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    Best thing to happen in off season was GH leaving. Not sure where the problem was but we'll see if he is ready for prime time or if he was being held back.
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    Nevermind that other coaches are paying attention as well, and can see that NT is paying their coaches well & extending them constantly. So in the event we do lose one or both of them, there will be plenty of quality coaches knocking on the door for an interview because they know NT will pay them!
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    https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2019/08/09/the-20-best-texan-college-football-games-of-2019?ref=article_preview_title We got three on the list! Besides Texas/OU, the Houston game is tops on the list...GMG
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    how about UTSA making an appearance on the list for their showdown with UIW... so genius
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    Every time I go to another fan's website I realize how amazing gomeangreen.com is.
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    This is the most likely outcome, so I'll go along with this. HOWEVER, if we beat Cal, SMU and Houston, then it's most likely a 14-0 season. I kind of made the same prediction last year when I was talking to KingDL1 at the first game's tailgating event. I remember saying that if we beat SMU and Arkansas, then we'll go 12-0. He looked at me like I'd had just taken the Lords name in vain in the middle of a revival meeting. I believe he thought that I had jinxed them.........and I probably did. HOWEVER (2) They SHOULD HAVE gone 12-0..........................😠
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    Stop coasting. Put the boot on the throat and crush their windpipe. Graham Harrell was more than happy to coast with a 10 point lead. He played it way too safe and it cost us
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    Who are you @Christopher Walker? CPS? You cant take my adopted son away from me if I haven't done anything wrong! I Adopted the Hometown kid last year and I would like to file an official protest to get him back.
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    Since smuT's return from the death penalty, they lead the series 4-6.
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    DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/football-fine-finds-comfort-zone-working-with-reeder/article_03e3da82-8cf7-51b6-b328-92830c1ad739.html
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    I’m starting to feel the hype and I love it. SMU game is a must win....I can see the Houston game as a sell out.
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    I feel we are going to go to Dallas and pound them. They will raise our profile by playing strong at the end of the year. Show up in Green it’s going to be an awesome Victory on the Hilltop! GMG
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    Do you think Littrell is better than Dykes? Fine better than what’s his name? If the answer is yes to both, then we should win.
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    Just read he had a pick in the Chargers joint practice with the Saints today in 11 on 11 work. Hoping he at least makes the practice squad. Seems to have a nose for the ball.
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    Article seems to think UNT will regress after Fine graduates. https://athlonsports.com/college-football/conference-usa-coaches-talk-anonymously-about-conference-foes-2019
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    Googles last U of H game 70-14 to Army
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    I don’t know about any of their 16 transfers other than Buechelle. I’ve seen him play and he’s damn good. Reads defenses well, quick footed, quick release. What it may come down to is if he’s had enough time to gel with his receivers or not? What we have going for us is SMU cannot rely on last year’s tape and will have a limited time to study our new system. I don’t just want to beat them at Ford,...I want to see a June Jones-style ass whipping there. But that’s just me. Rick
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    This is exactly what I’m saying. As far as the trenches go, and this is off the top of my head, but I would say this game has not exactly featured good quarterbacks recently and so it came down to other positions. You could make the case this is the best group of skill position players we’ve ever had in a game against SMU. Take that with a good coaching staff and yeah, I fully expect the green to win or I will be disappointed.
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    I don't put the collapses totally on our D. It's unfair to tell the defense "ok...go pitch a shut out in every second half" Our offense let us down in those games. We have to keep up the pace on offense. Lean on and trust our Sr Mason Fine and keep putting pressure on their Defense. Play calling has to keep them off balance. we were too predictable in the 2nd half with leads last year. If the D doesn't really know what we're going to do on 4th and 1...it's amazing how much easier it will be to run the ball in those situations.
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    https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2019/01/31/north-texas-2018-season-recap-seth-littrell-leads-mean-green-to-special-season?ref=article_preview_title "Biggest surprise: Late-game collapses UNT lost three regular season games during the season. All of them were in shocking fashion, and by a combined 13 points. The first time this phenomenon occurred was against Louisiana Tech. North Texas took a 21-6 lead at the half and seemed on the way to a dominant victory. However, Louisiana Tech scored 23 unanswered points to win. The same happened to UNT against C-USA champion UAB. The Mean Green took a 21-10 lead at the half, and gave up 19 unanswered points. The worst was easily against Old Dominion, when the Mean Green blew a 28-0 lead. North Texas had a very real chance to be 12-0 in 2018. In fact, the Mean Green were the only team in college football to never trail by more than one score throughout the regular season. They probably should have been 12-0. With an experienced quarterback and excellent coaching staff, the inability to finish was perplexing." We almost gave up second half 10 point leads to UTSA and UTEP as well. Do you agree or disagree with any of these points? 1. Run the ball more with the lead. (Loren Easley's injury against La Tech was the turning point of the season going from great to good.) 2. We have a different OC now. Will he be able to make better adjustments at halftime and in the 2nd half than Harrell? We were outcoached and outplayed in these blown leads last year. 3. Just keep slinging it. Don't get too conservative. 4. Unfortunately our defense won't be as good and our leads won't be as big. Thoughts?
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    What if we go in there with one of our 3 star QBs, improved talent from the last few years of recruiting and another year in this very effective strength program?
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    I'm not sure you know how Tinder works... I kid, I kid...
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    We are in the mix. FInal 3 UNT , SMU and a grey shirt offer from OSU
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    Generally speaking, i think grad transfer are a good thing. They can sure up some areas of weakness and possibly put you over the top. But 16 in one season is too many. It makes me think they're not very good.
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    I wish it were that simple.
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    Fantastic. Yeah, smart to not plan too many things. Go with the flow and see what you bump into. Fort Point is beautiful. You’ll love the view. It’s a little ways from campus (easy uber ride) but some of my favorite bars are on San Pablo Ave. If you have time, do a short crawl there either at the beginning or end of your night. Although all the sausages at Top Dog are great, my favorite thing to order is a hot and a brat (hot link & bratwurst). Being a Texan, you know what great ones taste like and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. Please let me know and have a great time... other than the game, of course.
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    Cal fan here. While our LB unit is good, our DB’s are elite. Phil Steele ranks our defensive backfield as the 2nd best in the country, behind only LSU’s. Mason Fine should test them. He’s a very good QB. Best of luck to you. I look forward to the game.
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    I am stupid enough to think that every aspect of the game experience was worthy of discussion.
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    i am looking forward to the season and I love that we can be disappointed with a 9-4 record regardless of our schedule. However I think a lot of these predictions are overlooking the fact that our offensive line and defensive unit are a GIANT question mark and a work in progress at best, don’t kid yourself. We might have more depth at OLine, that doesn’t necessarily mean we are better, that means we have more players at roughly the same ability level (which is still an improvement). - we haven’t proven we can protect Fine or create running lanes with any consistency - we don’t have anyone that can consistently put real pressure on the QB without blitzing - not much depth at DL - question marks at LB Those things don’t normally add up to overachieving or winning games against better teams. We will have a winning record because we have very good skill players for our level on offense, and play some weaker teams in our conference. We are still a few years away from really taking another step up. These better recruiting classes we are landing don’t make an impact for another year or 2. i know I will get lots of downvoted for being realistic, but there it is.
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    I hope SL learned something from last year and keeps focused on the job at hand.
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    I feel like a big part of this was OUR offensive line wearing down in the second half... teams would stuff us on first down, then pin their ears back and go after Fine on every play.
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    I’m not gonna put words in Rob’s mouth....but I think what he’s saying (and I 100% agree) is there is NO excuse for Seth Littrell to get beat by SMU this season. We’re a better team. We have a better QB. I fully expect a 4th year head coach to out coach another G5 team in the 2nd year of basically a rebuild. He has 16 grad transfers for crying outloud. What does that tell you? Meanwhile we’ve evidently been improving our recruiting every year, have a system in place and have the best QB in the state of TX. My expectation is Seth Littrell will beat SMU. Anything less should be considered a severe disappointment from this coaching staff. But I’m not worried.
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    Good question. Why do they have so many available scholarships?
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    Arkansas State is going to pound them week 1
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    To depend on production from this many newcomers is ridiculous. To accept this many transfers shows what the coach thinks of his team.
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    If I were one of the 21 SMU fans I would be worried.
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    It's all part of the self-perpetuating cycle. "UCF beat a P5 school in the bowl game, but they could never compete for a full season in a P5 conference." How do you know? "Because P5 conferences are better top to bottom" How do you know? "Because they play P5 schools every week. And they recruit at a higher level" How do you know? "Look at the rankings of the players they are bringing in" So, how do you know those rankings are legitimate? How do you know these kids are more talented? "These kids have offers from all the P5 schools" Rinse...repeat...
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    Found this online. UNT INDOOR PRACTICE FACILITY Posted by Brenna Travis | July 2, 2018 This project will be a milti-use facility designed primarily for football with an ancillary use for track & field, soccer, and other uses. The facility will be an efficient retangular shape, approximately 196′ wide X 426′ long with a minimum clearance height of 55′ for place kicking. The Indoor Practice Facility wll be a pre-engineered barrel beam steel structure that houses a full artificial turf practice field with eighteen (18) runoff space on all sides. Within this runoff space are three (3) sprint lanes and a sand pit on the Eastern side of practice field. Ancillary spaces include entry lobby and restroom, recruiting lounge, kitchenette, restrooms, A/V, telecom, electrical rooms, stairs, and camera platforms, fire protection/sprinkler system, and tempered by full HVAC systems. The facility will be located south of the Athletic Center, constructed over one of the existing grass practice fields. For reference the bottom of Jerrytron at AT&T stadium is 90'. Actual punting may not work inside...
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    Probably at least 40k.
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    Once (if) someone answers your question, then you must remove the question mark and replace it with punctuation of certainty exceeding that of a period, but not greater than that of a single exclamation point.
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    probably kept you from that NBA dream.
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    I think Baylor uses either dark green or black for their warm weather uni's. From the 2018 Duke game.
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    The new Director of the Green Brigade. https://music.unt.edu/faculty-and-staff/daniel-cook
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    How about wearing the uniform of the band like every other band in America does?
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    I saw Jerod Douglas of Converse Judson for three years. He was the most amazing RB I've ever seen. He was a mix between Barry Sanders and LT. He went to Baylor and had a decent career, but I don't know what happened to him.

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