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    Hi - Thank you all for the posts! It is all so interesting to me and my family. My dad was Steve Ramsey the QB you are speaking of. My son, John Stephen, is now 8 and loves football! He is also so interested in looking up his stats etc. on the internet. It has been really fun and interesting to see these posts and hear about my dad. I really miss him. He died in 1999. Keep the info coming! (ie I didn't know they were suppose to play in Texas Stadium, but it wasn't finished!!!) Thanks - Kim Ramsey Kavanagh
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    Just picked up my 2019 edition of DCTF. Thought I’d start a thread where folks could share their thoughts on this year’s offering. One of the greatest things I noticed was that while they list NORTH TEXAS AT SOUTHERN MISS as UNT’s Game of the Year, they list SMU’s Game of the Year as SMU VS. NORTH TEXAS. Greatness.
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    Jalen Guyton came to Edinburg in South Texas today to have a combine style camp for kids of all ages. Even threw up the talon. Good luck to Jalen.
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    Oh and of course I loved seeing all the NCAA records my dad set....not only was he an amazing athlete, but an amazing human being ❤️ - Kim
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    I feel like the narrative online is omitting some key points: - the family that owns this property is wealthy, so it is not like they don’t have the ability to move nearby. The son is interviewed but I believe the father owns the property and the tax info fowards to a million dollar home. - despite this wealth this whole section of four buildings has not had meaningful investment in forever, the buildings and pavement are in poor shape and that is being generous. - they are being offered $700k almost triple the tax value for a small building built in the 60’s. So school bullies young hard working owner is the easy narrative to write but I feel there is a more accurate one that hasn’t been put forth.
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    Cal fan here. While our LB unit is good, our DB’s are elite. Phil Steele ranks our defensive backfield as the 2nd best in the country, behind only LSU’s. Mason Fine should test them. He’s a very good QB. Best of luck to you. I look forward to the game.
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    I'm definitely watching this guy closely - but if this doesn't bring a smile to your face, then I don't know what will
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    I normally love the battle flag design. But, I think it is too big and would look washed out on TV and in the stands. Personally, I would love to see the battle flag incorporated as a smaller feature in one of the existing designs. Maybe something like this: With a design like this, on TV the battle flag would really stand out because most of the action centers around the key. Just MHO.
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    What kind of injury would I have to sustain just to win the conference ?
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    Just watched Renfros hudl film and 2 things instantly stood out. 1) kid can really sling jt 2) he is all UNT, the music he chose for his highlight reel...Tobe Nwigwe
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    “No upside”? The guy has us playing some of the best football we’ve played in decades... Baker & Smatresk give him a ~10% raise (which keeps him very happy here & thinking twice/pulling out of P5 offers), and there’s “no upside”?
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    Why not a bit of columns A, B, and C?
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    https://www.theeagle.com/aggie_sports/texas-football-picks-longhorns-over-aggies-for-state-s-best/article_1cbcc590-9ed3-11e9-9ff8-bf770b6e446d.html "A&M is ranked second followed by North Texas, Baylor, TCU, Houston, SMU, Texas Tech, Texas State, Texas-San Antonio, Texas-El Paso and Rice."
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    Looks like Littrell is going all in for Mason's last year. 3 Grad transfers at positions of need
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    Easy way to solve all this talk.. Go out this year beat both SMU, and Houston. And while we are at it.. Take down Cal.
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    Wrong. He could leave a legacy here or he could leave a legacy at a P5 somewhere. Please, please, pretty please folks, we'll never get players worth anything here if this is the mindset you want them coming in with: "Eh, I'm not good enough to start at Ohio State or Florida State. I'll just go to UNT instead so I can play." That's how you get to 1-11.
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    I didn't get a picture for each of the locations my wife and I visited (there were a lot!), but a UNT hat, beanie, or polo made an appearance in four foreign countries and seven U.S. states over the last three weeks. Some highlights include: Ann Arbor, Michigan Niagara Falls, New York Louisville, Kentucky Cincinnati, Ohio Toronto, Canada The Scottish Highlands Dublin, Ireland Reykjavik, Iceland Just doin' my part, don't ya know? Thought y'all might enjoy that!
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    Thanks for the visit to our site and the invite to chat with you about how our team matches up with the Mean Green. Let’s face it FCS teams don’t have a stellar record when playing FBS teams that aren’t in the bottom 10. A game against a FCS team like ours with a middling record doesn’t generate much fan interest. That said, You are welcome to come on over to our site and share your thoughts if so inclined. Our goal in past years in games like this has been to beat the line. We’ve managed to do that about 75% of the time against the likes of Baylor, Air Force, Colorado State and Fresno State. The betting line for this game hasn’t been posted but the Mean Green will probably be favored by 28 or so points. At a minimum we plan to beat the line whatever it may be, to score more than the 27 points we put on the board against Baylor in last year’s opener, and to collect a guarantee check to help subsidize our athletics program. Many of us us believe we have the talent to do more than meet these minimal expectations. What can I say? It’s the summer. A perfect time for delusions of grandeur before the first snap of fall practice begins and reality bites.
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    I'm not sure I get the whole, "xxx already has a school in the yyy market" argument these days. In the particular case of SMU and UNT neither one of us "owns" the DFW market. At best, C-USA and the AAC split/share a small fraction of it. Wouldn't it be better for a conference to try and consolidate two small shares of a large market than try to garner a small fraction of another market?
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    Their new practice facility will surely be the envy of the conference.
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    battle flag will look awful on tv/internet games. Look at the crap Colorado St, Oregon, and some other schools that have super colorful or super busy floors...it is terrible.
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    I went cal and houston. Nobody cares about SMU really. Winning at Cal and beating houston would be much more of a statement.
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    Down votes to anyone who QUOTES the penis wrinkle. Rick
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    The way Arkansas got into the SEC wasn’t facilities or a great record in football. It was because they travel ...away games they show up and out. They would have Tyson as a sponsor and all food was free. We knew where the pre-game event was, there was no sign in, and everyone called the hogs. Even if you wore a shirt from another team, they embraced you, the college football fan. I know this because I taught there for over 12.5 years and was involved in athletics and academics. So, you want to join the AAC, it’s all about the money! Travel to as many away games as you can, and we will get an invite. Show up and everything else will take care of itself! GMG
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    We would not travel well to those games to say the least.
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    Hey, that’s me! What a great day yesterday was. Mitch & his family are wonderful people. UNT pride was overwhelming. GMG! Shoutout to Todd: Can’t wait for 2019 season!
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    The bad part of that 9-3 prediction is that it has us at 3-3 after six games. The "sky if falling" crowd will be posting in full force if that happens😀 All in all lots of love for the Mean Green in the magazine. Mason was chosen by several writers as the player they'd pick to start a team. Seth got the fewest votes by high school coaches to the question "Which college coach do you trust the least?" We're ranked #3 in the Texas College poll. I'll repeat what others have said often: It's a good time to be a UNT fan.
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    Having the Athletic Directors Symposium at The Embassy Suites in October.....can only help us in this (conference considerations) as well as scheduling. We get a lot of ADs in town....they see our facilities....it's a good thing. https://www.adsymposium.us/
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    First of all, DFW North is growing into its own little Metro. Getting a player that could bring some of Dallas and Northern most Texas is not that crazy to think about. Little Elm, Frisco, Prosper...seem much more aligned in cultures than they do with Dallas proper. Denton's unique identity is being revealed year by year and presents as another culturally cool part of Texas. Second, I am tired of this supposed power SMU has over us. They don't own us and I don't think of them as over us at all any more. They can look down us from their imagination. I personally feel we have tremendous upside and are viewed as a program of the future. They seem like a program of the past to me. The AAC programs don't excite me that much either but they are perceived as a step up in conference. They fit our desired footprint, even though I wish Smastrek would convince others to head west to the MWC. You have Boise over there and UCF over there. I think Boise stirs more interest than UCF but we need an invite first. With this type of SMU respect we don't even deserve to share the same air with them. Times change, programs evolve and I refuse to see us as "behind" SMU the rest of my days. Show up with confidence and crush the presentation. Go Wren! GMG
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    https://meangreensports.com/news/2019/6/16/football-faith-family-and-a-fathers-love.aspx A little late but a solid read about Coach Littrell and his family. Rick
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    We are glad to be in the Mean Green Family too. Thanks for all of yall’s support. #GMG
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    On a completely different side note... Mr. Lee is my favorite commit on buy in ever! He'll have a fan in my the moment he sets foot on campus.. hell who am I kidding.. I'm already a fan, I just cant wait till he's on campus
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    Starz has been showing Necessary Roughness! https://www.starz.com/movies/18532
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    Will never forget Easly run over the Ark DB! One of my favorite memories! GMG
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    I do LOVE the Battle Flag. But it doesn’t translate well to cover a full size basketball court. Perhaps it would look better if it took up just the center part of the court? The Diving Eagle is at least consistent with the football field. I like it over the state of Texas.
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    False. Every reputable voice in college football views the AAC as the superior G5 conference.
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    This can’t happen for us to get to 9-3. Rick
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    For us, the bowl in Dallas is the only one that appeals to me at this point. We have done NO and ABQ recently, while the others are not going to be well attended because of the distance and opponent in those venues. So the First Responders Bowl is really the only one on that list that appeals to me.
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    I like the diving eagle. I like to create brand name and having basketball court match football looks great. Also think it will look best on TV. If I could design, I would do Diving Eagle, but put the battle flag in the paint on each end.
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    We ain't losing to Southern Miss.
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    Norvil came at 6’4” 253, as a Jr he is 315lbs!!! He may the perfect example of developing DE to DT. This will be Seth’s biggest D line especially when you consider their length! GMG
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