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  1. A good friend of the site sent us a little information on the New Athletics Indoor Practice Facility in the UNT System Quarterly Operations Report on Page 62 which is the first website link below so you might want to check it out. It states: I am still reviewing everything but you may want to check out at the ‘Agenda’ and ‘Board Book’ and ‘APPENDIX’ which is under Notes right below the other two and you might want to look through these three to see additional information on athletics that can be found there as well. These three can be accessed from the second website below but you will need to scroll down a little after the second website comes up. GMG!
  2. Link to 2018 UNT National Signing Day Recap Podcast on Soundcloud
  3. Not affiliated with UNT cycling club, but I had my eye out for the kit storefront opening. Open until Feb 28, order away:
  4. The C-USA Conference Championship 11:00am start Look for Victor, Amanda, Luaren, Mike, and Me Will be in the Coop Room at Pluckers in Grapevine. Doors open at 11. 1709 Cross Roads Dr Grapevine, TX 76051 GO MEAN GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. This show we talk about one of the most thrilling Mean Green Football team come from behind wins in the history of the program as UNT defeats conference rival Texas San Antonio 29-26 at home. UNT alums @Evan @Harry and @BeyondTheGreen take a look back at this amazing win and mix in some FAU game talk as well. Audio Link:
  6. Join fellow Mean Green fans at Fuzzy's Taco Shop in Allen, TX and watch the best from the East take on the best from the West. North Texas sits alone in first place in Conference USA - West and will be traveling to Florida to take on the Florida Atlantic Owls, tied for first place in Conference USA - East. The game will be on the big screen behind the bar and the audio will be carried throughout the restaurant. Kickoff on 10/21/17 at 4:00 pm. Fuzzy's is located at 709 W Exchange Pkwy Suite 140, Allen, TX 75013, across the street from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allen Free UNT schwag will be on-hand along with special UNT door prizes awarded at half time. GO MEAN GREEN! FACEBOOK EVENT
  7. Lee Jackson plans to do a lot more than just clean out his desk and say his goodbyes during his last full workday Friday as chancellor of the University of North Texas System. He's got a meeting at 7:30 a.m., a charity fundraising luncheon at noon and a visit to University of North Texas at Dallas scheduled for the afternoon. "I told people a long time ago that I was going to work until 5 o'clock because that's consistent with my life," he said. The chancellor of 15 years, the longest tenure in Texas, had a lot to say during a Tuesday interview about how he plans to stay engaged until the end — and beyond. For example, when asked how these last few months have been, knowing that his time as chancellor is coming to an end, his 20-minute-long answer touched on his thoughts on his career, politics and the cost of attending college. Jackson's appointment as chancellor in 2002 raised some eyebrows. It was considered unusual at the time to hire a career politician — he's a former state legislator and Dallas County judge — to a top academic post. But Jackson's tenure reshaped the UNT System. Since he started, the system has added UNT-Dallas, a new campus in economically challenged south Dallas. It has also enrolled thousands more students, spent millions of dollars more on research and raised its six-year-graduation rate to 51 percent. And during Jackson's time, the way state leaders view the job of chancellor has shifted. Now, four of the five chancellors of the state's other big systems are nonacademics — Brian McCall of Texas State, Robert Duncan of Texas Tech and John Sharp of Texas A&M are former state politicians, and Bill McRaven of the University of Texas is a retired Navy admiral. Jackson's replacement will be another "nontraditional" choice: former NASA administrator Lesa Roe. Here are the highlights from the interview, edited and rearranged chronologically for clarity: read more:
  8. Fans To Vote For Flag Design Outside Apogee Stadium Is there any acceptable choice other than the green Texas flag?
  10. Experience a spirited, family friendly evening by joining the Mean Green Club and the UNT Alumni Association for the 2017 Coaches Caravan. Catch up on the latest athletics news while enjoying a relaxed pep rally atmosphere. Vice President and Director of Athletics Wren Baker will discuss the future of the UNT athletics program and will share highlights from the new strategic plan. Coaches and student athletes will mingle with the crowd to personally meet attendees and discuss UNT and athletics. While in attendance, you can also visit tables hosted by the UNT Alumni Association, the Mean Green Club, the Barnes and Noble Bookstore and the ticket office. The 2017 Coaches Caravan will have a total of six stops. Select the one that best fits your schedule and location and we’ll see you there! May 9 - Dallas County Dot's Hop House 2645 Commerce St., Dallas 75226 6-8 pm Self parking on streets and in surrounding lots RSVP below by May 7
  11. Experience a spirited, family friendly evening by joining the Mean Green Club and the UNT Alumni Association for the 2017 Coaches Caravan. Catch up on the latest athletics news while enjoying a relaxed pep rally atmosphere. Vice President and Director of Athletics Wren Baker will discuss the future of the UNT athletics program and will share highlights from the new strategic plan. Coaches and student athletes will mingle with the crowd to personally meet attendees and discuss UNT and athletics. While in attendance, you can also visit tables hosted by the UNT Alumni Association, the Mean Green Club, the Barnes and Noble Bookstore and the ticket office. The 2017 Coaches Caravan will have a total of six stops. Select the one that best fits your schedule and location and we’ll see you there! May 8 - Collin County Park Place Lexus 6785 Dallas Parkway, Plano 75024 6-8 pm FREE parking on-site RSVP below by May 7 May 9 - Dallas County Dot's Hop House 2645 Commerce St., Dallas 75226 6-8 pm Self parking on streets and in surrounding lots RSVP below by May 7 May 10 - Denton County Audacity Brew House 1012 Shady Oaks Dr., Denton 76205 6-8 pm Public parking in lots and on street RSVP below by May 7 May 11 - Tarrant County Collective Brewing Project 8112 St. Louis Ave., Fort Worth 76104 6-8 pm Public parking in lot RSVP below by May 7 May 17 - Houston Karbach Brewing Company 2032 Karbach St., Houston 77092 6-8 pm Public parking in lot RSVP below by May 14 May 18 - San Antonio Ranger Creek Brewing and Distilling 4834 Whirlwind Dr., San Antonio 78217 6-8 pm Public parking in lots RSVP below by May 14 Admission for each event: UNT Alumni Association and Mean Green Club members - $5/person Non-members - $10/person RSVP below now! For more information, call the Office of Alumni Relations at 940-565-2834.
  12. Register now for a UNT Alumni event near you!
  13. UNT Christmas gifts

    I've seen this posted in the past and I liked it! Who got cool UNT stuff this year? Pics are certainly welcome and encouraged so that you can show off all your awesome UNT stuff. I got a sweet UNT alum coffee mug, which I am quite proud of and will use boldly and often. I also got a really nice dry-fit UNT pullover from my sweet, clean bride. But the coup de grâce are these bad boys in the pic below!! I was then informed by my wife that the new pullover was for wearing tomorrow to the game. It was pretty cool, she had this ruse going that her family had already planned for us all to be at their place because her grandmother is in town. I was told there would be lots of food, but that they'd have the game on and I could watch it however I see fit. Turns out, they were all in on it and they're watching the kiddos while the wife and I go to the game. YES!!! Side note -- anyone taking the DART Green rail, which station is closer to the stadium? The Fair Park station or the MLK station?
  14. The Dallas Cowboys may have no bigger fans than Mean Green nation. With every home game, with every win, the premier football franchise and its magical season bring more support and attention to the team’s exclusive new higher education partner — the University of North Texas. “Obviously we are all rooting for the Cowboys to go all the way this year,” said Neal Smatresk, president of UNT. Earlier this year, UNT officials signed a contract to pay $1.725 million over the next year and a half, and as much as $7.5 million over the next eight years, to be a “proud partner of the Dallas Cowboys.” Through this agreement, the university gains marketing and exposure on a nationwide level, as UNT is promoted everywhere from the Dallas Cowboys website and stadium to the team’s radio and TV shows on game day. It couldn’t have come at a better time for the university than now, as the Cowboys hold the best record in the NFL and rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has led the team to eight consecutive wins. Officials say the goal of the partnership is not just to boost awareness of UNT, but also to bring students unique academic and athletic job opportunities with the world-renowned team. “We are like the biggest university people have never heard of,” Smatresk said. “We clearly have to change that. “And this is one of the ways we are going to do that.” UNT made the first payment of $425,000 for the sponsorship agreement and is gearing up for the second payment, which is due Dec. 1. read more:
  15. UNT Org Chart > Athletics

    In this week's GMG Podcast, @Harry and the crew wanted to know what the Org Chart of UNT looked like and who reports where, who is on a level stature-wise, etc. So here you go: I specifically included in here all of the entities relating to UNT Athletics in bold, and then attempted a crack at the AD's org chart. It's inherently murky regarding where any of the old regime stand, but this is accurate as far as I can tell from the Mean Green Sports website. Does this clear things up? EDIT: I totally whiffed on including the Colleges of Education and Engineering as well as the Honors College. Sorry, ya'll. FIXED!
  16. Officials have noted that this proposal would be two-fold — one part involving advertising and promotions and another a public-private partnership. UNT board documents have shown a multi-year agreement with the Cowboys could include letting UNT use the Dallas Cowboys star and other logos; present displays in “select event exhibit space;” place radio ads on game days; participate in television commercials; and put ads on the website. Read more here: Another perk is that the new Cowboys team headquarters at The Ford Center at the Star in Frisco is not far from UNT’s New College at Frisco, which opened in January. Officials said the Cowboys, particularly at the Frisco location, will be involved in a variety of activities where UNT students could benefit from internships in areas ranging from hospitality and broadcast journalism to fitness and sports medicine. “The promotional program provides UNT a significant presence at AT&T Stadium, and The Star, the Cowboys World Headquarters, along with the Ford Center at the Star,” according to the UNT statement. read more: Read more here:
  17. Hello everybody, UNT alumni here. I'm helping build a video platform which promotes all things Denton (food, activities, businesses, people). I was curious to whether or not you could help out by LIKING our Facebook page? Even 1 LIKE will help out. Thanks so much everybody...and GO MEAN GREEN!
  18. In the five years since the University of North Texas’s Apogee Stadium opened, the $78 million home base for the Mean Green has seemed like a complete waste. UNT’s football team is about as functional as putting an orange in a keyhole to open a door. But even if UNT isn’t breaking records on the football field (last season the team won exactly one game), it is setting the curve for sustainability. Apogee Stadium is “the first newly constructed collegiate football stadium in the nation to achieve the highest level of LEED certification,” or LEED Platinum. Leading the way in sustainability, environmental research, and energy consumption is a wonderful achievement for any university. And it looks like using football as a conduit to accomplish tangible milestones (which, apparently, doesn’t include a winning team) seems to be a trend that suits UNT nicely. UNT is in the beginning stages of entering an exclusive agreement with the Dallas Cowboys, which certainly raises some eyebrows considering the game of football is bleak in Denton. Nevertheless, the collaboration looks like it could be particularly valuable for the school’s academics. Last Thursday and Friday, UNT’s Board of Regents discussed and voted on whether or not the University of North Texas System Chancellor Lee Jackson and President Neal Smatresk would be allowed to draw up a deal with the Cowboys without the board’s oversight. Unanimously, the board voted yes. The deal is in its infancy and certainly subject to change, but the potential terms see UNT paying the Cowboys $1 million or more in order to become a “Proud Partner of the Dallas Cowboys.” According to a meeting memo, this would allow UNT to use the “team’s star and other primary logos; a blend of digital in-stadium, in restaurant and concourse advertising at The Ford Center and AT&T Stadium; digital mixed-use exterior banner and highway marquee advertising; select event exhibit space; game-day radio spots; preseason network and Jason Garrett show televised commercials; and a microsite and ads on the web site.” - See more at: Here is a link to the UNT memo on this subject:
  19. I'm sure some of you will make this into a "OMG he's a Democrat" post but a former fraternity brother of mine and former SGA President Dakota Carter won the runoff for the nomination for Texas State Board of Education Place 6. He's a great guy and in residency and has some great ideas for Texas education, and he's not a nutjob like that woman who thought Obama was a gay prostitute. Anyway, give him a look. And if you're in Houston, remember his name come November. Dakota Carter
  20. This may be wishful thinking, but one guy who always promotes UNT is Johnny Quinn. He's really made a name for himself both in the corporate boardrooms, and in the public education world. This guy is always promoting UNT, and is a great ambassador. I could see him doing well in some sort of fundraising role. Thoughts?
  22. Reporter5 Views Quick Hits: Five observations from the football spring game Reece Waddell | Senior Staff Writer @ReeceWaddell15 On Saturday, April 23, the North Texas football team took the field for its annual spring game. Here are five observations from the contest. New quarterbacks show improvement Graduate quarterback Alec Morris showed his value in his first appearance at Apogee Stadium, proving he is a clear upgrade from anyone the Mean Green lined up under center in 2015. Morris made the most of his staunch 6-3, 233-pound frame and was not afraid to stand in the pocket and find the open man. His arm strength, while not elite, is good enough to get the job done. Morris was not fazed when his number was called to throw the ball downfield, and had only one hiccup on the day, an interception that came when he airmailed a pass to the opposite side of the field. Junior Quinn Shanbour also had a nice game and looked comfortable making the most of the throws in the offense’s arsenal. The highlight of his day was a 30-yard missile over the middle of the field that sailed behind the defensive back’s helmet and right into the receiver’s hands for a touchdown. Here's the link to the full write up:
  23. Head football coach Littrell hoping to turn Mean Green around Reece Waddell | Senior Staff Writer @ReeceWaddel15 It did not take long for Mean Green students, fans and even football players to begin drawing comparisons between fictional football coach Eric Taylor from the television series “Friday Night Lights” and new Mean Green head coach Seth Littrell. In a state where football might as well be a religion in some towns, like fictitious Dillon, Texas, Littrell and his imaginary counterpart share many of the same coaching experiences, like turning around programs some had lost hope for. Before arriving at North Texas, Littrell helped orchestrate the revival of football at schools like Indiana University and the University of North Carolina – both more known for their basketball prowess. Like Littrell, Taylor is familiar with getting programs back on track, leading his underdog team to a state championship in the series finale. And although Littrell and Taylor are similar in more ways than one, some find their physical likeness even more remarkable – except Littrell. “I don’t really look at myself that much so I don’t know,” Littrell said when asked if he has heard of the comparisons to Taylor. “I’ve heard that a bunch since I’ve been here. Hopefully he’s a really good looking fella and a good football coach, too.” Littrell’s offensive coordinator Graham Harrell on the other hand, finds their resemblance uncanny. “The other day in a staff meeting, he actually brought it up because someone asked him about it,” Harrell said. “He was like, ‘Y’all don’t see it do you?’ And everyone was just like ‘Uh, I don’t know about that coach.’” Here's the link to the rest of the write up:
  24. Football team changing format for annual spring game this weekend Reece Waddell | Senior Staff Writer @ReeceWaddell15 As the month of April winds down, many college football programs across the country begin to prepare for their annual spring game – an intra-squad scrimmage that pits members of the same team against one another. In the past, North Texas has split its roster into two teams, green and white, and played the game like any regular contest by keeping score, having a clock, and even having referees throwing flags for penalties. That will not be the case in 2016. First-year head coach Seth Littrell has different plans for the Mean Green’s spring game, which will be held on Saturday, April 23 at 2 p.m. inside Apogee Stadium. Instead of the traditional format, Littrell intends on dividing his roster into first and second strings and scrimmaging for around 100 snaps. There will be no running clock, except for time-sensitive situational work. “Right now we don’t have enough depth to truly play a game,” Littrell said. “It will be a good scrimmage, a lot of live work obviously. We’re not going to thin out our team. The last thing I want to do is wear them down enough to where they get injury prone. It’s not worth it to me to have a true spring game.” With 80 players on its roster, North Texas does not have the manpower needed to fill out a green and white team. Just down the road at Southern Methodist University, the Mustangs have over 110 players on its roster for its spring game last Saturday. But Littrell is far from concerned with North Texas not playing a run-of-the-mill spring game. Rather, Littrell wants his team get beneficial practice time that will carry the Mean Green into the summer. “[The spring game] has the same value as any spring practice,” Littrell said. “I think spring games are –they’re fun for the fans to get out and kind of get to see everybody and what you’re doing. But for me, and I think for all coaches around the country, we’d rather do away from the spring game and have a spring practice.” Some UNT students are not echoing Littrell’s sentiment, though. With an almost entirely new coaching staff and many new faces, there has been an anticipation around campus to see what the new-look Mean Green has to offer. One of those students is media arts sophomore Andrew Rolf, who frequents both UNT football and basketball games. Usually donning some shade of green, Rolf is an avid athletics supporter despite the recent struggles in football and basketball. Rolf was surprised when he learned North Texas did not have the necessary depth to make up the usual green and white teams. “It’s a little embarrassing with how big our school is,” Rolf said. “I think it’s kind of ridiculous. It seems like college football tradition to have spring games.” Despite Littrell and the coaching staff planning for an unconventional scrimmage, North Texas players are anxious to get back on the field after a dismal 1-11 mark last year that tied for the worst record in school history. “I’m super stoked,” senior offensive lineman Sam Rice said. “That’s why I play the game – to hit people. We’re all good friends, and best friends hurt each other. It will be a good time.” After nearly a month of practice that included implementing a brand-new offense and getting acclimated to a new head coach, the Mean Green is excited to get back inside Apogee and play in front of fans – even if it won’t be an actual game. “It’s fun having a little grudge match at the end, because you’re a little ticked off after four weeks of hitting the same person,” Rice said. “The spring game is kind of the finale where everyone can get their desserts.” Desserts, however, may be off the table for Rice. With the new up-tempo, high-octane offense, Rice said he’s had to make a few changes to his diet this spring to accommodate the team’s new style of play. “I don’t get to be as fat, which isn’t fun,” Rice said. “But that’s alright. It’s a good time. I think we’ll gash some good defenses with [our offense].” One of the players hoping to do the gashing is junior quarterback Quinn Shanbour. For the past four weeks, Shanbour has competed alongside graduate Alec Morris and others for the starting quarterback job. Although Littrell has yet to name a de-facto starter, Shanbour said one quarterback in particular has been getting the most looks with the starters. “Alec has kind of taken the reins,” Shanbour said. “He’s been running with the ones more.” Even though Morris appears to be the favorite to win the job, he has made some mistakes along the way. As the team lined up for its end-of-practice scrimmage last week, Morris threw a pick-six on the offense’s first play, prompting Shanbour to say one side of the ball is currently ahead of the other. “I think defense is a little in front of [the offense],” Shanbour said. “It’s more instinctual, more natural to be doing downhill.” Despite not playing its annual green/white game, Littrell is still eager to coach in front of students and fans for the first time in Denton. But when it’s all said and done, Littrell is really only focused on one thing. “I’m excited for these guys to get out in front of fans. It’s an exciting time,” Littrell said. “But at the same time, we have a lot of work to do and we have to make sure we’re smart with how we do it.” Here's a link to the full write up:
  25. UNT gradually increased student athletic fee and institutional support despite below-average athletic performance Reece Waddell | Senior Staff Writer @ReeceWaddell15 Student athletic fees at UNT have more than doubled in the last seven years, according to the NCAA Membership Financial Reporting System. In 2015, student fees and institutional support combined to equal $20,043,786. If this amount was subtracted from the athletic department’s expenses, UNT would have been just over $20 million in debt last year. Since 2008, the North Texas football team has had one winning season and has been under the direction of three different head coaches. Men’s basketball has failed to finish above .500 since hiring head coach Tony Benford in 2012 and had the third-lowest average home attendance in Conference USA in 2015. As a result of the subpar performances in the higher revenue sports, UNT has steadily raised student fees and institutional support to fund athletics. “I don’t look at [student fees] as a loss,” athletic director Rick Villarreal said. “I look at that as an investment in the university. I don’t try to justify anything. For me, it’s a program the university feels is valuable, so that’s why it has an athletics department. It’s why they have an athletic director.” The NCAA report showed UNT collected $4,641,911 in student fees in 2008 compared to $10,723,272 in 2015. In 2008, UNT received $14,081 in institutional support. That figure grew nearly 662 percent in 2015 to total $9,319,514. When tallied together, UNT’s student athletic fees and institutional support make up roughly two thirds of the athletic department’s revenue. At a Board of Regents meeting in September 2015, Villarreal asked for permission to increase the student athletic fee by $1 per semester credit hour – a motion that was approved. Villarreal said despite the recent rise, North Texas still has the lowest fees both in C-USA and across the state. “There’s a certain group that wants to take North Texas and make us somebody else,” Villarreal said. “Our own people want to make us different than everybody else. I’ve never really in my entire career been around this kind of situation where we always want to look at the negative. If the university decided tomorrow that it didn’t want an athletic program, then that would be their decision.” This issue is not only plaguing UNT, though. In a report by the Texas Tribune, it was documented that all but two public universities in Texas lost money on their athletic programs in 2015. According to the report, the only two public schools to make a profit were Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Austin. However, this was not exactly the case. Texas Tribune staff writer and lead reporter on the aforementioned report Matthew Watkins said his publication chose to intentionally subtract student fees and institutional support from each school’s bottom line in order to paint a clearer picture of the money universities generated from things like ticket and merchandise sales. Erica Wieting | Staff Graphic Artist “It would be inaccurate to say the athletic department is in debt or failing to cover their expenses, because they do have that money,” Watkins said. “It’s just we felt that money […] there’s a difference between what we would call earned revenue and what we could call a subsidy, which is being used to basically keep the athletic department financially solvent.” In actuality, UNT made a $43,557 profit in 2015 when student fees and institutional support were accounted for. Watkins did not feel he skewed or misrepresented the data, though. Instead, he said that by introducing the figures without student fees and institutional support, he provided transparency as to what was going on within athletic programs in Texas. “I would be surprised if schools stopped doing this,” Watkins said. “People care so much in Texas about [athletics] that it’s hard to imagine this ending anytime soon.” After learning of the increases to finance the athletic department, some UNT students and alumni are questioning whether the hike in student fees is justifiable. Vlad Otvos graduated from UNT last December and was an avid supporter of North Texas athletics. He said he has attended between three and five football games per year, as well as various swimming and diving events. Additionally, he said the rate at which UNT funds athletics compared to other things on campus seems unbalanced. “You have a school of 40,000, and maybe 500 are on a sports team. That’s not a high percentage,” Otvos said. “We’re pouring all this money into 500 students. What about all these graduate students who are TAs in biology labs who aren’t getting paid enough because our money goes to sports?” Other students did not take as much of an issue with the increase in fees. Finance senior Robert Watson said he did not think UNT receiving roughly $20 million from the university in student fees and institutional support was too much money. Rather, he saw it as a necessary investment in the athletic department. “You want to be able to take pride in saying ‘I went there,’” Watson said. “We may see it now that they drove the student fees pretty high in the past five, six, seven years, but five years from now we may look back and say ‘UNT is now a University of Houston, or whatever.’ And it started because we decided we cared about being good at sports.” For Villarreal, the goal remains to improve UNT’s infrastructure and put winning teams on the court and field. But unlike others, he does not necessarily see winning as an immediate fix to the revenue problem. “When we were winning 20 games a year six years in a row in basketball, our season ticket numbers didn’t triple or quadruple or whatever,” Villarreal said. “A lot of places it would. Why does it not here? I’m not sure. It’s not because we’re not out there pursuing it or trying to make it happen.” Here's a link to the full write up: