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    I thought this was a well written article and very fair. This was written by a very long term, devout Mean Green fan who happens to work for the athletic department. I saw honesty in what he wrote. Stomping on epitaphs is unbecoming, unnecessary. We're all frustrated about the place we are right now but we are in a better position than we have been before. Time to move on.
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    @UNT90get over yourself. This is not a zero sum game. It is possible to respect a man for his accomplishments even after his being fired for his deficiencies. You yourself were singing his praises not that many years ago. Should I label you a flip-flopper?
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    Hank may be the victim of his own loyalty to RV as I find it tough to visualize him as the new AD partly because I never saw him as aspiring to hold that position at North Texas or elsewhere. I think it's very possible to be "a fan of Hank" and appreciate all he's done for our university while also feeling that a wholly new perspective is needed in Denton.
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    Always a mythical, important internet quest to complete. The fate of the kingdom again hangs in the balance. Will the one true warrior again takes up his sword and keyboard to deliver us all?
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    I have no problem with people campaigning for Hank, as long as they can also name other legitimate candidates and explain why Hank has more talent and potential as an AD than they do. If someone thinks Hank should be the guy and they haven't a clue about other candidates outside of Denton, then their argument has no legs to stand on whatsoever. Just like people who wanted Chico because he did better than Mccarney and they didn't know enough other coaches outside of the name head coaches in CFB.
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    I agree with Harry. There is good and bad about Rick. Let's move forward and support the next Athletic Director...... whoever that may be.
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    To be honest, he's opening himself up to a bit of embarrassment. I think he's wanted this job for years and thought there'd just be a quiet transition from RV to him under a complacent board and president. Fortunately, it doesn't appear Smatty is the type. He seems like a nice guy, genuinely. He needs to lay low and quietly help with the transition to a new AD.
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    I still keep seeing Russian brides ads. I have no idea what THAT'S about...
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    Well great. Since I visited the Denton CVB website I'm now seeing their ads everywhere. Perhaps she doesn't care at all about Hank and it's all a complicated click bait plot.
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    Had to find the most appropriate facepalm... It ain't easy being green.
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    Yeah, I had to look her up, found out the same thing. So what I get from the article is that Denton must always look inward never outward mentality. There are some benefits to that for the tight-knit community that Denton is, but this is not one of those situations. At least she's just cheer leading for a local rather than trying to engage in a public campaign with a thinly veiled intent of keeping herself employed. I therefore harbor no ill will toward her.
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    Kim Phillips is VP at the Denton CVB. She doesn't represent the university, the athletic department or the Wretched Comical. She writes a weekly column on Denton CVB stuff. Past columns such weighty subjects as Denton being ready to host dog shows and there is a new "Welcome Central Mural" inside the "Discover Denton Welcome Center." This is the level of article that is endorsing Hank. Express you discontent and I doubt you will see more articles like this. I wonder if anything she has written before got this level of notice? By the way, I didn't know there was a Discover Denton Welcome Center.
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    Houston possibly going to the Big 12 and we get excited about winning a Twitter fan base poll. I guess it's better than nothing.
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    At this point a fresh set of eyes is needed. If all things were rosy then he would probably the right choice, but they aren't.
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    I don't like criticizing Hank. I enjoy him on the broadcasts. But I don't want anyone inside UNT athletics to be considered for the AD position. Bring someone in with experience at a program where they had sustained success. No one at UNT has any idea what that is like.
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    Note: Editorial not written by Brett Vito or myself. Even though I once saw him accidentally wear Green on a Friday.
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    This may be the worst thing to happen to them in a while
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    I don't think Hank is pushing this though he may have said he would be interested in the job. I think this is more about people who are "comfortable" with the way things are and don't want change. Some people know with RV leaving their own jobs on not secured any longer. It's really sickening when you think about it.
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    I am pretty confident we will sell out our allotment at the very least for this one. Read more: http://www.ponyfans.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=81809
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    Didn't win us the SMU game last year. This board is 1-1 with banners. Jury is still out. ;-)
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    Now this funny. Quiet or loud it wont matter what the fan base does. They will hire who they want to hire. You could fly a banner or buy ads. It wont matter.
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    I know it may not seem like alot but please go vote!! We need to help our football and bball staffs out give them something they could possibly use in recruiting! Is this gunna win all recruits?> No absolutely not but some could see it and be very impressed!
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    Exactly. This is Chico after Dodge's firing all over again. He wanted the job badly, a lot of people--and key people--were very vocal in their support of him, he brought experience and continuity to the table, but he was ruled out from the get-go. EDIT: I just read Billy See's post.
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    And on June 20th. Still counts in RV's W/L record?
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    I agree. Georgio was pushing Hank from the beginning. It's a coordinated effort to keep the status quo. Its why UNT is what it is. Let's hope for once the status quo doesn't win out.
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    All I read was her trying to keep her own job. Also: Minute few?
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    Because the book gets paid on a push. Come on, Mr. Accountant. ?
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    I would hope the candidate that eventually gets the job demonstrates a knowledge of specific UNT problems and offers unique solutions to those problems during the interview process. Any candidate that shows up, knows nothing about the UNT situation, and merely relies on his resume as an Asst AD at P5 U should be thanked and summarily dismissed.
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    Did you look at the winners of other contests? College Station is the best "city" in Texas? Miller's Smokehouse in Belton has the best BBQ? Of course, I did vote. But, Millers? Seriously?
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    If our guys still played in Fouts and they were winning consistently, then I would be happier (With that being said... I love Apogee and it is awesome). Plus, how much did RV have to do with the stadium? Any AD out there would have been tried to get a damn stadium. I really want someone to tell me why he gets so much credit for it. Was it really just his magic that got it done?
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    His first FBI check-up was due to his behavior during an assignment at a courthouse with local sheriff deputies. A deputy said something about the Middle East and the murderer told him to shut up, that he could have Al Queda kill him and his whole family. That and the whole one way ticket flying lessons from 6 stories up like minded jihadists dole out to homosexuals in the Middle East. I want to know WHY the dogs were called off on this guy. They were called off the Fort Hood murderer. They were called off the Boston murderers after Russia had warned us about them. There's a pattern that needs explanation. Rick
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    You can't win the gold medal if you don't stick the dismount. I am confident the Prez realizes this.
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    I'm grateful to Hank for his many years of service to UNT, but I don't want him or any other member of RV's leadership team to become our next AD. I never heard Hank speak out against what was going on. At best he turned a blind eye to problems that have plagued our athletics. In my opinion, that doesn't merit getting the AD job. If Minnisota doesn't snag NIU's AD, he'd be a good option.
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    That seems to be a pretty low bar for experience to me. Youngish go-getter, yeah...but not this
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    No, please no. My dealings with Hank through the years have always been nice, but we need fresh blood at the top with new ideas.
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    It was a tax break from around $875 to around $450 so yes its a break but it also still makes the City money. It employs an ungodly amount of people. Buckies is also paying for an over pass on 35 and is helping with roads in and out of the gas station. The area that the gas station is going in was zoned for a Truck Stop type commercial zoning sooooo, would Loves be better?
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    I'm kind of in the Shanbour camp just because I have seen him and not Morris. I honestly could care less who starts, I just want the QB that can successfully run our offense, lead the team and make the defense respect the pass. Wilson gained 800+ yards against defenses that were locked and loaded to stop him. I can only imagine what he can produce against defenses that can't focus on him 99% of the time. I just hate that some people are dismissed because they are a walk-on. Let the best player play.

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