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    I’m starting to care less and less about the crowd size. We’re homing in on close to 50 years of Super Pit-ness. I’ve seen the roller coaster of attendance too many times the past 34 years. We know what has to happen to get a raging loud-ass crowd in there....WINS and notoriety(DFW news coverage).. When we win enough to gain both we’ll have the CBI Championship vs San Fran crowd again. Till that happens there’s no reason to worry about it. Just worry about yourself and enjoy the ride. Rick
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    Back in the 90s and early 2000s when I went to a lot of away games I would meet those home fans and pick their brains about giving back to their university. The overwhelming sentiment of those under 30 (and maybe even 35) was hell no. Especially Sun Belt schools but even at places like LSU and OU most younger alumni laughed at giving money to the school they just shelled out a lot of money to. I would think with how much tuition is today, that sentiment is even stronger. Not everybody is rah rah about their school, they just want the piece of paper and to be done with it. I work with a mid-forties guy who went to Idaho and follows Idaho sports. When he found out I donated money to UNT he kept asking me why and what for. To him, only rich people with extra money give to universities. He doesn't even make that connection to donate to Idaho. Good news is the school is reaching out to people. They can't say no if you don't ask.
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    UNT Men’s Basketball has hit the 18-Win mark in nine straight seasons. Still confused about the five-year hiatus we took from the 12-13 through 16-17 seasons.
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    Scatter shooting from west Texas. 1. The court and SP look great on television. I may be a bit biased, but we have the best looking court in college basketball. 2. Our balance is a thing of beauty. I don’t think Zach scored today and he was sloppy with the ball but he played good defense and worked the boards. 3. The announcers loved Hamlet. One of them said he plays at his own pace and doesn’t let the other team dictate his pace. His improvement through the year has been phenomenal and his lack of turnovers, considering he is the PG. 4. Crowd sounded and looked good and the shots from around campus looked great. They even got the Mean Joe Greene/ Mean Green nickname story correct. This team has the ability to win the league and conference tournament and could make some noise in the tourney.
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    All I know is that we beat them at the Heart of Dallas Bowl and took their President.
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    I am not of the current generation. I just went to grad school for way too many years, so that is on me. The current generation isn’t paying what we paid in tuition, however. If you graduated in 1970 (wild guess based on your screen name) you likely paid for your entire four years of tuition what a current student pays in a semester. It’s just a fact of life now that people have to take out loans. It isn’t laziness. There are no extra bootstraps to pull up. Most people graduate in debt.
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    Ok, boomer. How much debt did you graduate with?
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    I disagree. Win the regular season and get the guaranteed NIT, NCAAs would be gravy. Plus if we are the number one seed and win the conference tournament there is a better chance of a more favorable seed.
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    Just be thankful the game ended around 3pm, so the Denton Record Chronicle can get an article in the paper tomorrow. I think we made the print deadline. Oh, and the ODU uniforms were a throwback. We need to do a Blakeley era throwback.
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    Great game, on really real TV. Good crowd and the Pit floor graphics looked great. That’s what “real TV will do.
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    What you donate to, is everyone's choice. No one expects anyone to give that doesn't have the funds to do so. Schools certainly are not going to check everyone's finances before calling for donations. The caller is either a volunteer or a very lowly paid student just doing a job . Being upset because you were called is beyond stupid. Do you think if you had went anywhere else, that they wouldn't solicit you for donations? Just say thank you for the call, but I am not contributing at this time. They are used to hearing it.
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    I've never donated money to UNT and I immediately throw away anything asking me to donate. I graduated in 2014 and hope to pay off my student loans by next year. If the school wanted me to donate, they could have made tuition/overall attendance less expensive. How can you expect young adults, most of who can barely get a job out of college, to take what little bit they earn and donate it away. I don't think most of you here understand the current costs of college education, cost of living, and current incomes. I started off making $15/hour out of college in a corporate job doing work unrelated to my studies. The field I studied generally demanded unpaid internships for experience. I'm fortunate now to have gone into another field unrelated to my degree where I will make close to 6 figures this year (thanks to lots of overtime) which is why I should have my loans paid off by next year. That said, I haven't taken a vacation since high school due to now having kids as well. I'm not going to crap on young adults who can't afford rent for not donating to their university. UNT won't pay their bills. Hard work will. For those saying the UNT degree helped them find employment, college degrees are the norm now. Not having one is nearly a disqualifier barring incredible experience but having one is expected. If our recent grads found decent paying jobs more easily and didn't owe $500/month in loan payments, maybe they'd donate more.
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    Two of my kids went to UCONN, third is at UNT. I was getting calls for donations while my kids were still in school. Kids started getting them as soon as they graduated. I still get them from UCONN. Hello, I just finished sending a *&^%-load of money to you. I didn't go to UCONN, why would I donate more money? I feel sorry for the students that are doing their best to stay on script asking for money. The conversion rate must be incredibly low. I started getting calls from UNT a few years ago. When I tell them I already donate the response is, "that's fantastic, would you consider a donation of $100 a month?" I already donate. "Could you do $75 at month?" I already donate. "What about $50 a month?" Point is, UNT is doing what they all do and I'm sure just about every recent graduate from every school that gets hit up for money feels the same way. Give people some time to get their feet under them.
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    No surprise to the Mean Green Nation https://mavensports.io/nfl/talkoffame/nfl/no-denying-north-texas-qb-mason-fine-as-nfl-prospect-despite-combine-snub-XHf6blH5vkW7JmNEB5ExRQ
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    Even then, inheritance turning you rich only matters for those who have wealth in their families. For those few, student loan debt doesn't exist anyways. For the majority, there is no inheritance to fallback on.
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    As long as it's not gray I'll be OK!
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    I would say our ass is far superior
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    For me the important accomplishment is playing in a tournament where we don’t have to pay to enter. NIT does that and still has some prestige.
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    And channel 11 who said..”One of the best area teams right now may be the men in Green”. Rick
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    And tonight’s a good start. Great report on Channel 5. I’ll try and find a link to the report. Rick
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    I was sorry to see Johnny go, but hey, it was his dream job. Glad McCasland was able to step right in & keep it going!
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    crowd goes nuts for a Rose 3
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    To treat an accusation and a conviction in the same manner is counter to the judicial system but understandable in today’s social media “pile on” culture.
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    I don't have a problem with the NT Daily article per se--it seems unbiased and fair, giving Wren a chance to respond to the (evidently) false and (clearly) misleading statements made by the USA Today writer. That's the article I have a huge problem with.
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    Came across these designs posted on the Sportslogos.net concepts forum by someone who appears to be a high schooler who's considering NT on the Sportslogos.net concepts forum. It's the off-season, after all... Link: https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/121395-unt-football/ Looks like a pretty solid blend of traditional and progressive.
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    This is why I like the AD’s program for free tickets and $25 donation levels. Establishing the connection and even a small level of giving early is a great approach. I highly support asking recent grads to give $10 a year for the first five years. @GMG_Dallas would you give 10?
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    Just to try to be helpful: https://sfs.unt.edu/traditional-tuition-plan-calculator It ain’t cheap. Without any additional class or lab fees, a student can plan on paying about 6k a semester in tuition and fees. (18 hours is what the university pushes as the proper load to graduate on time). That is without eating or having a place to sleep. When I was an undergrad (1995-97) I seem to remember paying about $1200 or so a semester. Wages haven’t gone up 5-6 fold in the same way that tuition has.
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    The person that posted that obscene gesture above is the very person that gets a gig based on his North Texas degree and uses part of the money to go to Wal-Mart and buy a Texas A&M cap.
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    Greatness! So glad I was able to watch him play and compete! Thank you Mr Fine! GMG
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    I used to read this site regularly, but fell off completely this season. Anyway, I stopped by for a look see for old time's sake and saw we made their rankings. https://www.midmajormadness.com/2020/2/17/21140994/the-other-top-25-richmond-climbs-back-into-the-top-10-and-onto-the-bubble-dayton-gonzaga-sdsu
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    Do we want/need bigger crowds? Of course. But you’re framing this as blame/responsibility on the fans. I am not gonna make that leap.
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    That was an complete a game as we've had all season.
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    yellow journalism at its worst, just to arouse the UNT Woke culture. Agree with comment have either player had issues since coming to UNT. How about reporter check on the regular student body and run same story. Just a smear piece in general.
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    There is a difference is social services, public school, public services, Social Security, and socialism where the government taxes at a high rate and promises all of these services in return. How many socialist countries thrive? Hell, we live in the greatest country in the world yet our government fails at providing minimal services and the Democrats want to expand that? Medicare for all is a financial boondoggle. The government runs Social Security, the postal service, the VA, and Amtrak for instance. Which one of those is run well and successful?
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    Mason is a fighter and will get this thing done.
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    No need to respond. I recommend you give where you want to make your own impact. For your convenience and for anyone else thinking of giving that has not done so before you can give any amount. It all helps and it all counts towards alumni giving numbers, which helps out national rankings in places like US News. $10 matters. Athletics: https://one.unt.edu/mgsf General fund: https://one.unt.edu/giving/unt-general-donation-form Chose a place: https://one.unt.edu/giving/gift-selection-specific-college
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    I think it speaks more to the individual and I stress individual that posted than anything else. How many did donate and happy to do it? It is always a minority that contributes! In the past colleges with law and Med schools got most of the big bucks donation. Today it is tech entrepreneurs! Our future is bright and the explosive growth of Denton county only makes it stronger! GMG
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    That's old new Denton. This is new new Denton.
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    Definitely disappointing but not surprising. I think we have enough history to observe that it's just really hard for UNT (right now) to pull DFW fans away from their weekend routines, be it other activities or other sports plans. Let's just continue to win, and not make any more trash hires that kill momentum.
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    NT 64 --------- ODU 46 Final
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    As I was searching for the game tonight on radio, I remember the comments made here on the board and elsewhere, about the lack of coverage we get on local media. I know we're in a pro sports market, but so what? With so many alums in the area, why can't we get one of the larger and more well known radio stations to carry our games, especially on Saturday? 820 AM carries TCU, 1080 AM carries Texas, 660 AM carries Baylor, and The Ticket carries smut. Not sure if 570 AM carries anyone. A&M maybe? I know that just about covers it, but surely some station with a little more umph could be found...couldn't it? I'll be interested to hear from y'all who are more savy when it comes to media.
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    Those schools (minus SMU) might be looking at UNT wondering why they can’t be carried on an FM station when UNT is carried on two. I wouldn’t trade what we have to instead be carried on a “big” AM station.
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    Rick, the firing canon is just awesome!

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