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    Expect Iowa, Iowa State, Florida, and Wisconsin to drop in this year's rankings.
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    Thinking he means Andrew Smith's inclusion. I'm perplexed as well. Bowl game winner, sure! His stats for just over 1 season was nothing to write home about though: 2002 (the year he took over for an injured Scott Hall and took us to a NOBowl win): GP COMP ATT PCT YDS YDS/G TD INT QBR 13 91 196 46.4 1206 92.8 7 9 100.7 Honestly, it reeks of Hank Dickenson "leaving his mark". He had probably been lobbying for Smith's inclusion for some time, but RV told him no. The Hall of Fame is not a place for a memorial for a player deceased while on the roster though. Put a statue up, or name something after him. His numbers just don't make sense for inclusion in the HOF.
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    I'd like to see more of the bigs up front who blocked for Smith, Hall and Cobbs to make it into the HOF. Brewster is already in. Up next: Nick Zuniga, Matt Turney, J.R. Randal, Jeff Muechow, Randy Gardner and Jonah Bense. These men laid the foundation for our offensive success and deserve recognition. Rick
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    Gah dang, that was a smart move. Kudos to whoever thought that up.
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    I expected to see this here on GOMEANGREEN.com so I didn't make a note of his name. I read last week in the DR-C that a recruit from the DFW area, that had committed to North Texas had backed out of his commitment and had included 5 schools he was considering. None of them North Texas. Southern Meth and Tulsa to name 2. According to the article, he was still considering NT but we were not among the 5 schools he said were under consideration. This is to be expected when dealing with children. Tall children, but children none the less. Does anyone have information on this high school student ?
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    Based on the key assumption that many are ignoring, that NT would be the only area team in the league; it would be too big a risk in my mind. It would cost a lot to join and a lot to leave, and I am not sure that MWC will generate the revenue to offset those costs. Particularly, when the travel cost for 16 sports is factored in. TCU is used by everyone as an example of what a stepping stone MWC can be. I am not sure how much MWC had to do with TCU rise. I think it had a lot more to do with the hiring of Patterson than any membership in MWC. By the way TCU record while in the MWC; was 47-4. If NT could come close to duplicating TCU's record in any league including CUSU; I think the P5 would notice.
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    Of course they will. They're on our schedule this year, which means they'll be the #1 team in the country who blows out their national championship game opponent by 70 points.
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    i think it's impossible to watch 'the Stand' too often
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    If getting home late means better things for the UNT athletic program, I'm all for it. UNT would be f'n crazy to pass up an opportunity to be a part of the MWC.
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    Tied for sixth place after the first round of the Traveler's
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    It was the policy when I was a freshman in 2003. So at least that long.
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    That would be quite a gamble... saying "no" to the MWC because you're hoping/wishing/praying for an AAC invite.
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    Go West young men/women, go West. To me, it's simply a half notch upgrade with more stability. If we do somehow find a way to become significant on a national level, I suspect that the MWC would be a much better jumping off point to get to where we ultimately want to be. Plus I personally do love it out there in the mountains.
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    Outside of a sweet 16 appearance, Benford should be canned immediately after the last game of the season. Hopefully before. This is Benford. Count on a high of 14 wins this year...
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    You are Vito!!!!!!1!!1!!1!1!1! #Itshardbeingright #constantly #mystruggle
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    Wren is in the perfect situation with Benford. No one expects him to do anything about basketball right now. I promise you Wren couldn't have named the NT basketball coach 30 days ago. So, let this season play out and if Benford is successful, give him a 1 or 2 year extension. But not a 5 year deal as was done with Coach MaC. If Benford has another terrible season, cut him loose and bring in a guy Wren likes.
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    You can play anyone at Jerryworld for DFW exposure. That is a non-issue. When the average person thinks of the Big 12. They think football. Ask any big 12 grad that isn't a Jayhawk which is the more important sport and you will get your answer. TCU won their way into the Big 12. Plain and simple.
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    add them? I'm guessing that this means add them to the official roster on the team website i'm assuming?
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    section 208 row 26 seats 1,2,and 3 are paid for. They belong to the Gilbert family. I had to get up high to keep the family out of the potential elements. This is the year my son discovers UNT football. The new hire of the coach and AD are already paying off for the university. After a year away I'm excited to come back.
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    I don't think so. Pretty sure the out clause was after 4 years. I don't think SMU would sign anything like you are suggesting. Unlike the last AD, they understand college football is a constantly changing business and realize this wouldn't benefit them. Plus I distinctly remember it being after the 4th year (when Vito found out about it, because it wasn't announced at all at the time the contract was done). Maybe Vito can give us the answer.
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    Not unless the last AD managed to get SMU to agree to an out clause after what would be a 2 for 1 for UNT. I think we all know that guy wasn't capable of hoodwinking a 5 year old. The out clause is after next year's game, as I believe @Brett Vito reported?
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    Kind of confused if I want to support maybe the greatest team's in Benford's tenure to make it to the Tourney as a student or if I want them to stink it up so Benford can be gone for good.
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    So, we have less than a month before school starts. Seems like we should be hearing something about a new assistant pretty soon.