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    1.615 million viewers. Second most watched CUSA bowl behind La Tech/Navy game. http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/college-football-tv-ratings/
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    Good to see the FCS game is before SMU.
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    ...and there are people that would cancel our series with Army tomorrow if they could. I wish we could keep a service academy on our schedule every year, even if it is the same one.
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    MGB: UNT has a few areas of concern after its bowl season. The following is a look at them http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2016/12/key-positions-of-concern-for-unt-following-heart-of-dallas-bowl.html/
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    I've read Army as the rivalry for UNT. What do you think? I've always felt service academies were a good fit for ooc scheduling.
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    17-10 in the third. Great game. They aren't united. That's why there has been no law suit. Hell, just look at the article quoted in this thread. The P5 has used whore money to divide and conquer. Look no further than our last AD, who would have been opposed to this for the fear of losing that whore money he so openly coveted. How did that work out for him and UNT? The P5 is 100% together on ther goals. G5s need to learn from them. Solidify, file the lawsuit, and put the P5 on defense. For the first time in their existence. Also, having ADs and coaches who try to use G5s to hit the P5 jackpot is another reason. It's also another point of systematic competitive disadvantage for a law suit.
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    I don't think any G5 school would like this solution. But some are recognizing the futility of trying to compete against a stacked deck with ever rising costs and gigantic loses. This is not just limited to G5's, but there are also an expanding number of P5's that are being squeezed out. I suspect the G5's that would back this proposal are the ones that are running out of options to try to compete at the current FB division level. Instead of attacking the problem with what most is needed, a way to control costs and enhance competition; a retreat to a cheaper alignment is their solution. The NCAA is currently setup for the rich athletic programs and there are not many of them. While there are limits to the number of players and coaches, there is no maximum for salaries and overall budgets. Something that even the Pros try to manage to ensure some level of competitiveness. Out of the 128 fb football programs, my guess is that over an hundred of them would be for rules that increased competitiveness by cutting or limiting costs. These schools have the numbers but not the direction to achieve these goals. AD's obviously, are not going to be the drivers in this kind of change. It is going to have to come from the top.
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    Third time you name called in this thread. The argument was well stated in a previous post. You don't like the argument so you become a third grader and name call. We disagree. I think UNT can be MUCH more successful now that your former boss is gone. I want to believe that for the first time in my lifetime, the UNT administration has made athletics as much as a priority as the music department. You want to go back to 1986. This may come as a shock to you, but UNT is just as capable of being ranked #5 in the country as Houston. UNT is just as capable as W. Michigan to go 13-0 and play Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl. But you would rather relegate UNT to second tier nothingness. And you label me as negative? ??????
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    Me too. However, if a program's goal is to fill a 20K stadium it probably doesn't belong in FBS.
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    I would have completely missed your point and made a complaint about RV.
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    I have watched middle school girls games with more offensive firepower than we have. Doesn't matter what Ernie wants, Benford is gone this year.
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    Agreed. Any recognizable out of conference is good in my opinion and Army has as good of a reputation as any unless you go midlevel P5.
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    Ratings from 247Sports. QB Cade Pearson: 6-3, 194 lbs. 2 star QB Devlin Isadore: JUCO: 6-4, 205 lbs. 3 star (signed LOI) RB/S Tyreke Davis: 5-9, 180 lbs. 2 star, RB Evan Johnson: 5-8, 170 lbs. not rated, 2 star on Scout ATH Tre’Von Bradley: 5-11, 185 lbs. 3 star WR Jalen Guyton: 6-1, 200 lbs. 3 star (signed LOI) TE Remington Lutz: 6-5, 220 lbs. 2 star OL Brendon Weatherspoon: 6-4, 305 lbs. 2 star OL Dakoda Newman: 6-3, 320 lbs. 2 star OL Jevin Pahinui; JUCO: 6-4, 283 lbs. (signed LOI) OL Manase Mose: 6-2, 295 lbs. 2 star DT Junius King: 6-1, 302 lbs. 2 star DE/DT Tony Krasniqi: 6-1, 240 lbs. 2 star LB Kody Fulp: 6-2, 215 lbs. 2 star DB Cameron Johnson: 5-11, 170 lbs. 3 star DB Makyle Sanders: 6-2, 178 lbs 2 star
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    Awkwardly holding a knife to catch the light for an insert shot is like #3 on most important rumble skills.
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    What if I told you the day Seth Littrell was hired that in 2017 we would be coming off a Heart of the Dallas bowl apperance and would 1) Have a Sophomore Defensive Tackle that was a former 247 4 star that held offers from Kansas State, SMU, Arizona State, Arkansas, Houston, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas, Louisiana Tech, San Diego State, TCU and UCLA 2) Have a Sophomore Wide Receiver that was a former 247 4 star that held offers from Notre Dame, Arizona State, Baylor, Clemson,Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Northwestern, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Ole Miss ,San Diego State, SMU, Stanford, TCU, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Wake Forest
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    Create your own thread It says GIF in the title You derailer you
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    Great information. Brett, I can't tell you how much I look forward to your articles. Thanks.
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    Terrible idea. The group of 5 should be considering a class action anti-trust lawsuit instead of relegating themselves to second tier nothingness forever...
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    When do we get the full schedule? Inquiring minds what to start planning their tailgate menus. 09/02 - Lamar 09/09 - at SMU 09/16 - at Iowa 11/18 - Army
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    You've sucked me in. I'm about to turn the radio on.
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    8 fgs....8 turnovers....i love the consistency...
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    Two points scored, ten minutes into the game. How are we getting worse?
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    Do people really buy this stuff off of ebay? Check this out below. C'mon. Make a little effort people! The Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl logo (likely unauthorized) on the back is a nice touch.
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    Agreed. How I'd love to see a series with Navy or Air Force also. The service academies really are almost at a disadvantage with recruiting because they of the academic requirements and the service commitment after graduation (5 years min). Your typical very good HS player would likely look at another program first. That's why it's such a testament to Army and Navy when they have a great year. Talked to a couple of Army fans at HOD game. They said Army really likes the series with us because Texas is hotbed of recruiting talent. Since Navy has SMU in the conference, I don't thnk they're going to be as inclined to make additional trips to Texas. Fingers crossed for AF in the future sometime.
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    MGB: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2017/01/chalk-talk-unt-at-old-dominion-3.html/
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    First, a whore game is where a G5 is paid $1 million to got to a P5 stadium. OU traveled to Houston for a Cougar home game. That isn't a whore game. Not even close. Still waiting for Baker to fix this terrible schedule. So far he has failed to accomplish that goal. Other G5s get home games with P5s. Your former boss wanted the whore money and stated so openly. Hopefully that has changed, although there is no evidence of it yet. W. Michigan is 2-0 against the Big 10 this year and look to go 3-0 against Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl. Again, you just want to give up and become a lower level team just to have a meaningless trophy to pkay for and refuse to acknowledge the loss in donations, TV money, attendance, and alumni interest in the program if UNT went this route. UNT tried it once. I was there in 1989 when UNT was ranked #1 in FCS and couldn't get 10k in the stadium for a game. No one cared about a lower tier team. Do this and also watch enrollment flatline or decrease. I'm sure @FirefightnRick would also echo this frustration, as he was there at the same time. @Harry should also know better than to open this can of worms, as he sat in those stands with 8k others. You want to repeat those numbers, follow the Munthe plan. And you just made the G5 legal argument for them. Every team in every other NCAA division has the right and the chance to play for a title. The G5s are frozen out, which provides a woefully unfair competitive advantage to the P5. It limits the ability of a G5 program to change it's fate by being successful. It limits visibility and therefore limits the marketability of their programs to TV networks, which limits income, which further limits the ability to be competitive. Courts can't ignore such very compelling evidence. Or you can just be a whore to have access to the big boys a la the Rick Villarreal method. EDIT: Oh, and this case wil end up in SCOTUS. No doubt about that as the P5s will do anything to protect their pile. This is where the Ryan Munthe theory of "the courts are full of P5 judges" falls extremely flat. Of the 8 Supremes, 6 graduated from FCS institutions or lower for their undergrad. So if you believe the Munthe theory, the G5s have already won this lawsuit. Only 2 justices have undergrads from a P5 and both oddly enough from Stanford (Bryer and Kennedy). Both often side with the liberal wing. Coincidence? Hardly!!!!!!1!1!!
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    The only people I've seen making the "team cancer" comment after the 2012-2013 season have been doing so in jest.
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    Can we add kick returner to the list? Haven't looked over the stats but it seemed we under performed every game. Maybe I just miss chancellor lol
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    It means even more that they didn't publicize it. (At least in my book).
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    I'm actually kinda surprised that Liberty hasn't been trying to hire Art, given that they've already shown they don't mind taking a big bite out of that Baylor scandal crap sandwich by hiring McCaw.
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    We have a poster that has stated he has a very reliable source that says Ernie is bringing TB back next year so all this talk is moot.
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    To the average person even though we made it and played in a bowl game it's very very hard to sell the program to apathetic people on a 5-8 season. Yes everyone on this board knows of our strides etc but I don't consider members of the board the general public that we're trying to cater to b/c we're dug in diehards regardless of win or lose. As others have said we just need to keep on winning and having winning seasons of consistent 6-9 games a year and being in a bowl every single season to really see a dramatic increase. Having a few seasons where we flirt and get into the top 25 and if all goes well finish a season or two could really be monumental but hey before that I'd just like to see consistent winning seasons in not just FB but MBB as well and hopefully we fix that at seasons end if you know what I mean. The one thing that I think gets lost on a lot of this is every year I just see so much more pride and interest from the students. While I don't want to forget the old and apathetic alumni, my main focus has always been on the already engaged fans/ticket holders & maintaining them but also on the very recently graduated, current and future students. They are the future and I really think they are going to be the key when we're able to finally make it and turn that corner from a school pride/engagement perspective. For new alumni the tickets are more than reasonably priced and the fact that they don't have to drive to Denton anymore if they want to take the train if they so wish. Things like the North Texan magazine is also really great and I think that's another way that's kept alumni engaged in the goings on at UNT. Had a few buddies graduate from UT and during the graduation ceremonies they always say no matter where you are and where you go we will always know where you are and find you. We need to have that mentality as well because it's all there in front of us...just need to capitalize more and more. Also, as a whole the university has started doing a really good job in catering to alumni with the mixers, receptions etc so keep on doing that because the attendance and response has been quite good from what I've seen and heard based on initial expectations. Obviously we know we can do better and should but given the budget we have to work with compared to other schools I say it's a success thus far. As I've stated in other posts I think we should all really be optimistic in the future. I honestly haven't felt this way ever since being tied to UNT...all I've ever said, hoped, dreamed, and heard was potential and yes that is still the case but given what's happened in the last year or so it just feels a little bit different now. Lastly I think this board is very instrumental for new/potential fans and keeping them engaged throughout the whole year. I guess I joined this board about 10 years ago and to be honest I was pretty shocked to see something like this at first but I’ve been hooked ever since and I’ve never personally met Harry, Evan and the whole clan behind the board etc but I personally want to say thank you for doing what you do and what you’ve done to your bodies because it’s real to me dammit!!
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    I would then ask you who is going to win the superbowl this year and place my house on the line LOL
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    Art Briles is one of the top 5 coaches in college football. So regardless of what happened at Baylor, you know someone's going to be willing to look the other way/give him a second chance.
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    JJ would view this as a retirement gig. Don't need none of that mess.
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    Bad idea. The G5's need to continue to push for a 16 team playoff and work the bowls into it. Rick
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    We go to a G5 playoff, does that reduce a whole bunch of the 40 bowl games out there? I'm not inherently opposed to severing ties with the P5 altogether, but I think it should come with a refusal to play any further bodybag games. F'em.

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