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    Littrell and the crew showed up to my house around noon today. I knew tickets were being delivered, but him doing it shows that they know there is a gulf between the team and fans, and they are willing to do what it takes to get us excited and involved with the Mean Green. Nice work Athletics. Nice work.
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    This was an impressive thing to do by Coach Littrell. If he only made five deliveries, that would be impressive. Thanks Coach! Imagine DD doing that during his tenure..."Here's your tickets MFer!".
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    I live here in San Antonio and HEB opened a new gas station down the street from were I live to along with there new HEB plus store. And that's were I found a UNT cuzzi nothing else but it was a nice surprise to see it here.
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    Expect Iowa, Iowa State, Florida, and Wisconsin to drop in this year's rankings.
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    I am a second generation lettermen. Our HOF is a joke! I am the first to agree that pre 2000 it was a good ole boy network (change was needed). Since then RV tried to make it accountable, but he and his group failed miserably. They have made it a Hall of Good. To there credit, they tried to make it all inclusive. But in doing this they have passed over many athletes in most sports that are more deserving. I am a firm believer that our HOF should be more on what you did at NT than as a Pro. We have many great athletes that have excelled as collegiate athletes and have not so great professional careers. However, we should still honor them for what they did as a NT athlete. I should never be considered for the HOF, but I have better statistics in my sport than 3 of 5 of this years inductees. I can name 25 athletes from 1960 to today that are more deserving. Until we have strict parameters on how we elect HOF candidates nothing will change. I hope the new AD department will honor those that have made NT great for all these years. If we do this, you might be amazed how much more support your would get from Lettermen.
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    Thinking he means Andrew Smith's inclusion. I'm perplexed as well. Bowl game winner, sure! His stats for just over 1 season was nothing to write home about though: 2002 (the year he took over for an injured Scott Hall and took us to a NOBowl win): GP COMP ATT PCT YDS YDS/G TD INT QBR 13 91 196 46.4 1206 92.8 7 9 100.7 Honestly, it reeks of Hank Dickenson "leaving his mark". He had probably been lobbying for Smith's inclusion for some time, but RV told him no. The Hall of Fame is not a place for a memorial for a player deceased while on the roster though. Put a statue up, or name something after him. His numbers just don't make sense for inclusion in the HOF.
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    As I find more and more I will continue to post photo's to this thread. Check out this awesome Hat Display at Lids.
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    Per TexasHoops, Texas top 50 recruit, described as one of the state's best shooters, Tre Thomas has been offered by North Texas. https://twitter.com/TexasHoopsGASO/status/761723247448645632 Plays for Dallas Showtyme coach, the great Ervin 'Big E' Davis. Ervin is the brother of North Texas basketball legend Chris Davis. It could be a battle for this outstanding 2017 recruit. UTEP offered only a couple hours after North Texas.
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    No kids? Read on another thread these dames typically change their minds?
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    After decades of HOF selection and the selection of obvious historical greats, it gets to a point that it becomes less and less of an honor. Add that to NT's relative futility in sports and there are many picks IMO that are far from meriting this honor. These numbers indicate that NT is producing over 3 athletes a year that are worthy of the HOF. I'm not going to get into individual specifics, but frankly there are a lot of athletes in the HOF that I wonder how they got selected. Good players that make substantially contributions but "Hall of Fame." You can't and shouldn't even try to have stated requirements, however I think a deserving athlete should be outstanding compared not only to his team but the competition he or she played against.
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    I'd like to see more of the bigs up front who blocked for Smith, Hall and Cobbs to make it into the HOF. Brewster is already in. Up next: Nick Zuniga, Matt Turney, J.R. Randal, Jeff Muechow, Randy Gardner and Jonah Bense. These men laid the foundation for our offensive success and deserve recognition. Rick
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    Gah dang, that was a smart move. Kudos to whoever thought that up.
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    Sign pic from @greenjoe:
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    Not the locker room but saw this the other day...
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    I expected to see this here on GOMEANGREEN.com so I didn't make a note of his name. I read last week in the DR-C that a recruit from the DFW area, that had committed to North Texas had backed out of his commitment and had included 5 schools he was considering. None of them North Texas. Southern Meth and Tulsa to name 2. According to the article, he was still considering NT but we were not among the 5 schools he said were under consideration. This is to be expected when dealing with children. Tall children, but children none the less. Does anyone have information on this high school student ?
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    Hoping for a good season for the men's basketball program. Benford or not, I want success for the green. Go get em boys! GMG
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    If RF were with him, he'd probably just run up the stairs and take a swing at the wall.
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    Thanks for the laugh. He could walk in with them tucked in the front of his pants, pull them out, toss them on the table and state, "Here's your tickets MF'er!" Priceless.
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    I believe after talking to several recruits the last view years the MWC is viewed as a pretty large step up from c-usa. Jmo
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    Based on the key assumption that many are ignoring, that NT would be the only area team in the league; it would be too big a risk in my mind. It would cost a lot to join and a lot to leave, and I am not sure that MWC will generate the revenue to offset those costs. Particularly, when the travel cost for 16 sports is factored in. TCU is used by everyone as an example of what a stepping stone MWC can be. I am not sure how much MWC had to do with TCU rise. I think it had a lot more to do with the hiring of Patterson than any membership in MWC. By the way TCU record while in the MWC; was 47-4. If NT could come close to duplicating TCU's record in any league including CUSU; I think the P5 would notice.
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    Of course they will. They're on our schedule this year, which means they'll be the #1 team in the country who blows out their national championship game opponent by 70 points.
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    i think it's impossible to watch 'the Stand' too often
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    If getting home late means better things for the UNT athletic program, I'm all for it. UNT would be f'n crazy to pass up an opportunity to be a part of the MWC.
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    Tied for sixth place after the first round of the Traveler's
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    From the album: Grant's Mean Green Garage

    Just got my dream watch yesterday
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    For those wanting to try:
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    Excellent..maybe there is finally a market for North Texas signs.
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    There's one at the corner of 288 and Spencer road also. Saw it a few minutes ago.
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    You are absolutely right, hanging two woman's jerseys almost before their eligibility was up was purely political. No doubt, Mitchell deserves the honor, but this was done in the manner that reeked of political correctness. No way, Rosalyn Reades should be so honored before literally scores of men basketball players and a few women players such as Clara Campbell. I think her inclusion in the HOF is appropriate but she is not close to be deserving of representing half of the jerseys retired in the Super Pit. It is actually an insult to Lyons, not to be honored as well as men's basketball which has existed over 50 years longer than NT WBB. If I was making the decision, based on players I have watched there would be three: Kenneth Lyons, Joe Hamilton, and Jalee Mitchell. There are others before my time that should probably join that list such as Bill Menifee, Rubin Russell, John Savage and Jim Mudd. Hopefully the new AD will review this situation at some point, and right the wrong that currently exist.
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    Love how they couldn't even get Dan Spika's name correct in the press release ...
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    My bad, you are correct, 90 does state that. Sorry, I did miss that.
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    Great point, there are several HOF players there purely because of their pro careers. Brian Waters is a prime example, a great pro player; but someone that would never have been considered based on his college career. Hopefully they will wise up and cut down the number of inductees and curtail some of the politics and try to only reward only those that were truly exceptional. Not every QB on a winning team deserves HOF honors nor should picks be made on careers outside of NT or other factors not related to extraordinary play while at NT. Numbers of inductees should significantly be reduced, elevating the honor. Induction doesn't have to occur every year and having one or two at a time would enhance the honor. As an aside I would set a time limit before someone would be a candidate for inclusion. That takes some of the emotion out of the selection and I believe would mean more to the honorees.
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    Under any criteria, UNT kicks UTSA's ass. So don't compare a start up to a 100 year football playing university with a beautiful football stadium and its own (kinda) 8000 seat basketball arena.
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    Jorts, the Floridian's best friend. Sorry, as a native Georgian I cannot let any Florida fans escape without a jorts mention.
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    Long, long ago, you had to have 60 hours to move out of the dorms unless you commuted.
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    I will be really impressed if he makes it to Oak Cliff to deliver mine. I will post updates as I wait patiently.
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    out of curiosity...just how old do you think I am?
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    Proving once again that nothing good happens after 1:00am.
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    That would be quite a gamble... saying "no" to the MWC because you're hoping/wishing/praying for an AAC invite.
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    Go West young men/women, go West. To me, it's simply a half notch upgrade with more stability. If we do somehow find a way to become significant on a national level, I suspect that the MWC would be a much better jumping off point to get to where we ultimately want to be. Plus I personally do love it out there in the mountains.
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    Outside of a sweet 16 appearance, Benford should be canned immediately after the last game of the season. Hopefully before. This is Benford. Count on a high of 14 wins this year...
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    You are Vito!!!!!!1!!1!!1!1!1! #Itshardbeingright #constantly #mystruggle
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    add them? I'm guessing that this means add them to the official roster on the team website i'm assuming?
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    section 208 row 26 seats 1,2,and 3 are paid for. They belong to the Gilbert family. I had to get up high to keep the family out of the potential elements. This is the year my son discovers UNT football. The new hire of the coach and AD are already paying off for the university. After a year away I'm excited to come back.
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    Not unless the last AD managed to get SMU to agree to an out clause after what would be a 2 for 1 for UNT. I think we all know that guy wasn't capable of hoodwinking a 5 year old. The out clause is after next year's game, as I believe @Brett Vito reported?
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    hahaha... C-Rob: Me... I didnt really like talking Z-Orr: Since when???
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    Kind of confused if I want to support maybe the greatest team's in Benford's tenure to make it to the Tourney as a student or if I want them to stink it up so Benford can be gone for good.
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    So, we have less than a month before school starts. Seems like we should be hearing something about a new assistant pretty soon.

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