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  2. Completely agree. If people think we are on an up-and-up right now (not even 5 years in), just imagine what things could be like after 10. That’s 2 generations of 4-year students watching 7-10 win teams. Year in year out.
  3. Must be a lot if no one wants them and they are still there.
  4. It’s okay, we all notice that you can’t call it indoor practice field.
  5. It’s ironic to me that a driver that feels compelled to fly past me at 110 MPH feels some obligation to flip on his signal to let me know he’s about to change lane. like, he’s about to kill somebody but at least wants to show some courtesy before it’s all said and done.
  6. As far as finishing games, I think this is a trend that can be traced earlier. Not a habit that started with them.
  7. Home of the Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Library and in the middle of freaking nowhere
  8. Not a lot of SMU love? How much power does SMU have in the Aac?????
  9. Only he’s singing about Abilene, Kansas. Rick
  10. Today
  11. So it seems we're setting the bar here of what is acceptable from a moral standpoint. Somewhere below a rude tweet up to a filmed rape? Your stretch there is kind of moot because a rapist wouldn't be a leader because they would be in prison. (I mean....we've never elected a rapist anyway right?) So as for morality coming from experience and interaction within societies? Who says? Who is the arbiter of all things moral that says that's the standard? If morality comes from experience and interaction....whose experience and interaction within society does it come form? Would you like me to dictate to you a morality based on MY experience and interaction within society? I'm guessing you would have a problem with that. I sure don't want you dictating to me because evidently, if I don't think like you then I'm a bad person? A racist? I support racism? That's the whole point of this view on subjective morality. It delves us into chaos. It's like a quarterback competition...when you have 3 QBs you have no QBs. (Boom! Sports!) And the snake I saw eating another snake on the internet the other day didn't seem to be very moral or concerned with his fellow snake to me. He just looked hungry. I'll pose this to you. What is the moral standard you think we should hold our elected officials to? Where is the line? Is there an objective line we can all agree on? Or is it just what you personally think everyone should think? That's an honest question. I'm curious what you think. I can't figure out if you're just trolling. The title of your thread is such a hot button issue...part of me thinks you put it here just to stir it up. If you're serious, debates like this are good...I learn from them. But in my experience, most people shut them down.
  12. Fair assessments/comments here unlike a certain coog that roams our boards from time to time. Other than the deluded clown comments about attendance in 2011, they appeared to have a lot of respect for us. Should be a shootout
  13. Get alternating schedules. We play at rice and UH comes here. UH plays at UNT and SMU plays at UH. Then switch.
  14. Yes. They brought a good contingent of fans to Apogee (read a couple thousand) just like we do when we play down there at UH or Rice. This game should be an annual OOC matchup. It’s good for both programs.
  15. Give the homeless population a Houston shirt to plus up the attendance. Hand out meth as the free gift to the first 20k “fans” that show up. Pretty novel way to get Houston behind the team.
  16. The fouts area and its adjacent parking areas is now being paved over. They evened out the landscape, put in a central road leading from the entrance to the fouts lots on No. Tex BLVD all the way down to the service road just east of Bonnie Brae. They have put a bunch of islands with grass and trees (similar to the red/blue lots by apogee). Currently they are probably 40% done or so, but looks like it will be fully operational by labor day. They are also adding a bus depot in the east end of the lot across from the Super Pit.
  17. Yes, but I bravely and blindly carried forward and pushed the button that said BUY. (I get the concern though) GMG
  18. ya, I'm totally lobbying for GroupThink as opposed to simply pointing out inconsistencies. LongJim: "Read my comments in this thread. I have not been silent or excused anything. In fact, just the opposite." reads: I spoke up about racism and made clear how I find it inexcusable. also LongJim: "I find my stress level is better managed when I don't worry about what the head clown writes on his twitter feed. The public knew what they were getting when they elected him." reads: meh. also LongJim: "The public--goaded by the mainstream media--elected a "reality TV" star as President. Let that sink in.®Why anyone is very surprised at what comes out of his mouth is beyond me." reads: it's idiocracy and people are dumb. tell me when he says something intelligent...then I'll be surprised I don't exactly find it dictatorial to ask for consistency from your own statements.
  19. I remember being disappointed in the crowd vs. Houston, as Houston did not fill the seats that I had anticipated.
  20. most of this reads as a combination of moral rationalization and back-bending to shape religious conviction into political belief and a near complete and utter abdication of personal responsibility, ethic and values...probably more the latter because apparently a leader could live stream a rape and execution, but a true christian would say, "well I coveted my neighbor's wife the other day, so who am I to judge? I'm a 'bad' person too...that's the big picture here." but to the bolded part...morality comes from experience and interaction within societies. animals have morality. moral superiority is believing that a book written by men (with some fun deleted chapters from women) about a man and propagated for 2000 years somehow supersedes personal experience and nature.
  21. Did you get a message saying no delivery and to pick up from Apogee the day of the event? That stopped me from buying on the UNT ticket web site.
  22. Somebody mistakenly put Jamario as a RB for some Oklahoma indoor team. I believe that is a JaMario Thomas from Doane College and not our own super Jamario. I tried to fix it but we will see if it works. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamario_Thomas#
  23. https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/07/19/espns-college-gameday-returns-fort-worths-sundance-square-open-college-football-season/ Planning on being in the crowd with a battle flag on top of a big stick.
  24. I hope they intend on dressing up that sea of asphalt with trees or something. The only thing worse than a lack of parking is a big ugly multiacre patch of cheap asphalt.
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