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    No Red Raiders? I guess you don't work at Papa John's.
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    True dat This picture is great for a couple of reasons...
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    I hope coach Wintrich get a nice little raise. He's done an outstanding job.
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    There have only ever been three Mean Green quarterbacks who started on a bowl game winning team. I can't find player stats for the 1946 Optimist Bowl, but it was 1946 and the game ended 14-13 so I doubt it was an aerial display. In the 2002 NO Bowl Andrew Smith had a rough game, only going 9/22 for 126 YDS and and INT. So by default DT's performance was great. I think DT is in the conversation for the HOF from that performance alone. It probably does say something about our overall level of success through the years, but it is what it is. We'll see what the voters think in five years.
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    There is a reason Dodge is a HS coach in Marble Falls. To say Dodge was in over his head is like saying an ant is in over it's head in the middle of the Mariana Trench.
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    Id be danged ticked off if I found a crumpled up Benjamin that turned out to be a Washington
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    Dude, this is just plain wrong... They mostly work at Domino's...
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    Reading about the Omni, Tower Club NYE Party, attending the pregame tailgate, fixing the ticket issue, free pom poms and beads with the HOD "medallion," etc... I thought they did a fantastic job. We had a blast. Now, if only ESPN would replay the game so I could record it.
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    "Hey Nick Saban, wanna be the next coach of Texas? No? That's alright we're still Texas!" "Hey Kevin Sumlin, wanna be the next coach of Texas? No? That's alright we're still Texas!" "Hey either Harbaugh brother, wanna be the next coach of Texas? No? That's alright we're still Texas!" "Hey Art Briles, wanna be the next coach of Texas? No? That's alright we're still Texas!" "Hey Gus Malzahn, wanna be the next coach of Texas? No? That's alright we're still Texas!" "Hey Jim Mora, wanna be the next coach of Texas? No? That's alright we're still Texas!" "Don't worry folks, whomever we finally get to say yes will be our FIRST CHOICE! Because we're still Texas"
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    I hope he thought to himself "Wow!!! It only took McCarney three years to dig the car out of the ditch I drove it into?!!" 13% folks, 13%
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    I joined the Alumni Association this last year and it is great. Fun to drop by and talk to folks and Kram is a great guy (even though he likes to get some of you guys jive on here). Next season I plan on joining the Mean Green Club and of course keeping my Alumni Association membership. My wife and I do not make much money but it is worth it to help the Mean Green family.
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    That would be a bigger coup than Texas putting a quarterback in the NFL that sticks.
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    Harry,suggest you contact Eric Capper, explain lack of program availability at game,and ask him to follow up with HOD bowl. He should be able to get whatever was left over, and make them available thru the ticket office[i'm sorry guys. I just couldn't help myself]. At any rate, I'm sure Eric would help if asked.
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    Unless your ISP doesn't pay royalties to ESPN.
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    I picked 9-3. Didn't pick a bowl because there was a small possibility we'd get screwed. Same with CUSA title thing. Vito can be annoying.
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    Absolutely agree. The Ticket Office should keep operations ramped up for another week or two, trying to capitalize on our HOD success.
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    Yes, Dodge was a position coach at UNT for a couple of years, I think '92 and '93. But it was limited experience, and he was pretty removed from his college experience when he came to UNT 14 years later. If he wanted to become a college HC after his time at SLC, he would have been best served to spend a year as a position coach, another few years as a coordinator, and then make his move to HC. At this point, I highly doubt he tries to make another run at coaching at the college level in any capacity. EDIT: Well, it looks like Fake Lonnie already said everything I said. So I'll just say, "Amen."
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    Interesting article. Losing ECU will initially hurt the conference but I think what is in the works is a rebuilding phase of the conference with new rivalries developing. If Rice, UTSA, and UNT stay competitive and in the hunt for a conference title within the next couple years then it could help facilitate ticket sales and marketing. If UTEP can be more competitive in the next couple years it'll make C-USA in Texas that much more interesting. I'm not saying we're going to immediately sell out stadiums but I think as fans we can help create a culture that can spark a rivalry and from there a possible tradition of competition. I know from top to bottom the conference doesn't look intimidating looking into 2014 but I think we have something special here brewing in the state of Texas. As others have pointed out, OOC scheduling is key. I like the idea of continuing to play big powerhouse conference teams from the SEC, Big 12, and Big 10 but it would be nice to play away teams like Houston, SMU (which we will play next season) and/or Texas State rather than Ohio just because fans would likely travel to those types of away games. Western Kentucky is a good addition to the conference. I can't speak for the rest of the fans of schools in the C-USA but I know we have good potential in Texas to make the best out of this opportunity and I'm proud that UNT is part of this conference.
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    He was an assistance for a year or two...when we were I-AA. From 1994 to 2007, the college football landscape had changed dramatically. He needed recent college experience as Graham, Freeze, Briles, and Malzahn all got before their responsibilies were increased.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Dodge a position coach under Parker? I think Steve Kragthorpe replaced him when Simon was hired. I could be wrong but he had some college experience. If it wasn't lack of experience then his philosophy was fundamentally flawed. Dodge had moments but tried to run a Division 1 program like a High School. He left the team in shambles but helped us get a great stadium. No matter what I think we have a damn good head coach now along with great coordinators and position coaches.
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    We even pounded on Georgia pretty good. We no doubt had a few of their guys limping into SEC play.
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    How about......... North Texas is leaving behind its long time role as one of the Wizard of Oz's munchkins for a much higher profile role as Paul Bunyan along with his blood-splattered axe and one nasty, filthy attitude? Carry on....
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    Very true. It may be a slight stretch, but I do think that he also increased enthusiasm for the program, and some of that enthusiasm actually lingered through the pain and suffering of his failed tenure. I would bet that quite a few who jumped on our bowl bandwagon this year were initially hooked when he was hired. I just hope we get the carryover into Apogee next season.
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    Todd just wasn't ready...and, RV allowed him to hire an entire coaching staff of coaches who also weren't ready. You look at Todd Graham, Hugh Freeze, Art Briles, and Gus Malzahn...all pretty successful high school football coaches before they jumped to the college scene. The difference is, they all made the jump from high school head coach to assistant coach. Okay, so, they learned what it took to run a program before being handed the keys. They learned what is and what isn't important. I mean, in Dodge's first season you had assistant coaches disciplining players during the games for cussing! It just wasn't realistic. During a football game, the important thing is the football game. People get frustrated and cuss sometimes. But, that's how unprepared Dodge and his staff were - they didn't know what should be a priority...even during games. I don't think that Todd Dodge is incapable of being a college head coach. But, he needs two or three years of being a position coach, co-offiensive coordinator, or offensive coordinator before he is becomes a head coach again.
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    I thought all year long that our S&C program showed its worth in a great fashion...I've never seen a North Texas team look that much stronger than the competition in the 4th quarter of games, even the teams from the SBC run of the early 00's. To me, this is where you can credit Dan McCarney's expertise for developing linemen--he knows how to coach 'em and he knows how to build 'em up too!!
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    Nah, Harry. You know how I feel about the whole hundred dollar thing. You also know how I feel about the perceived media conspiracy against UNT. Right now is certainly a time of celebration. But that was fundamentally shoddy writing. It's an unfortunate reality of modern internet blogs and "journalism." Fact check? Nah. It's the internet. It's not that the guy intentionally slighted UNT. He just didn't try very hard to get his facts right. Has nothing to do with UNT. Bottom line, we got a bowl win in front of a whole bunch of new/fair weather/previously uncaring fans on Wednesday. This should be a HUGE advance for our program.
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    Along the lines of what you're saying, he also insisted on bringing in a dedicated football strength and conditioning coach. That is something we had never had before. And along the lines of what I was saying earlier, I got to thinking about watching Riley's reaction when we blew out Western KY in the first game after his dad was fired. I'm sure he was happy about the win, but while everyone else was hootin' and hollerin', he was very subdued. I'm not a mind reader, but I'm almost sure he had to be thinking, "I wish Dad were still coaching for this win." I imagine that's something along the lines of how Coach Dodge must have felt watching this bowl game.
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    I watched eight games this season. I started to see it as a game plan on both offense and defense. You know that whole run up the middle super vanilla offense that had us all so up in arms all season? You know how we had one of the strongest offensive lines in college football? Did you notice how tired those opposing defenses looked in the second half of games? Did you also notice how the playbook seemed to magically open up right about that time? On the flip side, our defense would bend a little in the first half, but would hit every runner, every receiver, and the quarterback so hard that when they would come out for the second half, they had this look in their eyes like, "Oh man, crap. We have to do this again?" Those first half hits broke their spirits. It clicked with me at the LA Tech game, and the UTSA debacle notwithstanding, it was a consistent game plan for the rest of the season.
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    Physicality makes people eventually quit. We saw that a lot this year. Ball St. comes immediately to mind. Getting hit hurts. Getting hit hard and often hurts worse and more frequently. It's called physically imposing your will, and the UNT defense did that often. The addition of 2 shut down CBs also had a huge impact.
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    Yeah, I thought the same thing about the the "number of new coaches" comment, but that's pretty minor compared to the butchering of our history we're used to around here. And as far as sleeping giant, the whole point of the article is that we're not just a sleeping giant anymore. The term he used in the title was "waking giant" (although the 2nd-to-last sentence undermined the entire premise of his article). But overall, it is pretty well-written, and it is most definitely good pub. I'll take it.
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    Alabama fans are literally the worse. Glad to see their team lose last night and hope for their continued downfall. AJ McCarron, however, is a good dude.

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