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  2. Last year we were picked to win CUSA West and ended with a 4&8 season with one of the best QB's in our history. Just asking, but what makes you think we will have a better team this year and compete for a conference championship?
  3. Whew! Glad my son drives a Chevy or I might think you were calling him a red neck even though you know absolutely nothing about him. I’m really glad he doesn’t live in a double-wide or you’d certainly consider him to be beneath you. I always thought “the left” was against stereotypes. You know, because they can be considered offensive and make people feel bad. I guess I was mistaken.
  4. I have never called for it's removal. Now lets see if you are consistent. Do you support any statute that is on private property or only the ones you approve of?
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  6. Between Rowland and Shaw, we're 0-for-2 with DT's from Oklahoma. I hope we don't strike out.
  7. "Stars & Bars" flag: No one ever flies this. And I'm almost positive that if you asked any of the dips**ts who fly the "Rebel" flag (The Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, re: R.E.Lee's Army), about 95% of them would have no idea what you're showing them. And they'd most-likely be in your shoes in referring to the Rebel flag as the "Stars & Bars".
  8. the idea that confederate monuments, largely erected in the 50-100 years after the war, were meant to educate is a white-washed narrative. the Daughters of the Confederacy is a white-supremacist organization and these monuments were a mechanism for pushing that doctrine. Texas has over 200 memorials to the confederacy. it has 1 union memorial. Texas has confederate soldiers day as a state holiday and confederate history month. of it's 6 flags, Texas existed under the confederacy the shortest period of time. we're literally more French than confederate, yet because of the work and lobbying of a white-supremacist organization, every lifted Dodge pick-up and east texas double-wide flies a stars and bars flag rather than Drapeau Français
  9. To follow up on an earlier narrative about why deaths are not the gold standard: https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-warning-from-italy-effects-of-covid-19-could-be-worse-than-first-thought-12027348 The virus is a systemic infection that affects all the organs of the body, not, as was previously thought, just a respiratory disease, they say. The physicians warn that people who do not consider themselves in a vulnerable group and aren't concerned at contracting the disease could be putting themselves in danger of life-changing illnesses if they ignore the rules to keep safe. "At first, initially, we thought it was a bad flu, then we thought it was a bad flu with a very bad pneumonia, it was the phase when you came here, but subsequently we discovered that it is a systemic illness with vessel damage in the whole body with renal involvement, cerebral involvement," "So we are seeing other acute manifestations of renal failure that require dialysis; or stroke, and then acute myocardial infarction, so a lot of complications or other manifestations of the virus. "And also now we see a significant proportion of the population with chronic damage from the virus."
  10. https://sportando.basketball/en/medi-bayreuth-sign-ryan-woolridge/ Hope he does well.
  11. It’s not a white-washed narrative. It’s our country’s history. We may not not like certain parts of it, but we can’t just get rid of the parts we don’t like and act like they never existed. It’s just ridiculous to hold men of the 1700’s and 1800’s to the standards of today. Men who, by the way, founded/established this great country. Well, I always thought it was great until the last few months when I’ve been enlightened to find out it’s terrible and has been since 1776.
  12. There’s obviously more to the decision than meets the eye. For example: I’m told that roughly 30% of all teachers are eligible for retirement. Who teaches all those classes if even 10% of those eligible to retire decide to do so? Another not so obvious issue: Substitute teachers. There is already a shortage in many districts, who subs for the teachers who get sick, etc. All that being said, I want kids in schools. A “generation” of kids are going to be so far behind: academically, socially, emotionally. (Not all kids of course, but many will be affected in one or more ways). On a personal note, my son was in an auto accident on November 9 and didn’t go back to school until January. Covid hits in March, so he basically went to school for a total of one semester his sophomore year. I’m fortunate that he got his brains from my wife, but even so that’s not the education anyone wants for their kid. The thought of him starting his a Junior year at home drives me (and him) insane.
  13. I'm mostly fine with the Rebel statues coming down. Especially the ones for the leaders (common soldiers I'm a bit more on the fence on, but I'm not gonna throw a fuss over) of the CSA. But all the other stuff - like the Founders, US Grant, etc. - is frankly ticking me off.
  14. North Texas football will be looking to bounce back from an injury-filled 4-8 season in 2019 and looking to make a bowl game in 2020. When head coach Seth Littrell took over the North Texas football program in 2016, he was taking over a team that had just finished 1-11. He took them to a bowl the next season and his first three seasons and North Texas football seemed to be a program on the rise. Read more: https://saturdayblitz.com/2020/07/09/north-texas-football-season-preview-prediction-2020/
  15. the Lenin statue in Seattle is privately owned and on private property. you're welcome to call on the government to attempt to remove it, but then of course from here on out in order to be intellectually consistent, you'd have to always be on the side of allowing agents of government on private property to dictate and control expression. no one is erasing history...just your white-washed narrative of history.
  16. Just a reminder that we aren't the only school to lose a commit as this one just popped up on my feed tonight:
  17. Great point. Started off with confederate monuments, now it is spreading to include basically anything with the founding of America. Statutes of anti-slavery supporters has been vandalized. As a side note, have you heard of any protest dealing with the Statue of Lenin, in Seattle? As I said, the aim is quickly becoming an attempt to erase American history.
  18. You got me man...I hate my kids and other kids so much that I am not concerned with sending them to school. Good on you dude...you figured me out. I'll buy ya a beer at the next home game as a congratulatory gesture.
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  20. No a loosing season is when you play with less restraint, I guess. We both apparently agree that Littrell has to earn his money next year. What I expect is that NT battle for a conference championship and at least is competitive in the out of conference against UH and SMU. There is a post somewhere that thinks that SL should get an extension if NT goes 6-6. I think we agree that record is not good enough even to keep his job much less be rewarded. By the way, SL didn't give himself a raise, that was the AD and probably the BOD. So there is no bone to pick with him. However, I am at the point that just seeing NT sports good or bad would be a great threat.
  21. Sending them is bad ..... Staying at home is bad... Maybe the answer is dividing a room up into 2-3 groups and sending them every other day or whatever is the answer.... helps keep them apart more (smaller groups) but still face to face some but more work at home ... ... No easy answers. -- but many have no access to computers to learn even . Having taught public school (30 years) and college classes (41 years) I can tell you students that took online classes in Math/science are not near as good as those those that were in a classroom. Maybe English or History... don't know ... Foreign language and many others don't work well either.
  22. All monuments and statues seem to offend someone .... I see that a Jimmy Hendricks statue was painted over ... Guess some religious extremist that opposes Rock and Roll did it . --- Even the Viet Nam memorial was vandalized ( war protester?) ---Where does it end..??
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