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    Aune’s gonna win the job and put up Fine-like numbers
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    It certainly helped me! I almost had forgotten about it. Troubling times don't get us down in Denton-town: Hey, if you're in this video (and you're not too embarrassed), point yourself out!
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    guys... things are going really well.. .i just completed the 2021 season on NCAA 13... as an update, we moved to the Big 12 in 2020, and although the first two years have not produced a national championship, we have won the Rose Bowl... the flipping longhorns beat us last year though... we just fell behind early and couldn't make up the deficit. although there was a lot of pressure on me as the head coach, i decided to go ahead and sign a contract extension over the next 4 years to stay in Denton.
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    My cousin is in the hospital on a ventilator fighting for his life against COVID-19. A couple of you may have met him several years back when he used to tailgate with me. He and his wife were football season ticket holders when one of their sons was in the Green Brigade. They kept their season tickets but then discontinued when my cousin was battling pulmonary fibrosis, resulting in a double lung transplant. There is an effort underway to get COVID-19 survivors to donate plasma. There is belief that their plasma can help those that are struggling with the virus. If you know of any survivors, please pass the Facebook group below on to them. It was put together by my cousin’s father-in-law. Prayers are welcomed as well. https://www.facebook.com/groups/507716073250326/?ref=share
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    Sure this isn't the most football related, but I feel like the football board is where the most action is and I want us to be able to help other Mean Green. Obviously COVID-19 has taken a hit on more than a few of us (sickness/employment-wise) and our businesses, no matter if we're in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or elsewhere. Would love to get a list going of Mean Greeners who need a job, some extra help, or Mean Green-owned businesses (and where) that we can patronize (ordering online) to help them out. I know in Austin, Austin Gourmet Popcorn, and Lambert's could use some love.
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    Last night I dreamed I was attending a Mean Green football game at Apogee Stadium with a full house in attendance. Before the game started, the Army Golden Knights Parachute Team jumped (disclaimer: I was an Army paratrooper, but never close to being a Golden Knight). At the end of the game, we all ran out on the field and were not observing social distancing. So, what does it all mean? That maybe the quarantine was over, and we had defeated the virus? we played Army in a bowl game and beat them? who knows? But it was good to be there once more to see the Mean Green take the field. Okay, off to bed to see what comes next.
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    Yeah, but in my dream Mason Fine threw a sixty-five yard Hail Mary with no time left on the clock to give the Dallas Cowboys a Super Bowl win over the 49ers. The Mean Green beat Alabama for the national championship. I had a date every night of the week with a different Dallas Cowboy cheerleader ! Then the jailer woke us up and emptied out the drunk tank. (Oh by the way, I was in the 82nd Airborne so I think we may suffer from the same dream disorder) ✈️
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    Imagine how much they would make if they could win.
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    WKU has the brand to bring in one or two extremely high profile recruits. Maybe not every season but it sure seems like it. But, you know.... 78-72 and all. 🤣
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    Shanbour graduated and is coaching with us so that might be a NCAA violation
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    Ok. Wth did I just walk into? God we need sports back.
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    It is obvious that during your JMPI your Jumpmaster repeatedly failed to check your modified chin strap assembly. This in conjunction with a piss poor PLF resulted in your brain pan slamming against the drop zone. Depending on which Company you were in jump school this was referred to as ate up, soup sandwich, or ooh ahh medivac and quite possibly all three. You should probably beat your boots. I am sure as any good paratrooper you embraced the suck and drove on in a LGOP to create chaos, or since you were at Bragg you got your ass off or Sicily and Normandy. Please ensure while you continue your drinking as a combat sport (yes to a paratrooper drinking is a sport) you ensure your slide fastener is in the up and secured position, your PT belt is safely secured low around your waist, sit back and enjoy your flight. The DZSO says winds are 3-5 knots. We will get your knees in the breeze shortly. I have found in my old age, that I no longer call them dreams, it is more along the line of "my check liver light is on, did that really happen?" Jumpers remove your head from your fourth point of contact and Hit It!
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    .....and not landing on their feet?........😎
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    My apologies...I should have been more specific. Yes, those that were paying attention and tuned in leaned about a new novel coronavirus taking hold in Wuhan, China. My "everyone" was meant to refer to widespread use in the popular media (print, TV, social, etc.), not every individual. There are many examples and for many these were the first descriptions they heard. Consciously or unconsciously that's how they began referring to it.
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    Here's my take on this FWIW. At the beginning and for quite a while as this thing was developing everyone, and let's be honest everyone, referred to it as the Wuhan virus, the China virus, the Chinese virus, the Wu flu, the Chinese flu, etc., etc., etc. No one thought this was racist. Then at some point someone somewhere decided that it was and if you used any of these terms from that point forward you were, by definition, a racist and inciting violence against anyone that looked Chinese. On one side, you go from being just like everyone else one minute to being a racist the next. If you are not a racist, being labeled one tends to piss you off. On the other side, words, phrases and descriptive names matter greatly and it is unconscionable for these to be used if they might be perceived as hurtful or could potentially lead to harassment of any individual or group. One side sees it as an unnecessary vilification of an entire race or an effort to place blame and the other side sees it as a factual description of where the pandemic originated. In the end it just becomes a pointless pissing contest and a massive distraction. I don't think anyone here would condone harassment of anyone or any group over this disease and would more likely be the ones to step in and stop it if they witnessed it happening. Oh, and wash your hands.
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    Already paid for my season tickets and made my Mean Green Scholarship Fund donation for the year. Figured it might help "bridge the gap" financially during these troubled times. I am 100% certain that should anything happen to the season, Wren would allow me to either roll the payments and donation over to the next season or offer me the option of a full refund of both. I would hope that anyone who is able to do so financially go ahead an pay for season tickets and make your Mean Green Scholarship Fund donation. Only if you are able, of course, but if you are it could really help the department sail the ship through these troubled waters.
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    Not understanding the losses other than the BB revenue and the Don January (which can be rescheduled). The others spring sports are more likely to be areas that are not usually revenue makers, so not to sound like an ass, they will probably be less of a loss. As far as enrollment for student fees, the students are already enrolled.
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    Who was the QB at Locust Grove this past year ?
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    Denton Co. Hamburger is now owned by Michael Barnett, UNT alumni and younger brother of Dave Barnett. The Dive on Unicorn Lake is owned by UNT alumni Lloyd Banks, former owner of Rockin’ Rodeo and supporter of all things UNT. Don’t forget John Williams and Eastside. Is your gym closed? Get outside and exercise on a bike from Denton Bicycle owned by this board’s own @greenjoe
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    Like "military trucks to transport the dead to the temporary morgue" seasonal flu.
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    Mortality rates seem like a good talking point for the individually infected, but we are talking about a community/population that has zero herd immunity. A small percentage of people will die directly because of the infection, but expect a significantly large number of people that die due to lack of medical care (that could have survived with medical care).
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    Italy lost over 900 people for the day from the coronavirus. I assume that is not normal of a typical flu season.
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    Still hasn't affected either of us with the virus nor anyone we know, but it is affecting our family in a completely different way. Those of you who actually do know me may recall that our son and daughter-in-law are both Navy M.D.'s stationed at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA (Norfolk Naval Base). There is a Mercy Ship attached to the Norfolk base that is preparing to leave for New York to help with the coronavirus outbreak. Whether that is a good idea or not is another story, but none the less it is going...and it must be manned. So, some 800 folks...docs, nurses, support personnel...have been taken from the Portsmouth hospital (along with personnel from other military hospitals around the country) to man this hospital ship. So, guess which hospital is totally understaffed right now and is struggling to keep up with patient care? Bingo...you got it. The specialists, like our son and DIL, are being assigned primary care duties, ER duties, etc. in an attempt to keep up...BUT, get this, our DIL has been given 72-hour notice that she may be deploying to either the Hospital Ship or another military hospital to help fill the void. WHAT? Portsmouth is 800 staff short already and you pull more to go staff somewhere else? Ahhhhhhhh...your government at work! Both son and DIL "get it" they signed up for this possibility (they had already both been deployed during the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan/Iraq wars), but not easy with four little ones at home to care for with school cancelled and "shelter-in-place" requirements. So, no, this virus has not infected anyone with know as yet, but it certainly is affecting our family in many ways. But, I will add...health care workers (wherever they may be and whatever their jobs may be) are certainly doing their best to fight back this virus. If you know a health care worker from the front desk staff to the nurses to the doctors to the janitorial staff...thank them for showing up every day and doing what they can to battle this virus back!
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    Anosike didn’t last long. Here’s another good grad transfer fit who just hit the market https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/player/stats/_/id/3922033/frederick-scott
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    Stansbury dropping some big 💰💰💰 Also apparently the kid is very selfish, and has transferred several times in HS to be the best player. Doubt he stays if WKU doesn’t win a championship Also, very odd
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    In my minimal effort to sweep the political garbage away from the virus discussion to here,.... Perspective. Rick
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    Very interesting interview with Wren Baker. Enjoy.... Experts’ Roundtable: Leading Through The Coronavirus With the continuous change and uncertainty that has transpired due to the coronavirus pandemic, AthleticDirectorU sat down with a pair of Athletics Directors to discuss how they are leading their departments, making decisions and effectively communicating to their student-athletes, coaches and staff. What’s your daily routine right now in terms of gathering information, talking to other leaders on your campus & around the nation to determine the next course of action(s)? Wren Baker (Director of Athletics – North Texas): In the span of one day, we’ll be shifting gears based on new and updated information and what we’re learning from state, local and national authorities and at each individual institution. I’m pretty plugged into social media, so I’ll monitor that, especially throughout the evening. And I stay in touch constantly on a group text with a lot of our ADs in the league and then on a group text with ADs outside of our league. I’ll talk to a couple of guys in the American , the Big 12 and/or the SEC just to find out what their experiences are. https://www.athleticdirectoru.com/articles/experts-roundtable-leading-through-covid-19/
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    just a rose bowl win and we offer a 4 year extension, are we just crazy or what.
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    I will say though, we should stay on our current course until at least mid to late April. Anyone who is talking about opening things back up before then is certifiable.
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    It looks like congress is going to start work on another package. My question, not if it is or is not needed, but if it is full of money for non-virus related programs, should the President veto the bill? I believe we need to help people and keep the economy from collapsing, but this is not the time for anyone to add crap to try and get their "pet projects" funded by trying to claim one party or the other doesn't care.
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    I simply linked a reputable medical cite that referred to “German Measles”. Hill to die on? That being said, this thread refreshed my memory of an issue that confused a foreign exchange student that lived with my family during the 2002-2003 school year. For some reason at many social occasions people would make German Chocolate Cake when Andreas was with us. He was from Germany and some folks thought it would be special and would say “I made this especially for you” and they seemed interested in his opinion of its taste. He often would ask me “Why do they call it German Chocolate Cake? What does this have to do with Germany?” It really annoyed him after a while but he was always gracious and never said anything to anyone else. I never bothered to find out the source of its name. Sometime later I was viewing a History of Food tv show and they said it was named after Samuel German who was an American.
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    I think nerves got to Bean last season (mainly La Tech game), but I would think with a year under pressure he’ll be good. Now I’ve screamed this since right after the UAB game, START AUNE!!!!!!
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    COVID-19 is better as it identifies a specific strain of coronavirus.
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    If Bean can show some growth and move past the whole "dear in head lights" thing, the job is his hands down. But he may not be able to do that. If he can't, Austin Aune is ready to lead this team. I'm good either way. Also, i still think there's a good chance we add another QB before fall camp.
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    Also, and I'm preaching to the choir here as I've found the Mean Green Nation one of the most informed (and passionate) communities on the Internet, but take news reports and certainly tweets from politicians with a healthy dose of skepticism. First-hand experience or trusted source (if possible) is better in these types of situations, sadly. As an example, we keep hearing about the lack of testing. Hopefully everyone is aware of the colossal screw up by the CDC early-on, but this has been largely rectified as restrictions on private lab testing have been removed. However, there is a certain Senator up here that keeps tweeting that we don't have any tests. One of my good friends kept repeating this mantra. That was until.... He learned that someone in his 50-story NYC office building had tested positive. He exhibited no symptoms, but with a new baby at home, his wife insisted he get tested. Basically he fell into the category of the "worried well" and really should not be getting a test because supplies were so low. He called his doctor and 30 minutes later was getting his test in Danbury. He pledged to no longer complain about the lack of testing capacity. I'm sure there are pockets where things may be different, but this is a simple example of someone who was absolutely convinced it was impossible to get a test until he was able to get one just by asking. Results were negative BTW.
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    Yeah, but looks like the difference is more like from12 to 9 days. As i said, -if it holds- that is obviously worthy of approval, but it will only solve a small part of the problem. If there is really hope in current medical news, to me it primarily comes from the immune tests that are about to come online. That won't solve the problem quickly, but it will at least be very helpful at understanding the problem and where things are at, but more importantly it will really help fighting development of any second waves.
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    More great news. Sounds like to me the French doctors and scientists are all but ready to call the combination use of Hydroxychloroquin & Azithromycin as a cure?. There is a link to the 29 page report within the article. https://techstartups.com/2020/03/27/coronavirus-cure-new-results-french-study-shows-combination-hydroxychloroquine-plaquenil-azithromycin-successfully-treated-80-coronavirus-patients-significant-dr/
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    I am surprised that there is any distribution. It's hard to distribute money when there is none coming in. I think your timing of bringing up paying college athletes is way off. Where do you think and I am talking about in good times, the money is going to come from? Most athletic departments and probably all G5's lose money.
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    No one ever suggested fatality rates of 10-36% worldwide for this thing. But a 0.1% mortality rate seems really low balling it. Maybe in Germany where even the reported rate is around 0.5 that makes sense. Right now (which constantly changes...but 25,879 deaths from 549,474 known cases as stands now as I type this) the recorded mortality rate world wide is 4.5 percent. I assume it's overstated significantly because of low symptom individuals, etc ... so we'll divide that by 10. Even a fatality rate of 0.45% likely gets you millions of death world wide from this thing given the speed of its spread.
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    I don't know anyone who has contracted the virus, except -- back around Christmas my daughter developed what they're saying are the main symptoms of COVID-19. Fever, persistent cough. She was out of school for a week and she wasn't the only one. It swept through her DC area high school. Actually made the news here. There are a lot of international students from Asia, State Department workers, etc -- people who travel overseas regularly, including to China. News reports say that the virus was in Wuhan in November, so it's not inconceivable that it somehow made it here before before the first publicized cases in February. Of course, there's no way to know for sure if my daughter had been exposed to COVID-19 in December, except to get her tested for the antibodies. But that's not possible at the moment.
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    I'll tell you what I wouldn't mind seeing..... Aune and Bean. I'm not talking about dual QBs, swapping series...I don't like that and it rarely works. But I wouldn't mine seeing Bean in short yardage situations. We could be tough to get off the field on 3rd and 2...
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    You just ran into an 82nd Airborne machine gun nest. Hoo Rah!
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    Typical Old Denton thinking, right?
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    It’s really interesting when you think about it. Several nba players, but no drafted I say Hamlet gets drafted after next year!!!
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    I think realistically, we'll probably start seeing states back off around that time frame. You can't put a massive chunk of the economy on hold 12-18 months. I think 2 months is a massive strain as-is. I expect we might see parts of the country come on and off restrictions for some time while outbreaks flare, but we're tempting a depression even with what we're doing (and the number of lives lost from that would almost certainly exceed the virus long-term). I know some folks are hoping to make Trump look stupid, but honestly, we'd better hope he's "right" on chloroquine. A vaccine is a least a year away, and there is a real possibility that a vaccine isn't even possible. I also saw an article the other day from a doctor mentioning that human's don't generally get long-lasting immunity from coronoviruses. We'd better pray that isn't true if this thing becomes endemic.

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