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    Many of you know that I was born and raised in Denton before attending North Texas. My in-laws now live in Robson Ranch and all of my family is still in Denton County. Well, after 15 years of policing at Dallas PD, and the last two as Chief of the city of Keene, I am returning to my roots. I will be sworn in as the Chief of Police in Argyle on January 2.
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    Probably not the proper forum, but I have to post anyway. My daughter just got accepted to UNT! She will be a Freshman next fall. She is also trying out for the North Texas Dancers in June and will study Psychology. So proud to see her following in the old man’s footsteps. She has been a member of the Mean Green Nation since birth, now it’s official! GMG.
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    Wren has been here over 3 years now and in that time we’ve seen a lot of handshakes, smiles, checks being cashed, and extensions. The easy part of the job. Time for him to prove he can do the hard part and make the tough decisions to ensure the right people are in place instead of just approving raises. Littrell hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record in 2 years and hasn’t won a bowl game, and Mccasland and Mitchell haven’t finished with a winning record in conference play in basketball in the 6 seasons between the two of them. There’s reason to believe that recruiting has improved for them, and there’s reason to believe they can win here, as they all have to some degree. But real results have to start happening before raises and this internal back patting should stop. More importantly, there needs to be a bar and there needs to be consequence for not performing at that bar. I hate talking like this, but I hate seeing this type of stuff even more. Yes I’ve said over and over that this season is mostly a result of poor roster management and recruiting early on when Littrell took the job, but I also think we’ve been out coached a lot. And paying at the top of the conference for coaches who continuously get out coached can’t keep happening.
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    Matt Rhule left Baylor...Seth to Baylor???!! A plane just left DFW...Seth to DFW??!! Harry and Megan are leaving the royal family...Seth to the royal family??!!
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    Driving back home today I’m listening to ESPNU on Sirius. Danny Kannel and Greg Mcleroy’s show. They were talking about best QBs and under the radar QBs. They went through all the P5 conferences then touched on a few G5’s. Mcleroy started the segment and said there’s one QB he would take out of the G5 over most P5 QBs with the exception of maybe 3. (Lawrence, Tua and Fromm) And that’s Mason Fine. Called him a freak. Talked about his accuracy and despite his height he thinks he’ll have a long NFL career. Also talked about Littrell’s offense not skipping a beat with Harrell gone. Kanell talked about the game he covered last year in Denton vs FAU and how Fine got hurt but came back and played. Talked about his toughness. Great segment. Mason Fine got some major love.
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    This became so bad during the McCarney regime that he had to put in McNulty to keep the fight song from being played. *I just noticed I received a down vote.I'm sorry Andrew.
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    So I'm watching the Memphis/Ole Miss game on Saturday and they put up a "Top G5 coaches" to watch. Mike Norvell was obviously on there, Bryan Harsin from Boise, Josh Heupel at UCF and Seth Littrell. You know who wasn't on that list? Sonny Dykes. We have what everyone is saying is a top G5 coach. He's certainly one of the highest paid. He has the best QB in the state and the most talented team he's had. Offensive weapons galore. My point here: If we get beat my SMU on Saturday it should be viewed as an upset and shouldn't be excused. (I don't care what the line is....Vegas also said FSU was a 6.5 point favorite over Boise) I also don't care about the hodge podge of transfers he has over there. Our team should simply be better. And we are. This is Seth Littrell's 4th year. His players. If anyone thinks that he should not go into SMU on Saturday and win...then you must think he is NOT the hot commodity that everyone says he is. If he is...then SMU shouldn't be a problem. Think about it....we have slugged and slogged our way up to where we are....building something. But SMU just hires a G5 retread and gets a group of players from P5 garage sales and in his 2nd year he's going to beat Seth Littrell and what he's established here? No way should that happen. He has to go into Dallas and win on Saturday....period. No excuses.
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    Bring in a huge crowd...then put on a performance that guarantees they don’t come back. It’s a North Texas tradition.
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    People that have an issue with this need to lighten up.
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    UNT was a lot of the UNTamed20’s 1st choice. I definitely know it was Christian’s 1st choice even though he was getting P5 looks at LB. He probably would of had several more offers if he wouldn’t of committed so early because of his Senior season stats. However, he knew as soon as he was on campus this was the school he wanted to be at and got on the recruiting trail as hard as the coaches. In his heart he knows he is a P5 talent and wanted to come to UNT along with all of the other commits to push this program to a new level. If we all could get on board with Coach Trice, former mean green player, we can shock the NCAA. We have been around to these other schools in our area and there is a difference with our coaching staff. All the pieces are coming together. Stay the course, trust in our coaches, and most of all fill the stands on Saturday. We are the 67th ranked team in NCAA with this recruiting class and #1 in Conference USA. Things are about to blow up!!! My 2cents.
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    This year hasn’t gone exactly as we had hoped, but I am still proud and happy to support these players and coaches. This season will not cause me to speak ill of anybody associated with the program. I have been to more games than most, and will continue to do so. i send out a request for us all to keep supporting the team and make it to as many games as you can.
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    I'm long winded, so bear with me. We all want the same thing...To see this program climb the ladder...Wins, Big Crowds, Bowl Games (and Bowl Game wins...) Conference Championships, Recruiting, Facilities, and the like...And we do tend to get spoiled that all of it doesnt happen at once...So instead of one giant ladder, it's a series of different ladders, that all of them get climbed at different rates. But overall, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the crowd Saturday. Was it a sellout? Not even close...Have we had larger crowds? Most certainly... But my point is this...Anyone who has been around this program, for 20-30 years, can attest to the fact, that you put this game in a time machine to the past, where if we came into a game, Homecoming even, at 3-5, with as many recent losses as we've had, there's no way there wouldve been that many people, (including students!) I was seriously expecting to see a dismal crowd. And to be fair, it didnt hurt that it was beautiful weather, but still.... To me, that's a good "Ladder Rung" we just climbed... Program/year isnt exactly where it could be, but it's still noticable that people are behind this thing. Well done Wren and Company..
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    Isn’t a whiteout for SMU kinda redundant?
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    probably because Arkansas will not agree to play us for the next 20+ years after the ass WHOOPIN they received last year.
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    Big congrats to the Mean Green fans that have been waiting for this for awhile. Not a win over us. I’m talking about winning the regular season crown. That’s one hella accomplishment this year. The conference isn’t as good at the top as it was 3 years ago when Middle, ODU, Marshall, and Western were all top 100. But....there are basically no gimmes this year. You have to bring your game every single night. So very impressive job by your squad. I said on our board and CUSA board awhile back of all the teams I’d seen this year in conference you guys were best and La Tech was right there with you. The rest of us can win games but I thought you two were at the top and nothing I’ve seen since has changed my mind on it. Do we have a chance to win the tourney? We do but then again we could easily take a loss in the first game in the tourney as well. Even when we had Bassey I thought we could win any game on our schedule but also thought there wasn’t a single game on the schedule I would have marked down as a gimme. Once we lost him we’re the size of a decent high school team. I’ve been amazed at the games we’ve won. I’ve never thought much of Stans as a bench coach and he still drives me nuts but he’s done a decent job with this group. Him adding a press to this group has really helped us. It turns teams over some but what it mainly does is shortens the time a team can get in its offense. Because if they have time they have a pretty easy job of scoring on us in straight up defense. I met Tasty Greek and his boys several years back and know there are a lot of huge hoops fans at UNT so I just wanted to drop by and congratulate you bunch on a job very well done.
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    ...Let The Scoring Begin! Had to share this pic I captured Saturday morning during Load & Fire Practice. Wished I had my SLR on me instead of my old phone. Rick
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    ARTICLE: Why Mason Fine is the best QB you don't know
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    I do not know about you but I thought Mean Green Mania was a big success. Our Athletic Department has sure raised its game. The garage sale, the practice, mingling with other fans, the refreshments, selling swag all over the place, the coaches speaking, all in the confines of the Hub Club. The alumni association with the license plate holders, first rate not cheap plastic. I just found the entire atmosphere energetic and nice. Things just seem to be getting better and better. A big thank you to the Administration, the Athletic Department and Wren Baker. We have a Great Team and a Great Coaching staff and I feel good about this year and the future. I've got to break out those Mean Green shades, the future is so bright!!! WIN GAMES BEAT aCu GO MEAN GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    With the exception for Cobbs, the rest suck... we are one of the most disappointing teams in all of College football. I wish we could just fire Seth but his buyout makes him stuck with us.
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    What’s the point of this post? To tell a fired coach “I told you so”?
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    Wear green shirts. Don't wear grey shirts. Don't wear white shirts. Don't wear pink shirts. Don't wear a shirt just because it says "North Texas" or "Mean Green" on the front. On television nobody can read what your shirt says but they can see that it's green. Wear a green shirt. Wear a green shirt. Wear a green shirt. As in Mean Green. Wear a green shirt. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN (shirt)
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    I attended. Here are a few things I recall: - Football schedule is definitely being impacted. Teams are looking to make all non-conference games within driving distance. - Need MGSF donors now more than ever. - Coach McCasland walked through the day that the conference tournament and NCAA tournament were both cancelled. - Some capital projects will be delayed. - Some TV deals for the upcoming football season are starting to take shape, including with Stadium and CBS Sports Network. - Don’t expect the football season to be shortened, but could be delayed. - If football season were to be cancelled, season ticket holders would get a refund. - Doesn’t expect a massive conference realignment by geography. - if there were to be any conference realignment, Wren recognizes that joining with SunBelt teams would be seen as a step back. Would rather look to AAC teams. - McCasland had a date night on the back porch where their kids made and served dinner to him and his wife. He had the kids clean up as well. - 90+ people on the Zoom call. - Replayed “The Drive” clip from the win in the final seconds against UTSA a few years back. - Wren is having better attendance at his staff meetings through Zoom than he was having when they were in person. - They miss seeing the student athletes and supporters in person. - Basketball recruits are quickly getting to know each other online. - Giving guidance to basketball players for staying in shape during the pandemic, but available resources vary from player to player. - Someone in the basketball “family” has the virus and is struggling with it. Not a player. - We are in a better position to make it through the pandemic than many other G5 athletic programs.
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    I know this isn't the time for the athletic department to be spending money, but the way this virus disproportionately effects our older population really got me to thinking about Abner Haynes. Wren did a great job of getting a quality sculptor to honor Joe Greene. I really hope once we get past COVID-19, Haynes will also get his due. I've had this sculpture finished for the last 4 years, and I see it every time I go into my studio to work. If Wren wants to go another direction, that fine. I just hope UNT gets to honor Haynes, like we did Joe Greene.
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    One of our greatest and longest-suffering fans on GMG.com could use some positive thoughts and prayers from us today. Jack Fincher, aka @GrayEagle had to have surgery and is recovering.. I’m hoping and praying for a quick recovery Mr. Fincher.. Hope to see you back in the Ap soon. Rick
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    Yes he was, he was intended to be a receiver because his arm had an ulnar nerve injury that never fully healed from high school. When Vizza left he filled in but his last year with us (2010), he was not even on the qb depth chart yet he was thrust into the starting role after Nathan Tune and Derek Thompson were injured and the only other semi-qb on roster was walk-on receiver Chase Baine. Say what you want about Todd Dodge but don’t give me that coach’s son bullsh, that kid poured his heart and soul into this team and his body just couldn’t take the punishment. He is our highest rated recruit ever, period, and he’d never have set foot on our campus if he weren’t the “coach’s son”. You may not know this but Mason is second on North Texas’ all time completion percentage list. Our all-time leader? Riley Dodge. So go spit your crybaby bull somewhere else Mrs Vizza. Rag on the coach all you want but Riley did nothing wrong other than play his heart out for this team.
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    Alright, everyone knows this is my schtick by now. I have all of the offer lists for all of our signees going back to 2011 (Mccarney’s first class), and I came up with a grading system for each recruit based strictly on who offered them. No other FBS offers besides us is a “C”, one other FBS offer is a “C+”, 2-4 is a “B”, 2-4 with one being a P5 offer is a “B+”, 5-9 is an “A”, and 10 or more is an “A+”. Also, more recently I started grading these classes by giving the recruits offer points, with G5 offers being worth 1 point and P5 offers being worth 1.5 points. I made some nerdy-ass charts to visualize. 1st chart shows what percentage of our signees have a “B” or higher offer list. This year we are at 61%, down from 82% that we had last year. That’s the 3rd highest in this range behind 2014. 2nd chart shows what percentage of our signees have an “A” or higher offer list. This year it’s at 33%, down from last year’s 45% and tied with 2014 for the 2nd highest in this range. 3rd chart shows how many offer points each class had. This year we are at 72, down from 114 that last class had, and 4th highest in this range behind 2014 and 2015 which both had 75. 2015 was pretty heavily boosted by Kevin Dillman and the QB offers he received early in his high school career. He alone had 23 offer points. This class has a chance to pass up 2014 and 2015 with a few more solid signings to finish out. The conclusion here is that based on offer lists, this class was a step down from last years but not too majorly. Still a very solid class as we all knew. But we had a lot of players who were rated pretty highly but did not have the offer lists that would seem to substantiate the rating. Can’t help but wonder if maybe some of these guys would have had more if they didn’t commit so early and weren’t so pro North Texas on Twitter. Plus, had we been able to hang on to guys like Dempsey and Renfro, this class would have been in the 90s in terms of offer points. But still a chance to get there with these last 4 or 5 spots.
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    If you are afraid of the P5 breaking away from the G5, I think this is not good. This kind of exclusion from our end only reinforces the notion that we (G5) are not a part of the same game as them (P5).
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    Matthew Brune is a current student at UNT and covers UNT games, HS football games for the DRC, and writes for https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/. He's around the team often and provides an inside look. I'm a regular listener of his Brune's Breakdown Podcast and it's definitely worth a listen for all UNT fans. Let's not trash UNT content creators because in reality we need more of them if we want to grow our student fan base and sell out Apogee.
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    Given the new CFB paradigms of early signing day in December, I fully expect to see coaching change announcements this week. You want to let recruits know that the program is serious and inject some energy into a dismal season at a pivotal time right ahead of our most important signing period. Had we won and kept ourselves in contention for a bowl game, we could have protracted this process through the end of the calendar year. To me the only potential silver lining to yesterday is pushing up the HR processes.
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    Can I give you all my take away, from an out of town fan. I have only been a fan of UNT for the last couple of years. I've always liked the color Green and the name Mean Green just sounds Cool. But I drove into town for the game, I live in Ky. I am a Die Hard Louisville Fan. And came away Very Very Impressed with Everything. The Facilities are Great, The Stadium is absolute Beautiful. The Fans that I spoke too were Great. And I can see the potential of what UNT could be. With the recruiting state you are in, and seeing the scoreboard light up like it was last Saturday. If that continues, Recruits nationwide WILL take notice. And I believe Offensively that won't be a problem with Coach Littrell. Just need to figure out the other side of the ball. BUT UNT has everything in place right now that a student athlete could want. Just a word of advice, from experience. If UNT starts Rolling, which I believe can happen really soon. Don't expand the stadium. It's perfect. Cardinal Stadium has 61K capacity. While having the available seats is nice. It takes away from the feeling of connection with the Team. When we were at 42k capacity and it was jam packed every game, Everything was Better. When I walked into the stadium and looked around, I fell in love with Apogee. What a Great Stadium. That is just my 2 cents. The potential is there to be a Monster indeed.
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    Mason, if anyone in FBS, has earned the right to do bits. Guy is basically carrying the team. Let him have his fun
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    But it's after Labor Day...
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    Grabbed one on the way to a meeting
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    Cal fan here. While our LB unit is good, our DB’s are elite. Phil Steele ranks our defensive backfield as the 2nd best in the country, behind only LSU’s. Mason Fine should test them. He’s a very good QB. Best of luck to you. I look forward to the game.
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    I guess they will lose the cannon this year, that save 20 bucks.
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    Here's the situation: The DRC is printed by The Dallas Morning News. Up until the last few weeks, the DRC was among the last publications printed each day. The schedule has since been changed by the DMN. The DRC is now the first publication to go to press, ahead of USA Today, all editions of the DMN, The Wall Street Journal and everything else. That switch makes it impossible to get late sports in the printed version of the paper. We are still covering night events. The place to get that coverage has just changed. Late sports are still added to our website and our e-edition every night. We are not happy about it, but we don't have a choice. Subscriptions to our website and e-edtion are actually cheaper than the printed paper. Here's a link to the game story on UNT-Rice https://dentonrc.com/sports/men-s-basketball-unt-continues-historic-run-with-win-over/article_2ac4e343-4832-56ae-8b05-63b97e59e6fe.html And last night's hoops rewind https://dentonrc.com/sports/colleges/late-night-hoops-rewind----north-texas-rice/article_81450ac1-f99e-5be9-a6ed-a309b0894773.html Here's a link to the UNT-Rice content in the e-edition, which is like a combination of a paper and our website. https://dentonrc.com/eedition/page-b/page_19427287-cace-536e-b8b9-eb44769c015f.html If you are already a subscriber, you have access to our website and e-edition. We have subscription options that start at 99 cents a week. Here's a link: https://dentonrc.com/allaccess/ We're still here and don't plan on going anywhere. We were just forced to change the way our readers access our late sports content.
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    I have got no updates yet. Some interviews have taking place. I think no urgency until coaching carousel slow downs. With candidate pool and money being discussed I think both OC and DC will be highly upgraded.
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    fans will get to see what Fine can do with a real legit O-Line, where he has time to throw and check.
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    Should be fired before he gets on the bus headed to the airport!
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    Good game, Mean Green. It was an ugly win, but I'll take it. Really impressed with Mason Fine and your RB Siggers. Good luck rest of the way, and see in Denton a couple of years from now.
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    Going to 7-4 from two straight nine wins season would be a very disappointing season.
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    From earlier comments on this board, they play dirty and we are better for not running across them very often.
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    Or he can stay here and we can continue to nicely compensate him! I want North Texas to be THE destination, not the stepping stone destination!
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    We are finally settled into our new home in Argyle and I just got my man cave completed. let’s use this off-season down time to share our fandom. Do you have a man cave or spot in your house that is your Mean Green sanctuary? If so, let’s see it...
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    Guys, we all need to stop generalizing . I am white, grew up in segregation Ft. Worth during the 50''s and 60's, and never went to school with a person of color until my freshman year at NTSU in 1961.And I certainly didn't come from money. I don't like rap, opera, heavy metal, and most country music. My 35 year career was in sales and distribution of Orthopaedic total joint implants, where I met only 2 surgeons of color. I belonged to a country club in Dallas for 19 years which didn't have a member of color. All the while I sat on the sidelines of integration . I have been fortunate enough late in life to count 3 African Americans as friends, and realize the America I live in is not the same as theirs. My observation at age 77 is that while I don't know what it's like to be a person of color, I do know right from wrong.
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    Back in the 90s and early 2000s when I went to a lot of away games I would meet those home fans and pick their brains about giving back to their university. The overwhelming sentiment of those under 30 (and maybe even 35) was hell no. Especially Sun Belt schools but even at places like LSU and OU most younger alumni laughed at giving money to the school they just shelled out a lot of money to. I would think with how much tuition is today, that sentiment is even stronger. Not everybody is rah rah about their school, they just want the piece of paper and to be done with it. I work with a mid-forties guy who went to Idaho and follows Idaho sports. When he found out I donated money to UNT he kept asking me why and what for. To him, only rich people with extra money give to universities. He doesn't even make that connection to donate to Idaho. Good news is the school is reaching out to people. They can't say no if you don't ask.
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    My son spotted Rico walking around the stadium and asked him to autograph his helmet. He laughed and and signed it next to MF's signature from earlier this season. I think it's cool these guys will do this sort of things for fans willingly, especially the younger ones. GMG
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    Called my daughter last night just to say hi. I asked her what she was doing and she said waiting in line for my football ticket. I asked her if there we a bunch of people and she said "Dad, this line is ridiculous. I love it!"

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