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    I still keep seeing Russian brides ads. I have no idea what THAT'S about...
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    I don't like criticizing Hank. I enjoy him on the broadcasts. But I don't want anyone inside UNT athletics to be considered for the AD position. Bring someone in with experience at a program where they had sustained success. No one at UNT has any idea what that is like.
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    I am pretty confident we will sell out our allotment at the very least for this one. Read more: http://www.ponyfans.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=81809
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    Didn't win us the SMU game last year. This board is 1-1 with banners. Jury is still out. ;-)
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    Okay people, crowdsourcing opinions (I know, very brave of me). We (Denton County GIS) unveiled an app today as part of a project in cooperation with the health department to increase transparency and provide better decision-making tools. Here's an app (mobile friendly) that shows mosquito testing areas, and results. The basic goal is to inform people that, hey, my family and I should wear repellent today. Come at me with critiques, suggestions, what you hate. We want to try to make it as easy as possible for folks in the public to read. Any suggestions are helpful. http://www.dentoncounty.com/vmap
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    Is their allotment 20 or 30 seats this year?
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    I think the article is fair, it clearly states at the beginning that he had a horrible record in 2 of the 3 major sports which was your major gripe with the man. You are acting as if he had absolutely no role in facilities improvements. He did.
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    I was a fan of RV, but not a fan of Hank's. He can go anytime. I'll thank him for his loyalty and his service, and wish him well..... somewhere else.
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    I am pretty confident we will sell out our allotment at the very least for this one. Read more: http://www.ponyfans.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=81809
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    I was actually shocked how few fans they brought to Denton last time. The people I spoke to were really nice folks and disappointed in their turnout. As a UNT fan I can completely sympathize with them on that feeling. Although we brought a lot of people to Dallas last year.
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    They'll bring the average (true) attendance of one of their home games. I figure we should buy them a family four pack to feed them all and to be hospitable.
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    Ah yes that one and Corinth are weird. We didn't get enough location-specific data from them. Corinth contains maybe like 5 sites, and Denton has double digits, but I didn't have enough info to go off of to find the right place. Had to just aggregate them. Hoping that improves in the next iteration. It's been an interesting process getting different datasets from different municipalities, to say the least. Everyone does things differently.
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    He is somewhere in Florida sharing a Grey Goose infused toddy with a former coach who was also able to take early retirement on our tab because why not North Texas.
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    Whoops on the typo and the coloration was a recent concept, can include a legend. The icons are not accurate on purpose. They are placed in the area to represent the area, not the trap location. Don't want crazies out there messing with our stuff. This web map is the end point from the health website, but it'd be a good idea to include a link back to the health website in the disclaimer. Thanks for taking the time!
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    Well, the game won't be on TV so SMU can't use the excuse of staying home to watch the game this time around.
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    I'd donate to a collective, join an LLC but would really love if the Alumni A bought this.
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    I forgot which terrorist organization Adam Lanza pledged his support to. And, what terrorist organizations the Feds found him to be communicating with. Refresh our memories, please.
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    Just like fans on here predicting a sellout of Apogee for the first SMU home game. Fans over predicting The 300 -100... oh, and if you wanna see a dead zone, drop by Ponyfans anytime. Same 5 dudes posting about once every 3 hours.
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    uphill both ways those 500 miles, surely. in 1975...you average out-the-door cost for a year at a public institution was right around $3000. along a standard rate of inflation, that would come to about $13,400 in today's dollars. the average out-the-door cost for the same degree this year is around $19,500...or about 69% above the standard rate of inflation. all that while the median household income in 1975 was around $13,000...inflated that would be around $58,000...but today's median income is only around $53,500...about 8% under the rate of inflation. even taking inflation out of it...that $3000 represented about 23% of a household income, while the $19,500 represents about 36%. no one's saying work ethic isn't important...just be realistic and understand that work ethic, like the dollar, doesn't go nearly as far a it once did.
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    The disclaimer has 'presence' mispelled. I didn't see a key, but assume the grey mosquito icons are traps that haven't reported? Are all of the icons accurately placed on the map? Will you link to any health department pages with info?
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    My comments are banned from the President's office. Blacklisted for life Those people that are cognizant of this fanatical fan forum are probably a large reason why we fail so much then.
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    My statement was that It was zoned for a Truck stop, so its better for the community, that a place is going to produce tons of jobs and pay a crap ton of taxes through out its time there. Are you also aware that they are going to make a massive green space/park area next to it, so its not just a "Cement City" and I think the term "city" is a little much dont you think? What do you think of the shopping center where chili's and the recent Black eye peas restaurant sit in? That a bunch of concrete wouldnt you say? Yes, Buckees will pour a bunch of concrete but no larger than a Sams or Walmart would. It is a good thing for the city and will be a destination place for through traffic in our city.
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    Yes, the whole "divided loyalties" thing is far over stated. Yes, there are some that let divided loyalties interfere with their job, but most professionals do not. Paul L. Foster, chairman of the UT Board of Regents is a Baylor alumnus. The new business building on the Baylor campus is named for him because he (gasp) gave money to both his alma matter and to the school where he works. Darrell Royal was a graduate of OU. Nick Saban is a graduate of Kent State. Get the best person you can find!
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    I'll just leave this here: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2016/06/21/newly-released-police-reports-detail-michael-jacksons-pornography-collection.html
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    Governments have historically been far far far far more dangerous to their own citizens than any scary looking single shot rifle. Millions and millions and millions killed by Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, and Mao Zedong, but people on here want to give the historical mechanism of mass murder the right to limit citizens from owning weapons of self protection from said government. This is a very relevant historical discussion, as the USA is historically EXTREMELY long in the tooth for the average representative democracy (average historical lifespan of about 200 years). The symptoms that caused the downfall of these previous representative democracies are already prevalent in American society. We have 40 years left, if we are lucky, The form of government that always follows a representative democracy is a dictatorship. Dictatorships take guns and kill their own citizens. So it really is all about fight or flight... Your choice, folks.
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    Okay, suppose it was a completely random target in a completely random target's pride month coincidently. The attack, according to you, is completely "radical Islam" driven. So by religious motivation, yes this would be considered a hate crime. But, of course you know that.
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    No, his message is to address the terrorist problem, and he goes on to insist passage of bills that limits those from areas that support terrorism from entering our country. Why he voted for Cornyn's bill Im not sure. Maybe he knew it wasn't going to pass anyways and figured it would help gain Cornyn's support down the road on other issues? I don't like it but it's how it goes sometimes. But Cruz has been the most conservative voice we've had in DC in years. I certainly don't want to get rid of him over a single vote for over gun legislation, that's for sure. Rick
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    Oooh you really got 'em that time chief! Rick
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    Why is UNT paying someone in athletics to promote the accomplishments of the AD we just got rid of? I question the judgment of Hank Dickenson for having the department devote any time to this. We're supposed to be looking forward, not trying to spin the record of Rick Villarreal to make people like him better.
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    They could do what I did for two degrees and work their asses off to pay their own way. It is known as taking responsibility for oneself. Was a member of social and professional fraternities as an undergrad, married with children while a grad student. Missed the undergrad graduation ceremony because I was already at work 500 miles away. Never had a student loan. It took me a little longer but did not harm my career progression. That is the way it used to be done.
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    Agree, addressing guns when this is a radical Islamic terrorist issue is pretty stupid. Rick
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    I mostly thank God for the Inquisition because my ancestors were Huguenots forced to flee France for the Netherlands, then England, then America, because they were Protestants. If not for the Inquisition, our family would likely still be living in godforsaken Europe. (And, yet...all these centuries later, I married a Catholic. A Mexican Catholic; but a Catholic, nonetheless. Sorry, ancestors.)
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    There are times you need to be able to give more than just one + !
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    And he voted against the other two bills but not before first calling it how it is...that this isn't a gun control problem, it's a terrorist problem. Rick
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    So you violently assault people you don't hate?
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    You have to be realistic about the Electoral College. Forget, for a moment, about Trump. How in the world do you think a Republican, with demographics now being what they are, wins Florida, Ohio, or Pennsylvania? And, even by some miracle a GOP was able to win one of those again, how do they win the Electoral College while still losing the other two? It's not going to happen. Because of St. Louis, Missouri is on the verge of being nationally blue forever as well. Texas will be within 20 years. Trump simply makes what will be a victory by a very poor candidate in Hillary Clinton that much easier. The fact of the matter is, Republicans, with these votes, had an opportunity to have a hand in how gun laws would be tweaked. Once Hillary is elected, you can throw that out the window. Her Supreme Court nominee will be as Liberal as those Obama appointed, and will interpret the 2nd Amendment far differently than the NRA and its politicians and members. It's common sense legislation scuttled by special interests and sick, slavish devotion to those special interests.
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    So you would rob and rape people you like? What if this murderer just went to the club because there were a lot of people there? Is it still a hate crime? I mean, he didn't say anything on the transcripts about gay people, only ISIS. Also, let's further limit it to murder, since that is the crime we are talking about. Are you saying you would murder someone you didn't hate?
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    A hate crime against what group? What evidence is their that the CRIME was directed at a specific "protected" group? Because that's what you are really trying to say, right? Because it sounds like you are trying to say that any radical Islamist terrorist attack is a hate crime. I don't recall 9/11 being referred to as a hate crime. Or the Boston Marathon bombing. Or the Fort Hood shooting. Or the USS Cole. Or the first WTC bombing. No one called those hate crimes because the murderers were radical Islamist terrorists. Tell me, what makes this different?
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    Last time they brought 500 less than this number, and the band doesn't pay for tickets. Something wrong with your math, fella.
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    No they won't. 4,000 ain't showing up in Denton
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    Hardly how I'm acting. They give him complete credit for the stadium. That's horse manure.

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