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    This became so bad during the McCarney regime that he had to put in McNulty to keep the fight song from being played. *I just noticed I received a down vote.I'm sorry Andrew.
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    ARTICLE: Why Mason Fine is the best QB you don't know
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    Watching the game last night I couldn’t help but think back to Littrell’s first three recruiting classes. We don’t have many Mccarney recruits left and a lot of the JUCOs we signed early on are gone. In year four we’re at the stage where we are leaning on the early high school signees to be the upperclassmen and leaders of the team. According to 247, the 2016 class was ranked 8th in CUSA, the 2017 class was ranked 11th, and the 2018 class was ranked 8th. And by my metrics based on offers, these classes were even a little below the last two Mccarney signed. The turnaround since then is well documented but those guys from the 2019 and 2020 class are years away from being the upperclassmen of our roster. What also hurts is that we only signed, by my count, 10 high school signees in that first class in 2016. It was always a peculiar decision to go so JUCO/transfer heavy right away in a rebuild. And while some of it definitely paid off early, it definitely would be nice to have another 5-10 seniors and redshirt juniors, especially at some of the positions where we are not looking great. At this point the roster is what it is. We are recruiting better at most positions, and that took time to turnaround our reputation. We have won the last two years without having great depth, and we’re going to have to do so this year as well. All this to say I don’t need to go into detail on where the team needs to improve, but based on recruiting results this team should be an average to slightly below average CUSA roster with a really good QB and that’s what we’ve looked like this year.
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    I have been home now for several hours and have had time to reflect on what I witnessed tonight. Something has to change and quickly or we will lose any and all respect and momentum we have gained. I walked out of Ford Stadium tonight disgusted and sick from what I observed. I was not alone. Many I walked with to our respective vehicles were expressing the same feelings. Why can we not take the next step? This is year four for SL and company and we are not seeing results. There is a disturbing trend starting to repeat itself. In 2016 we roll into West Point and whip Army on their field, only to crap the bed against UTSA the following week. It’s year one, but we are making baby steps. Moving to 2017, after a pool party and an ass whipping at the hands of FAU, we somehow manage to get to the Conference Championship only to get our ass handed to us again by the Lane Train. But things are forgiven, as it’s only year two. Let’s not forget a close HOD Bowl loss to Army and a NO Bowl blow out to Troy along the way. But we are making progress, right? So now let’s move onto year three. We start 4 and 0 with a P5 win over a struggling Arkansas team which SL says was not an upset. Another baby step in the right direction? After a win at Liberty we roll home to Apogee and dedicate a statue to a UNT Great, only to squander a double digit lead and take a crap on our home turf in a loss to La Tech. The next disaster would come a few weeks later at ODU when the heavy favorite Mean Green would piss away a 28 point lead in a loss to a conference bottom feeder. Don’t forget, this was after blowing a lead on the road at UAB in a game we were picked to win. With all of this said, I won’t even go into the New Mexico Bowl. Yes, I know Fine went down early but I think if we are being honest with ourselves, we all knew where this game was headed before the injury. Now we find ourselves in year four. We had a great first half in the home opener before letting things slide late against a weak FCS team. We were told the team lost interest. Really? So what the hell happened last night? Did the team lose interest again? This has got to end! We should not tolerate this kind of result in year four. This team has too much talent for this kind of performance. Anyone else see a trend here? The season is young. Will it be a success or filled with disappointments? GMG
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    For better or worse he is the best coach (by winning percentage) we have had since Hayden Fry left for Iowa 40 years ago. 40 years! Cool your jets and be grateful we aren’t just striving to be bowl eligible anymore. We are trying to hit 9 these days instead of 6. Although that loss sucks hard because of who the opponent was, we still have an entire conference slate coming that could be a totally different season from this start. And those of you saying Seth isn’t going anywhere because no P5 would want him forget that he was a staff disagreement from being the KSU head coach despite losing to Old Dominion and blowing several 21+ point leads. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
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    He was only at Arkansas State for one year. I agree it’s premature. So was Littrell’s first raise. I think Baker and his crew believe in their coaches and are willing to pay them for what they are going to do more than what they’ve done. Our administration is doing everything and committing as much as possible in nearly every facet to make our major programs successful. Including keeping our coaches happy and making it clear that we’re about keeping them, doing what we can to help their programs, and keep them focused on what they can build here long term, rather than keeping an exit strategy in mind. Whether or not it pays off is another question. But that’s just my explanation of the rationale.
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    Or have some class and understand there are also kids at the games. So tired of this discussion every year and why people think this is acceptable.
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    This game felt like #olddenton
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    I’d cut him some slack. He was the only bright spot of the night. And it is first real go at it. He should be happy with his contribution. Regardless.
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    You heard him Mean Green Nation!
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    I attempted to attend the scrimmage last Saturday but was initially turned away (later on I found a way in), so I noticed that the Band was practicing near by and decided to go watch. Well it seems that I got in on Mr. Cooks very first practice......which was really a exercise session to get band members used to the type of marching that will be expected of them I had a very nice visit, first with Mr. Cooks grad assistant, and then later during a break Mr. Cook came over to see who the hell I was. Believe it or not, we had a very nice visit. I could already tell that he was going to expect energy, school spirit, and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE from the Band. So I seriously doubt that the MF will ever surface from any of the band members. A few things.... The Band is going to have somewhere around 450 members (ugh) He plans to have a REAL pre-game including a fanfare that he has written for North Texas. We discussed a few very large Bands and how they did pregame. He mentioned several Bands from the Southeast Conference, but he said that his favorite pregame was the one Florida State does. He was a bit concerned about the gate leading into the stadium. He had concerns about it limiting the band in their pregame entrance. SO, for this to really work and be BIG TIME the crowd needs to be in there long before the pregame starts AND PARTICIPATE.
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    12-2 Hoping to get a solid Cal fan reaction gif this year.. Throwback to last years "body bag" game:
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    Nevermind that other coaches are paying attention as well, and can see that NT is paying their coaches well & extending them constantly. So in the event we do lose one or both of them, there will be plenty of quality coaches knocking on the door for an interview because they know NT will pay them!
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    I wouldn’t confuse his nervous smile with pleasure. This may have been the first time for him to be interviewed like this. Probably a little surreal. He was just answering the questions given to him.
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    A coach cussing you is one thing. Lord knows I've had my share of butt chewings by many a coach. My problems with this stupid chant are the following: 1. It is disrespectful towards our university. 2. It is yelling MF'er at the top of their lungs during our fight song. It is easy to tell what is being said from across Apogee. 3. My youngest looking up and clarifying what he heard and then asking why they would say that about their school. 4. It is classless. Don't compare us to LSU. Their fans are the worst in college football and nothing to aspire to be. 5. We are North Texas and we are better than that.
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    Won't somebody think of the children?!
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    I dunno. Maybe I'm blinded by past head coaching blunders at UNT, but I think McCasland the guy we need.
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    Ready for the old guy rant? What is it that I do every year on signing day (now days)? I look over the list of QB's/WR's/RB's that everyone else is salivating over and ask the same question..........WHERE'S THE BEEF? It's really simple people, who is consistently getting pressured and who is consistently applying pressure in a game? Who got sacked five time last night and who got sacked only once? On both sides we are (and have for God knows how long) being dominated at the line of scrimmage. I started really worrying last week when Abilene Christian started doing their Old Dominion imitation. DON'T WE EVER SCOUT OURSELVES? I MEAN REALLY AND VERY CRITICALLY SCOUT OURSELVES? SMU ran the same long pass plays, and same long running plays to the exact same side of the defense that ACU did! Someone commented on another post that (hopefully) the team will get mad and take it out on UC? Really? Getting 31 points scored on them by ACU didn't make them mad? So much so that they would have/could have gone down to Dallas and taken it out on SMU? As the character "Hobart" said in "Silverado"......"It's a bad start boys"
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    I agree. If you have corners that struggle on an island, then don't put them on an island. If they play 5 in the box, run it until they quit it. If your defense line is getting blown back, get them on the move. I think it is obvious we have some kids that are going to have trouble playing in last year's scheme. As coaches, you have to ask your kids to do what they can do. And catch the ball. Too many drops by people we count on to come up big.
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    I really want Mason to get that CUSA Championship and crack us into the Top 25 this year. We’d be adding another one next to that Joe Greene statue outside of Apogee when it was all said and done.
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    ....at Texas. 😘😘😘 Rick
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    Jeff Wilson just scored a TD on MNF! Go Jeff!
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    Just F'n with ya! Ha! So glad we don't have to worry about this for another season. Go Fine!
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    My one thought I woke up with this morning before heading off to work..., ....”Did we really go for a 4th and one and fail from our own 45 with a pass out of the shotgun...while down 14-0,....then later settle for a field goal facing a 4th and 3 down 35-17 late 3rd quarter?” Rick
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    Hope they didn't hire this guy to do the work.
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    Back-to-back 20 win season doesn't at least open the conversation? Also, last year's 20 win season was without the help of an extended post-season.
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    A husband & 3 kids just lost their rock. It's going to be very tough for Coach Anderson to adjust to coach life with 3 kids on his own. I would not be surprised to see him step down after this season. We all know coaching requires a ton of hours each week. He's not going to be able to keep that up and raise those boys flying solo at the same time. The Anderson family will be in my prayers for sure.
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    Seth’s gonna earn some experience stripes with this bunch. He has to pick their faces up off the ground except sig’s and get this team to compete. Meanwhile we have 2 brutal teams to lineup against this months and our always expected grinder with UTSA. Does it feel worse to lose like Washington did last night or get curb stomped? Not sure but this beat down last night was unexpected and yet I am ready to turn the page. On to the next cheer. GMG
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    Of course we are. If we weren’t you wouldn’t be here gloating. Rick
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    Too many long pass routes. Just my opinion. Short routes could’ve changed the whole game. Quit looking for a home run on every play. Take what the defense is giving and move the ball down field
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    I know this could change a lot between now and then....but as of right now, couldn't get much better of a weather forecast for August 31: https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/b4839bc8b5bb0588d4876f6f32d8d6887862ecf551124851cea7e92574c906f5
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/north-texas-press-conference-takeaways/article_d47e6e33-507f-56bc-b5d3-1ff40036b1bb.html
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    We saw that Executive Director Jim Nagy recently visited Denton and made note of the fact that the program has several 2020 draft prospects and today the Senior Bowl released their pre-season Watch List. Making the squad were a handful of our boys in green... https://www.seniorbowl.com/watch-list/
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    Not sure why anyone would chant this. This is now commonplace language and has no shock value. It just demonstrates a lack of imagination. Anyone that thinks this is an appropriate yell at a football or for that matter anywhere else, is just too immature to be worried about anyone's else's opinions.
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    Excellent article. So pumped for this season. That's my quarterback
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    Why don’t they just sub in Mean Green for MF?
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    A friend of mine, an ACU graduate, told me a story about an uncle of his, a professor, who came the ACU to deliver a lecture. His uncle went out to dine at a well known local Steak House and ordered wine. The waiter had already engaged him in a brief conversation and was aware of his employment. When he ordered the wine the waiter asked "Would you like that in a mug?". He asked "Why would I want it in a mug?". The waiter stated that "Usually when the professors order wine they ask for it in a mug." He had it served in a wine glass. Perhaps if we offered beer in a mug or perhaps a plastic soft drink cup with a lid and straw it would help with sales.
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    It's also important to note that 18 of those Southern Meth wins came before the end of World War 2. Wins, yes. But relevant to 2019, hardly. 6 for Heisman GO MEAN GREEN
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    This is the most likely outcome, so I'll go along with this. HOWEVER, if we beat Cal, SMU and Houston, then it's most likely a 14-0 season. I kind of made the same prediction last year when I was talking to KingDL1 at the first game's tailgating event. I remember saying that if we beat SMU and Arkansas, then we'll go 12-0. He looked at me like I'd had just taken the Lords name in vain in the middle of a revival meeting. I believe he thought that I had jinxed them.........and I probably did. HOWEVER (2) They SHOULD HAVE gone 12-0..........................😠
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    Mason is just a classic case of what a struggling program like ours needed. After middling around for so long and not making much progress, we finally found a guy who could command respect for his abilities, and respect as a person because of his demeanor. I talk up Mason Fine pretty much every chance I get, and I'm currently in a battle with the UT sheeple here in Austin that he's the best QB in the state. They'll never admit to that, but I'm almost 100% confident that with a healthy season, he'll prove me right. GO MEAN GREEN! P.S. If you aren't ready for this season to start, I don't know what's wrong with you, but you need to fix that.
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    Since smuT's return from the death penalty, they lead the series 4-6.
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    It’s more of a white button down

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