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    It's about time this eye sore goes away! This is very good news! http://www.dentonrc.com/local-news/local-news-headlines/20140918-unt-set-on-buying-sack-save-site.ece
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    I don't feel bad. Txdot is the one who is taking half the land and devaluing the property. It won't be as functional anymore. We are trying to buy it up without using eminent domain. The value is only going to fall. I also don't feel bad for a business that has continued to decline and has not invested in improving the property conditions in 2 decades. Good riddance.
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    Indeed! With our quarterback situation and our "above the rest for thousands less"....SACK and SAVE was hitting a little too close to home. Let's spruce up that entrance fast!
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    First Fry St. now Sack and Pillage. Memories of the cookie aisle that looked like a war zone; undefinable odors from the vegetable bins; and 17 cent packages of ramen. All the monuments of my misspent college days are dropping one by one.
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    Great video, thanks to Mac for making this happen:
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    I'd guess like four. Four people. Nobody in a dorm room has a place to store groceries. Most fraternity and sorority members have cars -- or people who can take them somewhere (and further, no one wants to put anything inside a fraternity house 'fridge). And I'd guess a very small number of people live off campus without any sort of transportation. So, four. Four people is my guess as to the number of students who will be greatly impacted by the closing of this grocery store.
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    So what most of you don't know about me is that my friend and I have been supporting a school in northern Thailand for quite some time. These kids are learning English and a trade and would otherwise be pinning a number to their chest on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. But they don't have clean drinking water all year. We're endeavoring to build them a water tower that will collect the water during rainy season and given them a source of clean water year round. There is no CEO, there is no skimming off the top. 100% of proceeds go to building a water tower for these kids. I'm asking the mean green nation to help out. https://fundanything.com/en/campaigns/clean-water-for-the-charlermrus-whittayakom-school?col=-45717 Edit: Please watch the video.
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    I think I read that the university's still aiming to partner with shops in the area surrounding the campus because well, it's just something the campus needs as part of its culture. I'm hoping this means a grocery place near campus because for a lot of students who don't have cars, or for folks who live near campus, a good SnS replacement would be great. Tear the old store down, put up a newer one in its place (or nearby). One of the things that people are forgetting when they argue that the shop is about to lose out to imminent domain or a standard buyout, is that store is RIGHT on I35 and it's something that people see as they drive into and through Denton. While I'm no fan of imminent domain, I think that the city of Denton deserves something better to represent itself than a rundown grocery chain right by its crown jewel campus. A lot of the great things about Denton can't be seen from I35, I don't see a reason to hide them behind an eyesore.
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    Except Sack and Save was about to lose most of its parking to the state through eminent domain for the I 35 expansion, making the location not viable for a grocery store, right? Hence property value dropping by half in 2012? And UNT had nothing to do with that. Seems like a win win for the school and the business. They should be thanking UNT for taking an unusable building off their hands.
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    Breaking down North Texas game vs. the Nicholls Colonels. Includes match-ups, starters, stats, advanced stats, scouting reports and a game plan for victory inside! Check it out: The Breakdown FYI - I'm not gonna lie and say I spent the last 20 hours breaking down 180hrs of game film of Nicholls. This game to me is more about what I want us to do than what Nicholls is going to do. That being said they do have some good athletes and players. I would not be surprised to see them score 2 TD's on our defense. I would be very surprised if we don't hit 200 yards rushing especially if we run at 30 times.
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    Between this (I'm assuming they'll tear it down) and the 35 expansion project consuming the Exxon/McDonalds/IHOP around Avenue D, the entry to campus is going to look MUCH different in the very near future.
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    I think one under-appreciated aspect of Thompson's game was his ability to take a step or two away from the pass rush and then quickly release the ball. He helped the offensive line minimize their sacks allowed totals and maybe inflated our expectations of them going into this season. Don't get me wrong; our OL is one of the strengths of the team. But, they are far less effective when we are in obvious run/pass downs.
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    Not nearly as many as you think. And if they don't, the buses run to the local grocery stores. You'd be surprised how many don't buy groceries. Mom and dad will be here this weekend and take them to the store and it will be the Kroger, not that dumpy sack and save.
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    Agreed. There are far too many people in the UNT/Denton community that are only interested in taking, while never giving or supporting. It's all "how will this help ME", not how will this improve the university or the community. They also only provide disdain and complaints, never solutions or help. They also aren't informed enough to point their criticisms in the proper direction.
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    Yep that's the same group that always against this and that in Denton especially the Hotel Convention Center. It's the Denial Neighborhood saga oh poor us attitude.
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    Don't get me wrong. I too find S&S unpleasing to the eye. Im just not too fond of bully tactics.
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    Agreed. I think we are headed in the right direction with this...if we can pay for it.
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    My only suggestion is to Open up a beer as soon as you get out of your vehicle. Its not my rule, its just Blue Lot Law
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    Yes! That place needs to go. That whole shopping center needs to go. First step of the master plan to clear out and improve that entrance to campus. Good riddance.
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    Yes it does. Losing that grocery store is really going to a lot of the low income family's in the immediate area. But hey... F ALL THEM CUZ THAT BUILDING IS UGLY AND I DONT NEVER SHOP THERE!!!!!1!
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    13k? Have our expectations really dropped that low? This place is more sad than a funeral home.
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    You sure? Take a look at the I35 project plans for that area. The proposed boundary (Pink line is proposed Right of Way. Green is existing ROW) is right up against the building. I don't think that can be sustained. Pancho's looks like they may be able to pull it off, but if you saw somewhere else, please link (I certainly wouldn't mind seeing it gone). Taco C is definitely a goner... and that hits home a little because that's where I first met my wife. Also, OGS's favorite motel appears to be affected. http://ftp.dot.state.tx.us/pub/txdot-info/dal/i35e/rfp/row_middle_segment/ih35e_north_row_sht3_20130806.pdf This post has been promoted to an article
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    This is good news. Rip that thing down immediately.
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    BIH, P. Wanted to beat Tasty to it, for a change.
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    We could schedule a SMUT game on the Sack-n-Save parking lot.. There would be plenty of room for all their fans.
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    Kinda sad. Just a little. That was the first place I ever legally purchased adult beverages. Bartles and James coolers as I remember it. Dang...what a pansy. Tear it down!
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    I usually avoid the Pie forum like the plague, but I heard there was a Ukraine thread and I have good friends/ministry partners there that I talk to almost daily. They were in Kiev until a couple of weeks ago but have moved to Lvov. I do also still have contacts in Kiev. Sometimes they are not really forthcoming because they dont want me to worry, but I will try to get an update on the latest and let you all know what I find out. Anyway, thanks, all of you for being concerned about the folks there.
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    Yes. And You can listen to records on the iPhone and they have an alarm and electronic mail too.
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    Not really. There is much more to this story, I am willing to bet. How many major league managers do you think cheat on their wives? How many get caught? Hell, I bet there are even divorces over this very thing. I bet those guys went right on managing before and after their divorce. These guys are on the road a lot and are celebrities. Opportunities and temptations are there. Many have given in to these temptations and lost their marriage because of it. Hell, Billy Martin was married 4 times and had a long term mistress during his third marriage, a mistress that became his fourth wife. And he managed through it all with no need to call a press conference to apologize to his wife. Let's look at exactly what Washington said: "... Today, I'm at a very low time in my life. I'm sorry for breaking the trust that I had with my wife and for disappointing my players, for disappointing my coaches, disappointing Major League Baseball and for disappointing the Texas Rangers." Why the hell is he apologizing for disappointing his players and coaches, who probably a pretty good number of are sexing it up on the road while away from their wife? Why the F does he owe the Rangers or MLB an apology for a personal relationship failing? I think this is a planned preemptive strike against the rumored allegations, stating publicly that it was a consensual affair and apologizing to his wife to possibly attack the credibility of the rumored accuser. Really, why else would he have this very very weird press conference to apologize for something that isn't anyone's business but he and his wife's? Very strange and doesn't pass the smell test.
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    Gifs on your phong are hard... But imagine an old man shaking his head no with a sour look on his face.
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    Can baseball please just go away already? I hate how much it cuts in to football season.
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    I don't know what the coaches would do. I know what the plan on gmg.com would be:
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    Did he win a national championship at Florida?
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    Someone should tell him he is at UNT and not UTA before he starts... he screwed that up at my graduation.
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    THAT IS MY WHOLE POINT. Republicans don't think Democrats are reasonable. Democrats don't think Republicans are. Whenever anyone tries to be a moderate they are RINOs are DINOs according to you people. You proved my whole freaking point by trying to argue against it. If I were to go to another board I post on making this argument, I'd get a likewise long winded narrative on how liberals always have to compromise and conservatives never do. Neither side ever believes the other side compromises.
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    I think that's what got him in the predicament in the first place.
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    Slippery slope there. Suppose he had taken steps to remedy that situation and it had gotten out. Imagine the uproar. So to stay away from taking a side on that issue, we're more prone to point fingers and tell a 19-year-old to keep it in his pants and never, ever make a mistake or give in to the heat of the moment. Our desire is for a good football team. Whether or not that happens, I'll give him credit where credit it due in taking steps to be a responsible father for this child he's brought into the world. I hope he continues on that path. Good lord, I sound like a former "coach" there.
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    So I'm one of the few probably that has seen all of Dajon's snaps live. That's because I stay to the end of games even when we are getting throttled (not bragging, just sayin') Here's what I think you should expect and might be different than what has been said on here. Dajon is not a big running threat. - As I typed that I mean that in relation to what some have been saying. It's not like we are going to have some kind of Oregon zone read offense where the QB is as big as threat to go to the house as anyone else. I also realize it will seem like I'm wrong, because he will be the best running threat we've had there since Riley, and he was pretty good as a runner. Dajon will be able to make plays on the move with his arm - The big thing I see with his running ability is to make plays with the passing game while moving. He does a great job of keeping his eyes downfield while on the move. So whether it's designed roll-outs or scrambles out of pressure, I expect him to make plenty of good passing plays on the move. He will make mistakes - I expect him to make plenty of bonehead mistakes. Whether that is busted plays, or throws into a bad spot, the kid is going to make mistakes. He hasn't had a ton of practice or playing time so there will be some head scratchers. A few thoughts of the top of my noggin'. I'm very excited to see him get a chance.
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    Reading the comments on the DRC story is forehead-slap-inducing. Usually why I avoid comments. Can't believe the complaints. Most haven't taken the time to read the story, or they are flat ignorant. Guess I'm not really surprised. Also provides a small window into the thought process of some of these Denton residents - who will never support Unt or athletics.
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    Looking at the Master plan even the Beer Barn will be gone someday. Hey, I miss the Texas Pickup and Prairie Street Tavern, but that side of campus has improved. Now if the city would make the land lords clean up businesses on Prairie Street.
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    10AM is a great time to get out there... my tip... you can never have too much alcohol... as long as you have alcohol, nobody can really complain
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    You guys handled it well. Rick was so patient. Sounded like whatever he was eating must have been good.
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    I don't think any of us were acquiring points the 10 years you were admin. The points system has been around for what, 3 or 4 years? So really, if that is counting total posts, it is inaccurate. It needs to count posts from when the points system started.
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    How Capper has evaded a similar scenario is entirely beyond me.
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    I bet Chelf is bitter that McNulty didn't get te job.
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    And you're basically what I was talking about UNT90. Anyone that doesn't toe the line 100% in your mind, isn't conservative enough. Perry scares the crap out of progressive people in California, I assure you. It's much like how you say Obama is basically the most left person since Karl Marx, and many liberals I know complain about him not being progressive enough. That's why crap can't get done. Both sides can't stand it if they don't have batshit crazy people in office. If you try to be reasonable at all, you're a fraud.

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