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Found 7 results

  1. George: Thanks Hank, outside the North Texas locker room with UNT Head Coach Dan McCarney… boy a tough one to take…let’s kinda take it in order here, you take a halftime lead… you take a 24-point lead into the 4th quarter I guess at that time you had to feel pretty good about this one. Mac: Yeah George I mean, we were doing lots of the things you need to do – winning the turnover margin, not many penalties, running the ball with pretty good efficiency – getting some stops on defense. So it wasn’t like anyone was arrogant or overconfident or anything like that but we knew what we had to do to win that football game but we just didn’t go do it. Obviously we got 3 turnovers on defense and I think…I believe we only got a field goal out of it…*pause*… and we’ve got to do a better job of complimenting each other in each phase of the team. When you get turnovers you have to get some points. Obviously the one big mistake for the pick six really gave them the juice to get back into that game and feel like they could go on and win it. George: Well and the field goal you got that’s when you’ve got the interception from Derek Akunne down to their 10-yard line and that’s a case where maybe you feel empty that you get a 3 instead of 7.. Mac: Yeah, Absolutely you know in those kind of situations where you get a big, big play go in there knock it in for 7-points on the board and we were not able to do that. So I am extremely disappointed and this is a hard one to swallow right now George. George: Yeah, now let’s talk about where the game seemed to turn – when you are up by 24-10 and the interception the pick six by Dawling from what you could see from the sideline the play itself what was called and what you were trying to do there? Mac: Just poor execution George, without going into all the details of it – really poor execution. The last thing I said to the offensive staff was let’s protect the ball, our defense is playing their tails off…just take care of the football…we’re playing really good defense. Obviously we didn’t do that and it’s really, really disappointing. And the guy that made the play was a guy that I helped recruit to Florida, Jonathan Dawling from Bradenton southeast and he left Florida and transferred to WKU and it was a sensational play he made for the touchdown today. George: And not just on the scoreboard but it seemed their defense seemed to play differently after that…they seemed to fly around a little bit more and it seemed to just give them a huge boost in addition to what it did on the scoreboard. Mac: Yeah – we’ve all seen that through the years George, you’ve seen it just like I have. You get new energy new enthusiasm, new confidence when someone rises up to make a play. A play like that can really flip a game around and it did. But really was a disappointing loss at the end. But as I told my football players and my team in there I’m really proud of these seniors, there’s no cracks in the foundation of this program because of them – it’s a strong foundation and from the bottom of my heart and the fabric of my soul I appreciate all that they’ve done for us. I want them to go on in life and be real successful and thanked them for all that they’ve done in our second year of building this thing. George: Well it’s tough probably to look forward after a game like this but you have 65 freshmen and sophomores on this team a number of players who have transferred and are sitting out this year, tough to think about now but the future of this program does look like it’s on the upward swing. Mac: Well there’s no doubt George, there’s really no doubt and we gotta learn from today and that’s really important as coaches and players so that doesn’t happen and we get into situations in the future that we hold on to those leads and we keep playing aggressively and we play smart and we don’t beat ourselves which it really looked like we did there..later in the second half. And learn from it so that when we get in these situations next year we can close the deal, win some games and have opportunities to go on and play more games at the end of the season. George: Dan -- thanks for the time, appreciate it… Mac: Sure George thanks and thanks to all our fans for the phenomenal support. I’m really proud to be the head coach at North Texas and the people that support us and the people I work for are as good as I’ve ever been around in college football. George: Thank you.
  2. Harry

    George Dunham