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    Honest question...How many SMU fans would be interested in meeting a single kid from inner-city Dallas if the kid couldn't run fast, jump high, or do something else to entertain them?
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    -- Wide receiver Kealon Jackson lost a shoe while returning punts. That's some ace reporting right there. 🙂
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    I have pretty strong opinions on scheduling, but I agree, we should play one a year. These teams aren’t going to come here, so if we have to go there, take a shot and get a check so be it. But only once a year.
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    The forgotten aspect of money games (hate the term body-bag) is that the players actually want to play them. Playing a top twenty team should be seen as an opportunity not a punishment. Playing in front of crowds of sixty thousand plus, are a thrill for the players. My guess, is that the current NT team, is not the one Cal thought they signed up to play. That is not technically a money game because it is part of home and away series, but presents a real opportunity for NT to be noticed. Because of instant replay and advanced coverage, it is much harder to have a games stolen like the UT and Arkansas contests of the past. Victories are rare but sweet, Arkansas of last year and Fry's win over Tennessee are examples. Loses against Clemson, Georgia , and others did nothing to diminish NT's reputation.
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    Fantastic. Yeah, smart to not plan too many things. Go with the flow and see what you bump into. Fort Point is beautiful. You’ll love the view. It’s a little ways from campus (easy uber ride) but some of my favorite bars are on San Pablo Ave. If you have time, do a short crawl there either at the beginning or end of your night. Although all the sausages at Top Dog are great, my favorite thing to order is a hot and a brat (hot link & bratwurst). Being a Texan, you know what great ones taste like and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. Please let me know and have a great time... other than the game, of course.
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    Cal fan here. While our LB unit is good, our DB’s are elite. Phil Steele ranks our defensive backfield as the 2nd best in the country, behind only LSU’s. Mason Fine should test them. He’s a very good QB. Best of luck to you. I look forward to the game.
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    I am stupid enough to think that every aspect of the game experience was worthy of discussion.
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    It's smart. They need to connect with more people. Who knows, maybe they've been watching how little towns like Muenster, TX and Locust Grove, OK can get behind their hometown boys at UNT.
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    I like this list, but I'm not sure I see Adaway having a major breakout season this year. There are only so many touches to go around, and I expect Torrey and Easley to get the lions' share, Nick Smith a good number, and at least one other with whom to share the scraps. That said, I remember when as a sophomore Lance Dunbar was Cam Montgomery's backup, then he had that one start when Cam was hurt...after that, Lance couldn't be a backup again. He was too good to leave off the field.
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    You want to shut them up? Win. Beat them on the field.
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    Why? You think Kade has a thing for white women?
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    Good list. I think I'll stay away from the Grad transfers and the expected explosion of Kelvin Smith: Give me: KD Davis Jacob Brammer Greg White Jyaire Shorter Ethan Mooney
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    The Houston Fan board had this link from the very first game at Apogee. Pretty cool! Its a high resolution photo from above the scoreboard http://gigapan.com/gigapans/86861
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    We talk a lot about how things will affect our recruiting abilities going forward, as it pertains to prospective student athletes. But I think our ability to attract quality coaches is as high as it ever has been. Our administration is proving how much of a priority athletics is and how they’re willing to raise and pay the costs necessary to create a winner.
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    one of the best educations in the country...
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    I also agree plus AAC Conference has more going for them at least at the moment
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    wow, that's some top tier company.
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    Found this online. UNT INDOOR PRACTICE FACILITY Posted by Brenna Travis | July 2, 2018 This project will be a milti-use facility designed primarily for football with an ancillary use for track & field, soccer, and other uses. The facility will be an efficient retangular shape, approximately 196′ wide X 426′ long with a minimum clearance height of 55′ for place kicking. The Indoor Practice Facility wll be a pre-engineered barrel beam steel structure that houses a full artificial turf practice field with eighteen (18) runoff space on all sides. Within this runoff space are three (3) sprint lanes and a sand pit on the Eastern side of practice field. Ancillary spaces include entry lobby and restroom, recruiting lounge, kitchenette, restrooms, A/V, telecom, electrical rooms, stairs, and camera platforms, fire protection/sprinkler system, and tempered by full HVAC systems. The facility will be located south of the Athletic Center, constructed over one of the existing grass practice fields. For reference the bottom of Jerrytron at AT&T stadium is 90'. Actual punting may not work inside...
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    Probably at least 40k.
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    Once (if) someone answers your question, then you must remove the question mark and replace it with punctuation of certainty exceeding that of a period, but not greater than that of a single exclamation point.
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    I think Baylor uses either dark green or black for their warm weather uni's. From the 2018 Duke game.
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    The new Director of the Green Brigade. https://music.unt.edu/faculty-and-staff/daniel-cook
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    How about wearing the uniform of the band like every other band in America does?
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    I saw Jerod Douglas of Converse Judson for three years. He was the most amazing RB I've ever seen. He was a mix between Barry Sanders and LT. He went to Baylor and had a decent career, but I don't know what happened to him.
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    Malik Henry Jersey #: 35 Positions: PF, C Height & Weight: 6'8" 190lbs Class of: 2020 A 3 star recruit at both 247 and Rivals. Ranked 23rd in Texas by 247... https://247sports.com/Player/Malik-Henry-46084356/ https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/malik-henry-238147 Would be an incredible addition if we could land him.
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    In another post I made, I showed that we have the same amount of team National Championships as them, a couple of which were cheerleading and rodeo national championships they claim. Other than basketball and baseball, their sports are hot garbage yet they try to put themselves at the same level as UT and A&M. Delusion at it's highest
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    Keenan had the most amazing timing when it came to those short-to-mid range passes. He and the WRs were in sync, on a level I had never seen before. I’ll have to revisit Fine’s film and watch with those lenses, see if I can compare the two.
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    And he is being recruited by Kendal Briles
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    I like the enthusiasm, but better than the all time leader in just about every passing statistic in NCAA history? That's a bit of a stretch.
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    By the way, the beginning of this thread is that Western Kentucky scheduled Alabama. Does one game signal a trend ?
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    One out of two ain't bad.
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    I will have the Van there -northwest side of Campus --- between Mcfarlin and Uniiversity streets
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    We are North Texas. We can win 4 out of 4.
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    Abner Haynes Bridge. Fitting for a guy who served as a bridge to integration! Get it done.
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    Wear green shirts. Don't wear grey shirts. Don't wear white shirts. Don't wear pink shirts. Don't wear a shirt just because it says "North Texas" or "Mean Green" on the front. On television nobody can read what your shirt says but they can see that it's green. Wear a green shirt. Wear a green shirt. Wear a green shirt. As in Mean Green. Wear a green shirt. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN (shirt)
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    New practice field Not sure why this is combining the two.
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    Serious question @ColoradoEagle, how is it racist to expect someone to learn enough English to be able to communicate if they move to this country? Shouldn't ANYONE who moves to another country be expected to learn the language of the country they move to? It's not a race issue.
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    Telegraph Avenue is the main strip but there are many options right near campus. If you want more upscale, there are restaurants and bars on the Northside of campus in an area called the “Gourmet Ghetto”. Berkeley has world class dining and no shortage of places with endless variety. The two must go places for me are Chez Panisse, the birthplace of the American farm to table movement and one of the most influential restaurants in the US (make a reservation way in advance. I prefer the more casual and a la carte upstairs cafe to the more formal, set menu downstairs restaurant) and Top Dog. Simply, some of the best hot dogs and sausages you’ll ever have. Top Dog is where every student for 50 years has eaten and is iconic. I dream of the place. New York hot dogs leave me hugely unsatisfied.
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    This post makes me happy. It means a new generation of green bloods is growing. Rick
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    Staying in San Fran? Watch your step. https://www.businessinsider.com/san-francisco-human-poop-problem-2019-4 Might want to print out one of their "poop maps" before you go.
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    Let’s get the Abilene Christian win first. Has anyone looked at the AC roster. They have some really big players. Big D-backs, big linebackers, big running backs. Are they good? I dunno. One game at a time folks.
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    DRC: UNT adds running back to recruiting class https://www.dentonrc.com/sports/colleges/north-texas-picks-up-commitment-from-lubbock-cooper-running-back/article_a0668a72-cf3d-5c72-b652-b850b6256db1.html
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    ha I haven't looked through these since Feb so sorry y'all... but dang this kid is my fav rb so far.
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    6'0" 200 lbs. (video says 205 lbs.) Not rated at this time We are his first offer https://247sports.com/Player/Isaiah-Johnson-46077164/

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