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    Putting friendship in front of quality. Hope our next QB is a runner.
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    Coach has fired a couple of people.
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    Christian’s final season stats 51 Rec for 723 yds 5 Rec TDs 9 Rushes for 71yds 2 rushing TDs Keep in Mind Christian missed first 5 games due to injury.
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    Sorry, but how is this even okay with the coaching staff, the fact that he is not even present on the sideline during games? If he is off the team, he shouldn't even continue to be acknowledged in the game programs (as small as that sounds, but just an example). In what world is this OK for a player, on an injured list, to NOT be on the sidelines for a game and instead, spending time in the stands? I'm fine with him not being recognized during the senior pre-game if he doesn't even bother to show up on the sidelines to support. Just because you're injured doesn't mean you get a free pass to not show up. Seems crazy to me, especially with the culture of 'teamwork' that this coaching staff touts - And sends a terrible message to the younger guys about leadership. Was he officially off the team? I had not heard that. If so, it was kept pretty hush-hush, but it looks odd when most everyone thinks he is still on the team, yet you see him out and about in the concessions area during games. Maybe I'm missing something ...
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    https://www.hudl.com/video/3/9038336/5ddc9c0b2aa6b00c74242329 This is kid will be a Matchup nightmare and a damn stud. Excited to get him to camp
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    I don't know about Reeder but Reff was clearly coaching his ass off in the UAB game.You hear him yelling in the background while the camera is on Biagi. You can say what you want about ol' Reff's failures but you can't say it was for lack of effort or intensity.
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    Langston needs to be gone after early signing day if we have a recruit or two tied to him. There is no excuse for him to be around. His unit has been mediocre to terrible for THREE FUCKING YEARS.
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    Seems to be a lot of love and respect in that locker room amongst the players. I hope SL does “right the ship.” GMG!
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    It will easily be 70/30 green if not more.
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    Yeah, I kind of feel the same way. It makes me chuckle. "Ok, boomer." "Ok, dumbass." 😂
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    Pretty disappointing way to handle things.
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    Nice try... his whole family is from Louisiana and were Katrina refugees.... he felt best with that staff. Try not to be a D bag next time when you have no idea. 👍
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    I learned that the Dims goal is to get Trump out because they don’t have a candidate that can win.
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    6'3" 295/330 lb https://nwccrangers.com/sports/football/roster/anterrious-gray/2252
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    First off lets looks at the top 5 defenses this last season in conference USA and their current DCS UAB - David Reeves Previous Jobs UAB DL JSU DL - https://uabsports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/david-reeves/1327 WKU -Clayton White Previous Jobs NC State & Connecticut Special Team Coach - https://wkusports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/clayton-white/493 Marshall -Brad Lambert Charlotte Head Coach - https://herdzone.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/brad-lambert/434 FAU - Glenn Spencer Previous Jobs Charlotte and OSU DC - https://fausports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/glenn-spencer/480 Louisiana Tech - Bob Diaco Previous Jobs Defensive analyst Oklahoma Nebraska DC Connecticut HC - https://latechsports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/bob-diaco/496 Here is list of guy I like that are currently unemployed. I know before you scoff at the idea of bringing in guys that might have struggled in the Big 12. Lets remember there are not many "successful" Defenses in the Big 12. Also at North Texas we won't be going up against-the likes of Lincoln Riley, Tom Herman, Matt Rhule, Mike Leach and Art Briles week end and week out. MIke Stoops - Former OU DC and Arizona Head Coach- He is currently at Alabama as a Defensive Analyst - https://247sports.com/Coach/Mike-Stoops-157/ Ryan Walters- Mizzou Dc and former North Texas CB coach- Currently employed with HC getting fired- https://mutigers.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/ryan-walters/1359 David Gibbs - Mizzou Safeties Coach And Former Houston and Texas Tech DC - https://mutigers.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/david-gibbs/1380 Todd Orlando (MY PICK) - Former Texas and Houston DC - https://247sports.com/Coach/Todd-Orlando-539/ Gene Chizik - Former NC DC and Auburn HC - https://247sports.com/Coach/Gene-Chizik-15/ Jeff Koonz - Former North Texas and Ole Miss LB Coach - https://olemisssports.com/news/2019/3/7/football-names-jeff-koonz-linebackers-coach.aspx Barry Odom (My very Close second pick) - Former Memphis DC and Mizzou HC - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Odom
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    We let Brown go last year but that wasn’t until January. Then we hired Jennings in February. Maybe they keep him through the fall signing period, then sort of let him get placed at a new job so it doesn’t look like a straight firing and get a new guy shortly after. Like I said, I think that’s what happened with Brown and Jennings last year. It’s a different timeline than a coordinator.
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    I hope so, but it’s Devions coming home party and they are hoping for a lot of locals to show up to support him. I’m torn, but I bled green. He can drop 40 and we can win by one... haha
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    Nahh there will be more green, but not by a lot. I remember in 2015 when we hosted Creighton, and they had about half the crowd blue lol
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    Correct I don’t know what the logic is, but it sounds like pure emotion to me.
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    North Texas’ men’s basketball team (3-5) got back on track Monday after making a short road trip to Arlington, Texas in which they took down the University of Texas-Arlington (4-5) by a score of 77-66. The Mean Green won following a week-long break after dropping both of their games in the Jersey Mike’s Jamaica Classic. “We played how we wanted to play,” head coach Grant McCasland said. “It was great to see our guys be able to step in there and have so much success.” It was the 58th meeting between the Dallas-Fort Worth area rivals in which North Texas increased its advantage to 32-26. The Mean Green shot an efficient 50 percent from the field and 37 percent from beyond the arc. They finished with better percentages than the Mavericks who shot 42 percent from the field and 36 percent from downtown. “You could tell our defense was playing a really good team,” McCasland said. “They were able to maintain physicality and we guarded all the way down the stretch.” The Mean Green got going early on offense in this one after outscoring the Mavericks 35-23 in the first half. Numerous players for North Texas scored in double digits against the Mavericks including the starting backcourt of redshirt sophomore Umoja Gibson and redshirt junior guard Javion Hamlet. They both led the game in scoring with 18 each, combining to shoot 50 percent from the field and from beyond the arc as a pair. “Give [Hamlet] and [Gibson] credit,” McCasland said. “They really got loose and put the pressure on them View Full Article
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    District moved middle games around so coaches and others could attend. Hopefully we get at-least 6k if not 8k
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    Let me throw out a completely dark horse candidate. Darcel McBath - currently serving as Co-DC at Washington State, worked here as a Quality Control Defensive intern and has local ties, playing at Gainesville High School and Texas Tech.
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    He was also in the stand for HC
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    Whoever it ends up being, I REALLY wish they could bring this bearded guy out of retirment and on staff as an off-field consultant . Watch them swarm to the ball. After realizing that Walters was here in 2013, I'd be ok with him coming and calling for guidance from Skladany.
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    This was a good win. Hadn’t gotten a W in Arlington in quite a few years. As @BillySee58 said, hopefully the tough OOC play to start the season is prepping us better for peer/conference play. I’ll take a lesser overall record but a team peaking at CUSA Tourney time all day every day. Looking forward to OU on Thursday. Should be a great atmosphere at the Pit.
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    They live in my neighborhood in Argyle, maybe she was just visiting Washington, but they do live in Argyle. I cannot confirm if they rent or own.
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    Some do, some don't. If his choice is available now, that great. I don't want him to put an artificial limit on his options. Getting the best person is more important than just putting a filler in.
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    In all seriousness....if Littrell wants to run the offense fine. Maybe we need more of a QB coach as OC. Say what you want about GH but you can't deny what he did with Fine. If SL did or didn't call the plays...I don't know, just going on what people closer to the program say. If he did....and this year was the result, color me unimpressed. But he has an offensive philosophy. And he has had success with it. One thing I LIKE about his offensive philosophy is he runs the ball. It's kind of a Leach hybrid in that he's not going to go out and throw it 50 times a game. I thought that Reeder's offense was more along the lines of what Littrell wanted.....spread it out but run (like the Briles offense...which I love) But that offense needs tempo...which Reeder had at Eastern Washington.....but we didn't here for some reason. I don't know why. Maybe they didn't think we had the personnel? No idea. So I understand what he did at UNC....and he had more talent but he also faced much stiffer defenses.... I sure would like for him to get some of that going here....
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    Somebody like...... “Under OC, the offense averaged 7.46 yards per play, which was second in the nation, and ran the ball for 6.0 yards a carry, which ranked third in the country. this school was one of just 11 schools in the nation that averaged more than 200 yards rushing (229.7) and 250 yards passing (266.0). They rushed for over 200 yards eight times and had over 500 yards of total offense in four games, including 704 yards in a 66-31 win over an 8-5 P5 school who beat a Big10 school in their bowl game.”
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    What about Charlie Strong over Orlando? Known as an elite DC.
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    I know a lot of you on this board seem to not think this way but I'd hope Briles's participation in the Baylor sexual assault cases would cast a bigger shadow on him than his performance at FSU.
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    Short timing routes were our bread and butter on first and second down and those disappeared with the Reeder hire. We were always facing 3rd and long, and we didn't exactly have a dominating OL that could block efficiently for that. Mason was trying his darndest and getting killed for it.
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    People would say the same thing they said when we hired him: Too soon. That being said, if SL were to leave us, I'd be interested in bringing in GH as a new HC. 😂
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    He’s a better route runner and thicker than Guyton...and I’d bet on his hands over Guyton. I’d be stoked if both guys are on rosters. The more players we have on the walls in nfl uniforms the better it looks to recruits.
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    Congrats JG! Also - Safeties or WR's? Has Guyton been practicing as a Safety now?
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    Our graphics have seemed to dropped off this year.
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    If momma got butthurt over what was said by this fanbase, she’s going to be in for a rude awakening when she starts hearing from the FSU fans.
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    If you were Renfro & you read GMG regularly with all the progressive-thinkers & “how to have a winner” experts on this forum might you reconsider? Matter a fact, if you read this board would you even want to show up for Senior Day this Saturday? Case closed.
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    Here are a few catches by Christian during his last HS football game. Bitter Sweet. Didn’t want to see it end, but ready for the next chapter. GMG FullSizeRender.mov
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    Maybe we just need to only play top 25 teams away from home. That way our games are close.
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    I only see a young Gronk in this system with Seth. He's going to be a freaking monster. Potentially day 1 starter since Kelvin is graduating, depending on how much size he can put on in the spring. Is he going to be an early enrollee?? I think that would basically pencil him in as day 1 starter.
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    Sounds promising. Man, he would be a great addition.
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    I hate to look ignorant, but what are we protesting?
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    Last year the staff was intent with the roster we had and basically signed a class full of high schoolers. Added a couple jucos late and grad transfers. This year it looks like the opposite. We are content with our high schoolers between this class and last and I think you’re going to see us fill the rest of the class up with JUCOs and grad transfers.

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