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  1. This show we recap a great Homecoming 45-10 victory over UTEP and a big non-conference home game coming up this weekend against Army. UNT alums @Evan, @Harry and @BeyondTheGreen give their hot sports thoughts on the successful Homecoming return of Coach Darrell Dickey and some new athletic facility plans that have fans very excited for the future. Recruiting expert @TheReal_jayD joins us for his latest recruiting analysis and another big weekend for potential Mean Green commitments. Audio Link:
  2. He came on later in the show but offered some exciting news about this weekend and some prospects who may be leaning our way: GOMEANGREEN BARBERSHOP PODCAST #189
  3. The boys are back in the saddle again! This show we talk about a bowl eligibility clenching win on the road against La. Tech in Ruston by a score of 24-23. UNT alums @Evan, @Harry and @BeyondTheGreen give their hot sports thoughts on the Homecoming return of Coach Darrell Dickey and the Mean Green's goal of capturing the Western Division Crown. Recruiting expert @TheReal_jayD joins us for his latest recruiting analysis and we dive into what could be a pretty exciting basketball season with fan favorite @BillySee58. Audio Link: GOMEANGREEN BARBERSHOP PODCAST #189
  4. Call it Separation Saturday. Marshall and North Texas did what they do last week. The Herd kept up its stingy defensive ways, in a 35-3 win over Old Dominion. The Mean Green put up 441 yards of offense in a 29-26 win over UTSA, which leads C-USA in total defense. Clearly the class of the league at the moment, Marshall and North Texas stayed atop our rankings as co-No.2s. 2. Marshall (5-1, 2-0): The Herd is the first team in league history (22 years) to not allow a TD in its first two conference games. Up next: Friday, at Middle Tennessee. 2. North Texas (4-2, 3-0): Led by QB Mason Fine and RB Jeffrey Wilson, the high-powered Mean Green are threatening to pull away in the West. Up next: Saturday, at FAU. read more:
  5. Who can't sleep?

    I'm freaking giddy. This is Christmas Day 2.0, except it's adult-ier. I missed the 2014 Bowl because I opted for overtime at work. I'm attending this time in the middle of my fellow Mean Green fans and can't wait to take in my first-ever Bowl Game experience. While I've been to a couple of NCAA tournament games when they were in the area in the past, those are going to pale in comparison . . . mainly because I wasn't rooting for a school I attended at those. I look forward to possibly meeting some of you guys/gals there and having a blast as we watch our boys represent us proudly. I'm going to get chills just entering this historic complex and am going to hopefully shed some happy "sports tears" before all is said and done. Now, I'm off to bed to try and at least rest a bit before the big day. Let's do this!!! GMG
  6. Seth Littrell made this claim last December and now is about to have his team placed in a bowl. I thought he was crazy for it, but I have to give him props for being right. Thank you Coach Littrell!!
  7. North Texas head coach Seth Littrell, offensive coordinator Graham Harrell, and quarterback Alec Morris have one thing in common. The new Mean Green trio — gearing up for a revival in Denton following successful stints elsewhere — has not yet stepped out of the shadows of others. Littrell’s promotion to the head coaching landscape came days after the conclusion of an 11-3 season with the North Carolina Tar Heels, where the first-year Mean Green mentor served as the assistant head coach to Larry Fedora. The 11-win season is the most successful campaign in the Fedora era in Chapel Hill. In order to reboot the North Texas offensive staff, one of Littrell’s first hires was former Texas Tech Red Raider quarterback Graham Harrell. Despite a minimal coaching resume, Harrell’s familiarity with the air raid scheme paid dividends in 2015 with head coach Mike Leach and the Washington State Cougars. The then-outside receivers coach aided an offense which produced the No. 3 aerial attack in the country with over 5,000 yards. Harrell helped Leach reach a new benchmark in Pullman with a nine-win season. With Littrell and Harrell intent on shooting fireworks in Denton, the duo rung in the new year with the transfer of former Alabama quarterback Alec Morris. In terms of success, Morris may have the upper hand on both his new coaches with 50 wins and a pair of national championship rings on his ledger. Just one problem: Morris threw only one pass over a four-year window in Tuscaloosa. An assistant head coach, an outside receivers specialist and a backup quarterback — with two nattys — waltz into a bar… Except this trio is stumbling headfirst into a barren wasteland that needs a lot of sprucing up. North Texas trudged to a 1-11 season amid a 56-point loss to FCS Portland State and the firing of head coach Dan McCarney midway through the 2015 docket. read more:
  8. We got there early so we could fertilize and de-ant our tailgating spot. Overcast and cool morning. Most likely one of the most comfortable scrimmages I have ever watched. Sparse crowd was most likely due to the weather or change of start time. Offense in green, defense in white. 1's vs 1's, 2's vs. 2's and mixmatch. QB's with red jerseys and no contact. Did not see Wren Baker, but did see RV in the end zone. Front doors of stadium were closed so you had to walk around to the athletic center and enter across the bridge. One thing that is totally different with Littrell is his itunes songlist is booming over the stadium speakers non-stop. You hear it in the parking lot. When I say loud I mean like have to speak in the guy's ear next to you loud. He seems to like rap but also mixes in some country and classic rock. My favorite song of the day was AC/DC Back in Black, but I have to admit I was tapping my leg to some of the rap and hip hop as well. The only time they turn it down is when there is a special teams play, ie like a field goal or extra point. I found that odd, you would think you want it to be loud during that type of play. I am going to say overall, I really like the rhythm of Littrell's practices and scrimmage. Very upbeat and constantly moving. There is not a lot of debate or arguing over referee calls etc. They keep the chains moving. He personally is starting to show a tad bit more personality as opposed to the spring where he pretty much delegated everything to the assistants. I saw him high fiving guys after plays and yelling a little bit today. The best way I think I can recap everything is on a player by player basis. I was honestly more focused on the offense today. I am going to go through the roster and comment on everyone I can remember anything on. So here it goes: #1 WR Turner Smiley -- Decent day, he had one drop I saw he should have had on a sideline out pattern but he to me runs the best routes and has the best hands on the team. He is sort of the best all around WR we have at this time in my opinion. A shame we won't have him for SMU. That will be a big loss. #2 WR O'Keeron Rutherford -- Clearly the tallest guy out there, still fairly lean but looks like he has put on a little more size. Smooth and fluid. I really like this kid and can't wait to see what he can produce this season. #3 WR Tee Goree -- I was there for most (not all) of the scrimmage and this didn't seem to be his best day. Too many drops. Again it was just one day but not his best work. #4 RB Anthony Wyche -- WOW -- Maybe the MVP of the offense? He had one Sportcenter run where he bowled over a defender and wheeled his way to the end zone on like a 40-yard TD run. Good speed, moves. The entire green offensive sideline came off the bench to congratulate him. Most of what I saw were runs, I would like to see him catch more passes. Definitely a player that will help us THIS season. #5 LB Mylam Peters -- Playing LB on the outside. Made a few decent plays. Interesting body, very big torso with kind of lean legs. Seems to be better against the run as opposed to pass protection. Saw a lot of playing time. #5 QB Alec Morris - Great day. Looked 10 times more poised than in the spring game. Great arm, made some needle through the haystack sort of pass completions. Looks like a leader out there. I kept thinking to myself, "that is a throw McNulty could never make.." Get excited folks. This guy is the real deal, he's the best package at QB we have probably ever had. My only teenie weenie criticism of today, and I have noticed this with him before -- he seems to sit in the pocket a tad too long at times. Wearing a red jersey makes this seem like less of an issue. With our o-line issues, and the fact I saw MANY 4-receiver sets with a back in the backfield, it concerns me. I don't want to understate though, this guy can FLAT OUT PLAY! #6 QB Mason Fine - fun, fun, fun player to watch. Tiny out there but very confident and mobile. Rocket arm and very quick release. Makes mostly good decisions with the ball. He had one interception that was a bad decision but I liked the fact that Littrell ran him right back out there. It seemed he and O'Hara were splitting time with the two's. He's also pretty quick of foot as he had some decent looking runs. My hope is we can redshirt him as physically he needs another year in the weight room but I could see him playing this year if required. #7 DE Jareid Combs -- didn't catch too much of him, but love his size and speed off of the edge. One guy who looks the part of a D-I defensive lineman. #8 WR Rico Bussy - Only saw one play of his, unfortunately it was a drop. Does have good speed and seems to run good routes. #15 TE Caleb Chumley - was not dressed out but was not wearing a brace as I could see it. If injured it seems to be minor. He casts a long shadow with his height and size on the sidelines. Hope we can make it fit into the program in some way. #17 LB Courtney Finney -- He had an interception and made a very nice read/move to the ball. He looks small out there but he has really good quickness and an eye for the ball. I could see him being a real surprise this year after a rough 1st season as a juco transfer. #18 Devin O'Hara - Every bit of 6-5 but fairly lean. Nice arm, not Morris nice but better than McNulty by a lot. Graham Harrell pulled him after one bad decision but put him back in pretty quickly after. He has a nice zip to his ball and seems to be fairly comfortable with the offense. To me, he is not as good a runner as Morris or Fine and I think he would limit us in the offense to some degree from that perspective. Clearly the #2 guy and getting the most reps other than Morris. A nice addition, if only from an insurance perspective. #19 QB Quinn Shanbour -- was not wearing pads and did not play. #23 DB Kishawn McClain -- had the biggest hit of the day on a receiver. Just slammed the receiver a split second after he caught it. Crowd went wild. #25 RB Andrew Tucker -- had a couple of nice runs. I see him filling a nice jack of all trades type of role this season. He has some ability. #29 WIlly Ivery -- Had a huge showing today with some very impressive and long runs. Guy is just extremely talented and has some amazing field vision. Harrell HAS to figure out a way to get this guy the ball at least 7-8 times a game. On the down side, his punt returns while good were marred by fumbles. SIDE NOTE - - One thing I noticed that there were a fair amount of turnovers. Instead of the Mac regime banishment to eternal hell fire, I sensed more of a "That sucks but get back out there and try not to do it again" attitude. It will be interesting to see how it plays out this season. Littrell seems to value the effort more than the error. I could see this team making more mistakes but also making more plays. #30 Kicker Trevor Moore -- Had some hits and misses. Clearly he is the field goal kicker for this team and I am glad to have him. However, the book on him seems to be great accuracy and not great power. He missed a few mid range FG's he should have made. On the other hand, Our punter #84 Eric Keena on the other hand was killing it with both power and precision. If Keena keeps playing like this he may end up getting some NFL looks. He is that good. I thought he had a 60-yarder out there today and there wasn't much wind. Keena is a VALUABLE weapon for this team. #32 LB Fred Scott made a nice hit on a tight end across the middle play that drew some sidelines praise. #42 LB Corey Mann -- reminds me of Corey Pertile. Lean, very quick. A little on the small side which his why he didn't have more offers. Good nose for the ball. He is going to play at minimum on special teams this year. #50 LB LaDarrius "Hambone" Hamilton -- made a few plays, seemed active. Playing mostly with the 2's. #53 - OL TJ Henson - we got a good one here. He had the best pancake block I have seen in awhile on a pull from the right side, just destroyed a linebacker. He's better than I had hoped. Good feet, good size. Could be a REAL nice surprise this season at a position of need. #58 OL Wylie Reinhardt -- move from TE to OL. Listed at 265 - my guess is he is more about 275, 280. Looks more like a lineman. Gotta keep him eating. #59 O-Tackle Trey Keenan -- Listed at 272 and may be less by the time the season starts with all this heat. Probably our best offensive tackle in terms of defending the rush. Has good quickness and hands. Will be interesting to see how he plays. #64 Center Sam Rice -- had a battle going on with Bryce English for much of the day. I though Sam won. Also, his snapping seemed to be a bit crisper although there were a few low ones. It could take a few games, but he is going to be a very good center. #88 Jason Pirtle -- has a nice long TD catch from QB Fine after wrestling the ball away from a defender. Was nice to see these two hook up again. #86 Kevin Dillman -- wore a knee brace on the sidlelines but did not appear to be anything serious. THE END
  9. “There’s a lot of good tape that will help us become a better football team next fall and heading into the summer,” Littrell said. “Overall, we have a lot to work on, and we still have a lot of room for improvement. There is no doubt about it.” As the team heads into the summer and continues to prepare for the upcoming season, the offense, defense and special teams each showed flashes of what is to come. Offense The offense had two big questions entering the spring – who would win the quarterback battle between Alec Morris and Quinn Shanbour, and how would the team be able to run a pass-heavy offense with such little experience at receiver. Despite returning a combined career total of just 649 yards and three touchdowns, the Mean Green receiving corps emphatically shut the door on any concerns at the position. Sophomore Tee Goree proved he’s ready for a standout sophomore season, while Sophomore O’Keeron Rutherford had a great spring game and has the size at 6’5 to be an impact player in the red zone. Goree, Rutherford, and Freshman Kelvin Smith combined for 274 yards and three touchdowns in the spring game and looked much more athletic and versatile than the offensive weapons of the past. “We’ve had talent on the outside. We just haven’t been able to showcase it,” Goree said. “Now, with this offense, we’re able to showcase our talent.” As far as the quarterback position goes, Morris seemed to enter the spring game with the confidence of the team.. However, Shanbour played well enough in the spring for Littrell to refrain from naming a starting quarterback heading into the summer. Morris remains the favorite, but Shanbour is putting up a fight. “There are always things that you can improve on, but I think that as a whole we came a long way this spring,” Morris said. “I didn’t really have a set expectation in mind, but I’m pretty happy with how this spring went. There’s a lot of potential for this offense to get better.” While the quarterbacks battled it out, the spring was rough on the offensive line. The Mean Green have just one returning starter from last year in senior Sam Rice, but he is moving over to center to account for the loss of Kaydon Kirby. The line struggled in the spring game, but still has time to improve before September. The growth of senior transfer Trey Keenan and junior transfer T.J. Henson will be important, as the two are listed on the depth chart as starters going into the summer. “We’re nowhere near where we need to be,” Littrell said. “There’s been a lot of stress put on them. The kids are responding well, and it’s not that they aren’t working hard, it’s just a transition. We just have to get better, and we will.” Read more:
  10. 2017 UNT WIDE RECEIVER OFFERS Damion Miller Tyler, TX (John Tyler) Ht 6-2 Wt 205 Currently Committed To: Texas Cartrell Thomas Lancaster, TX (Lancaster) Ht 5-9 Wt 190 Other Notable Offers: Bowling Green, Colorado, Colorado State, Miami (OH), New Mexico,Texas State,Texas Tech and Tulsa Kyle Townsend Conroe, TX (Oak Ridge) Ht 6-0 Wt 190 Other Notable Offers: None Yet Cade Green Austin, TX (Lake Travis) Ht 5-11 Wt 185 Other Notable Offers: Bowling Green, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Texas State Cade Brewer Austin, TX (Lake Travis) Ht 6-2.5 Wt 215 Other Notable Offers: SMU, Bowling Green, Texas State and UTSA Omar Manning Lancaster, TX (Lancaster) Ht 6-3 Wt 208 Other Notable Offers: TCU, Alabama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Texas Tylan Wallace Fort Worth, TX (South Hills) Ht 6-1 Wt 170 Currently Commited To: Oklahoma State Charleston Rambo Cedar Hill, TX (Cedar Hill) Ht 6-2 Wt 165 Currently Commited to: Oklahoma MORE TO COME..
  11. The Wall Street Journal ranks the net worth of all college football teams. The most valuable being Ohio State at $443.13 million. The least valuable is La Monroe at $5.65 million. Here are the CUSA rankings.... Quote: Brewer analyzed each program’s revenues and expenses and made cash-flow adjustments, risk assessments and growth projections to calculate what a college team would be worth on the open market, if it could be bought and sold like a professional franchise. 82. UNT $25.76 million 84. UTEP $22.27 million 87. Rice $20.25 million 88. Marshall $18.74 million 89. UAB $18.64 million 91. FIU $17.06 million 92. MTSU $16.94 million 93. WKU $16.10 million 94. FAU $15.42. million 104. USM $11.86 million 114. LaTech $8.17 million Did not see UTSA, Old Dominion and Charlotte on the list.
  12. Eagles sign Joe Bishop

    From the album Time Machine

    Fullback Joe Bishop from Lewisville signs with North Texas.
  13. Tomorrow is the opening of the midterm signing period for junior college players and a key day for teams across the country. New UNT coach Seth Littrell didn’t have long to get out and visit midterm prospects, but the Mean Green’s staff is in on a few players. There isn’t a whole lot of information out there, but here is what we know heading into tomorrow. UNT hosted a couple of linemen in the last few days, including Trinity Valley JC offensive lineman T.J. Henson. read more:
  14. Will Seth Littrell hire any Texas high school coaches for his staff at North Texas? It’s becoming a trend in the area. Last offseason, three Texas high school coaches moved up to full-time FBS jobs in the area: Jeff Traylor at Texas, Claude Mathis at SMU and Corby Meekins at Houston. There are also numerous recruiting and support roles where high school coaches are breaking in. Littrell joined Dan Campbell’s Texas Football Live and was asked if high school coaches will be considered for his staff. “Absolutely. I definitely have an idea of why my staff is going to look like,” he said. “There will be talks with a number of different coaches. At the same time, I’d be hesitant to talk about any names, but it’s definitely something we’re looking at. It’s hiring the best coaches for the best fit. It’s not always who you know or where you’ve been. It’s more important that they fit here and want to be a part of the program. read more:
  15. Took a few pics this afternoon when Coach Seth Littrell came and met us in the new Union. Mr. and Mrs. Littrell laughing, having a good time! You can tell he doesn't like being talked about that much. I think he's a "Down to business" dude. Quality of this one is not nearly as good, but that's because it's a phone pic. I got to meet the dude. Coach Littrell is a really cool guy. I think fans are going to love him!
  16. Is Jordan Case one of the 17?

    Are Jordan Case or any former lettermen members of the 17? Are any former players involved at all behind the scenes re: donations, support in the program? (I know people like Zach Orr do but I'm talking older alumni) Wish a few of them would open their mouths and express support/disappointment one way or another with coaches/administration.
  17. It's crazy. As I sat watching highlights of college football games across the country, I came to a realization. They flashed some brief clips of our Tennessee game and yeah, I'll admit . . . it hurt to look up and see that (1-9) behind our name on the stat-wrap page. There's nothing fun at all about that. But, I've dealt with it and have come to grips with it. But what came next really got to me. They began to show highlights of Navy-SMU. I'll be honest, I grinned a bit seeing them get humbled as badly as we did. But then my grin quickly turned into a grimace on that stat-wrap page. It was that (1-9) behind their name. That freaking ONE!! A single tear trickled down my right cheek. My wife, seated in the bed beside me put her hand on my shoulder. That single tear soon had a buddy coming down the other cheek and I let out a brief whimper. Her hand began to pat my back. She dropped her book and asked me, "What's going on? You dealing with something?" Suddenly, I couldn't form sentences very easily. All that could come out was, "One! Just one!! It was us, dang it!! Freaking Schmoo!! We suck! They suck! But they suck better! Stupid Gerald J. Ford! Craig James can suck it!!" I woke up the next morning with six empty beer bottles around me and I was still wearing my clothing from the day before. Yeah, that stupid one beside SMU's name really got to me. The fact that we gave them that lone number is a really tough thing to swallow. Apparently the six Shiners were not. P. S. -- The previous story is true. However, the facts were changed to make the story more entertaining.
  18. Editor's note: This is the eighth part of a series looking ahead to Marshall University football opponents in the 2015 season. North Texas visits Marshall on Oct. 24. HUNTINGTON — As the old addge goes, if you have three quarterbacks, you really have none. There are exceptions to the rule in some cases, such as Marshall University two years ago when it had Rakeem Cato and Blake Frohnapfel. North Texas, however, is not Marshall circa 2013. The Mean Green had three quarterbacks get on the field in 2014 and all of them suffered the same fate of inconsistency. The result was a paltry offense that put the defense on the field for too many snaps, which resulted in a broken down team that crumbled to a 4-8 record. Coming off a nine-win season in 2013, that demise was a complete disappointment — so much so that defensive coordinator John Skladany retired following the season. So, as the 2015 season gets started, there is a major cause for uncertainty. The offense will once again likely have Andrew McNulty at quarterback, but he only came in as the third option during the 2014 season after others faltered. In a perfect world, Dajon Williams or a trio of newcomers would' have likely outperformed McNulty and taken the reins to provide a bit more optimism after McNulty was mediocre at best in 2014. McNulty finished 2014 throwing for 1,295 yards with six touchdowns and seven interceptions in 10 games. With the lack of a bona fide quarterback, teams were able to stack the run against the North Texas offensive front, who also is thin as 2015 begins. read more:
  19. North Texas came out of spring practice with a few key spots in its offensive lineup set heading into the 2015 season. Center Kaydon Kirby and wide receiver Carlos Harris have stared for years and aren’t vacating their spots this fall. That doesn’t mean the Mean Green don’t have some questions to answer, though. Andrew McNulty, who started the final six games at quarterback for UNT last season, will battle DaMarcus Smith for the starting job. The JUCO transfer will be eligible in the fall after missing spring practice. While that battle will take center stage, UNT also has questions along it offensive line and at running back, where there is no clear-cut starter. The following is a projection of how UNT will line up when it opens the season at SMU on Sept. 12. LT: Michael Banogu. The senior emerged as a capable replacement last season after four-year starter Antonio Johnson went down with an injury and missed the final two games of the season. He came out of spring practice as a starter. Read more:
  20. Some Spring Game Photos

    Like I said in the other thread, I'm more of a video/film guy but wanted to try my hand at taking some stills with my new toy. It took a while to post them because I cleaned them up a bit, but let me know what you guys think! I also give permission for anyone to use them if you want under Creative Commons Licensing. -- Stephen QB Connor Means: K Trevor Moore: Coach Mac and TE Chris Loving: QB Josh Greer tossing to TE Chris Loving in the flat: More to come in a little bit!
  21. The players were in shorts/jerseys and helmets. No Pads. The following is only based on 1 practice, so take it with a grain of salt, but this is what I saw: The first 1/4 of practice was primarily stretching/warmup, 2nd 1/4 was individual positional drils, 3rd 1/4 was team/group drills (QB/WR vs DBs, Linemen together, ST), and the last 1/4 was 11 on 11 touch with 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, and 3 vs 3 (although there were 5 QBs that saw action). Not surprisingly, I spent a lot of time focused on the QBs, so I will just summarize them in this post. The good news is that I don't think there will be as much of a logjam as people thing. The bad news is that some of the people that are expected to be part of that log jam did not look like they were close to competing (at least for today). In terms of who was getting the most reps, it seemed pretty clear that McNulty was getting the most, then Greer, then I would say DW, then Means, then the rest (although Cousins did get a series during 11 on 11 and the rest of the rest did not). McNulty - Looked pretty much like the end of last year. He did not get an arm transplant over the winter. Greer - Seemed to get reps as the #2 most of the day. I hope he was just having a bad day, because IMO he looked bad. Really bad. Even in individual drills he took way too long getting rid of the ball and accuracy was not there. It did not get any better for him in the skill position drills or the 11 on 11. I would not even have him in the top 4 based on what I saw today. I am sure Greer will continue to get opportunity since he is starting out at 2 on the depth chart, but would not surprise me to see him drop down before end of spring if any of the guys below can push him. DW - Looked similar to last year. Not much extra bulk from what I could tell. Some positive moments, but then would follow it up with mental mistakes, fumbled snaps, etc... Means - Maybe just a bad day, but I did not think he looked good at all. His accuracy was off most of the day. Release was slightly quicker than Greer. Did not seem to have a lot of zip on the ball to me. I was disappointed by what I saw today. Chumley - Man is he athletic, but raw/raw/raw. His mechanics make Jameis Winston look like Tom Brady. He was clearly lost during most of the early drills, could not throw a spiral, and was throwing everything high, real high. Maybe some of it was nerves. He settled down a bit, but not before setting a first impression. It would be hard for me to envision him making the top 3 or 4 of the depth chart by the start of the season, but not sure that is the plan anyway. I expect him to work his tail off during a redshirt season if he wants to play QB. Wells - Lefty. Reasonably strong arm with decent speed. Not tall. Actually got in a series during the 11 on 11 drill. It would surprise me if he is ready to make the jump into the top 3 on the depth chart, but if he keeps working, he has some potential/ability down the road. Cousins - Makes McNulty's arm look strong. Not sure the story here, but will need to continue working hard and increase arm strength to see time as a QB. Shanbour - Did not participate in 11 on 11 so did not get to evaluate with active linemen rushing him. Of the drills he participated in, I would say he looked the most impressive. He seemed to be the smallest of the QBs. Maybe the same height as Wells, but not the girth. Strong, accurate arm. Kept the ball down. Looked very good in the WR vs DB drills where there were 3 or 4 WR in the pattern. Picked apart the defense in the drill. Quickest release of the QBs I saw today. Canales had him (only him) signalling plays during the 11 on 11. He was coaching up some of the new guys (Chumley for example) during the drills when they didn't know what to do. Showing leadership. Grimm - Seemed to have a decent arm. Speed did not stand out to me. Did not get in 11 on 11 and I am not sure if he got in the WR vs DB drill. Kind of gets an incomplete since I did not see him enough to form a strong opinion. I say it was Grimm that I was watching. The payer had a red jersey with #16 on it. Grimm is listed on the roster as a WR. There was also a WR wearing #16 white jersey. I was not watching close enough to see if it was the same player and just removing the red jersey, but the WR #16 seemed to have a little something and definitely had some size on the outside. Would like to know who it was playing WR if it was not Grimm. If I had to knee jerk rate the QBs after day 1, mine would be (I am sure others would see it differently): McNulty Williams Shanbour Wells/Means Greer Chumley/Cousins/Grimm
  22. AUSTIN, Texas Spring drills were over. The final intrasquad game in April 2013 was in the books, and Dan McCarney finally went in for a simple angiogram for chest pains as he had promised his wife. When the North Texas football coach awoke from the procedure, he saw a look of concern on her face. She looked like somebody shot both of our dogs, McCarney said. She told me, You have four blocked arteries. Theyre 95 percent blocked. Surgery was not an option. It was mandatory. And within 48 hours, McCarney was on an operating table undergoing quadruple heart bypass surgery. That he was in good health and had run the 140 stadium steps in North Texas Apogee Stadium end zone each day helped. Did the 60-year-old McCarney take off the rest of the spring and summer to recover and recharge for the next season? I was back in the office in five days, he said almost apologetically. As a totally driven football coach obsessed with doing the job right, McCarney remains more the rule than the exception in his profession. Read more: