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  2. Had to open this to figure out what y’all call SOW. On the AState board it means School Out West.
  3. This one caught my attention because it’s the first one not from a CUSA AD or CUSA market. I have probably posted my theory of close but not too close. At the FBS level lacking P5 money you want opponents you can bus to. Maybe sell a few more visitor tickets but mainly cut your bills for flights and hotels and player meal allowances. BUT. You don’t want someone so close you are competing for attention from your local TV reporters, radio talk hosts, newspaper space and casual ticket buyers. That might not matter in DFW where the pros, UT, TAMU, and OU suck the air out of the room but it matters in the Monroe media market and may matter in San Antonio, it matters in El Paso. Until I see it happen, I don’t believe a neat clean and orderly realignment can happen. Sun Belt commissioner owes a fiduciary duty to members he faces personal liability if he negotiates a shuffle that leaves UTA and UALR out of the mix. Likewise if MTSU ends up worse off because the commissioner brokered a neat clean realignment, she’s at risk of breaching her duty. Either the eastern schools break away or USM and UAB do a Mountain West organizing their own mid-south league but coordination is improbable.
  4. I think we’ve seen the photo of people at Georgia Tech in 1918. If masks get us there I’m in.
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  6. What happened with the UTEP transfer post???? And my comment????
  7. I'll wear a hazmat if It means I can watch football.
  8. Why do you think the ULaLa program is better thought of than NT? Sure regional conferences make more sense than ever, but egos are involved, NT would fit better in the AAC than either the Belt or CUSA; but that is not likely. All three of these conferences are spread out too far There are a lot of ways to cut down travel even with the current conference affiliations. If the coronavirus fades, than it will be business as usual. If it keeps reoccurring than regional conferences may not be enough to save college sports.
  9. Every program is likely to be in a world of hurt unless this virus thing goes away. The Belt and CUSA are no more likely than any other conference to feel the pain. The super programs will lose millions, they may be able to survive longer; but face the same issues.
  10. If were honest enough to admit the Louisiana football program is probably more well thought of than ours. It gets me how many of our fans get pissed , for example when it comes to the UNT-SMU relationship, but then turn around and act like were too good for other CUSA and Belt schools. As a G5, we need to push for a regional conference. We need to also keep in mind sending non-revenue sports all over the map is costing a lot of money. Maybe we can look outside the box and an option to possibly have Football conferences that are different than Basketball and non-revenue sports conferences. Perhaps you can have a more clustered grouping in a conference for "Olympic" sports?? Not sure, but if cost are not contained more and more schools will be in trouble.
  11. If that's what it will take to have games, hell to the yea.
  12. Wearing a mask to games is the only way we eventually get to NOT wear masks at games. So yes.
  13. Louisiana is the sound of desperation from the bottom of the toilet. Let's not go down the toilet to save their program. They're in the middle of nowhere. Maybe SFA and Sammy etc can save them.
  14. I am happy to have our logo associated with the Aussies. That F-35 looks incredible.
  15. Interesting! At any rate, the university should contact the RAAF and see what is going on.
  16. More chatter on the subject coming from UL Lafayette: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.theadvocate.com/acadiana/sports/ul_lafayette/article_17575f02-9c7a-11ea-9bda-33d894e3e2ea.amp.html
  17. From what I can tell, those F-35’s were built and painted for Australia right down the road in Ft. Worth, the first of which left the US for Australia just two years ago. Looks like the F-18’s that had the diving eagle on them were sold to Canada when they were replaced in Australia by the F-35’s.:
  18. “The University of Michigan won’t have a football season this fall unless all students are able to be back on campus for classes. And, according to President Mark Schlissel, that isn’t a sure thing.” “Dr. Schlissel’s measured approach strikes a different tone than the rosy predictions made by many of his peers, both within the Big Ten athletic conference and across the country at major research institutions.“ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/university-of-michigan-president-takes-measured-approach-on-reopening-11590321600
  19. Air Force flying squadrons all over the world have both a formal squadron crest and an informal logo, typically based on the unit's call sign. As an example, my last squadron's call sign was "Alleycat" and its informal logo is below. As you see, virtually no money was spent on the design or manufacture of these! My guess is that somebody in the RAAF 3rd Squadron somehow saw the SOW and said, "hey, that's looks great, let's use it" and so they did. I see other RAAF squadron use different informal logos. Still, they should have asked permission before doing so,
  20. Although I don't want to..... if that's what puts me in my seats...hell yes!
  21. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/raifu-durodoye/1575
  22. I think you’re on to something, Deep. I’m reminded of a line from a movie, but I’m not sure which. The Longest Day ? ”Last one there is a bloody ‘Roo. Kangaroo to you Yanks.”
  23. There was a player from Denton H.S. that played for 4 yrs at UNT a few years ago . Can't recall his name but, one of his paremts was a professor at UNT.
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