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  3. ChiefTenBeers2015

    North Texas at Arkansas ‘18

  4. So we played Florida Atlantic twice and lost both of them?
  5. 97and03

    Visitors this weekend?

    Ok then, let’s post visitors here!
  6. TheReal_jayD

    Visitors this weekend?

    Yes Jr day is monday
  7. UNT Texas Hooligan

    Mason Y'barbo Added to Mizzou Staff

    Columbia is a good place. Always good to see former players doing work.
  8. UNT Texas Hooligan

    We have Erection!

  9. KRAM1

    Fare thee well NY Sub Hub

    Alumni of a certain period. It wasn’t there during my undergraduate years. And, you are correct. It seems to be more about the memories than the food.
  10. southsideguy

    New Recuiting Podcast Coming This Week

    NYSH was very busy today, i guess everyone is going there why they can.
  11. DRC:
  12. EagleMBA

    We have Erection!

    That looks like it has the potential to be erect for a long time. I do have some concern as to how it will hold up if it gets rained on...
  13. Yeah, I really wish Smart would take advantage of the mid-range game. So many times he pump fakes a three and goes all the way to the basket only to lose it or flip up a bad shot. He’s supposed to be a good shooter. Pull up for that open 14-footer instead of crashing into the trees. Use the floater he has in his arsenal. Mid-range shots are not statistically the most efficient shot in basketball, but when you’re struggling to get 25 points in a half, you just need to find good looks, not perfect ones.
  14. An ethics panel decided on Thursday that Denton City Council members Deb Armintor and Paul Meltzer will be banned from participating in all future discussions and decisions involving UNT, according View Full Article
  15. Yesterday
  16. meaniegreenie

    We have Erection!

  17. MeanGreenTexan

    Mason Y'barbo Added to Mizzou Staff

    2 guys on the Mizzou staff who could vouch for him, I'm sure. Coach Davis is there now, and Coach Walters from early in his time here.
  18. North Texas outside receiver coach Joel Filani has disembarked from the Mean Green and accepted the same job position with his alma mater – Texas Tech. This is nothing new for View Full Article
  19. @TheReal_jayD I haven’t been able to listen to the podcast. Is it Junior Day this weekend or some other big visit weekend?
  20. Film has him playing pretty well on both sides of the ball. Twitter shows Texas, Tulane, Kstate, LaTech, ArkSt, Houston, Memphis, Arkansas, ULM, Baylor offers
  21. UNTLifer

    DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook

    They will. I have faith.
  22. 97and03

    What to Expect from UNT offense in 2019

    But if you are effective then you score 40-60 and their defense is completely worn out. Maybe you give up 30 or more but you can still win. See 2017 FAU.
  23. 97and03

    2019 Season Tix Renewal

    I don’t think you can select seats until all renewals are processed.
  24. Goes back where do you see NT in 5 or 6 years...moving up the food chain or being happy with what we got.
  25. UNTLifer

    First 2020 UNT Commit!!!

    The first highlight has him running away from everyone.
  26. Marty

    Mason Y'barbo Added to Mizzou Staff

    Congrats to the Badger!
  27. MeanGreenTeeth

    We have Erection!

    No need to brag.
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