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    good, then McNulty doesn't have to throw the deep ball as far.
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    In fairness, the thread has nothing to do with playing Baylor. The question is whether or not we will bring more fans to SMU than Baylor.
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    You got all that from still photos?
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    another year won't change an FCS (at best) arm. When there is no threat to throw the ball vertically, you end up with 8 in the box every play, which kills the ground game. Unless he grew a new right arm, this is going to be another disappointing year.
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    Good grief. If your an alum, find your way to the game on your own. I'm perplexed why anyone would expect UNT to bus graduates.
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    http://www.examiner.com/article/suddenly-denton-texas-is-a-craft-beer-hot-spot Harry, feel free to move where appropriate. I was going to put it in the Denton-centric Forum but... it's seems to be a wasteland of single-poster crime blotters. Anyway, we're continually getting cooler up here. #keepdentonbeer'd
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    Yes and it was also his fault that the UAB offense scored at will. Kid was a FR and we should have let him make freshman mistakes in a garbage season anyway. Stop recruiting kids that you aren't willing to let make mistakes. Mac is the Benford of QB selection for Christ's sake. Make a mistake, you are done! LINE CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Don't discount the fact that what Mac says to Vito may be a motivational tool for Smith. Thats the only hope I have left to hang onto, anyway.
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    QB's with weaker arms are successful at the FBS level only if they have a lightening quick release to go along with lightning quick decision making abilities. Basically, what matters is the time it takes from the very moment that the QB realizes a receiver is open to the time the ball arrives. Strong arms can make up for a lack of decision making and lack of a quick release. And a quick release and quick decision making can make up for a weaker arm (except on deep outs). Ive seen nothing to indicate that McNulty or Greer possess any of these abilities. Hope I'm wrong.
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    What game set UNT's attendance record? Yes, when an absolutely awful Baylor team came to Fouts, and their alumni filled up that junky stadium. And #2 in our history was another time when Baylor came to Fouts. It's not out of the realm of possibility that we could bring more fans to SMU than Baylor does, but I think we'd better wait until afterwards to think about bragging about that one.
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    There are a lot of engaged Baylor alums and families in the D/FW area. They don't have to "travel" well when they play here.
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    Smith is pretty surprising to me. He must really be struggling picking up that playbook. As for Means, I've seen very little of him but what I do know of him screams accuracy issues. Less than 50% completion percentage in high school for an FBS commit QB, 6-15 in his second spring game, and even the videos. https://twitter.com/meangreenfb/status/634013464143368193 I (and we) need more to accurately judge him, but I just haven't seen many good signs. Maybe the cameras haven't done a good job of showing his good moments.
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    Prediction The ex UNT player who makes the biggest statement will be.Erick Evans.
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    Funny the number of opinions considering nobody has seen the practices this Fall.
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    That's only an advantage if your QB is a threat to throw more than a screen
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    Looking to ride the train from Collin County to the SMU game? Anyone and everyone are welcome to meet at Vickery Park in historic downtown Plano. Vickery Park is located at 1101 E. 15th Street in Plano, right around the corner from the downtown Plano DART train station. (Coming from US 75 Central Expressway, just take the 15th Street exit in Plano and head east to downtown Plano.) Let's meet at Vickery Park around 2pm for pre-tailgate food and drinks. We can then march around the corner to the train station and catch the 2:31 train, which will have us to Mockingbird Station at 2:57pm. Local train tickets are $5 and cover you for the day. The North Texas Mean Green Tailgate starts at 3pm (tickets are $20 in advance through the North Texas Ticket office or $30 at the gate). Feel free to hang out at Vickery Park later if you don't plan to tailgate prior to the game. To make it there by game time, you probably want to catch the 5:11pm train at the latest, which gets you to Mockingbird Station at 5:37pm, giving you about 20 minutes to get to your seats at Ford Field. There is gameday shuttle bus service from Mockingbird Station starting at 6am that concludes 1 hour post game. Post here if you think you might join us. RSVP not necessary to attend.
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    UNT fans seem to travel well. I have been to 2 games at Rice where we outnumbered the Owls and got pounded. The product on the field matters more than the turnout in the stands. Sorry for misreading the original post.
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    If you are talking about his ability to regularly make 40-50+ yard throws "on a rope" then you may be right about him. I'm more concerned with his ability to make mid-range throws with "timely-to-fast" releases. I wouldn't characterize Mitch Maher as a cannon armed QB, but he rarely missed his mid-range throws, and when he had to, he could count on his TE, the great Luis Silva to bring down a "hail mary" throw from time to time. All McNulty needs is for any of his taller WR's to develop into a Darnell Smith/Luis Silva go-after-and-fight-for-the-ball-type receiver, and the long throws will be there. To further make my point. After watching "Johnny Football" and T. Boykin play a couple of times, I wasn't all that impressed with them. Many times on their long pass plays (especially Boykin) they just threw it up in the vicinity of their very talented WR's and let them go after it. And the same could be said for a lot of their mid-range throws (especially J. Football). Their WR's made them look REAL good.
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    While I was one of those lamenting this the loudest, I have to say, this was not the solution I had in mind
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    Defense and special teams can give you a big boost. That is one thing I took away from attending 11 of the 13 games in the 2013 season. Also a good o line can really help a QB look greatly improved. My biggest problem with Mini Mac is his height and he isn't going to get any taller!
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    A winning season under Benford would certainly be unprecedented.
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    The very latest train to make it back to Denton will leave Mockingbird Station at 10:07PM (Red train). Hop off at Pearl/Arts at 10:15, wait for Green train that arrives at 10:20. Green train arrives at Trinity Mills at 11:04PM, last DCTA train leaves at 11:07P, arrives Denton at 11:38
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    UNT > > Baylor > UTSA
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    I was just saying in my personal experience with the handful of BU grads that I have worked with, it has not been a pleasant experience I freely admit is a small sample size of under a dozen or so, but enough for me to consider it more than a coincidence. On a separate note, Baylor as a university publicly says one thing, and then does another. The football coach came to them and said they needed to admit a kid because he thought it would help them win. No problem coach. The parallel I was trying to draw is that my personal experience with BU grads was that of being hypocritical and sneaky/underhanded/fake kind of stuff, compared with how the university itself has shown a willingness to say one thing publicly and then behind the scenes act in a way that is counter to their supposed beliefs in an effort to succeed in athletics. No apologies here. I do not care for Baylor and normally pass on Baylor graduates for a job based on my prior experiences. Sucks for the candidate, but that is reality for me. I am laughing my ass off that they have once again found themselves in the middle of yet another mess. Stereotype much? Yes.
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    Just buy them...they cost hardly anything. I have several conflicts as well, but the cost is so low that I bought the WBB season ticket as well. You never know, my schedule may change and I might end up being able to make more than I now think. Could happen.
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    When you get down, season hasn't even started, without a game played, go back and watch the highlights of the 2013 season. We played some good football.
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    Many on here get distressed about McNulty being #1. My distress is the #2. I'm very disappointed that Means and/or Smith have not made a move. They have far more potential.
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    He had a chance. 3 chances, to be exact. He isn't an FBS QB (but, then again, no one on UNT's roster appears to be). Good Luck, Dajon. I hope you have finally found a home.
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    How about the fact that Baylor essentially forced the girl to transfer due to a "decline in performance" and reducing her scholarship? Oh, I guess the fact that she was raped and essentially told to 'get over it' had nothing to do with her "reduced" performance...
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    Having a higher moral compass than Baylor athletics is truly one of the lowest bars you can have.
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    Come on y'all! If you're all growed up then you can figure out how to safely get to a game and back without taking a kids seat on a school bus. My friends and I will be getting a hotel down there, drinking too much, and making bad decisions without a vehicle to get me in trouble.
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    Too distracted... "Could I, Would I, Should I Break 'em? Uh..."
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    You mean that he is so dumb that it didn't sink in the first three years... And to previous posts, throwing downfield isn't the challenge. With nothing left in my right shoulder, I can easily toss a ball 40 yards straight downfield. Throwing a quick and decisive ball on an out to the sidelines is much more difficult and where turn overs happen all the time. No 50/50 balls don't occur there. This is where a weak arm kills a QB. This is where we are limited. With MinMac, the opposing D can just cross that off their list of things to worry about.
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    Amen Agree completely. To already rule out every statement from the coaching staff that McNulty's has improved during the offseason seems premature. I certainly didn't play football at North Texas but I definitely experienced a huge jump in understanding of how to and the importance of preparation and study in the classroom each year I was on campus - including a much more focused effort in the final year. I refuse to reject the idea that this experience can't similarly take place for the players. Again, I agree. It sounds like McNulty has a strong command and understanding of the offense compared to where he was 12 months ago. Should help dramatically.
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    We don't want any of Baylor. There was a time when we could hold our own against the likes of Baylor and Texas Tech. That time has passed. We have trouble with UTSA now. I love MG football, but we need to be realistic.
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    Greer had 2 camps under his belt and looked completely lost. He didn't seem to have a grasp of what to do, where to move, when to audible, etc... and that was with 2 camps. With that memory being so fresh in the coach's minds it doesn't bode well for hopes of the staff throwing a guy with a few weeks experience in there. There is a bit more to the QB position than how strong your arm is (certainly helps though). Whatever/whoever they roll out better be an improvement over last year if we are going to have any chance.
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    The QB depth chart is the main reason I'm more disinterested in this season than any other in my UNT fandom
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    Please tell me that the victim and/or her family has secured the services of a great attorney and is SUING THE HELL OUT OF BAYLOR.
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    Dude you got it backwards. Patrick Dennehy was murdered by Carlton Dotson.
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    Maybe we'll play him for homecoming next year??!?!?
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    If we're worried about fans coming to Apogee on the same day as UT-OU, you're worried about the wrong fans. If fans are going to UT-OU, it wouldn't matter if UNT were playing A&M at Apogee. Those fans simply are not coming to Apogee... because they're UT or OU fans, not UNT fans.
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    I'll be there cheering for the kids, not the AD. Do it for the kids!
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    All is not lost. Beneford got us a one eyed, one legged transfer as a replacement!
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    I couldn't tell if that was a practice or game by looking at the stands.
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    The Coddling of the American Mind First, the article is pretty lengthy but I think is a great read, and you probably need to read it in order to add to the discussion. Second, before this turns into a "kids today" sort of discussion: I am highly troubled to see this sort of avoidance behavior among my peers of all ages. Suddenly all of my liberal friends only have liberal friends and refuse to even speak with conservatives, or even entertain conservative thoughts. The same things goes for conservative friends in regard to liberals. The mere fact that someone is on the opposite end of the spectrum means they are stupid and not worth your time. People: STOP LIVING IN ECHO CHAMBERS. It is lazy and intellectually dishonest. Look at your facebook list, is is mostly people who think exactly like you? How about the the people you go to lunch with or spend time on the weekends? When you do argue with someone on the other side, are you discussing the points of the argument, or the merely painting them wrong because the idea is liberal or conservative. Put up with a little discomfort, challenge yourself, a little self examination never hurt killed anyone. If you are surrounded by a peer group that would threaten to disown you for even considering the other side, they are part of the problem. In the end it will make you a happier person, like the article says:
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    By re-professing your love for 90? I get it; he's the closest thing you have to an online friend. I'd call it a bromance, but if you guys were to wrestle and something slid in, Lonnie would have to sadly put you both down with a single tear in his eye.

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