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    Given the new CFB paradigms of early signing day in December, I fully expect to see coaching change announcements this week. You want to let recruits know that the program is serious and inject some energy into a dismal season at a pivotal time right ahead of our most important signing period. Had we won and kept ourselves in contention for a bowl game, we could have protracted this process through the end of the calendar year. To me the only potential silver lining to yesterday is pushing up the HR processes.
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    I hate to look ignorant, but what are we protesting?
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    EDIT: It's North Texas vs. FAU in the final on Sunday at 12pm noon. It is going to be beautiful fall weather. This team deserves nothing less than to be playing in front of a packed house. Not even a conflict with the Cowboys who have the night game on Sunday. Sometimes other sports deserve football forum publicity. Hopefully the mods agree. This weekend is one of those times. Our most successful program (of the last 3 generations), Women’s soccer (the 2-seed) is hosting the conference tournament. The semifinal is tomorrow night at 7pm vs. 3-seed Rice. The final (should we advance tomorrow) will be Sunday at noon against 4-seed Charlotte or 1-seed FAU. This team deserves a packed house Friday night and (hopefully) Sunday afternoon. Will be chilly tomorrow but the weather when we hopefully play Sunday will be beautiful. This is one of the occasions where NT fans should make a plan to show up whether big soccer fans or just NT fans in general. When our teams play these big games in our facility, we need to show up. This team in particular deserves the support GMG!
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    ESPN has made a big 10 year investment in the AAC. Mike Aresco said that part of the new contract included much better promotion of the league. ESPN treated the Smu game like it was a legit college game. Conf USA continues to struggle with its media deal. As long as ESPN has no interest in CUsa no school in the league will get any national traction.
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    Years ago we had a student worker who had long unkempt hair. Several warned him about the effect on employers. His response was it was his right to wear his hair anyway he wanted. We agreed, and pointed out the employer had the same right not to hire him because of it. Your right to a tat or piercing does not negate others rights to be turned off by them.
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    Oddly enough, I blame Seth. If he had bothered to review the early out of bounds call at the two, we likely would have scored and started this game differently. He didn't learn from the incident where the MTSU player scored even though he'd clearly stepped out of bounds. Somebody on his staff should be watching the video.
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    It’s just hard for me to see Skip Holtz leaving La Tech for another CUSA gig, especially when his recruiting pipeline is about 10x easier than it would be here.
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    Love the kid and it’s admirable that he put up the numbers he has. Undoubtedly the best QB North Texas has ever had. But let’s get real... He’s a sure fire UNT HOFer. That’s it. Joe Greene was a generational talent, NFL HOFer, made a huge imprint on the NFL and is a household name for what he did in and out of football. This isn’t a shot at Mason, he’s seems like a good guy. But comparing the two is a little ridiculous.
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    I really want to know what Bean has done in practice to separate himself from Aune. Everything I’ve seen, from limited practice, scrimmages, and game action, Bean just looks shaky and Aune looks like a composed QB who is ready to play. It was exemplified today obviously, but this seems more like a continuation of trends than a bad outing.
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    sorry but SL earned this after last year ditching the team and pretty much no showing in the Bowl Game while he flirted with KState after already trying to leave previously to TN.
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    NT loses 59-56, but what an effort against #25 VCU on the road.
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    I don't get why any type of kids like this. Im in my 20s, and I hate this😂 Should've wore what we did last time we beat LT. Chrome White White Beat LT!
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    watching it? no. talking about watching it as if anyone on a UNT message board might give a shit? absolutely.
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    I’d be fine with the storm trooper uni every away game.
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    At some point and time, but I feel that Abner Haynes and Leon King deserve one first. ** Abner for sure and Leon King should be mentioned somewhere for breaking the color barrier along with Mr. Haynes.
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    And sometimes you restart an old thread to comment multiple times about just how right you were in the prediction department. 😉
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    50 years ago in "The Snake Pit" these are the guys that got us hooked forever on North Texas basketball. Good times!
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    I didn’t think it’s unreasonable to ask a guy that hasn’t proven anything and yet dangled a supposed job offer to become the highest paid coach in the conference to.....you know.....quit getting curb stomped by teams that aren’t FCS or UTEP
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    They can have them at my company as long as they are covered up. It is not a professional look, so ink up and pierce away, but don't blame others when you can't get hired.
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    What an example of poor coaching. Can't hit the broadside of a barn and coach allows team to keep throwing up the long shots. 2 made out of 35 threes, that 6%. Mitchell should not allow a single three point shot in the next game. Going to the inside would have easily won this game. Mitchell maybe an NT icon, but coaching like this will lose a job in a hurry.
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    Seems to be going EXACTLY like the Russian collusion story.
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    It’s a nostalgia thing. They represent the good bad and influential of Dallas. People have an affinity for them even though they don’t want to necessarily be them. Further, staying ranked in the top 25 for over a month is more important and impressive than beating a downtrodden sec program. That is why I wanted us to crack into the top 25 so we would get weekly exposure. Mason has done his part to get us exposure now Seth needs to crush the end of the season to avoid us becoming an afterthought. GMG
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    I am 76 and grew up in Ft. Worth during segregation. In fact, the movies and restaurants in Denton were "White Only" when I enrolled at N.T.S.U. As a freshman in 1961 I took a one hour blow off course called "Coaching in Football ". The student sitting next to me was running back A.D. Whitfield, who later played for the Washington Redskins. [ I have slept since then but I think it was the Skins]. During class one day the coach teaching the class starting talking about making rubber guns as a kid, but that's not what he called them. I glanced at Whitfield, who was stoic at this racist comment, while I wanted to crawl under the table. I don't think you guys know what Haynes and King went thru in the 50's and 60's, and I am sure Greene got a strong dose of racism even in the 70's. I have never met Abner nor Leon, but in my mind while Joe Greene was the best, Abner Haynes and Leon King were the bravest.
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    dude had the chance to play at a top 10 program BECAUSE of everything he gave here...and because he fulfilled his academic commitment to UNT. you want to be angry that he left, blame past administrations and ADs for their decision making, hires and priorities. a real UNT Basketball supporter will cheer against Gonzaga if and only if we play them in the tournament. Anyone hating on Ryan for his decision can Go Zag themselves with a rusty metal spike.
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    Why should I care? He does not play for us because he did not want to play for us. This is like keeping up with your ex girlfriend that dumped you for someone she thought was better looking. Move on.
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    Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill
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    Forgot to post in here a few weeks ago when I coached against him but the kid is a stud. Played well defensively and housed one on us when they threw him in at Wildcat QB. Went out of his way to be a good sport to our coaches and admin after a tough loss for him too. Scuttlebutt is that Tech is snorting around though.....
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    This. Do I appreciate what Seth has done? Hell yes. Do I want him to leave? Hell no! Would I look at better opportunities? Yes But, do I expect the AD to have a short list of candidates ready? Yes. And yes, I want Seth to change the DC
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    Yes, NT would have probably won the game with Woolridge. However, he is not coming back and lamenting that is IMO a disservice to what may turn out to be a very good NT team. Gibson is not even supposed to be a point guard, but apparently they thrust him more than Wise or Jackson at this time. .
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    Final UNT 2 - Rice 0 See y'all on Sunday!
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    You know that NT played 3 point guards, and were playing to shoot the ball until the last 5 seconds. This was a game against the number 25 team and in their house with a sellout crowd. Only loss because their player hit two clutch threes in the last minute after missing every 3 attempt up to that point. Very encouraging game, this should be a fun season.
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    Joe Greene: AP 1st Team All American, 1st Round Pick in the NFL Draft, 4 Super Bowl titles as a player, considered the best DT of all-time, NFL Hall of Fame, 2 Super Bowls as a coach, contributed in ways too numerous to count to North Texas. Mason Fine: once in a generation talent. I love the young man, but let's be honest, he and Mr. Greene are in two different categories.
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    I honestly think its one of the worst ideas on here. He is good but its not like he won the Heisman or is in the NFL Hall of Fame like Joe Greene. There is simply no comparison as the two aren't in the same league and never will be. If we really want to be honest, what big games has he won? When it really counted NT has failed while he started. He didn't win a conference title, a bowl, and probably won't even compete in a bowl as a senior. So please no. Just no. This is the mediocre NT stuff that drives me crazy.
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    I am not mad at Woolridge transferring at all and it would be foolish to do so. Most players are going to transfer up the athletic food chain if they get that chance. More publicity, probably better facilities, bigger crowds and a chance to play against better opposition. What I don't like is the graduate transfer rule, for the following reasons: It penalizes a school for paying for summer school for athletes that allows them to graduate early. It hurts the fans, teammates and schools that have supported the athlete and would like to see him or her finish their eligibility with the team. The biggest problem is that it helps insure that the big programs get better and the lower get worse. No one if they have a choice is going to transfer down to a lesser program, so the better a program already is, the more likely they will get great transfers. This makes it a lot more improbable that perennial lower ranked team will ever significantly climb up in the athletic world. This rule is a nightmare for those that want a more competitive environment for athletics.
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    Nobody told you to care. The the thread title said Woolridge. You saw a title with your ex's name on it then clicked on it to say you don't care about your ex.
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    Honestly I would like to see us try and get Holtz away from La Tech. I am impressed how year after year he puts together really good recruiting classes and quality teams.
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    By my count Seth is 27 & 24 with 2 regular season games to play this year.I don't see him going anywhere, but won't criticize him for trying to get a P 5 head coaching job. However, this season has been a disaster for our program and probably destroyed his rising star image .
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    I got a ton of down votes for saying Aune is a better QB than Bean... and I’ll say it again. Aune is more athletic and a leader!!
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    I was at the game last night and was shocked to hear the roar of the crowd at the goals. I was only expecting brief polite clapping. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be, and the new soccer stadium facility is really nice. Team Statistics Team Statistics Game Stats RICE UNT Goals 0 2 Shots 8 22 Shots on Goal 2 8 Saves 6 2 Corners 4 2 Offsides 2 0 Fouls 9 15 Scoring Summary 74:56 Byrd,Allie (7) Assisted By: DeFrain,Elle Marie , Guderian,Madeline GOAL by UNT Byrd,Allie (FIRST GOAL), Assist by DeFrain,Elle Marie and Guderian,Madeline, goal number 7 for season. 84:24 Peters,Berklee (11) Assisted By: Gonzalez,Michelle GOAL by UNT Peters,Berklee, Assist by Gonzalez,Michelle, goal number 11 for season. *One other note - These stats were against a dominant Rice team that had only lost one conference game all season
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    Yep. And I am a big fan of the tougher OOC schedule.
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    Great effort. Sucks we couldn’t pull it out but great to build on. Hesitancy lost us this game from what I saw. Gibson has to be more assertive. I know Mccasland likes us to run the clock down but late you gotta be looking to shoot.
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    If he transferred to SMU, I'd advocate for removing his name from all record books.
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    Statues should be a generation (at least) after they played, to see if their legacy is big enough to deserve one. That or if a great player tragically died while still in school from cancer or something (ala Brian's Song).
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    I'm sure this has been mentioned on this board before, but there is a fantastic (really, really fantastic) book written about this by Jeff Miller: The Game Changers: Abner Haynes, Leon King, and the Fall of Major College Football's Color Barrier in Texas. My vote would be for both of them to be honored.
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    I want to qualify what I said in the other thread where I would wear a skirt to the bowl game. If it is cost/distance prohibitive for me to go I will go to a watching party wearing a skirt if we make it to a bowl...because I think there might be a chance we can get to 6...
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