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Greatest High School Running Back You Ever Saw Play?


I know this is a off UNT Football topic , but it's the off season and finding a " HOT" topic can be hard to come by. The signing of the Vernon Lion's Williams brought back some memories for me. Vernon was a powerhouse in the late 80s and early 90s. They had a few memorable battles with the Southlake Carroll Dragons that I attended. While watching these games and a few others , I saw one of greatest High School Running Backs, Vernon's Derrick Richardson. I know he was recruited by all the big boys at the time , Notre Dame, Miami,Florida St., etc. Richardson lacked the SAT scores to get in. I believe he went on to a JUCO college , but I never heard anything else from him. I never got to see Cedric Benson in HS , so he might have gotten this vote if I had. So my vote goes to

Derrick Richardson 1989-90(?) Vernon Lions.

A few other greats I got to see in person , Skip Hicks , Burkburnett ( UCLA, Washington Redsins)

Tyson Thompson , Irving ( SJSU, Dallas Cowboys)

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On 6/3/2007 at 7:42 PM, Green Means Go! said:

To answer your question....I'd say: the great Earl Campbell (Tyler---John Tyler H.S.) in 1974.

We are beating Texas with Campbell sidelined I believe with a hammie strain. They put him in. His first play from scrimmage he runs for a touchdown on ONE leg. I really mean ONE leg with UNT players hanging all over him. Never will forget.

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17 hours ago, SilverEagle said:

He certainly was in High School, but playing against 2-A players helped a lot with that.  He did eventually prove to be almost superman in college. But it wasn't automatic in the beginning. I saw him play against North Texas his freshman year in 1979. He was sharing RB duties with Dallas Carter's Charles Waggoner (#26 on your program), and Waggoner was getting most of the reps in that game. I remember reading at the time that Waggoner got the nod because, having played at Dallas Carter, he was better prepared (physically and mentally), because of his experience against 4-A (now  6-A) competition. I remember thinking that Waggoner looked to be about a step faster than Dickerson. Waggoner got hurt (neck injury) later in the year returning a kick-off. He finished his career at SMU running track. Had Waggoner not gotten hurt, who knows if Dickerson would have ever surpassed him......or if Waggoner would have hit the wall in his development and Dickerson would have passed him up anyway.

Here's an article about Waggoner.


Another one of those "what if's"............that I wish would've gone Waggoners way. I really hate Eric Dickerson.


This stuff is why I love SilverEagle.

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On 6/3/2007 at 6:59 PM, NT80 said:

I grew up in Lewisville, and watched him play. I met him while I was in college working on the loading docks of Ryder Pi

One coach told me he failed at USC due to "Culture Shock". Now that I'm older, I can see that. U take a small town boy, and throw him in one of the largest cities in America....hell, what do you expect. 


I remember him coming to play at Plano. There was a great buzz before that game to see him play, a future can't-miss pro, and he was good. I always wondered what happened to him.


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