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    Hank may be the victim of his own loyalty to RV as I find it tough to visualize him as the new AD partly because I never saw him as aspiring to hold that position at North Texas or elsewhere. I think it's very possible to be "a fan of Hank" and appreciate all he's done for our university while also feeling that a wholly new perspective is needed in Denton.
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    I have no problem with people campaigning for Hank, as long as they can also name other legitimate candidates and explain why Hank has more talent and potential as an AD than they do. If someone thinks Hank should be the guy and they haven't a clue about other candidates outside of Denton, then their argument has no legs to stand on whatsoever. Just like people who wanted Chico because he did better than Mccarney and they didn't know enough other coaches outside of the name head coaches in CFB.
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    To be honest, he's opening himself up to a bit of embarrassment. I think he's wanted this job for years and thought there'd just be a quiet transition from RV to him under a complacent board and president. Fortunately, it doesn't appear Smatty is the type. He seems like a nice guy, genuinely. He needs to lay low and quietly help with the transition to a new AD.
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    Had to find the most appropriate facepalm... It ain't easy being green.
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    Houston possibly going to the Big 12 and we get excited about winning a Twitter fan base poll. I guess it's better than nothing.
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    At this point a fresh set of eyes is needed. If all things were rosy then he would probably the right choice, but they aren't.
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    This may be the worst thing to happen to them in a while
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    I don't think Hank is pushing this though he may have said he would be interested in the job. I think this is more about people who are "comfortable" with the way things are and don't want change. Some people know with RV leaving their own jobs on not secured any longer. It's really sickening when you think about it.
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    Exactly. This is Chico after Dodge's firing all over again. He wanted the job badly, a lot of people--and key people--were very vocal in their support of him, he brought experience and continuity to the table, but he was ruled out from the get-go. EDIT: I just read Billy See's post.
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    And on June 20th. Still counts in RV's W/L record?
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    I agree. Georgio was pushing Hank from the beginning. It's a coordinated effort to keep the status quo. Its why UNT is what it is. Let's hope for once the status quo doesn't win out.
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    All I read was her trying to keep her own job. Also: Minute few?
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    - I believe Mateen was a very confused, angry and perhaps closeted/sexually repressed individual whose mode of dealing with desires and urges he had been fervently taught were vile and un-natural by his scripture was to re-double (triple, quadruple...whatever) his commitment to said scripture. I'd say this was a major contributing factor that drove him toward radicalization and particularly toward his target, Pulse. he sought out others of a similar vain a few years prior and this was what put him on the FBIs radar...but given his apparent lack of true religious devotion (as in heart-felt, rather than guilt-driven) and his apparent confusion at the differences between groups like al Qaeda and Hezbollah, amongst other reason certainly, he was cleared, probably as little more than some kid who liked to pop off at the mouth. I suspect there will be a full investigation of the particular process with Mateen and a re-evaluation of security and screening processes on the whole...and rightfully so. - I've read nothing that would lead me to believe that Mateen had direct contact with ISIS or that this was an organized, conspiratorial plot with any either domestic or foreign ISIS-leadership. I believe ISIS heard about this attack right about the same time all of us did and had the details of his 911 call never been broadcast ISIS never would've attempted to take credit for the attack - I believe Lynch and the FBI were initially want to remove "ISIS" from the transcripts for this very reason...that it would legitimize ISIS and serve as propaganda for them to see their name officially attached to the reports on the shooting. I think they clearly under-estimated, or perhaps at least initially didn't give a shit about, the firestorm that would generate and the total inanity in redacting something already so widely publicized. - I do believe, however, that it is important to effort not to legitimize the idea that we are engaging in a West/US/Jesus vs. Islam war. I believe that is why the President is so insistent upon choosing his words carefully and I believe that the over-reaction the other direction...the insistence, even when either incomplete or wholly inaccurate of the now chosen buzz-words "radical islamist terrorism" is driven largely by prejudice. it feeds ISIS propaganda, both around the world and here domestically...the latter, coupled with increasingly anti-muslim rhetoric from political candidates and the text-book nationalistic blaming of immigrants and foreigners for our own domestic problems will eventually lead to more instances of domestic terrorism and makes us less safe as a nation. in short, I believe we cultivated Mateen far more than ISIS did. - I believe we have a rampant gun culture in our country and a long-overdue need for an honest national conversation...but there exists an un-tethered lobby that has far more power than our elected officials to maintain said culture and characterize anybody who wants to have said conversation as someone who is after yer guns. - while I have no want to ban guns...and believe that very few people do...I do believe that some measure of common-sense limitation and legislation is needed, hell...at this point if only symbolically, to rein that lobby and the culture it fosters back in. repealing Dickey-Wicker, for example. - I believe your repeated use of Chicago as an example of failed gun-restriction policy...ignoring all other socio-economic issues...is at best disingenuous...at worst just down right ignorant I think that about covers it. I oh so eagerly await your well-reasoned replies.
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    You can't win the gold medal if you don't stick the dismount. I am confident the Prez realizes this.
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    if only all the nuance in the world were erased by simply repeating three little words.
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    What was it like when you got turned down as a walk-on at North Texas?