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    I don't care who they add, as long as UNT is gone. It appears that under Benson, the Belt is determined to remain a gateway conference for the FCS.
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    You will then be eligible for Miss Universe. If you so choose.
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    Here is to a great year for u & the Mean Green Nation !!!!!
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    Hope he does cease that opportunity.
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    Please take the LA Tech/UTSA grudge elsewhere. This is GoMeanGreen.com Best of luck to UTSA and LA Tech. Quite honestly, I would rather have LA-Laffayette come with us than either UTSA or LA Tech.
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    I think ya'll are jumping to a lot of conclusions.
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    hope they find their on campus workout facility....their on campus football field....their on campus athletic complex....hope they can find a football on campus
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    I'm over at the east end of the Ozarks, but that's not the sense I get at all. Everything I've heard says there's no way he loses his job over this. Everything I've heard could be wrong, though. The Hogs have every right to fire him.
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    You would at least tear her apart tho right?
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    If LSU offers, JJ is gone this year. His son is AN 8TH grader at Crownover and will be starting HS at Guyer this Fall. Once he starts, JJ won't move until he graduates. He won't move his son around once he starts HS.
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    Normally I would disagree with you on this, Tasty, but with who we have coming back, I think continuity is really important. Forrest has the skins on the wall and has seen successful programs built, and more importantly, has the blueprint to how to be successful at UNT. With the recent focus on coaches with head coaching experience, I wonder if the administration would sign off on Forrest as head coach. I hope they realize that the other programs for which they have instituted this policy have been at or near the very bottom when the coaching hires were made. Kinda different circumstances here.
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    I think he was dne before he ever started.
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    That was a knee slapper there Scrap! Hopefully Isiah is done coaching.
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    Don't worry guys, if JJ leaves us Isiah Thomas is available.
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    I really don't think you guys understand... They could knock $10k off of what he's making here now. Here's why he wants to coach there (also consider his 13 years of asst. coaching there):
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    Why are UTSA fans assuming that meeting has anything to do with them?
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    I don't like t.u.'s record as of late when it comes to Board of Regents meetings.
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    LSU is a great job btw. They've had 3 final fours in their history, plus some of the all-time greats play there. Other than the true blue bloods of college basketball, LSU is one of the best jobs in the country. (Potential wise anyways....they haven't shown it much as of late)
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    Seriously... Some people aren't hearing whisperings of UNT moving, because they either aren't listening or aren't listening to the right people. Perhaps they aren't evaluating us, because we are already in...
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    I would hope that this involves the UTEP move to the MWC. I don't even want to know what would happend to this board if UTSA were to get an invite. I fully understand if people here at NT want to keep their cards close to their chest, but COME THE F*** ON!!!! Have these officials been to NT on an offical Merger/Alliance visit?! Is there one in the works?! We're not even hearing whispers of things happening for NT while places like UTSA have confirmed reports of visits. GRRRRRRRRRR
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    Well, I'm just a little behind the curve. Let me send this to myself: lmgtfy.com I think JJ stays one more year. He could get a huge payoff job-wise if next year's team is all that we think it will be. Either way, I just hope LSU doesn't make a decision until after April 29th.
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    Johnny has paid his dues here at North Texas...elevating the program far higher than any recent predecessors...good luck and good wishes to him if he leaves for LSU.
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    While I think Aston to Texas gave us some good pub, I can't help but wonder if the applicants may know something we don't about conference realignment. Maybe that's the reason we are suddenly so popular? Hey, a man can dream.
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    Arkansas will soon be in the market for a new head coach. The only question is will it be for football or swimming?
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    I find this visit to UTSA very intriguing in light of the CUSA commish' already having been quoted saying that UTSA needs to mature for a few years to be considered, but this is today's NCAA when things are kinda' topsy-turvy and what is said one day has a 180 degree the next. Another reason some of us have said hold off on all the celebrating until we have an "in writing" reason to celebrate for our own school. Yet like North Texas (in the Metroplex) the Alliance would probably be more interested in San Antonio first (UTSA 2'nd). Who knows, UTSA powers that be may have told Allliance officials how they could deliver the Alamo Bowl game to the Alliance if part of it. I mean aren't many schools vying for Alliance membership pulling out all the stops with some things factual about what they could bring and some things not so factual? I know... "if if's and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas" but if North Texas would have built our stadium 25 or so years ago when it should have we wouldn't be piddling around with all this crap now and with schools that haven't even played one down as an FBS school. I suppose just another long, tedious step in our 100 year plan while UTSA does it in 1 year perhaps? GMG!
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    To be perfectly honest, I get the feeling that if Tony stays, it will be because of his teammates, not his coach. With everyone back, this team should do big things, regardless of who the coach is. That said, I hope Johnny stays.
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    True, but she had been working for the Foundation before this new job which started on March 28. I thought this morning he would be fired, but the longer it goes the more I think they won't.
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    That will hurt to lose JJ. I'd guess we would lose Tony unless we got a big name to replace..
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    can we please not lose two basketball coaches in a week's span....thanks.
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    Fox 4 reported it was done. LSU board "insiders" saying JJ is done? I guess it's still early in this process, and we'll have to wait and see.
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    Several reports are saying Johnson to TCU is a done deal
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    If UTSA gets in over NT I will cut my nads off!
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    Here's a reason on why Petrino should be fired that I hadn't thought of: he hired his mistress to a paid position, paid for by the University of Arkansas A.D.
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    I hope they check out the bball arena.
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    UTSA had people on campus on Thursday from the Alliance and apparently Texas State had people on campus today. La Tech gets a visit next week. I would expect UNT to get a visit either Monday or Tuesday.
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    to put it in perspective, we got more press when Karen left than when she arrived.
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    I think it's great that he is doing so well AND that he seems to take pride in being a UNT alum. That's a win-win in my book. Don't watch the show, but might now knowing "Mark" is a a UNT alum.
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    No thanks. How exactly am I 'masked' as you say, just because we've never met personally? I've met people on this board before, and I did an internship with one of the people on my friend's list. I'm not hiding. You can find me at tailgates & football and basketball games.
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    OK, I can buy that staement...SO...why don't you sign up to play in this year's GMG.COM Flag Football game, come out to the game, have a great time and show a bunch of us that you are, indeed, that nice guy you say you are? This is really the reason I got involved in helping to stage both the GMG.Com Flag Football game (our 9th year) and the GMG.Com Basketball games (just completed our 2nd year). I wanted GMG.Com folks to actually get to know some of the folks they "pick on" while hiding behind their avatars here on GMG.Com. When they do, all the "fussin"' seems to take on a whole different tone and people get to realize that everyone is just a "regular" person with their own opinions and who support the Mean Green. Yes, I realize some will continue to be "cranky" and carry grudges, and even act very childish and actually confront people in public, etc., but most "man up" and realize that it's all opinions at the end of the day and opinions are just what they are...no big deal. So......if you think you can handle the "unmasking", we'd welcome your participation in this year's 9th Annual GMG.Com Flag Football game....April 21st at Apogee. What say you? Up for it?
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    Too bad, cause he's kind of a dick.
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    Wat...wat? Wat's to understand? Ha! I just invited you to come out to play in the GMG.Com Flag Football game....to let folks get to know the "nice guy" that you really are out from behind the avatar. Is that hard to understand? I doubt it. What do you say? want to "unmask" and come out to play flag football with a bunch of GMG.Com'ers and ex-UNT players? Every one is welcome and it's great fun. I see from the reaction to my first post that it must have hit pretty close to home for some folks...sort of a "if the shoe fits" thing I guess.....but, the invite to you is real and sincere.....will we have the pleasure of your company on the playing field at Apogee on the 21st?

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