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UNT 2015 Spring game in review


My rankings of the QB's today





And praying Demarcus Smith comes in to take this job


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I absolutely hate the play calling im seeing... I am not a football genius but this is so predictable and it just doesn't work. If the offense is bad again this year, I think Canales is gone.

It's a spring game it's supposed to be vanilla. Why show your playbook?

You can certainly tell the difference in the offense. Quicker tempo is there. Lots of simple one read plays.

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The offense is very fast. Far more uptempo than I have seen. The QB play is atrocious by all counts. DW is the best QB that is getting reps today. He throws a more accurate ball with far more velocity than McNulty and DW has had some nice runs (and yes they have been hitting DW when he passes the LOS).

To note from what I have seen...

Jakii Moore hurt his ankle during the team circle drill before the game started.

Courtney Finney is the real deal (though out of shape; saw him tapping out on multiple occasions).

Rex Rollins seems to finally be healthy and had a nice burst of speed.

Nate Grimm looks to be a solid possession receiver with length and Daniel Khan looks to be have good quickness with solid hands.

Aj Smith (LB) was in a boot on the white sideline

Marcus Smith and Chris Loving for that matter are going to be good receiving TE's if someone can get them the ball.

RB corp is almost too deep

DL is going to be much better than expected.

QB play still atrocious and we really, really, really, really need D Smith to come in and take a stranglehold of this job.

Trevor Moore hit a 51 yarder during warmups.

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Different take, but I think Coleman Feeley is doing a good job with Hank. Was Coleman a broadcast major?

I agree. I'd like too see them add Coleman as a sideline reporter. I thought he's added a lot of valuable insights today.

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