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    Good to see the FCS game is before SMU.
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    ...and there are people that would cancel our series with Army tomorrow if they could. I wish we could keep a service academy on our schedule every year, even if it is the same one.
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    I've read Army as the rivalry for UNT. What do you think? I've always felt service academies were a good fit for ooc scheduling.
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    17-10 in the third. Great game. They aren't united. That's why there has been no law suit. Hell, just look at the article quoted in this thread. The P5 has used whore money to divide and conquer. Look no further than our last AD, who would have been opposed to this for the fear of losing that whore money he so openly coveted. How did that work out for him and UNT? The P5 is 100% together on ther goals. G5s need to learn from them. Solidify, file the lawsuit, and put the P5 on defense. For the first time in their existence. Also, having ADs and coaches who try to use G5s to hit the P5 jackpot is another reason. It's also another point of systematic competitive disadvantage for a law suit.
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    I don't think any G5 school would like this solution. But some are recognizing the futility of trying to compete against a stacked deck with ever rising costs and gigantic loses. This is not just limited to G5's, but there are also an expanding number of P5's that are being squeezed out. I suspect the G5's that would back this proposal are the ones that are running out of options to try to compete at the current FB division level. Instead of attacking the problem with what most is needed, a way to control costs and enhance competition; a retreat to a cheaper alignment is their solution. The NCAA is currently setup for the rich athletic programs and there are not many of them. While there are limits to the number of players and coaches, there is no maximum for salaries and overall budgets. Something that even the Pros try to manage to ensure some level of competitiveness. Out of the 128 fb football programs, my guess is that over an hundred of them would be for rules that increased competitiveness by cutting or limiting costs. These schools have the numbers but not the direction to achieve these goals. AD's obviously, are not going to be the drivers in this kind of change. It is going to have to come from the top.
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    I have watched middle school girls games with more offensive firepower than we have. Doesn't matter what Ernie wants, Benford is gone this year.
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    Agreed. Any recognizable out of conference is good in my opinion and Army has as good of a reputation as any unless you go midlevel P5.
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    Awkwardly holding a knife to catch the light for an insert shot is like #3 on most important rumble skills.
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    When do we get the full schedule? Inquiring minds what to start planning their tailgate menus. 09/02 - Lamar 09/09 - at SMU 09/16 - at Iowa 11/18 - Army
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    You've sucked me in. I'm about to turn the radio on.
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    8 fgs....8 turnovers....i love the consistency...
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    Many don't want to hear this but UTSA is becoming the rivalry.
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    At least our former players are doing good...
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    Two points scored, ten minutes into the game. How are we getting worse?
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    At least they hit a free throw...
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    We will have 4qbs next season! Then 3 the following. With the limited scholarships this year he I would not offer another Qb unless he is just lights out! GMG
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    maybe with the addition of UAB, this happens...damn shame we have all texas schools at home/road every year
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    P5 conference will be a dead term when the Big XII dies off by 2025. Then the G5s will get some additions. It's why I wanted in the MWC so badly--that league will always get a chance to play OOC games and have its champion play for a BCS bowl game, at the very least. Ditto for the AAC, which SMU blocks us from ever joining. Ill be the first to admit that I just don't see us ever getting admitted to the MWC or any other conference above us. They can get bigger and better names than UNT when the Big XII folds, both in Texas and outside of the state. We let ourselves fall to i-aa at the absolute wrong time in history, when it was basically decided to stay down there for 12 years, then move up to continue playing in a toilet bowl facility while scheduling every bodybag game we could get. That philosophy allowed us to have an AD for 15 years, who watched over a destruction of any potential move upward. Today, unlike 1982, we may get officially punted downward for good, and not of our choice or volition. Maybe a lawsuit works and the have-nots get to stay included as bodybag opponents for the power conference giants--but I know that the media, major conferences, and the NCAA don't want that to occur. As always, follow that money trail to where things end up--and this one won't end up as us being peers in any way, shape, or form, with Texas, OU, Arkansas, A&M, etc...
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    Agreed. How I'd love to see a series with Navy or Air Force also. The service academies really are almost at a disadvantage with recruiting because they of the academic requirements and the service commitment after graduation (5 years min). Your typical very good HS player would likely look at another program first. That's why it's such a testament to Army and Navy when they have a great year. Talked to a couple of Army fans at HOD game. They said Army really likes the series with us because Texas is hotbed of recruiting talent. Since Navy has SMU in the conference, I don't thnk they're going to be as inclined to make additional trips to Texas. Fingers crossed for AF in the future sometime.
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    MGB: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2017/01/chalk-talk-unt-at-old-dominion-3.html/
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    And as usual, guns are immediately the scapegoat in the article. Have to address the factors causing folks to want to harm others. But it doesn't fit the narrative, of course.
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    First, a whore game is where a G5 is paid $1 million to got to a P5 stadium. OU traveled to Houston for a Cougar home game. That isn't a whore game. Not even close. Still waiting for Baker to fix this terrible schedule. So far he has failed to accomplish that goal. Other G5s get home games with P5s. Your former boss wanted the whore money and stated so openly. Hopefully that has changed, although there is no evidence of it yet. W. Michigan is 2-0 against the Big 10 this year and look to go 3-0 against Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl. Again, you just want to give up and become a lower level team just to have a meaningless trophy to pkay for and refuse to acknowledge the loss in donations, TV money, attendance, and alumni interest in the program if UNT went this route. UNT tried it once. I was there in 1989 when UNT was ranked #1 in FCS and couldn't get 10k in the stadium for a game. No one cared about a lower tier team. Do this and also watch enrollment flatline or decrease. I'm sure @FirefightnRick would also echo this frustration, as he was there at the same time. @Harry should also know better than to open this can of worms, as he sat in those stands with 8k others. You want to repeat those numbers, follow the Munthe plan. And you just made the G5 legal argument for them. Every team in every other NCAA division has the right and the chance to play for a title. The G5s are frozen out, which provides a woefully unfair competitive advantage to the P5. It limits the ability of a G5 program to change it's fate by being successful. It limits visibility and therefore limits the marketability of their programs to TV networks, which limits income, which further limits the ability to be competitive. Courts can't ignore such very compelling evidence. Or you can just be a whore to have access to the big boys a la the Rick Villarreal method. EDIT: Oh, and this case wil end up in SCOTUS. No doubt about that as the P5s will do anything to protect their pile. This is where the Ryan Munthe theory of "the courts are full of P5 judges" falls extremely flat. Of the 8 Supremes, 6 graduated from FCS institutions or lower for their undergrad. So if you believe the Munthe theory, the G5s have already won this lawsuit. Only 2 justices have undergrads from a P5 and both oddly enough from Stanford (Bryer and Kennedy). Both often side with the liberal wing. Coincidence? Hardly!!!!!!1!1!!
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    True, but wonder if the staff would try picking him up if he did come through with grades.
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    The only people I've seen making the "team cancer" comment after the 2012-2013 season have been doing so in jest.
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    If he spends the year here on his own dime and succeeds in the classroom I will be very impressed with him. If he does walk on next year and has any kind of success then that will be a great story for BTG next year.
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    Those highly rated players that transferred here weren't playing at their schools. Guyton had offers from multiple schools including WVU yet he chose UNT. McNeal has Nevada and UCLA. We will see how they turn out.
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    I think if it's Texas based (I'm biased because I root for both teams), it would be UNT/UTSA. Why? I expect UTSA to get better each year as Wilson recruits better talent. Rice has really struggled in recruiting the last several years and this year the same. Texas State will always be out recruited and out coached. UTEP doesn't have the recruiting base or coaching to build anything. They have been fortunate to have an NFL RB. Now that he is gone, their struggles will become even more evident on the field. SMU, I know their stock is going up, but, I need to see something from them first. Houston. Maybe later. I wouldn't read too much into the Josiah thing. As you said, RR fan is more reactionary to MG fan than passionate. Take my word, there is a near hate for Tech. They honestly play dirty and run up the score.
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    I love all the service academies, but for a rivalry game with UNT I'd prefer a Texas based team. Got any ideas?
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    I expect it to as the players realize the end is near for the coach. Rick
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    Looking more like 2-1 with Wisconsin up 14-0 in mid-second quarter. But, W. Mich on the move...finally. Fingers crossed for this David!
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    Problem is a class action anti-trust suit can award damages. For the past, what, 15 years? Lawsuits are about risk/reward. The G5 has very little risk and a huge reward. The P5 has a huge risk with a moderate to low reward. The P5 and especially the NCAA has a HUGE incentive to settle the lawsuit. That's pressure. The P5 leaving the NCAA and going out on their own is huge pressure on the NCAA not to lose their cash cows. Having to admit they are a semi pro league and open up an unregulated pay scale for college players is a huge risk for the P5s. Please, tell me the risk for the G5s. Because I don't see any.
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    I see at least three winnable games!
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    What if you had a championship game between the MAC and C-USA and then a separate one between AAC and the MWC? I am starting to understand the argument on the lower, lower tier teams like a ULM. Our goal should be the AAC or MWC.
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    I absolutely agree with a class action lawsuit. Tulane nearly had it rolling with their legal threat a decade ago. That needs to be explored again. As for our FCS days, 88' was when we were ranked #1 nationally for 6 to 8 weeks mostly because we had beaten Tech and embarrassed Texas early in the season. Once we lost the eventual conference championship to SFA on our homecoming we couldn't draw flies. Our enrollment has doubled since those days and we have now played on the bigger stage and our fan and donor base expects that, plus the administration has made the most significant investment in the program than at any other time in our history. A G5 playoff would kill all of that. Rick
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    Bowl officials and sports TV execs say, "Go ( to the bank) Mean Green." GO MEAN GREEN
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    This is our first glimpse into the Littrell regime. I can't wait to see the mix of JUCO and h.s. kids that come in. It will tell us a lot about how he believes a team is built and where the program is.
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    I imagine The WB already has a coach in mind. Looking forward to seeing who it is. Rick
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    Ya, like nobody has ever done that before. Everything I have seen out of the kid seems pretty positive. He seems to have kept working when it would have been easy to quit. Not a common trait in today's video game hit the reset button when you aren't winning youth.
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    I think the only way Raveon plays is by paying his own way. He had his ship and let it get away.
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    Glad Carlos Henderson is gone, but against us this year it looked like he still has some growing up to do.
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    Indeed it was! W. Mich only lost by eight. 2-1 against the Big Ten. Not bad for that David. Good on you W. Mich. ?
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    Glad to see you guys got to spend New Year's doing what you love the most. It's important to set the tone for what you want 2017 to be.
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    This is an Army team that hadn't been to a bowl in, what, 13 years? They don't have a better rep than Ok St or Texas Tech. You guys been smoking weed. Its an ok series... If UNT ever played a P5 at home... They don't.
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