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10 thoughts after sleeping


3) We TOOK five turnovers from them. Make no mistake, we weren't given anything. We took the ball five times. I'm not sure the guy that Laramie Lee hit on that fourth turnover knows he's made it back to Indiana yet.

4) We won by seven after giving Ball State seven points! We made a crucial mistake on that Jimmerson fumble that led to a gimme touchdown (by the way, I don't remember seeing him after that play). A team the caliber of Ball State was gifted points and we still won by a touchdown. And we also gave up our patented throw it over Hilbert's head and watch him not turn around touchdown...and we won.

5) This team DESERVES for us to bring ten friends to Apogee when we return home 3-2. Yes, I'm calling it now, we WILL beat Tulane. We will be coming off of a win and our boys deserve a loud and rowdy home crowd to take it to the MUTS. What we gave them today (on TV) was pathetic. Our promotions department owes them better. Our students owe them better. Our alumni owe them better. We have said for eons that "We will have better crowds when...." Well, folks, "when" just came to pass.

6) DT played lights out. I know it's been said in pretty much every thread recently but it bears repeating.

7) Brelan is a monster. He was all over the field. The return game, the passing game, everywhere. And when you watch the replay of the game check out the crushing block he delivers to spring Pegram for the last ten yards of his touchdown run.

8) Marcus Trice, if he isn't somewhere playing pro ball, needs to be offered a position in this football program. If not, our athletic department has absolutely missed the bus. He plays hard, says all the right things when interviewed and he brings so much passion and energy to this team. And has anyone noticed that practically every time a kid commits to our program he says something along the lines of "Marcus Trice was my host on my visit..." or "I hung out with Trice and the guys and it just felt like family...". He's just an excellent ambassador for this program.

9) I love the offense we're running. DT is spreading it around. The running game is keeping defenses honest and breaking a home run here and there. Chico deserves BIG TIME kudos.

10) I said it throughout the second half but we just kept working the body. Like a prize fighter we just kept delivering the body blows with our running game and that Ball State defense began to fold up. When I was a student the Dickey ball recipe was a thing of beauty. We may finally be seeing all the things that were great about that style mixed with a passing game that frustrates defenses. And here's the icing on the cake. This is not a senior laden O-line and we have been bringing in the beef the last few recruiting classes.


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DT plays much better at home than on the road. Let's hope he's mentally on target this week.

Keeping the TE's in the game will keep their LB's honest I hope. We can't wait until the second half for a running game. We can't spot them points the first qtr like all the games this year. I pray.

Maybe we could give DT some Google glasses to make it appear he is in Apogee on the road?

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