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UNT NIL Collective "Light the Tower" interview with Executive Director Rick Villarreal Part II

Coach Andy Mac

Harry gets a follow-up visit with the Executive Director of the North Texas Light The Tower NIL Collective Rick Villarreal.  Rick discusses the latest updates and emphasizes the importance of continuing to build momentum with the collective heading into the American Conference.

Direct audio link: https://traffic.libsyn.com/gomeangreen/RV_NIL_Pt_2_mixdown.mp3


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Before we give this subject the rest that is surely deserves, I just want to add that I am grateful beyond words to any one or any organization who supports North Texas in any way. I realize nothing is perfect and things created by committees can sometimes be even less so because so many egos and directives, from mission statement to logo need to be satisfied. And, that is where I am left befuddled. I cannot for the life of me figure out why on God's Green Earth, the new NIL collective logo includes the University of Texas at San Antonio's colors.  1466084332_ScreenShot2022-10-06at12_30_40PM.png.1009dc064b72982f5ce5c53352148c8a.png

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7 minutes ago, flyonthewall said:

Have you seen the administration building?  If we are going to take this all the way down to the "cob".... you might ask. Why did nUTSAck copy our administration buildings colors to use as their school colors?......

Yeah...I mean, what came first, the chicken or the Eggle?


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9 minutes ago, texx2818 said:

The “Coach Andy Mac” guy is a bot or a burner for an AD employee, that’s what.

LOL, Really?  I see it's completely gone from the message board unless I'm looking in the wrong place.

Oh well, gone (kind of) but not certainly never forgotten (I saved a copy to use as a real-life example/teaching tool).

First time I've seen the level of sensitivity rise to a thread being.... covered up, swept under the rug, deleted, removed so quick......

Perhaps a little bit of honest feedback and constructive criticism was too on point and ruffled a few feathers!

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On 9/30/2022 at 5:27 PM, Coach Andy Mac said:

Direct link to Light The Tower Collective Site:  https://www.lightthetowercollective.com/

Someone should let them know, it's currently showing:



As someone who has built and managed multiple websites and platforms on the side, it's a simple fix and I can help a little bit here:

1) Rest assured, the website was not hacked

2) Take some of the money already raised and upgrade your bandwidth/plan with your host (I think it's WordPress)

3) Identify someone on the board who has experience in these matters and put them in charge to avoid further lapses in management



For those unfamiliar with bandwidth:

What is bandwidth?

Website bandwidth refers to the measure of maximum data that can be transferred in a specified time, usually in seconds. That’s why your bandwidth is often expressed as Megabytes or Gigabytes “per second.” The higher the MBPS, the more data is sent and received at the same time. To use another metaphor, if bandwidth is the size of a water pipe, then the data transfer is the amount of water flowing through the pipe. How wide the pipe is, determines how fast the water flows. If you employ higher bandwidth, more data (volume)  will be carried. Thus, as mentioned above, bandwidth is simply the data carrying capacity, i.e. the maximum data that can be carried at any given point of time.

You can read more here: https://www.hostgator.in/blog/hosting/what-is-bandwidth-in-hosting-and-how-to-check-bandwidth-usage-of-websites/#:~:text=Website bandwidth refers to the,received at the same time.


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