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    can one really stalk an omnipresent entity? find me a thread you haven't posted in.
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    Honestly, I think it's laziness on behalf of the national sports writers to predict UNT will be 1-11 again. They aren't taking into account several factors from last season that those of us who follow the program know. For one, during our big embarrassing FCS loss, it appears our players had literally quit on Dan McCarney. You can disagree with me, but the more I watch it the more it appears players were intentionally missing tackles among other things. Another factor last season was that we only had 5 home games last season and no freaking bye. That's a tough schedule even for a good team. The biggest for me is that this team really appears to have bought into SL and the new coaching staff. They are young and bring a lot of energy. There's normally a boost anytime there's a new staff, hell even McCarney took a team that looked like they would have won 1 game until Chico stepped in and brought them to 1 game shy of a bowl game his first season. New system or not, I don't think just having a new coach and losing some non-contributors (aside from a couple players) is going to result in the same record as a season with all the factors mentioned above in play. I think people are really underestimating how bad the coaching and QB play was last year. Both of those are now extremely improved.
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    What last year's team did on homecoming was tantamount to mutiny. Everyone associated with this team needs to prove to the fan base that they are worthy of our support. I know that sounds harsh, but the players should expect that. They took drastic measures (the homecoming beat down). Now they need to earn our trust and respect. I bleed Green, but I don't have time for quitters. I hope Coach Littrell has the team ready to play 4 quarters. If he can do that then we will be competitive. We aren't a demanding fan base. Play hard, display sportsmanship, and we will cheer for 4 quarters. Win or lose. Go Mean Green, Beat SMU!!! See you all in the stands!
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    Nah. It's the direction TV is going. Tbh, UNT should be streaming every game. Apogee has the capabilities. To make it sweeter for UNT, make access to a streaming option on MG Sports a part of the MGC. Win-win.
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    Do you not understand the purpose of Internet message boards?
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    After listening to the podcast, I got psyched for the hope of Beyond the Green returning and wanted to watch some of the old episodes. Immediately, I wanted the Sarge McCoy to be the first one I watched. It got me thinking - does anyone know what he is doing these days? Wouldn't it be great to have that guy around these young guys in some capacity? I have to wonder what last season would have been like if he was still around. I think he's an exceptional guy.
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    Our family would like to announce our extreme pride in our son, Todd Eaglin's new journey. He has just been accepted into Grad School at the University of Alabama. He will also be joining basketball coach, Avery Johnson's staff as a Graduate basketball assistant. We would like to thank UNT and the UNT coaching staff for their work in assisting in this next chapter. Our family is extremely thankful to UNT, so much so that our other son was accepted into UNT this fall and will graduate from UNT also.
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    That would be me. First, let's thank the Oreos for opening a can of whupass on the ASStros. Then, the lowly Angles came through again for us by sopping up the Marinaras. Seven games up on the Marinaras, 10 1/2 up on the ASStros...life is good for us Ranger fans. Now if I could ward off the mini-strokes with a Shiner...hey, it is lunchtime. Then later today, we suit up in Tampa for the first of three with the... RAYS.
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    Maybe his JUCO should have sent the tutors to the gym?
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    Man...I feel cheated, I know it was an off day for the 'Gers, but I need my summary of the Houston and Seattle losses done in character by people suffering small strokes.
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    I just went back and watched the highlights posted by Portland State. Man, I think you're right. I mean, maybe MiniMac was trying, but who gives a shit?
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    i'm all for streaming. Occasionally it is fun to gather at a place and have it on. We are a ways away from your average sports bar being able to navigate streaming. Lord knows they have enough trouble with their directv.
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    Listen, I am not glorifying a 24-0 loss to anyone. I thought the team played hard in that game given our inept ability on offense last year. I want to see a team that hits people in the mouth and plays hard every snap. Give me that and I can live with the results.
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    I laughed, but we can't forget our own history and traditions this weekend.
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    I think you're underestimating the importance of the OU vs Houston game. IMO, there's more interest in that game than UCLA vs A&M.
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    Bethune-Cookman can turn it up a notch. Wished they were coming to Denton. They put on a hell of a great show. Mr. Ice Cream And one of their most famous stand performances....Hey. Rick
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    ...and their #1 game has only one Texas team.
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    @Harry can you pass this on to @Brett Vito, please. Hi Brett. GO MEAN GREEN!
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    props to him for working hard to stay in football shape. hoping that he worked hard enough to qualify academically
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    Yes officer. I park outside his house everyday for 3-4 hours and he won't quit looking at me sometimes. Is there nothing that can be done about the stalking???
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    @meangreenacct you sir are funny
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    Nothing to "brace" for Chris. After all, I'm sure the band (part of one of the most respected music schools in the nation) is busy working on their killer-crowd-pumping entrance for this season. You know, something like this?..... Or even something a bit more subdued like this.... After all, we are the best school of music in Texas, and I'm JUST SURE they are going to get busy with an entrance/show that is putting their (and the University's) best foot forward. And living up to their motto...The Show Window of University Spirit and Pride. I'm just sure of it!
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    It could be argued that behavior is a Pavlovian response...
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    Why the language? Did I offend you personally? I met the kid several times. Nice dude. I'm sorry you felt attacked.
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    is it your contention that governments and their health care arms would prevent world-wide disease cure in the name of profits and/or societal control?
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    BIG 12 ACC SEC Not sure what your complaint is about but every conference that is affiliated with ESPN has games broadcasted on ESPN3. You can either continue to Bitch and Moan about everything or wake up to the fact that you live in the 21st CENTURY and games streamed over the internet is the future.
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    He got a few bonus points for not putting his shirt on inside out and backwards most of the time.
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    One thing I believe can be said: we won't be changing our game times to 11 am on an early September Saturday or playing on a Halloween Tuesday to accommodate ESPN3. GMG
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    I have waaaaay more faith in Littrell than I ever did in Dodge (which was constantly zero), but the latter proudly proclaimed that his "system" was going to shock the world, starting with a road game at Oklahoma. I'll wait for results.
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    I don't believe this was put out by the AD. 'unofficial'
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    ^^ No one cares about UCLA around here unless they're beating Texas. Houston has to demonstrate why it deserves a Big 12 spot, and send a metaphorical message to OU about wanting to keep them out (whatever that rumor was that I don't care about).
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    We held Tennessee to 10 points under their season average. Their fans, other than a Florida loss, was about as frustrating as I have seen them after our game. Our offense put our team in so many disadvantageous situations last year it was unreal. Field position, turnovers, no pressure put on opposing offenses, etc. etc.
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    I've seen enough post-RV rants from him to figure out it wasn't RV: he'll always find something to complain about, and somehow equate that to him having high standards and the rest of us with lesser standards. He sits right on the edge of what the mods can handle, getting away with subtle (and not-so subtle) insults and rising just enough emotion out of others to get responses. This means he is impossible to block, because his content (27K+ posts!) is re-quoted everywhere else. IMO far and away the highest level of troll this board has seen and will ever see. Are the mods okay with another 10-15 years of the same? Because I don't see him finding any reason to back down...ever. Crap, I was OT. My bad.
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    The above message brought to you by Summer's Eve.
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    The team was not competitive vs Tennessee. At all. People don't realize what a huge accomplishment 3 wins will be for Littrell this season. If UNT wins 3 games, it is a great sign for the future and for Littrell as a head coach.
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    Enjoy your Denton music thread. Or about 10,000 others
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    That has to be the stupidest list I've ever seen. SFA versus Texas Tech? Oklahoma versus Houston #1 with UCLA and Notre Dame in the state? The Top Five Should Be: (1) Notre Dame at Texas (2) UCLA at Texas A&M (3) Oklahoma at Houston, some sort of kickoff game the SEC didn't participate in this year...because they are already in other kickoff games. (4) SMU at North Texas, rivalry game (5) New Mexico State at UTEP, rivalry game There isn't much to choose from after you get past ND at Texas, and UCLA at A&M. TCU and Baylor both host FCS...same as Texas Tech. If you are going to put an FCS versus Texas school team in there, why SFA? They were 4-7 last year. South Dakota State, which visits TCU, at least made the FCS playoffs last year. Maybe...maybe they hold TCU under 40. No way in Dante's Frozen Hell does SFA keep Tech under 50...what a yawner.
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    That game was never, ever in doubt. That isn't what any sane person considers "competitive." Their head coach had a close, personal relationship to Canales and chose not to run up the score. He could have. Easily. Expect more. What the hell do you expect him to say? Good for you believing him. On a side note, I have some swamp land near Baton Rogue for sale. Interested?
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    The OU-Houston game is a joke. OU is double digit road favorite. TV folk know it's going to be a blowout as well; that's why they stuck it in the 11 a.m. time slot.
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    Considering I was one of the first ones on here to criticize Mac for not throwing the ball, especially on early downs, this is unintentional comedic Genius. Remember how y'all griped about me griping about this way back then? Of course not. I was one of the first to want RV out and to point out how he continually lied to the fan base. I took great heat from many who say they eventually came around, although if they had their way, RV would still be leading UNT into oblivion. Being a trailblazer is tough work. Having to constantly remind people that UNT can be more than the laughing stock of Texas college football when these people seem perfectly fine with that fate is exhausting work. Pointing out that we were going to have at least 2 season of only 5 home games and doing so in 2012 and having the same people who cry about my posts now say "trust the AD, they will fix it," and just refusing to acknowledge basic math was maddening. And those are the same people now saying there is no need to book a P5 at home. Grow the F up, UNT fan base. Your team plays FBS football. Start expecting at least what F'n Texas St expects from their program. And you people wonder how RV was allowed to stay here for 15 years? Take a long hard look in the mirror. #mystruggle.
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    Name calling is all you can do anymore. Kinda sad. But they also have real live games on TV networks that matter. CUSA doesn't anymore. Win and GTFO. As soon as possible. Drowning conference.
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    Kinda like you post stalking me?

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