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    The thread is about College Game Day, which is a TV show that airs every Saturday morning (8am - 11am Central, I believe) during football season. No one is saying stay for the game instead of showing up at Apogee. The beauty of asking people to go to College Game Day and fly a green Battle Flag or something is that millions of people will see it, and then they can drive back up to Apogee in plenty of time to tailgate before the game starts at 6:30pm.
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    I suggested to Wren that a plaque be placed at the goal lines or at midfield to let people know what was here for over 50 years.
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    Some like college football and some like semi-pro football.
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    https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/07/19/espns-college-gameday-returns-fort-worths-sundance-square-open-college-football-season/ Planning on being in the crowd with a battle flag on top of a big stick.
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    I hope they intend on dressing up that sea of asphalt with trees or something. The only thing worse than a lack of parking is a big ugly multiacre patch of cheap asphalt.
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    The fouts area and its adjacent parking areas is now being paved over. They evened out the landscape, put in a central road leading from the entrance to the fouts lots on No. Tex BLVD all the way down to the service road just east of Bonnie Brae. They have put a bunch of islands with grass and trees (similar to the red/blue lots by apogee). Currently they are probably 40% done or so, but looks like it will be fully operational by labor day. They are also adding a bus depot in the east end of the lot across from the Super Pit.
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    Mostly pretty fair comments. Except for the one that said the crowd was predominantly UH fans in 2011. That’s a bit ridiculous.
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    I was working in Abilene this week and some of the folks I was dealing with are big ACU football supporters. Evidently, the university is making a BIG push to get as many of their people to the game in Denton as possible. One person was telling me their alumni association is planning a large tailgate beforehand and some social activities Friday night. I kept hearing about how their running game is going to give us all kinds of problems and they are expecting a surprise win. I just told them they are probably going to get their butt handed to them but to have a nice day anyway. GMG
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    “This is where Booger wreaked havoc” on sixteen plaques around the parking lot.
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    I still say that freshman Jamario was the best back I’ve ever seen at North Texas. The hamstring injury, and having to share a backfield with Cobbs, kept him from obliterating the rushing record.
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    My time was way different than everyone else. I grew up in Denton so I lived at home with my parents until the second semester of my sophomore year. Then I moved to Windsor Village near Strickland Jr High now middle school. Woke up at the end of my sophomore year and decided to join the Army. Was planning on doing 3 or 4 years in the Army and coming back to UNT. Was enjoying it too much and 3 years turned into 23 years. Retired and decided I had unfinished business at UNT. The wife and I settled in Little Elm and I commuted to finish my Jr and Sr year. So, I must have had the longest break ever from Freshman to graduate. LOL
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    Passed by the stadium today and they have started on the Mean Green sign on the outside of the IPF. It’s channel signage and will light up at night. They only had one letter up when I passed by. #GMG
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    Short notice interview, so did not have my city shirt. Go Mean Green!! KARK Article
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    The look when your QB1 gets called Myles Fine. Can you not prepare for an interview by maybe learning your interviewees names. SMH
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    We don't have any green shirts laying around that these guys could wear?
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    At least I know that all people that make generalizations are idiots.
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    whoa that's crazy... sad to see her gone, but happy that i never have to think about tailgating in that God-forsaken parking lot again.
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    I live 20 mins from the Death Star... I might try to make it out sporting my new Nike replica jersey and battle flag in tow
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    You jumped right in brother! The great thing (well, one of the many great things) about God’s Word, is the explanations for what we should expect other brothers & sisters to act like. Of course, this not coming from your own volition: Gal. 5:22-23, right? As a fellow believer, if we observe Trump’s behaviors, it would appear he is living much more like Gal. 5:20-21, right? I certainly don’t think we’re going to have a morally-perfect person run for political office... ever. 😂 Trump may or may not be racist, but he’s definitely petty, defensive, combative... and certainly immoral. Speaking for myself, I could never bring myself to vote for him (or Hillary).
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    We win by 14 Also, this is by far the best looking home jersey option. I may be a crotchety old man these days, but green on white is how it should always be.
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    Let’s try actually winning a game there first...
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    Cal fan here. While our LB unit is good, our DB’s are elite. Phil Steele ranks our defensive backfield as the 2nd best in the country, behind only LSU’s. Mason Fine should test them. He’s a very good QB. Best of luck to you. I look forward to the game.
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    ESPN Game Day will be in Arlington, TX on August 31st for the Oregon/Auburn match up. We should send a few folks that way with some signage in the morning. Invite them up to Denton.
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    I am sure the players can provide much more insight, but having played in at least one gmg.com bowl game (benefiting the Andrew Smith scholarship fund), I can attest to the fact that Fouts Field WAS a parking lot. If even for just the post-death penalty $MU game and the Booger Baylor game, that parking lot will hold sentimental longings until I pass. But it WAS a parking lot. GMG
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    Sundance Square is even better... @meangreenlax I will be there with flag in tow as well
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    Updates on the game changer at NutsaCK: Phase One is now complete. Phase Two foundation work:
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    Get alternating schedules. We play at rice and UH comes here. UH plays at UNT and SMU plays at UH. Then switch.
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    That’s why it’s important for NT fans to wear green.
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    DRC: North Texas on the rise in terms of stature in C-USA https://dentonrc.com/sports/what-we-learned-at-c-usa-media-days/article_2f602d4e-524c-5cec-b3e7-90b0ab6c882d.html
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    Some pretty good stuff there. I'm kind of out on this thread now as its turned into virtue signaling and obfuscation, but essentially my issue with some of this is the idea that "you need to be as outraged as I am--and demonstrate it, because I say so--or you are one of THEM" attitude a lot of folks seem to have nowadays. That's a little too Kim Jong-Il for my taste. Not gonna work for me. They will also blather on about "teams" and "sides" derisively, while maintaining that if you don't agree with the depth and direction of their outrage--even if you may agree with them in principle--you are the same as those they are railing about. In other words, you're not on THEIR team. Not surprising really. It's human nature for sure.
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    The challenge I see in today's political boxing matches...is the jump to knowing the motives behind what someone says. And this goes for both sides (right and left) So to this particular tweet from the president.... I lived in Birmingham for a while. I'm from Texas. If I had told the same group of people over and over: "man the humidity sucks here" "the Mexican food is terrible...ya'll need better choices" "I can't believe it costs $800 for vehicle registration...it should be $75" "The water department is a joke here...you should have a better option" "Hey guy I keep telling this to...you're a real a**hole by the way and not nearly as good a person as me." over and over and over and over..... The logical reply to me may be from that local that is sick of hearing me complain and sick of being called an a**hole: "dude...if you're so miserable here...why don't you go back to Texas if it's so great" There is ZERO in that statement that has anything to do with race. So the trick is you have to have a predetermined opinion about the person from Birmingham that said that and you have to just know (without really knowing but think you know) the motives behind his statement. If I already think that guy is racist because all my friends tell me he's a racist then it really doesn't matter what he says...I will always come into the situation from the point of view that the guy is racist.
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    I bet I'm the only person on the board that doesn't know what WEHT means. So I looked it up. WHET=What Ever Happened To You're welcome.
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    So it seems we're setting the bar here of what is acceptable from a moral standpoint. Somewhere below a rude tweet up to a filmed rape? Your stretch there is kind of moot because a rapist wouldn't be a leader because they would be in prison. (I mean....we've never elected a rapist anyway right?) So as for morality coming from experience and interaction within societies? Who says? Who is the arbiter of all things moral that says that's the standard? If morality comes from experience and interaction....whose experience and interaction within society does it come form? Would you like me to dictate to you a morality based on MY experience and interaction within society? I'm guessing you would have a problem with that. I sure don't want you dictating to me because evidently, if I don't think like you then I'm a bad person? A racist? I support racism? That's the whole point of this view on subjective morality. It delves us into chaos. It's like a quarterback competition...when you have 3 QBs you have no QBs. (Boom! Sports!) And the snake I saw eating another snake on the internet the other day didn't seem to be very moral or concerned with his fellow snake to me. He just looked hungry. I'll pose this to you. What is the moral standard you think we should hold our elected officials to? Where is the line? Is there an objective line we can all agree on? Or is it just what you personally think everyone should think? That's an honest question. I'm curious what you think. I can't figure out if you're just trolling. The title of your thread is such a hot button issue...part of me thinks you put it here just to stir it up. If you're serious, debates like this are good...I learn from them. But in my experience, most people shut them down.
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    I just bought my Cal-Berkley tickets. $35. ea
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    Very cool. But who’s the guy at the end? Could it be?
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    I'm pretty sure the attendance and stadium size requirements don't exist anymore.
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    It’s amazing what happens when we’ve pulled all our starters
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    I believe that adding ODU was likely the right call. They already were selling out a 20,000 seat stadium and had promised to upgrade. The improvements that they are making seem first class. What is not first class is the capacity. They are increasing their capacity by only about a thousand seats which does not smack of FBS stature. The original requirement for Division 1A (FBS) status was a stadium of 30,000 and an attendance of 17,000. It's what tumbled us into Division 1AA because Chancellor Hurley was not willing to spend the money to upgrade Fouts to 30,000; choosing instead to spend the money on academics. To his credit, he did an excellent job of raising the academic stature of UNT but acknowledging that he did athletics no favor. At least, ODU did meet the attendance requirement, unlike Charlotte and FIU (both with small stadiums). Florida Atlantic didn't meet the stadium size or attendance requirement either but they did expand their stadium to 30,000 and, I believe, met the attendance requirement in at least one year. What if CUSA had the foresight to get Troy and Appalachian State instead of the two Floridas where would CUSA be today? Even Arkansas State and Louisiana would have been an improvement. I will say that FAU has improved to a satisfactory level since the hiring of Lane Kiffin and FIU could break through this year after hiring Butch Davis (but they still have a rinkydink stadium and poor attendance).
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    Watch that sort of language when talking to ACU fans! If you were an ACU student you'd get suspended for that sort of outburst.
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    Mason looks like the weight room is paying dividends for him. He looks more jacked than times past.

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