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Coach Bill Lewis

Texas at San Antonio preview

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Just now, WaxaWarrior2016 said:

Last season's progression by UTSA has always made me laugh. From Kirk Herbstreit saying they could go 12-0 after week 2, to an absolutely devastating loss against yours truly. To being the only 6-win team to miss out on bowl season! Such a satisfying feeling.

*See gif below for instant smiles*

Agreed. Also another gif in my signature. My absolute favorite throw Fine made last season.

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1 hour ago, Wag Tag said:

Every time I see Josiah the linebacker I get pissed off! So much for messurables MAC!!  

I'm sure I posted this before...but know that his family "reiterated" to SilverEagle and I both last year that he wanted to play for us....and they all wanted him to as well.

He's a great player and is a solid young man.  On days he's not playing against us I'm a big fan of his.  I hope he plays at the next level.



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