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    How much would it cost the university to put in a giant flag pole and have it on the Apogee grounds and fly that big-ass NT flag for all on I-35 to see. We don't have a tower or any other landmark that can be seen from a mile away, so why not? GO MEAN GREEN!
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    MGB: UNT moving forward with project that was a key part of consultants' report on state of the athletic program http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2016/10/unt-has-request-for-proposal-out-for-indoor-practice-facility.html/
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    Here is the non Twitter link : https://bsc.untsystem.edu/sites/default/files/RFQ75217193113ERUNTDentonAthleticMasterPlan.pdf
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    I have a better idea, how about the band wears uniforms instead of khakis and t-shirts?
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    Oh, God. Please. Enough with the pink.
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    Like the cheerleaders and their panties of awareness last week?
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    The least of the athletic department's worries at this time.
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    Same spot. I live. That is all.
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    I say just put a dome over Apogee, with retractable roof of course.
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    I don't recall our coaches saying that either. Beat Marshall GMG
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    Just drove by the Applebees in Denton (I35-E and Teasley) and they were proudly flying the North Texas flag on top of the building. Nice to see the green and white displayed from such a prominent intersection considering all the red and white flags that will by passing through Denton this weekend!
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    The more and more I see of these stories the first thing that comes to mind is the slogan "Why not North Texas". This becomes less of just something we have always heard and more of this is going to happen.
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    Basically asking companies to submit a proposal that meets the specifications required
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    That's actually a marker as to where the Dallas County jail is.
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    Greatness! Who wants to summarize the 100 page pdf?
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    We need the battle flag on the backs of our helmets. I just dug through photos from 2001-2011, and we added Stars and Stripe to the back of our helmets in 2010 and they've been there since. But I think we should put the Battle Flag back there instead. We need a personalized touch back there, like a bunch of others do. UT has a burnt orange outline of Texas with a star where Austin is: Baylor has a Texas outline too but with the BU in there: Miami ripped off Texas: Ole Miss gone and done the same thing too: WVU make their state shape solid, just like their breakfast biscuits: Michigan State has an outline of wherever the hell they're from and it even has a little hat: South Carolina has the state flag and Ol Glory back there: We just need a small touch. Just the Battle Flag, no Texas outline or anything. We also don't need to go full Simple Jack like Tech did... Though bonus points for that dude for going full Dead Presidents face under there.
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    It will happen when we have an o-line that can do its job.
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    Inquiring minds would like to know more about this....
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    We should put one on each side of the pedestrian bridge.
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    I intend to have a chit chat with Wren soon regarding the battle flag.
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    Not concerned with next year. Because NT has been so bad so long, there is a tenacity to always look ahead to better things. Focus on what going on right now, relish the small steps forward; without those the future is not going to be any better.
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    This is in contrast to that old strip mall near the Horny Toad Cafe (35 and north 288) that's flying two huge UT and OU flags at this moment. I think they at least flew some UNT flags around the time we went to the bowl, but considering it's only 2 miles away from Apogee, why don't they fly UNT colors more regularly?
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    Offense continues to make improvements...defense has their biggest showing of the season. UNT 24 Marshall 10 I'm not impressed by Marshall and their secondary is one of the worst in football.
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    Ha...he came straight to gmg.com after the loss to check in with us to see if it was ok to cry about it. Funny. Rick
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    I can't believe people aren't blowing this thread up. This is really really big news! In the years I have been following unt it seems unt has been more proactive in these past few months then in the last 4 years.
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    I received an answer from Wren Baker on the flag pole idea. Here's his response... "Thanks for the note. This same topic came up recently in one of our meetings. I think it is an idea with great potential and we will look into it. I appreciate you taking the time to email. Go Mean Green." Wren A giant green flag with the SOW on it would look awesome. Add flood lights at night and it really makes a statement. GO MEAN GREEN!
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    We are finally acting like we belong
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    So what exactly is a request for proposal? I believe this would really help bring recruits in! I'm for it!
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    I guess no one told UTSA about the number of players on scholarship or that they have a new coach and it takes 3 years to rebuild.
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    Let me say that the recent segment on Coach Ekeler and Coach Reffett was one of the best I've seen. I really like how it brought out the dichotomy in their personalities and what each brings to the table coaching-wise. Well done, @BeyondTheGreen!
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    My original post turned into another topic, so I wanted to hear your feedback on this. Can we/should we move the band down another section or two towards the endzone? It breaks up the student section a bit, and with the band going down to the field before the game and at halftime, it takes some of the student/crowd energy away. Plus on TV games when they show the crowd during those times it's a big hole. I know the good part of having them there is the large crowd in that section even when the students don't show. Are we not there yet? If we could consistently get more students there would it be time to move them? Or will they always be in that spot even if we were selling out games every week?
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    I also notice how lots of stadiums have visitor sections far away from having an opportunity to connect with their team. E.g. at Kansas State the visiting team comes onto the field in one end zone and the fans are sitting in the opposite end zone. I remember feeling so far from our boys in Manhattan. Perhaps we could seat the opposing fans in the northeast corner of the stadium instead...not that our opponents bring many fans but it still gives them something to tether to when they come out of the locker room and they're immediately seeing family and friends.
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    You must not have been there Saturday.
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    I think logistically it would be better to have them next to the visitor section. And they can drown out the cheers from the visiting team's fan too.
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    Question: if Brice English is as advertised and we develop hambone and some others as well as reel in another juco or two for a LB or d line spot, is there any reason to believe a really dominant defense couldn't alone get us to bowl eligibility next year? Obviously they can't just play full games but if we do get these the easier side of c-usa next year, would a really dominant defense be enough?
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    DRC: The Mean Green have given up 21 sacks heading into game against Marshall http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/sports-headlines/20161006-unt-o-line-still-adjusting.ece
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    Marshall is not as good as MTSU, but I am not sure our offense will be improved enough. Still struggling on the OL. Would also like to see some variety/creativity from our OC, specifically the backfield. Get Willie moving around and touching the ball more. Also, is Jeffrey's ankle feeling better? I know his performance last week was limited a great deal by the MTSU defense, but he didn't look as explosive.
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    I think "CUSA Powers" is an oxymoron, no?
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    I'm sure it does, whatever that means these days, but that's not the point. Actually, I'm not even sure what this new crop of SJWs are attempting to accomplish, but that's not the point either. What if a group of band members or athletes or cheerleaders decided to protest for something deemed to be politically incorrect? Would the University support that too? Does the protest have to pass some sort of litmus test and be deemed "good" or will all protests regardless of their message be allowed? Let's say for argument's sake that a group of neo-Nazi students in their capacity as representatives of the University (wearing uniforms provided by the University, for example) wanted to protest for whatever their cause may be. OK or not OK?
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    We've all had someone we love go through breast cancer. It has nothing to do with what I think of using the color pink on an athletic uniform.
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    We were small and slow when Mac came in. Our strength and conditioning coach was second to none. Ironically we ended up where we began.
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    Agree. It is good and I wonder if it is because they are new to the job, and do not have the cynicism that comes with 30 years of head coaching or the shine of the first season. If I remember by history, Mac was a lot more positive his first year than the latter ones right?
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