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    MGB: UNT moving forward with project that was a key part of consultants' report on state of the athletic program http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2016/10/unt-has-request-for-proposal-out-for-indoor-practice-facility.html/
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    Here is the non Twitter link : https://bsc.untsystem.edu/sites/default/files/RFQ75217193113ERUNTDentonAthleticMasterPlan.pdf
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    I say just put a dome over Apogee, with retractable roof of course.
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    I don't recall our coaches saying that either. Beat Marshall GMG
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    The more and more I see of these stories the first thing that comes to mind is the slogan "Why not North Texas". This becomes less of just something we have always heard and more of this is going to happen.
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    Basically asking companies to submit a proposal that meets the specifications required
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    That's actually a marker as to where the Dallas County jail is.
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    Greatness! Who wants to summarize the 100 page pdf?
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    We need the battle flag on the backs of our helmets. I just dug through photos from 2001-2011, and we added Stars and Stripe to the back of our helmets in 2010 and they've been there since. But I think we should put the Battle Flag back there instead. We need a personalized touch back there, like a bunch of others do. UT has a burnt orange outline of Texas with a star where Austin is: Baylor has a Texas outline too but with the BU in there: Miami ripped off Texas: Ole Miss gone and done the same thing too: WVU make their state shape solid, just like their breakfast biscuits: Michigan State has an outline of wherever the hell they're from and it even has a little hat: South Carolina has the state flag and Ol Glory back there: We just need a small touch. Just the Battle Flag, no Texas outline or anything. We also don't need to go full Simple Jack like Tech did... Though bonus points for that dude for going full Dead Presidents face under there.
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    Ha...he came straight to gmg.com after the loss to check in with us to see if it was ok to cry about it. Funny. Rick
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    I can't believe people aren't blowing this thread up. This is really really big news! In the years I have been following unt it seems unt has been more proactive in these past few months then in the last 4 years.
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    I received an answer from Wren Baker on the flag pole idea. Here's his response... "Thanks for the note. This same topic came up recently in one of our meetings. I think it is an idea with great potential and we will look into it. I appreciate you taking the time to email. Go Mean Green." Wren A giant green flag with the SOW on it would look awesome. Add flood lights at night and it really makes a statement. GO MEAN GREEN!
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    We are finally acting like we belong
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    So what exactly is a request for proposal? I believe this would really help bring recruits in! I'm for it!
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    I guess no one told UTSA about the number of players on scholarship or that they have a new coach and it takes 3 years to rebuild.
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    Let me say that the recent segment on Coach Ekeler and Coach Reffett was one of the best I've seen. I really like how it brought out the dichotomy in their personalities and what each brings to the table coaching-wise. Well done, @BeyondTheGreen!
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    http://www.hudl.com/athlete/5326609/emmet-perry He's listed at 6'3 180 lbs. I believe he's having a breakout senior season, although admittedly I don't have the time to keep up with a ton of other HS programs right now.
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    When I want your input, I'll write down what you need to say and spell it out phonetically so you can sound remotely intelligent.
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    People want to support a winner, or a least a perceived one. Fan bases are build on the foundation of winning.
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    I would be shocked if RFP's are being sent out without funding in place.
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    Can't wait to see an architectural rendering of the MGIPF! With other campus groups going to use it I wonder how much the state will fund? $25 million? The Houston Astrodome was built for that price.?
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    That and one of the battle flags.
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    That's exactly what I was thinking. Anyone doubt that UTSA recruits better than us? And I'm not talking about Littrell and his staff. Talking to you Dan McCarney!!!
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    I like this idea. Are there any nearby lights to connect power wires to?
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    ^^ And why isn't the pedestrian bridge painted green? Or at least have green lights installed. Should be a part of the A Green Light to Success campaign and a "green gateway" to DFW area.
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    First step to an indoor facility baby!!! Greatness.. GMG
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    C-USA has been unpredictable this year. Throw records out the window, it's all about who shows up to play.
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    I say Mason Fine tunes the offense allowing defense more breaks! NT--28 Herd--14
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    I think our defense will come out motivated just like last week, and our offense will move the ball better to keep from wearing out the defense. We are not going 1-5 at home! Motha F***in' Eagles 38 Cattle Herd 27
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    But wait, when I suggested this last year, RV said an IPF was far down the list and wasn't needed at this time.
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    2017, Jackson Anuszkiewicz, QB, Midland High School. Listed at 6' 0" and 180 lbs. I have not seen him play live, but he is having a great year and has led Midland to a 6-1 record having their only loss to Desoto by 5 or 6 points. Last night he was 16-23 for 375 yards, 6 TD's, 1 int. and 1 TD rushing against Odessa Permian. http://www.hudl.com/video/3/3331418/57e80b0df61708a4e86ac95b His top receiver is Lane Mannix who had 6 receptions for 177 yards and 3 TD's (44 yards, 57 yards, and 49 yards)
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    Stepping up our game! I hope this happens! Where would we put it? Where the current practice fields are?
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    I won't get to watch it anywhere in any way. However, I will be attending a much more heated contest on the hollowed grounds of an 8 year old girls volleyball court. Maybe the second half though...
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    DirectTV is carrying it up in the regional cable feeds area. Specifically, 640-1, 665-1, and 696-1.
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    And we could use those big ass fans to keep the flag waving.
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    The camera adds 10, and the cameras i was holding weighed about 15 so that's at least 25. Add the beard and BAM, I look like shit.
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    Your directions aren't wrong, but I think if you really want to isolate the visitor's fans, have them sit in the southwest corner, opposite of the current visitor's section. Never mind that it isn't the "visitors side" - it's as far away from their team as possible. Unless you want to create a hostile situation for the visitor's fans - then the northeast corner might do the trick.
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    Has RV landed at some P5 that we don't know about?
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    Care to elaborate why that's a bad idea?
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    his team getting beat pretty handily by the Annapolis Yacht Club.
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    Do you think Seth and Wren new this was coming before they accepted their positions? I bet Wren new! GMG
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    Thank you for the laugh.
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    I'd be willing to bet that if they asked the Green Brigade to move to the end zone, they'd feel insulted, get the NT daily on their side, and just stop going to games.
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    I'd rather have a shootout and barely lose to a good Navy team (our 2nd loss in 2 years) than give up 66 to FCS Portland State. Now let's watch and see UNT lose to the likes of Marshall.

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