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    FFS olddenton "why don"t we do more promotions?" newdenton "why are we doing promotions?"
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    We have yet to put together a great game. We lost Game 1 by 10 and had a shot until late all in a game that we fell way behind in early but didn't panic and chipped away at the lead all game. Game 2 our defense, rebounding, FT shooting and lack of turnovers carried us in a game where we were out shot on FG's and 3 pointers. If we put together a full game like we did against South Dakota, Mercer or Jacksonville St., we have the ability to run USF out of the gym. This really excites me for next year and the future should Coach GMc continue to recruit well considering USF beat Nevada by 2 and St. Mary's by 7 this year and lost to Gonzaga by 10 and 9 during the regular season before getting blown out in the WCC tournament. USF is a good program and we have the talent and ability to make them look pretty pedestrian at times.
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    Never fear, Wren Baker is here!
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    It’s the fishbowl phenomenon...they don’t know what they don’t know. I compare it to kids from tiny Texas towns who step foot on campus at NT and realize Dairy Queen isn’t 5* dining.
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    Man, who's cutting onions... How can you not root for this man to succeed.
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    I have no doubt in my mind Littrell has UNT's best interest in mind right now. He's not kicking the can with the scholarship fiasco he inherited. He's slowly rectifying it. He could just keep Blueshirting the heck out of guys to get his roster up to size, give himself the best chance to win, then get out of town at the first opportunity. He's not doing that. I believe everything he says about "Mean Green Family" and whatnot. These are his guys. I also have no doubt in my mind he's looking to move up to a P5. His track record speaks for itself. He's only loyal to UNT until a P5 job opens up. I understand that. Guys like Bobby Bowden, Bill Snyder & Gary Patterson are not easy to find. Littrell is a competitor. He wants to be the best. The only way to be the best is to win a National Championship... and you can't do that unless you're at a P5 school with $$$$ to blow. UNT is nowhere near that kind of school. I'm sure Urban Meyer looks back fondly on his time at BGSU, and everything he said/did while there was genuine. But if he remained there, he wouldn't have multiple National Championships.
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    I'll be curious how students react. I think the value of this extends way beyond the financial savings, but there's no way to be sure.
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    I'm one of these. As bad as I want to be at the Pit on Friday, I'll be worshiping.
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    Good Friday will cause some no-shows, but probably minimal.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/fe55d954-06...efend.html If P5’s can start paying players it is going to be a 5hitshow for G5’s to keep up!
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    DRC: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/29/unt-aiming-magical-end-first-year-mccasland-era And chalk talk http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/mean-green/2018/03/29/chalk-talk-san-francisco-unt-cbi-finals-game-3
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    I'll say this as a recent graduate (December 2014). First year I went to almost every game baring any prior commitments. Sometimes I even went alone. The student side was usually pretty well attended... By freshmen and the same uperclassmen. The majority of students who showed up were always the same faces. Rewind to freshmen orientation: my very attractive orientation leader hyped up basketball big time as did others. These were students who had witnessed 20 win seasons, conference tournament runs, and an NCAA birth (veteran students might have seen 2). They also spoke highly about our hopeful one and done, Tony Mitchell. They had experienced excitement in the Pit and were passing it a along. We also had a brand new business leadership center right across from Kerr. Fast forward to now. Students have seen nothing but decline at the Pit. There's been no Pit excitement, no tourney runs, no 20 win seasons. The students haven't changed. The generation is the same, I'm only 24, those who are on campus daily are mostly 18-24. The students are still mostly artsy but I wouldn't be surprised to see more business majors due to the Business building. Business majors have a tendancy to care more about sports in my student experience. So, if anything, we should have a student body who cares more about sports. Why don't they? Production. When you have late classes, early classes, studying, and a million other free things to attend, students are not bored. This CBI run will help next year's attendance. Guaranteed. But this year's attendance and having to "bribe" students to show up is on the previous admin. Due to us being mostly an artsy school, it'll take longer to get back to where we were. We'll get there though. The students do care though. We just need the games to keep being entertaining.
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    You haven’t been around here (gmg.com) long. I don’t know how long you’ve been around NT, but all the students currently on campus know is losing B-ball as of the end of the CUSA tournament. Prior to that, JJ had us playing well, but that was a long time ago. It takes a while to rebuild that fan base. If McCasland can have our guys playing at this level for the next few seasons & contending for Conf. Championships, you’ll see the type of fans you’re describing.
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    We need to put a 'Do you like sports?' checkbox on the UNT application.
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    You do it hoping you create a fan! An empty seat is a wasted opportunity! GMG
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    The difference between an Upper G5 and a Lower G5 is still very large. When UH is still $50 million behind Tech in revenues, you know the system needs to change. People wonder why the Big XI won't take UH--the answer is right there. Tech, and especially TCU and Baylor, want nothing to do with splitting up that pie anytime soon--they know that this may not be there for them for too much longer... The P5s just need to go create their own system already. They have the money, media, fanbases, and bowl tie-ins that create this huge unmatchable advantage. We made $200 million less than Texas A&M in one year, yet we play them in College Station in a few years. That's not even close to being fair or right. We basically whore ourselves out while A&M gets a free win to go to a bowl game. No other sport allows this kind of crap. I just think G5s deserve the opportunity to win a national championship, just like every other football program gets to do.
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    You want us to be sensible adult posters? Buhahahaha
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    In some of these cases, a good agent will have their client apply for a job that they have no chance of getting, but then gets to the AD and President of the current school to say that his client has been mentioned as a candidate for the head coaching vacancy at P5 schools. Voila, a new extension and a raise...for both coach and the agent. Tennessee's head coaching search was a cluster, no doubt. But they weren't hiring a Derek Dooley 2.0 starter kit in Seth Littrell or Frank Wilson. They weren't getting some lower G5 coach with little to no skins on the wall to take over a program that is competing in the SEC. Littrell's next head coaching gig will be at Tech if we have a good year and Tech has the year ahead that we all believe they will. Another very real possibility would be KU, where Beaty is severely failing and although he signed an extension last year, its peanuts compared to most schools. KU has money and Beaty's contract is more G5 than anything else.
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    Let's try our best not to turn this into a bash Denton, Alumni, Students thread until AFTER we see the attendance. We're all bit concerned about it, but none of us know how it'll be.
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    Our budget is $20M behind UH. Just shows how much more we are going to have to do if we want to try to compete with them in terms of resources.
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    Just so we are clear for those being critical, if a job was open that would pay anywhere form 200%-350% more than you currently make, you wouldn't want to talk about it? Honestly, I'd question a coach who didn't want to discuss it. That doesn't mean he'd take it. Doesn't mean a coach wouldn't use it for leverage to get more money from UNT. Being critical of a Coach for looking at a job universally held as a top 10-15 football job at a school with a top 10 budget makes no sense. SL takes Washington State or GM takes Rutgers, I'm pissed. SL takes Tennessee or GM takes Arizona State, I'm going to say good for them. Next man up. Despite a batshit crazy fan base, UT-Knox is still a top 10 FB job in most people's eyes. His agents should have been pushing him or he should fire his agents.
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    Well yea. It also has a calendar on it.
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    I've got three tickets for myself and two of my kids. It'll be the first UNT bball game for my kids.
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    Time for that pre game tailgate for students.
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    The Dons are a pretty storied program. They have 2 national titles and plenty of championships. It would be very big for the program to knock them off.
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    RV didn't know how to spell. Before anyone down votes me for this, it's a fact confirmed by people who worked with him.
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    His facial expressions on the ft line and him never getting set off the ball tells me he has 0 confidence in his shot right now. It's the coach's job this off-season to give him some and once he does it will exponentially open up his game.
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    $250/yr http://transportation.unt.edu/parking And the offer was for the duration of their time at UNT. So, if a Freshman/Sophomore wins, they could be looking at $750 - $1000.
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    If we lose, I am calling you out for jinxing it all.
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    I’d imagine the conversation is more like this—“How much are we getting paid and for how long?...ok, I’ll call the movers.”
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    I hope that the student turnout is awesome with the 6 PM start time. My attendance will be delayed thanks to that time... I am afraid that i won't be the only one struggling to make a 6 PM tip.
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    Here's an article that links to advice on expected earnings for graduates. https://www.chronicle.com/article/A-New-Tool-Breaks-Down/242944?cid=trend_au&elqTrackId=769e7314dff44cfb92b838f649b572a5&elq=40309fbd3d804370bbf0e3ea4031da6b&elqaid=18371&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=8228
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    I understand your point, as I am not a huge fan of Lubbock, but I now live in Midland and am amazed at the Tech alumni that absolutely love Lubbock. It is a good community, but to hear them tell it, you would think it was some sort of utopia. Just don't get it.
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    I strongly disagree. Considering all of the permit holders that don't get to campus before 9am and don't have a spot, trouble finding room on the streets that doesn't block driveways, dumpsters or fire hydrants, and police taking advantage of all of the college students that don't know the local laws, me and most students I know would prefer the free parking any day of the week. And maybe it's just the old man in me but I absolutely hate Apple products.
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    Hopefully the holiday will ease traffic to Denton.
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    Exactly what Capel said covering the game last night. Woolridge would be an elite PG if/when he develops his outside shot.
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    I know especially because I don't at my job, but some do and that should lessen traffic to a degree.
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    I agree, but complaining because the "prize isn't good enough" just yells "I'm not coming if the prize isn't good enough."
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    I would argue Holston could run some of these USF players to the rack and wouldn't be that big of a liability. I mean, no disrespect, but Fuller doesn't move very well and he was inserted to the game early last night.
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    I am not down voting anything, but I find it amazing that students have to be bribed to support their school. Of course, typically these are the same students that complain about our athletics. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the "what's in it for me" generation.
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    He wouldn't? I would be curious of the person's opinion that disagreed with this.
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    How about just getting off your couch to support your university in the tournament finals? That should be enough to get a student or alumni to attend.
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    This is no surprise and this goes against just about everything Littrell says from a standpoint of loyalty, growth, building it the right way, etc. etc. etc. He says these things while trying to back door himself out of town. These coaches, administrators, presidents, etc. can put on green t-shirts, but they don't have green blood and that is why I am quick to pull the trigger on critical comments when the situation presents itself of worthy criticism...Because of articles just like this one. Full disclosure: I am thankful for everything Baker, Littrell, and McCasland has done for our programs. But I take their rah-rah talk with a huge grain of salt, as we all should.
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    What's yours? I'm simply pointing out your contradictions. Are you arguing with yourself...or what? Rick
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