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  2. DRC: https://dentonrc.com/sports/c-usa-soccer-tournament-coming-to-unt-this-fall/article_3def0c08-270a-5542-89d1-3cfa5fda4d38.html
  3. The entire issue should not even be an issue. We were all taught how to treat one another. We are all here together, like it or not. We are either going to make things work or we will not. I choose to believe that we will come together and solve our problems. The divisiveness and hate that runs through these and other comments are sad. We are all human beings and made in God's image, if you are a believer, and we are called to Love thy neighbor as thyself. We may have differences but the things we have in common are much more than the things that divide us, yet we dwell on the divisions. We have no leadership in Washington and what we do have is a disgrace. I am an American and I want what is best for ALL Americans, not the rich, not the privilege, not corporations but ALL Americans, you included..............
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  5. As I recall the last time Washington did this they came up with the Red Delicious which is positively the worst apple a person can eat.
  6. Part of that was on Harrell. If you don't mix it up, the defense knows exactly what is coming to them. I think we'll see a big shake up with Reeder's offense
  7. It is hard to overcome being down 21 points at kickoff in Austin. They can Cash in those points whenever they need to.
  8. They need to get pointers from UCF on 2 for 1 series lol
  9. Well deserved. We all know he's a really good player, and basically saved our season last year.
  10. As an Austin resident, I can tell you the Longhorns are a team that does not underestimate G5 opponents and has a reputation for never losing one of those games. They have a good team this year, and a win by La Tech just isn't going to happen. Especially in Austin.
  11. I think they did a bunch of 2 for 1 series to do that. This is the consequence.
  12. Sounds like a crappy job. Seriously though, we did research areas to avoid in San Francisco. I know they have a big problem with the homeless people.
  13. I just about choked on my morning cup of joe when I read the headline of this post.
  14. Staying in San Fran? Watch your step. https://www.businessinsider.com/san-francisco-human-poop-problem-2019-4 Might want to print out one of their "poop maps" before you go.
  15. Weren't they getting Oklahoma State & Arizona to come play at their rental stadium at one point? Looks like they are now falling into whoring status. The new car smell of the program has worn off.
  16. Charlotte announced their 2019-2020 Men's Basketball Schedule this week. They will visit Denton on Thursday, February 13th. This more than likely means we will be hosting their travel partner ODU 2 days later on Saturday. Could be very pivotal as it would be the last game before C-USA Bonus Play starts. Source: https://charlotte49ers.com/news/2019/7/17/mens-basketball-releases-2019-20-schedule.aspx
  17. I love having Torrey on our team and he can flash. But, I certainly hope we can work out those short yardage situations this season. We were terrible on 3rd and 1 last year and it cost us some games.
  18. We werent there too long ago... taking body bag games to get $$$. I think UTSA had put the cart before the horse building this program. Now they are having to take their lumps and call it a "rivalry" Doesn't matter how you polish it... its still a turd
  19. Apples to Apples Coming to a supermarket near you, after 22 years of development and a fortune of investment, is the Cosmic Crisp, a new cross of Enterprise and Honeycrisp apples developed by Washington State University that is finally ready for market. Growers pay royalties to WSU on every tree they buy and every box they sell, and they are poised to sell, as the apple is being launched with a $10.5 million marketing budget. An initial plan to start with 300,000 trees was kickstarted when 4 million were instead requested, and within three years, 13 million were planted at the cost of a half billion dollars. The forecast is that Cosmic Crisp will outpace Pink Lady and Honey Crisp within five years of launch.
  20. UTSA will keep going back as long as Bevo leaves the money on the nightstand. What a horrible way to build a program.
  21. The biggest boost for UNT would be a Champ Game win at an oversold Ap on national TV. GMG
  22. We were literally 54 points away from going 12-1. As in, we were winning the 3 games we lost during the regular season by 54 points before coughing those leads up. Good to see coach Hopson is reaching for straws to instill false confidence in his guys. Should work well for us, LATech, & maybe UAB and/or FAU later this year.
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