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    I will enjoy watching this team, if they play to their ability and mesh. I won't if that doesn't happen. In any case, I will keep an open mind about their potential until proven otherwise this season.
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    Jesus people. Bucee's is basically a clean (by a wide margin) Love's or Flying J or _____ without truckers and showers. There's no "fascination". Great place to stretch your legs and pop a squat on long road trips, sometimes at the same time. Great stop if you have children. #BuceesIsTheNewRV #CleanShittersForLife
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    the season cannot get here fast enough!!!!
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    He is where he needs to be. Good for him.
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    Just look at the schedule on that page...
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    Everyone is trying to save face and protect themselves. This is about to get real nasty, like Jerry Springer and Maury Povich nasty....... and I can't wait to watch.
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    MGB: What do the UNT men's basketball team, softball team need to do to be sure no changes are made? http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2016/06/key-questions-unts-new-ad-will-face-part-v-where-to-set-the-bar-for-struggling-programs.html/
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    Forget it, he's rolling.
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    A lot of people are more into bashing Benford than looking at the team. This team has a solid returning nucleus and with the right combination of growth of the young players like Brice and Brown, and a hit on some of the newcomers; could be much better than many suspect. Also add the factor which few want to admit, Benford has become a much better coach. Not hard to do based on his early years, but still it gives me some hope.
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    Yes Allen, unfortunately we are talking about gas stations.
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    I know that when BC comes here this September, things are gonna get real in Denton...oh wait...
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    Maybe he's just distracted by a Lubbock 10? Or as we call them a Denton 6.
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    Seems to easily be the best roster Benford has had since TM left.
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    If you have to put sauce on BBQ thenit's bad BBQ. Good BBQ stands on its own.
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    · Scoring: 90.6 percent of scoring returning, Rebounds: 87.8 percent of rebounding returning · Two members of the team closing in on 1,000 career points: Jeremy Combs has 771 and J-Mychal Reese has 711. · North Texas went 11-7 at the Super Pit earning the 31st winning season at home in school history in 2015-16 (13 straight winnings seasons). Tony Benford is 39-27 (.601) in games played at the Super Pit in four seasons. · Jeremy Combs – 325 total rebounds was the sixth best mark in single-season school history and shot 60.1 percent, which was 7th best in school history, J-Mychal Reese – 118 assists was 11th best in single-season school history, Deckie Johnson – 73 three pointers was the fourth best in single-season school history, Rickey Brice Jr. – 36 blocks was the 10th best mark in single-season school history. · 12 players on the roster with Texas ties: Texas rankings out of high school 2016 rankings No. 18 A.J Lawson 2015 rankings No. 24 Ryan Woolridge No. 25 Rickey Brice Jr. No. 30 Ja’Michael Brown 2014 rankings No. 20 Jeremy Combs 2013 rankings No. 5 Keith Frazier 2012 rankings No. 6 J-Mychal Reese No. 38 Derail Green · North Texas' 2016-17 Newcomers A.J. Lawson -- 6-5 -- Guard -- Bryan, TX (Bryan HS) Ryan Woolridge -- 6-3 -- Guard -- Mansfield, TX (Lake Ridge HS/San Diego) Keith Frazier -- 6-5 -- Guard -- Dallas, TX (Kimball HS/SMU) Shane Temara -- 6-9 -- Forward -- Syracuse, N.Y. (Angelina College) Derail Green – 6-7 – Forward – Houston, TX (Incarnate Word/Wichita State)
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    Pretty impressive! http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2016/...pprov.html
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    Bryce English http://www.texasfootball.com/the-50-most-important-college-players-in-texas-in-2016-no-44-north-texas-bryce-english/ They seem confident he will play this year.
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    I stopped reading when you vilified FOX as being partisan yet didn't mention one word about NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN being partisan towards democrats. I'm sure it was just another "hey, I'm an independent, but here are the democrat talking points" post... Political hypocrite.
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    I certainly hope not. http://www.chron.com/news/education/article/Smaller-Texas-colleges-are-reporting-more-rapes-7970355.php
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    I think that'll depend on the status of Willie Ivery. You have to think that Wilson, Ivery, and Wyche would get the bulk of the snaps right now. It may be ideal to redshirt Smith if we could to expand his eligibility for the future at the position...
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    "... he(Trump) did that to every other GOP candidate and the crowds found it entertaining and laughed." And Americans have listened to Obama for almost eight years and cried.
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    Briles not going gentle into that good night http://www.kwtx.com/content/news/Briles-cries-foul-383290841.html
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    GAS STATIONS?? We talkin 'bout GAS STATIONS??
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    that is the most uplifting article I have read in a long time.....9-4 with a Bowl Win!!!!! (Green glasses are in play)
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    Sounds a hell of a lot like another defensive tackle we once had. Hope he can be just as productive too. "English is a bowling ball of destruction. He carries over 320 pounds on his 5-foot-11 frame. English is an athlete, however, despite his physical makeup. He lived in opposing backfields in his prep days. His lack of height serves as an advantage in some ways. English keeps his center of gravity low. That allows him to not only get under offensive linemen in order to push them around and get to his spot, but it also makes it hard for offenses to force English out of his gap, even with double teams. He’s best suited as a one-technique defensive tackle capable of taking on blocks to free up linebackers to roam unblocked in the running game. He’s also athletic enough to collapse a pocket and put pressure on a quarterback from the middle of the defense."
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    Guess I am not seeing Dodge on the cover. I just see "Our Coach is Hotter than Your Coach" Kingsbury and Mahomes. Looking and the view in Lubbock.
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    Bothers me the horizon isn't level.
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    If we were to reform I'd prefer this combination. Big Gulf Conference North Texas Rice UTEP UTSA LA Tech Southern Miss UAB South Alabama I think it would be fine with 8 teams, but if most wanted 10 for a title game, then I'd structure it like this. Big Gulf Conference Texas Division North Texas Rice UTEP UTSA Texas State Old South Division LA Tech Southern Miss UAB South Alabama Arkansas State I think either set up would be a nice competitive conference for football and basketball. Great regional divisions, but not too regional as a conference.
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    I think of Memphis as dry rub, not that St. Louis ketchup crap.
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    Was Victory Hall named in anticipation of better days ahead for UNT athletics or in honor of the few and far between in FB and BB lately?
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    Man, it's more difficult for two men in Texas to agree on BBQ than it is for them to agree on uniforms and helmet stickers. My downfall is that I'm a Memphis ribs kind of guy, never have been much one for brisket, so I'm kinda screwed in Texas.
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    Hmm, Mahoney looks like he's high, no? Or just completely disinterested...
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    They both look scared to death. Like someone off to the right was putting in a Jimmy John's order over the phone and ordered a #5 Vito and Dodge had a visceral reaction upon hearing the V word... Now this..... This looks F'in badass.
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    Oh...so your listening to Trump now? That's interesting. Rick
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    Lots of folks have been discussing it so I finally watched Barry's speech from yesterday. Possibly the most disgraceful response during a time of crisis by the so called leader of the free world when we needed to hear a plan to secure our safety. And again, as I watched that I couldn't help but think how there must be a huge sigh of relief from every family member and friend of Jimmy Carter, who's failed presidency moves even further out of worst in modern history. Rick
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    Hell to the naw!
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    Let me just say this, I don't give a flying f*ck what any of the colleges East of the Lousiana-Mississippi state line do. If and when the Sun Belt and C-USA admit to what they are, then decide to rearrange in some regionally sane fashion, here's all I want to see for us: OUR NEW, FINAL F*CK ALL COLLEGES EAST OF THE LOUISIANA-MISSISSIPPI STATE LINE CONFERENCE (Or, the FACE-LMSL Conference) Arkansas State Louisiana Louisiana Tech North Texas New Mexico State (for the sake of having a school close to UTEP) Rice Texas State ULM UTEP UTSA If Lousiana Tech wets their bed over Lousiana and ULM, just replace them with Abilene Christian and their new stadium. "But, Mailbox...that conference sucks!" NEWSFLASH: We missed the boat when it left the shore three decades ago, so any configuration you make is going to suck. Deal with it. Should have given the school a dollar every time they you bitched and complained about the athletic department. Then, we'd be the richest athletic department in America.
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    125 reported rapes in a 2 year period ? I can't believe that that number is much more than most college campuses.
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    Imagine this cover with Dan McCarney looking over Andrew McNulty last year...with the exact same look as Dodge and that QB. It would be titled "How do you throw a ball more than two yards beyond the LOS?" or "This is how we did it at Iowa"...
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    The problem is that absolutely no one in Texas cares one lick about F_U, Charlotte, or ODU. And vice versa. Plus, it costs too much to travel to play them. You get nothing when they come here. At least playing UTEP, UTSA, La Tech, and other regional competition brings people here when we play them. ULL and Arky State brought people back in the SBC days, as well. Texas State would, as well.
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    I haven't heard anyone claim a fence needing built across every inch. It's probably not needed. But if we wanted to, I suppose we could? Rick
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    That conniving bastard!
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    Ridiculous. Doesn't he realize that DQ is the stop sign of North Texas. That doesn't work at OSU.
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    The only performance on the court that could draw 5,000 people per game would be in VERY poor taste!
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    Walmart? Buccees? My comment can cover American society. We are a fat and selfish country.
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    The UIL needs to clean their mess up and get serious about putting a halt to the out of control practice of free-for-all incoming transfers. Way too much cheating going on by the usual suspects. Its just about ruined watching high school football for me and the reason I no longer buy this magazine. Rick

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