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  2. OK...I was with you until here.... #1 they weren't a top 25 team when they signed, #2 what's a master's degree from SMU cost? $60-$80 Grand? They'll pay $60-$80 grand to play football? #3 they're banking on a new president to wipe out the $60-$80 grand they're paying to play football? I would argue they WOULD be stupid to take that deal....
  3. I have to think....if he could do it over he would've stayed?
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  5. You may be a Russian BOT program, but damn, what you say does sound like pure genius.
  6. Yes, and probably yes. Stephens, the starting CB, graduated from UCLA as a RB and had fallen to third on the depth chart. So the kid A) had his undergrad degree paid for, and B) was going to rot as a football player if he stuck around. McBryde, the starting MLB, got hurt at Auburn late in his third year and was considered damaged goods, so he finished his degree as well and e-mailed 30 schools and got no answer. So I think both players - like any 21 year old would - just wanted a chance to play. I know Stephens has been given a scholarship, and I believe McBryde has. As far as academic scholarships are concerned, Grayson and Abercrombie both graduated Rice in three years and did it playing football, as did an Charlie Flores, all-Ivy League OL from Columbia. As far as I'm concerned, they've earned the academic and intellectual benefit of the doubt - give them an academic ride and don't look back. But lets say they are paying tuition out of pocket. If the parents aren't paying then they are racking up only 2 years of student loans in order to A) Get a MA or MBA from SMU and B) Play for a top 25 football team, and that's with half the presidential candidates talking seriously about student loan forgiveness. I mean, they'd be stupid not to take the deal.
  7. Speaking of advanced tech: https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/23/tech/google-quantum-supremacy-scn/index.html
  8. Tech has a relatively small budget and a modest FBS following, but those two schools sell half the tickets of what Tech sells, and probably at a lower price per ticket.
  9. If North Texas wins its remaining games, including the November 9 game against La Tech in Ruston, the Mean Green are guaranteed to be CUSA Western Division Champions.
  10. Name recognition. When I graduated HS in West Texas neither I nor anyone else in my class had ever heard of UNT. A large part of that is because the school was 1aa at the time, no doubt. Just being FBS now gets our name out there more. Every single college football fan who was paying any attention to sports at the time of Peter Pan has now at least some idea of who we are. Advertising works. Paying for FBS football is advertising. Any success makes it more effective.
  11. Got to love john lott. Taking care of his university
  12. That maybe true but I would still shake my head at the decision and the formation in which they ran the play. SL has a track record of running the ball straight up the middle on 4 and short and some times it works out but the majority of the time it doesn't. I went back and watched that play and here is what I saw. Game Link its at the 1:41:00 mark When it was 3&1, the RB is 6 1/2 yards back from the line of scrimmage and the RB lost a yard making the upcoming call 4&2. The outside line backer was unblocked and had plenty of time to breakdown and wait for Smith to get to him. The next play when you have to get that 4th and 2, they line up in the shotgun with the running back 6 yards back again. You have your heavy set in there with two tight ends. Below is a screen shot of the defense, look at how many people they have in the box, they know whats coming. Then when the ball is snapped you see another outside linebacker coming in free and has plenty of time to breakdown and make a tackle. My argument is not why the hell did he go for it, my argument is why the hell is he in the shotgun and trying to run it up the middle. He has way more skins on the wall than I will ever have and maybe he saw something throughout the game that led him to make that call twice in a row but I just dont get it. Get your big boys in there tight and try to ram it down their throat.
  13. Just signed to chargers practice squad
  14. Well, it's special teams, and in the grand scheme of the world it's nothing very special. Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations. Now, if your looking for fake punt returns that cure cancer, feed the hungry, and fix global warming, well then, you'll probably have to consult Nick Saban.
  15. Getting message "404" cannot be found. It may be my IPhone 5.
  16. I think the same thing, but if he ever leaves there, its not going to be a Power 5 team, in my opinion. I think a program like Tulane or SMU would hire him from La Tech, though...
  17. They are having a season ticket pickup event for both men's and women's bball on Sunday, Nov. 3rd before the women's game vs TWU at 3PM.
  18. We just found out that we can't make the UTEP game on November 2nd which is the Homecoming game. I need to sell my 4 tickets in Section 207, Row 8. They also come with a Blue Parking pass. $200.
  19. This is from a 1977 ABC News piece as reported by Barbara Walters. Wonder who told this NC school’s officials that there was already a Mean Green in Texas?
  20. agree.... SMU is ranked #16 in the country and has a legit shot to run the table that's all that matters
  21. care to guess who the G5 coach is?
  22. Other than the lack of home games, this would kind of be a fun schedule in 2019 if UTA had a fball team.
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