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Northern Iowa (11/7/23)


The date wasn't added to the other thread, so given we're only a day away now I figured I'd start the game thread.  Hard not to be excited about this season.  Hell, I'm not sure I've been this eager for a new campaign to start since 2012-2013.  Let's hope things go much, much better than that year did though!!

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Really good win today vs a very good team. Overall I am happy, the team was calm and fought back after losing the lead. Edwards is looking like a stand out from the transfers, but all of the new guys have contributed.

One of the things that need to improve is covering their shooters, on many plays our guys seem to get lost or try and help too much leaving their man open. That's something I expect will be ironed out as Hodge and co. will drill the guys on this. Another is ball security, too many lost balls on the dribble. Sissoko needs some confidence, he looks like his old self, not like in the NIT. He has all of the tools, he just needs to put it all together. Stone continues to be an offensive liability, I hope he really turns it around this year. He just seems to always be going 100mph, just slow down and pick your shots. 

For the games coming up I'd like to see Moore get some minutes, and maybe Morgan if we are up big. 

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Great game and a good win.

I get the feeling UNI is a better team that many have predicted, their interior defense made it hard for UNT to penetrate, and they were able to generate some quality looks on the other side of the ball. 

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That was a very good UNI team that is going to have a much better record than their 14-18 campaign last season. Fundamentally sound, don't make a lot of mistakes, can shoot the ball, and also benefitted from more than enough shooter's rolls that the home team usually gets.

Their run was a perfect storm of them continuing to get good shots off of cuts that we just couldn't stop plus some tough 3's. We also gave up too many second chance opportunities. But during that bad stretch, we also had too many dumb turnovers tried to cut through double teams and getting stripped.

Really wish they would have taken advantage of #32, who had 4 fouls for like the last 10 minutes of the second half, when they UNI was making its run. Instead he fouls out on a crazy bang-bang play that I was honestly surprised we got a favorable call on.

But at the end of the night, you could not ask for a better game on opening night with that kind of student attendance. It felt noticeably different than the Southern Nazarene game last year, even though the average UNT student wouldn't know that UNI is a solid team. Hopefully that attendance carries over into Saturday, because two of the last three nonconference home games fall on fan-unfriendly days.

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