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    They also had 1 World Championship during that time. 'Murica
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    South Bama gets 1.5 mil NOT to play and we get 1 mil to travel to Florida. This proves my point. Big programs have all the money they need when they need it. If we continue to play "pay check" games, we need to raise the rent.
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    Silver, I left NT in 1950 to go in the service and returned the spring semester of '55. I was fortunate enough, however, to be home on leave in September of 1952 to witness the first game ever played at Fouts. I think that Richard Harvey may have been the quarterback then but the game was such a rout that it's hard to remember any specific player other than Tommy Gray and Dean Renfro. To me, the best quarterback that few ever heard of was the late Vernon Cole. He was actually a pretty decent passer but in his time it was give the ball to Abner (Haynes). He did go the Canada after graduation and start for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for several years. The most maligned quarterback that I can think of is Jason Mills. I thought that he was actually a pretty decent quarterback but he had the misfortune of following Mitch Maher. I still think that the most exciting North Texas game that I witnessed was Mills TD throw to McGrew in the closing seconds against Utah State.
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    We have official tailgates that are really nice at each away game now. It is not like the "old days". If we want such programs to continue, our fans must support them with their attendance. The Rice tailgate is a perfect example...free food and very nice...band playing...cash bar. About 200 attended which was great. Several players parents and UNT folks in attendance. I encourage people to attend these tailgates..they cost a good bit to set up and everything is done for you. No set up...no clean up.. just fun. And, the opposing fans get to see that the Mean Green Nation is there in support of its team. I am not saying...don't do your own thing, but rather Why? Why, when this is set up for you to make it less trouble to tailgate with Mean Green fans, players parents and UNT officials? If you do decide to tailgate on your own at away games, PLEASE PLEASE save time to come by the official UNT Alumni Assoc/Advancement tailgate for more than just a moment or two at the end. These events cannot be maintained without support from our fans, alums, parents, etc.. The more that attend the bigger and better they will become. Again, set up your own tailgate,fine but set it up and shut it down in time to spend some decent time at the Alumni/Advancement UNT Official Tailgate. Thanks for listening. ?
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    I was looking at the ARMY schedule just now and noticed they are independent. Would ARMY make a good conference mate in CUSA ? And if so, would they join if offered ? NAVY is in the American Airlines Conference and AIR FORCE is in the Mountain West. It seems odd that only one of the military academies is not in a conference. I'm told they draw well. We could use the visitor boost every other year.
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    And, in typical MUTS style, they get an extra point blocked and lose at home 44-43 Now one hour until Rice/nUTSAck
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    Without Isadore, Shanbourn (sr), O'hara (sr), and Cason (soph) would back up Fine with with another freshman arriving in the fall. It takes all the pressure off the incoming freshman and gives Littrell 2 viable QBs for the next 3 years. So what does it tell us? It tells us that Littrell wants to be able to sleep soundly at night rather than pace the floor.
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    MGB: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2016/10/devlin-isadore-to-unt-what-it-means.html/
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    I asked a West Point graduate why Navy and Air Force are able to field competitive teams while Army has not. His answer was that our protracted wars in the middle east has deterred some athletics who otherwise might attend. Personally, I had never considered that.
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    This is a huge part of what I love about this forum. We're separated by generations, but united by the green and white. ?"But North Texas, North Texas we love."?
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    100 votes to you sir if they were mine to give.
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    One reason Army did so well during WWII was because their players stayed for four years. Many colleges lost players through the draft and enlisting in the service.
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    Thank you for that. I feel a bit closer to the university and saddened at the loss of someone so young with such promise, even so long ago. What a brilliantly penned letter illustrating amazing respect for what seemed to be an incredible person. By the end of it i almost felt as though I knew the man myself.
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    Don't care where they are located. Having ARMY would be great IMO.
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    UAB football will return next season - 2017. They have already completed their non-conference schedule. UAB will open the 2017 season at home on Sept. 2 against the Alabama A&M Bulldogs of the FCS. On September 9, the UAB Blazers will hit the road to take on the Ball State Cardinals. UAB returns home on September 16 to host the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers; CCU will be playing the 2017 season as a new member of the Sun Belt Conference. UAB’s final non-conference game of the 2017 season is a trip to face the Florida Gators on Nov. 18.
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    (My best Joe Pesci voice) OK OK OK You know those guys that go to a game wearing a shirt or jersey of a team that's NOT playing that night ? Well, I've decided to do something about it. My store, Denton Bicycle Center, is doing a promotion this basketball season called, "Take the shirt off your back." Here's how it works. One of the promotions people finds a guy wearing a UT shirt while we're playing Rice or somebody. Another promotions person goes up into the stands and makes contact with this UT person. The guy on the floor says, It's time for "Take the Shirt off your back" presented by Denton Bicycle Center." "Hey Mary. Where are you ?" Mary says, "I'm up here with Bob. Hey Bob, is that a University of Texas shirt you're wearing ?" Bob says, "Yes." Mary to the crowd, "Hey everybody. Has anyone here ever heard of the University of Texas ?" The crowd says, "NOOOOO." Mary to crowd, "Would you like Bob to wear a North Texas Mean Green shirt ?" Crowd, "YESSSSSS." (Hopefully Bob puts on the free NT shirt and doesn't come looking for me) Mary to Bob, "Thanks Bob for taking the shirt off your back brought to you by your friends at Denton Bicycle Center." You got it ? I need your help with "NO" and with "YES". GO MEAN GREEN
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    Lafayette is an FCS school. UL-Lafayette is that school that thinks they're the University of Louisville.
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    I was watching the MTSU/WKU score. WKU wins by 1 point in double overtime. Wish I could've watched it.
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    And this MUTS/WKU game is about to go to double OT
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    Rice isn't going to win. 128th ranked defense proves that they have not hit bottom yet. Starting running back is hurt and school officials are saying UTSA may out attend them based on ticket sales.
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    I have all of them. Boom, jailbroken firestick! If it's streamed, I got it
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    http://www.lsufootball.net/tvschedule.htm Someone had posted this site earlier
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    I feel we need to pump the breaks a bit here. If an injury subtracts a 5-10 freshman from that room, we honestly have no clue if that QB room is much better than last season. I also feel like thee jury is still out on the new coaches and their evaluations. It looks like they hit on Mason Fine. It looks like Alec Morris was at least somewhat below expectations and Devin O'hara appears to be a complete miss. Let's call that 1-1-1. Taking an athletic Juco QB that already had no FBS offers right after he tears his ACL... lets say -whn it comes to this particular schollie, I will be in a slightly skeptical 'wait and see' mode and not in 'this staff sure knows mode'. I understand we need competition and a good backup for MF, but you never quite know how people come back from ACL tears. And what if a good QB comes open late. And will it be disuasive to potential freshman QBs hoping to play early?
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    Army plays for tradition and the hope that one day they can beat Navy again. If you happen to know any of their alumni they would take a one win season if they could just break the strangle hold that Navy has going. Playing service academies is great for our team. I doubt that Army will join our conference but I would welcome the opportunity should it arise. Not sure we want Navy though. The 2007 game vs Navy still hurts!
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    I'd be happy to be in conference with any of the service academies
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    Texas v Iowa State will be on my docket because it will dramatically impact the quality of my sports radio content here in Austin for the next week.
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    from the cavalcade of whimsy: There aren’t going to be enough bowl eligible teams again, and if there are, it’s going to be really, really close. That means it’ll be up to the Academic Progress Rate again to determine which five-win teams are worthy of a post-season exhibition. Last year, Nebraska (vs. UCLA), San Jose State (vs. Georgia State) and Minnesota (vs. Central Michigan) all stepped up and won their respective bowl games. This year, here’s the Cavalcade Top Ten Ranking of Teams With 5-7 Potential That Might Care About Their APR. 1. Duke, APR: 995 2. Northwestern, 992 3. Georgia Tech, 987 4. North Texas, 984 5. UCF, 983 6. Indiana, 979 7. Utah State, 978 8. Missouri, 978 9. Maryland, 977 10. Notre Dame, 975 not sure if we will need this ranking, but it's good to have it in our back pocket http://collegefootballnews.com/2016/cavalcade-of-whimsy-trevor-knight-heisman-locker-room-talk-lsu-florida
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    Ancient history and nitpicking, but the scholarships lost under Dodge were due to underperforming during the previous coaching regime. Dodge actually did a good job bringing APR up, and Mac did better. And I think we can give RV credit for hiring and retaining her.
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    First time I'm trying this, so hopefully it works. Denton_Record_Chronicle_Sun__Sep_12__1971_.pdf
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    I think the service academies struggle with the idea of being in a conference because, unlike most schools, putting together a good schedule is not as difficult for them. They are very much desired as an opponent. With that said if they are not in a conference what championships can they aspire to win? Its not like they have a shot at the NC.
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    What? No P5 home games? Fire the AD! </sarcasm>
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    Well, since basketball is a winter sport, I was thinking the t-shirt could be pulled over the existing shirt. However, you bring up an interesting point and maybe a way to increase attendance at basketball games.
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    Also beginning in 2017, UAB will play in the C-USA West Division with Louisiana Tech, North Texas, Rice, Southern Miss, UTEP, and UTSA.
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    So, this indoor practice facility vs a baseball stadium question has me thinking...I know that's a problem right there! But, since there has been that issue of continued operational funds for baseball and the possible need to add one or two women's sports to add baseball, I wonder if the thinking is now along the lints of....well, an indoor multi-purpose facility could really help football move to a much more competitive position, thus brining in new season and individual ticket sales, more concession sales, more Mean Green Club memberships and more donors and funds overall to help all sports... male and female. Then, bring our other two revenue sports to very competitive positions and revenue stream would increase to level to be able to sustain baseball long term and see that it can compete at the highest levels. Stadium funding for baseball is not really the challenge. It is sustainability of the program, So, could this strategy be just what we need to be able to add baseball and do it right when we do? Just wondering...thoughts?
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    Guys... our QB room already has no resemblance to what was here just last year... it is only going to get better now! i am so glad we have coaches that can go out and get a guy. It is a refreshing change of pace.
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    Glad to know "the wren" was responsible for the last 4 years of academic scores
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    nice pickup as long as he can get healthy for the spring and that it is not a complete ACL tear
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    This recruiting site seems to think so
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    Does that mean our guys are 5 points smarter than the Hoosiers and 9 points better than Notre Dame ?
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    Gosh, if only our former AD had been approached by SMU about this very thing and turned them down...oh wait...
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    Thanks, Its been a long rode, a lot of hard work, and some heartbreak, but I am glad he is in Denton with UNT. I agree, DB's are having trouble getting physical with him. He tells me all the time, that he loves when DB's try that because he is stronger than they are so he dispatches them and gets into his routes. If he can make a few more big plays, it will open up the offense for others.
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    No Cotton ever unless it's a bowl game.
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    Where the Willis Library now sits. In fact, the service road that runs around the NW side of the Library used to be part of the track that went around "Eagle Field".

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