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    A SBCUSA merger would likely be the death knell for this program, forever relegating NT to the lowest tier of relevance. Not only no, but hell naw!
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    This project has been a few years in the making, and it's time to finally reveal the Mean Green machine. Hope y'all like it!!
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    Non starter for this fan. Until you bring the AAC into the conversation I don’t want North Texas to even consider this nonsense. GMG
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    We get the worst commissioners in these sad conferences.
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    Who do you think will be UNT’s best player this year?
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    Count me in the minority. Absolutely not or anywhere else that I am required to do so. They have the freedom to require me to wear one in their venue while I have the equal freedom to steer clear of their venue altogether. Masks and gloves wouldn’t be necessary at all if people just practiced proper caution. If you treat every person you come into contact with as if they or you have horrid breath and you treat every surface that has touched human hands as if it had shit on it you will be just fine. You won’t get sick from having shit on your hands but you may if you touch your face with shit covered hands. Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands and use a paper towel to open a door after you’ve washed your hands. Simple common sense that works just as well for the flu, colds, and coronavirus. People have a false sense of security because of these masks and gloves and it will cause more harm than if people just used proper distance and good hand washing like they should have from the beginning.
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    Novil. For his size he’s extremely athletic. He plays a tough position that rarely gets any credit,...and now and then gets credit for it anyways. I list him as our best shot to be the next Mean Green player to play at the next level. Rick
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    Has any of these writers considered that it makes just as much sense for the AAC to combine with ether the Belt or CUSA? Seems like that they have bought that P6 foolishness.
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    Hey guys, you all know my love for all things UNT. You might not know that I am a huge Channing Tatum fan, as well. I figured that in these challenging times, where the man is trying to make us wear masks and everything, you might help me come up with a subforum here that reflects my twin passions: UNT and Channing Tatum. We'll take these suggestions to the mods and see what they think. Of course I chose the high poetry of anagram creation as our method of choice. Achtung NT Main! -- Doubles as a warning to the NT main campus. We should all be vigilant in these troublesome times. UNT Chat Naming -- Well, that is what this thread is about, isn't it? Ma UNT Thing Can -- Well, this one is a tad bit tawdry. I am blushing. A UNT Can Thing, M -- A nod to all our 007 fans! Also, The Tatum can totes play the role! An UNT Might Can -- A fun way to use the kid slang. Let's get the kids in here to see what all the fun is about! I'm "UNT CAN" Thang -- RU? GIANT UNT Can!, TM -- Strength in numbers! We'll get it trademarked! Woo! Or maybe we get a giant can for realz? No bad ideas! This is brainstorming! Ma, Can't. UNT nigh -- Let your mom know you can't even right now, you know? Because totes UNT!
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    I still don't understand the dropping of men's indoor track. The same athletes are involved in both indoor and outdoor track. There is no scholarship savings from eliminating the indoor program and leaving the outdoor. Most programs don't have indoor facilities so that is a factor, but it has to hurt your outdoor program.
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    List of college sports eliminated due to coronavirus-related budget cuts https://dknation.draftkings.com/2020/4/14/21220812/college-sports-budget-cuts-eliminated-olympic-sports-non-revenue-teams-coronavirus-covid-19-ncaa The vast majority being cut are men's sports. Guess even post Covid-19 being PC is a must. Credit to Wisconsin-Green Bay and ECU
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    Appalachian State drops 3 men's programs. https://www.journalnow.com/sports/college/asu/journal-sources-app-state-athletics-cuts-three-mens-programs/article_4b543c2f-047a-5134-8f54-6d2de9b1a839.html
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    I’m a big soccer fan, but I’m the outlier American that really only follows MLS. Not Europe. Sure, I have the EPL or Bundesliga on TV for weekend mornings, but have no idea what the standings are or who’s been promoted/relegated. So I actually had no idea what was going to happen. That made it more fun. Ultimately, my takeaway is that Sunderland fans are basically NT fans wearing red/white and with British accents. Very similar experience.
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    https://www.outkickthecoverage.com/34-states-had-higher-death-rate-from-2018-flu-than-coronavirus/ maybe it's not the governements that were wrong, but the media portraying doomsday and a one sided view
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    The difference is that ND is an actual and excellent university. Besides, there’s already Baylor.
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    It sure is but doesn’t prove masks and 6 feet of distance make it more safe from Cov-19 for me to watch a football game outside. Rick
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    The school was billed as a 'pre-fab Notre Dame for evangelicals' when it was founded, and they've certainly made major strides. This school will very likely be the location for Trump's presidential library.
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    Scientists are just now beginning to see the effects of the prolonged quarantine ...
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    moved to the UTEP forum
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    With the Budget issues everyone is having, do not be surprised to see a conference accept Liberty and their willingness to pay an "entry fee"
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    No Rating yet 6'0" 190 lbs. Also holds an offer from Kansas. https://247sports.com/player/travelle-anderson-46100898/
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    Good news. UNT has a very broad coaching footprint in Texas these days.
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    One of their assistant coaches, David Hill, played at Arizona under Littrell. That’s the school where 2020 signee Jonathan Pickett is from, and we offered a lot of their 2021 guys shortly after we landed Pickett.
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    That kid is football fast! He was dynamite on film. Phenomenal effort on every play. He'll be good here, and I got to watch game tape as a coach not just highlights where everyone looks good.
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    Your math is terrible. My panties fit great. Your sleight of hand is a mean green wonder.
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    According to his 247 profile he has transferred to Parish Episcopal in Dallas. Also, a quick look at his twitter feed on his 247 profile indicates he’s weighing that Illinois offer pretty heavily.
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    This is just simply not true. Why do you turn everything into some BS argument? No one died - but not true that "not one" got Covid 19. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/30/liberty-university-coronavirus-student-positive-jerry-falwell-jr Also only 10% of their students stayed on campus. So ... of that 150 kids on campus, not attending classes in person, they remained safe. That is not too hard to believe, no? Not to mention a couple employees tested positive. But in a very Trump-ian move, Falwell is threatening to sue reporters that are reporting the cases.
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    Ok. Now say that again... but for the question you originally asked. Same logic applies.
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    If seatbelts work, why do we need airbags? If airbags work, why do we need seatbelts?
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    Only if I have to. Apparently I need to clarify, I'm going to the games no matter what. Only wearing a mask if I have to.
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    Not really because the subject of the original question has never been proven to prevent injury or save lives vs Cov-19. Rick
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    This is just sad and pathetic dude, i don't know what else to say. There's been something like two-dozen women who have confirmed that he has done exactly that or something similar btw, but I guess as soon as they speak to whatever news outlet you don't approve of their stories suddenly become fake news.
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    Yup. And the dumbasses that fought tooth and nail to oppose that for a century were even in the news today. Ain't history grand and full of lessons? https://www.businessinsider.com/when-americans-went-to-war-against-seat-belts-2020-5
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    Didn't they offer the SBC an ark fill of money to join and were turned down?
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    Those political panties are wadded up so tight you just can’t read fast enough. ...”At least one student who returned to Liberty University“... Returned means he was off campus. In fact, if memory serves he was training for a shot in the NFL when he tested positive. And yes, I missed the 1100 students, not 1500. You got me🙄. Heres one from Sunday. https://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/may/24/liberal-media-taking-liberties-with-jerry-falwell-/ ...”Liberty University, which the media predicted would be Ground Zero for a deadly outbreak of coronavirus, has not reported a single on-campus case. Not one. .....On March 30, The Washington Post ran an editorial, “Irresponsible decisions like Jerry Falwell Jr.’s put untold numbers of people at risk.” The Post cited The New York Times’ contention that about a dozen Liberty students “were sick with symptoms that suggested COVID-19.” It turns out that the students had common colds or the flu or something other than COVID-19. Only one student tested positive, and he was living off-campus. Several other universities, such as Rutgers, Pepperdine, Valencia and Texas A&M, introduced similar policies, but only Liberty was singled out for a press whipping”... Rick
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    Here is an article from Footballscoop.com https://footballscoop.com/news/could-the-coronavirus-lead-to-a-conference-merger/
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    do we still technically have Rico Bussey?
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    There has been a lot of negative talk regarding Liberty. I believe one thing that worries a lot of schools is their access to money - https://footballscoop.com/news/video-hugh-freeze-takes-you-on-a-tour-of-libertys-new-football-center/ https://www.aseaofred.com/video-photo-liberty-arena/ They are investing
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    1500 students remained on campus and not one got Cov-19. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/liberty-university-wrongly-declared-a-virus-disaster-now-the-model-to-follow-falwell
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    Nah, we've blocked you from enough conferences. You guys can have this one.
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    Antonio Gandy-Golden....(Went 5-51 and no TD’s against the Mean Green in 2018). “Redskins draft pick from Liberty says he had coronavirus” https://www.bing.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/5228876002 ..”"During my pre-draft training, I tested positive for COVID-19 on March 24," Gandy-Golden said in a statement. "My symptoms thankfully were mild, but I self-quarantined for two weeks and followed all guidelines from health experts. I was fully cleared April 7. I feel 100% now and can’t wait to get on the field for the Redskins ASAP! #HTTR!!" Rick
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    More power to them. Meanwhile some papers are trying to stick us with Monroe. I applaud their effort and they will become a BYU one day, Which is rich with a national following. I’m all about the doers so way to go Flames. GMG

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