9 ... We would like have been team #10 if SMU had not opposed us so strongly... Because of the gym size you had to go early if you wanted to see a game... all weekday games were full.. Weekends not so much. GO Mean Green...!!
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    Damnit Ben, I never thought I'd give you the ole plus 1. But you gonna get this it this time. Winning unites.
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    it was so beautiful tonight...benford benford'd our school...was nice toinght to have the students back...hope they come back friday...
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    Feel like we should start a gofundme and have a GMG sponsored tailgate/pregame party to feed students for them to go to the game!
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    That’s why I said McCasland is running small ball and it’s working. It’s just interesting to think that Temara and Holston started so many games and now suddenly they have vanished, but Fuller is getting minutes.
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    Holston is listed as a guard and he primarily plays the 4. He is a small ball player. Problem is, when you sacrifice size you are supposed to do so to get more skill on the court. Holston does not accomplish that. Miller gives you much more offensively, and has not been a drop off from Holston defensively.
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    NT 43 -------- USF 31 15:17 to go Our largest lead of the night.....hopefully we can hold it this time!!
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    Nothing to see here. In no way does this indicate Littrell is unhappy in Denton. This is likely just his agent working as he should for his client. It would've been noteworthy if he had submitted a resume for a G5 program...an SEC program, not so much. The only issue I have is with the fact that this information is now public - forcing him to address it with the locker room and his staff to make sure no one feels a disloyalty on his part. I trust he's already done this by now.
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    Refs must have been told by CBI officials to swallow their whistles on anything near the lash. As if their bigs needed help? Rick
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    3500-4500? Largest crowd in 5 years? Rick
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    I wouldn't say it really hurts. Probably somewhere on the priority list near men's soccer.