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    We are finally settled into our new home in Argyle and I just got my man cave completed. let’s use this off-season down time to share our fandom. Do you have a man cave or spot in your house that is your Mean Green sanctuary? If so, let’s see it...
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    Guys, we all need to stop generalizing . I am white, grew up in segregation Ft. Worth during the 50''s and 60's, and never went to school with a person of color until my freshman year at NTSU in 1961.And I certainly didn't come from money. I don't like rap, opera, heavy metal, and most country music. My 35 year career was in sales and distribution of Orthopaedic total joint implants, where I met only 2 surgeons of color. I belonged to a country club in Dallas for 19 years which didn't have a member of color. All the while I sat on the sidelines of integration . I have been fortunate enough late in life to count 3 African Americans as friends, and realize the America I live in is not the same as theirs. My observation at age 77 is that while I don't know what it's like to be a person of color, I do know right from wrong.
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    Ask SMU. They have had some experience with this.
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    I don’t subscribe to that. Fine was a really good college quarterback and it will be hard to replicate his production, however his numbers aren’t Cal Ripken’s consecutive games streak. Fine is our only QB to throw for 3,000 yards since we moved back to the FBS level, but I don’t think that’s because his talent was generational. I think if his talent was generational then NFL teams would have been much more interested. 35 FBS QBs threw for over 3,000 yards last year. We run an air raid. It shouldn’t take a generational talent or conference MVP to put up numbers in an air raid offense in 2020. Alec Morris put up over 1,000 yards in his 4 starts in 2016. If it’s Aune, I do expect over 3,000 yards in a full season and I’d expect close to that for Bean, maybe a little less because we’ll run more with him. Fine’s sophomore and junior numbers will be hard to match but the plays and chances are going to be there for the taking. You’re right that they shouldn’t be held to Fine’s standards right off the bat, but they should be held to the standards of their peers across the country and conference.
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    1st UNT student-athlete to ever win the award: https://meangreensports.com/news/2020/6/30/mens-basketball-hamlet-named-c-usa-male-athlete-of-the-year.aspx?fbclid=IwAR0Ip4rpTmqn4sH-Twz7vKGuVmYNOl0VvVghw7u0mbsrRApJvK54REznK-0
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    Not green enough. Currently graded as an incomplete. Please redo and resubmit.
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    The longer this lasts, the more of this type of thing we will see. NT is far from immune.
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    Is one of the options a new commissioner?
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    Do it Jason! We're rooting for you! Y'all, please don't hold Jason Bean or Austin Aune (or whoever else emerges as the starter) to Mason Fine's standard. That is unfair. Fine is a generational talent. If Bean or Aune (or whoever) turns the ball over more or has fewer TD passes than Mason, it's OK. They can still be good and win games for us. Bean has wheels that Fine could only dream of. If he can scramble to help us win, then that's what he can do. Aune has years (re: life experience) that Fine didn't have. If he can lead/relate to his teammates to help us win, then that's what he can do. Just don't expect either of them to throw for 3,793/27/5/64.9%, because that's insane.
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    TJ Steele from Lubbock Estacado committed to your Mean Green. Rated an 88 by 247sports, would be our highest rated recruit ever if his composite is the same as his 247 rating.
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    Neal Smatresk is the VERY best President this University has EVER had. He is incredibly "student centered" and has done much to improve the "student life experience" and he is also incredibly focused on being a "minority serving institution". This Coalition of 1965 folks do not even have the nerve to sign their names to this poorly written and worded document. I would guess that none of them were even alive in 1965. And, if they think for one second that today's UNT is the 1956 UNT they are delusional. I know of no other university president in the nation that has thrown himself squarely in the fire as Neal Smatresk and almost immediately as these events started to unfold. Open discussions with students one on one, town hall meetings with students and faculty and staff, and having staff work up responses and actions that will be taken based on the feedback he has received from students, faculty, staff and, yes, alumni. It will be a very sad day for the present and future UNT should Neal Smatresk either be forced out or decide that he has simply had enough of the crap-ola and leave/retire on his own.
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    Just made an addition. I’ll add Pac-man when it’s back in stock
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    I know this is not football related, and feel free to move it (but please leave a link from here to wherever it goes), but I wanted to get as many eyes on this as possible. As a police practitioner, and a person with a healthy intellectual curiosity, I have observed the events of the past several months with great interest. Because we live in a world where it seems people communicate through catchy memes or by sharing blatantly slanted “news” articles, I wondered what people really think. So, I have compiled a short, quick survey to allow people to ANONYMOUSLY share their perspectives. I often get a chance to address police departments and I want to gather greater perspective. Please take a moment to take part. Note that there are TWO links below, one for individuals who are sworn officers (I know there are a few on this board) and one for “civilians.” The questions are identical, but they are designed to capture two distinct vantage points. Thanks Please choose the correct one. Civilian Version: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FLH73GP Sworn Officer Version: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NBDVHY8
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    That is a nice looking conference right there....
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    Typically firing both coordinators to save face is not something a coach who is super secure in his position does, can't imagine they did too much research on the G5 coaches for this article. We have a handful of challenging games this year, but the highest paid coach in the conference and one of the highest in all of G5 should not miss a bowl game 2 years in a row without feeling a ton of heat under his seat in my opinion.
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    Drop the A& M game in College Station and schedule Navy at Apogee.
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    <I very much dislike Disney so I am happy to throw that in the trash.> I think it is important to tell the full story of the people we are honoring, and not hide it. When Kobe Bryant died, some people were very vocal about the part where he was very credible accused of rape and admitted he was very wrong about the whole encounter. That is the kind of conversation we can have about every one of the people in our nation that we choose to honor. The point is to have an ongoing conversation about each of the pillars of our culture and discuss their value. It cannot and should not be a one-time conversation and then shut up forever. That ongoing conversation should be inclusive of all the stakeholders of this country or the institution and what have you. As for removing statues to people who were problematic, an amenable solution is to tell that story prominently and not put up a hagiography.
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    I put together some research comparing the UNT starting lineups of the Littrell era. The starting lineups were put together using the most common starters of each season. The points system was determined by adding up the offer lists of each player. Each G5 offer was worth 1 point and each P5 offer was worth 1.5 points. For example, a player with 1 P5 offer and 4 G5 offers would count as 5.5 offer points. UNT offers do not count towards these points. 2016 Starters: Offense 57 points/Defense 29 points Total - 86 points 2017 Starters: Offense 30.5 points/Defense 12.5 points Total - 43 points 2018 Starters: Offense 24 points/Defense 13.5 points Total - 37.5 points 2019 Starters: Offense 35 points/Defense 39 points Total - 74 points 2020 Projected Starters: Offense 45.5 points/Defense 48 points Total - 93.5 points Here are a few of my takeaways: • The D1 transfers skewed the lists pretty noticeably. Guys like Trey Keenan in 2016 and D’Andre Plantin and Nick Harvey in 2019 had really good offer lists out of high school but it would have been nice to have a transfer offer list to be more representative of the caliber of player we were actually getting. Similar to how Jalen Guyton’s offer list out of TVCC was a better reference than his offer list out of Allen. • Even though the winning record teams had lower points than the losing record teams, the strengths of the winning record teams was a good mix of highly recruited guys like Guyton and Bussey and lowly recruited guys like Fine and Ejiya. • We have not recruited OL well, especially at the high school level. We need those guys to outperform their offer lists. • 2020 will be the year we really start to see some of these high caliber recruits actually in position to start and make a difference. They’re not all going to pan out, but this should translate into a more talented roster. Coaches need to turn that into wins, especially as these guys gain experience at the D1 level.
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    OK...my guess is that it is Connie Alexander. She was senior in '68 and also a member of Chi Omega sorority. So, you can get her info from the alumni directory or contact Chi Omega for their alumni list. Hope this works.
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    While we are changing things, I would like Mother F’ing removed from our fight song.
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    The video Billy posted and the link to the medium article are key in understanding the point about removing the Eyes of Texas as a song. It is amazing that so many aspects of university life and traditions are really just fossilized pop culture of the 1920s. Marching bands, dancing girls, and minstrel songs were super popular in the first half of the 20th century and are only maintained in high schools and colleges. Its fine until you realize that means the problematic aspects of that popular culture is maintained. The answer is to create new ones. Think of how silly it is to still be singing the same song some students thought up in 1901 (in the case of Yale's Bola Boola). Most of these songs were just rewritten lyrics of popular songs. So if the students want to come up with new lyrics to Drake's new song and that becomes the school/fight/whatever song at UNT or UT or whatever that is the answer to this thing. (Ours was written in 1939 by Francis Stroup).
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    “I don't worry that much about the players because they're young and healthy and with proper treatment could could be back in playing shape in a short period of time.” - Sorry, I’m not usually a very vocal member of this board, but this is an incredibly irresponsible point of view. Many, many thousands of young people have died from this disease. The fact that any of us would knowingly put these young men in harms way...it’s deplorable y’all.
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    "Hefty Sum" may be a bit of a sensationalized inflammatory headline. There are 130 schools in the Division I Football Bowl Subdivision. According to USA Today, 331 NCAA assistant football coaches made as much or more in 2019 than Bowen is slated to be paid in 2020. 2019 FBS Assistant Football Coach Salaries .
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    for the uninformed, that's Barbara Teakell. She's a pretty damn good outside for the VB team
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    Yeah 1. So.. to have a more apt example.. should we bring down statues of Washington, rename Washington DC (and state), and close down Mt Vernon? Surely slaveholding is much more offending than a rather innocuous song on its face that was first sung by a minstrel group (which no doubt is despicable) . 2. Let's have another thought experiment. If we were to find a lost cartoon of Mickey Mouse. Let's say it was the first one and it was forgotten to time. Then let's say it was super-racist and Mickey was portrayed as a black person in the most disparaging way. To your way of thinking, should all Mickey Mouse merchandise, cartoons, etc., be eliminated in the present day or would it be more rational to say that for the last 90 years Mickey has had no racial connotation and the discovery of some original sin in his production shouldn't invalidate everything that came afterwards? 3. Snowflakes are terms for people who are easily offended. As if offends me in no way for the song to be taken down, I can't see how that applies to me. I'm not saying that the people who want it taking down are snowflakes either, I'm just saying that this sort of puritanical stance will in fact lead to a slippery slope. It may not "cancel" sofas and bridges, but it surely will a lot. It's important to keep in mind that this song is just a very small piece of the grievances being raised. 4. I have no problem with the athletes not being forced to sing it, or anything for that matter.
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    The problem with all of this is if you take it to it's logical ends, then almost everything has to be cancelled/torn down/renamed. Austin itself would need to be renamed because SFA was a slaveowner. One of the most cherished Christian Hymns, "Amazing Grace", was written by a slaver. Disney probably needs to be renamed and many works expunged as racist and anti-Semitic themes are found in Walt's work. Statues of Washington and Jefferson would need to be toppled. LBJ, despite shepherding in the civil rights act, was quite racist on a personal level, so the LBJ library would need to be closed. As pretty much everyone was pretty dang racist by today's standards, almost anything that pays tribute to a white person before 1950 would need to be removed as, no doubt, they did not see blacks as true equals. This process would literally never end, because there is a plausible argument that so many things had racist roots or were created by people who were themselves racist.
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    So, what I'm getting is the actual original lyrics of the tune were racist/demeaning, but not the lyrics to the UT Fight Song itself? I kinda feel like this is a shaky one to be demanding. Tunes are often repurposed into new songs - or at least they used to be. Hell even the Star Spangled Banner started out as a British drinking song with completely different lyrics. I guess if the athletes are gonna raise that big a protest, the school is probably gonna cave but this seems like a bit of a reach to me.
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    Libs just eating their own. Neal isn't exactly anything close to a right-winger, much less a racist. I wonder how long these witch hunts will go on before there is finally blowback.
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    If Littrell could go 5-7 with that 2016 roster then there’s no reason this team shouldn’t be able to win 6 games. Also no reason we shouldn’t be better at QB than we were in 2016.
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    https://www.bgdailynews.com/sports/wku/wku-athletics-faces-over-1-million-in-budget-cuts/article_503954f6-392c-5fba-8663-6b98eddea459.html Tough decisions are ahead. If WKU is already “cutting to the bone”, G5 schools will be lopping off entire body parts if there is no football this fall. Let’s be real, the potential for college football this fall is looking bleaker by the day. Heck, the reduction in ticket sales may already be a fatal blow to some programs. Out of financial necessity, some Universities will be forced to cut additional sports teams, putting them under the required 16 teams for FBS eligibility. Cough::Tulsa::cough I hope with us being a large public university in DFW, we can weather this storm and take Tulsa’s place in the AAC.
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    In the future, all series against P5 are one for one AND the first game is in Denton. Then if you want to cancel, we will talk about a buyout.
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    Assuming they play this season I’m thinking: - 25% capacity by ticket type - General Seating within the ticket type sections (i.e. if you purchase Scholarship Premium tickets, you can sit anywhere in the Scholarship Premium sections) - Social distancing signs and instructions posted all over the place - Hand sanitizer stations all over the place - Plexiglass shields at concession stands - Masks required except while seated eating or drinking - alternating urinals and sinks blocked from usage - UNT masks as MGSF gifts
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    Well since there were over 750,000 deaths in the Civil War after 4 years of war, I would hate to contemplate what you consider hard.
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    Why does she gotta throw UNT’s trajectory under the bus like that?
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    As I have posted before, I am male,white,77, and grew up in segregation . Separate public schools, bathrooms, drinking fountains, and Blacks and Mexicans to the back of the bus. I was from a lower middle class family in Ft. Worth, and never went to school with a person of color until 1961,my freshman year at NTSU. There was only one men's dorm, West Hall, where I lived one semester. I don't recall anyone of color residing there. I majored in business, and again don't remember anyone of color in my classes. I took a "Coaching in Football" class, and sat next to A.D. Whitfield, an African American running back who I think went on to play a few years for the Redskins. One day the coach on staff starting talking about making sling shots as a kid, but that's not what he called them. For the first time in my life I felt shame. Denton was segregated. Movie theaters, dinning , you name it. J.C. Mathews was our school president at the time, and he was not going to rock the boat. During the summer of 1963[ either 63' or 64'] Mathews and the Mayor of Denton got together and removed all racial barriers , at least on paper. What surprised me is that it has taken so long to remove the downtown Confederate Memorial . These men and their generals were traitors to our nation who fought for one reason, and that was to keep the institution of slavery. Call me old fashion, but I don't see any statues of Benedict Arnold in city parks. In summary, I will never know what it is like to be a person of color in America, nor will any whites. What I would ask my pale skinned friends is to try to envision what it would be like to be black or brown, to go to a school or live on a street named for someone who fought to keep you enslaved. What would it be like to be a soldier of color at Ft. Hood, to play with your kids at Robert E. Lee Park. I know we can't rewrite history, but we can eliminate the glorification of "The Lost Cause", which is an embarrassment to our nation. Just an old man's opinion.
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    You really think we beat smut this year with Buechele back at QB?
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    UNT Football will be better this season than we were last season. -New coaching staff -Coming off a great recruiting class Pin it.
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    I realize you are posting this as a extreme example to show how my thought process doesn't make sense -- but yeah. We have to examine everything and not just accept it unthinkingly. Like, for example. I think that college sports as we know them could easily be spun off into for-profit athletic clubs that compete professionally, that exist to benefit the university's academic mission. That would be a way to evolve the current model and not defended blindly. A North Texas Athletic Club Inc could sponsor professional teams in all the ones it sponsors now, and provide a path for professional development of its students. You could major in accounting, and get an internship at the Club. Major in sports management, and learn under someone actively doing sports management etc. It could still serve the mission without being the same thing we do now. I know a lot of you like to say "what is the big deal? Move on" -- well the same challenge can be put to you: what is the big deal with keeping it the same? Accept some evolution and move on.
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    When I moved from Wichita Falls to Denton to attend North Texas back in 1973 I remember being shocked to see that statue on the grounds of the Denton County Courthouse, never having been aware of any "Confederate Statues" in Wichita Falls, and instead being accustomed to the World War 1 statue "Spirit of the American Doughboy" on the grounds of the Wichita Falls Memorial Auditorium: https://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WM7GQE_The_Spirit_of_the_American_Doughboy_Wichita_Falls_TX I suppose the "shocked" part was due to having been raised by a Bible believing mother who interpreted the Exodus story in the Old Testament as a testimony against the enslavement or state mandated segregation of any race or nation. She told me once how great a sin those institutions were, and that we would eventually "pay a great price" for them. I have no doubt in the truth of what she said. However, I now realize that, although apparently not a "statue", there is a Confederate monument in Wichita Falls, which is now the subject of a petition for removal (and according to the Wichita Falls Times and Record News site, which cannot be linked to at this time, a counter petition). Here's a link to the local TV station feature about said removal petition. https://www.newschannel6now.com/2020/06/15/wf-resident-starts-petition-remove-confederate-monument/ Honestly, I'll never cry about the "Confederate Statue removals", as such things have been moved around at different times anyway, and it strikes me as odd to have memorials to the former enemies of a nation displayed in public places within the territory of the victorious nation, especially with a near universal condemnation of the obvious cause of the defeated enemy, preservation of slavery. If there is concern about the loss of "history" associated with these statues, why not simply start a process of moving towards removal from their places of pride and placement within museums or other locations which might provide plaques with explanations or other contextual material. I mean, the one taken down in Richmond was apparently within the right-of-way of a major boulevard. And yes, we do need to go away from these radical rightists and leftist viewpoints and try to at least understand what happened during the periods being presumably memorialized and the periods when many of these monuments were placed. An example, is the linked content dealing with the typical "Doughboy" statue, explaining its depiction of a "strong and healthy" returning WW1 soldier as a way of providing a counter narrative to the tragedy of deaths from the War and subsequent 1918 flu epidemic. https://www.history.com/news/why-were-americans-who-served-in-world-war-i-called-doughboys And I would actually hate to see monuments to those who fought to keep our country free removed; just don't see the confederates as having fought for that freedom cause. However, I do think we shouldn't be quick to condemn some who were white and leaders back in those days who may have been constrained by the incredibly convoluted legal machinery put in place to maintain "the peculiar institution". For example, there is one story of Sam Houston having bought a young black man to save him from a mob, and Houston later described himself as always having been opposed to slavery, and was certainly removed as Texas governor as anti secession.
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