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  1. --I was told when in a NT history class during the mid 1960's that they had once worked and that in order to drink out of them the person was bowing to the soldier.... This is a bit different that most confederate statues ..... It was a bit more than a memorial to those who fought in the war. I oppose removing most confederate statues or statues of Confederate officials but the intent or purpose here is quite different. --- To me this is a reminder of how that group was treated..... people should be aware of what went on until the 60's or 70's .... ... Not so many here saw that and really understand how things were... .The African-American kids in my HS class (1962) were not permitted to enroll in any SWC college or even in the baptist college in my hometown ... but that changed in the mid/late 60's at most places. .... ..... To me there is a huge over-reaction to these monuments/names BUT for a FEW things the claims are legit ... This one ... mixed emotions .... I get it but would hate to see it go .... people need to understand how things once were.. ... and not repeat it for any group... removing it does not change the past and leaving it does not honor any one person.... just soldiers fighting for their homeland ..... Most never owned slaves ... only the very wealthy did . .
  2. Mexico, DACA, etc.

    ---In some cases they came as near infants .. and some can't speak Language of the country they were born in and have no relative or friends there .... That was the case of a Columbia honor grad 2-3 years ago that spoke at their graduation. Daca is about those that came as children (not their choice) and have been here many years ... and have no criminal record. . This is not about all illegals in general... That is a completely different issue... . The wall is stupid ..... there still will be tunnels, in by air , in by boats, and somehow sneaked in through legal crossings... It takes ranchers land and ranchers use the Rio Grande to water their stock and it would kill 1000's of wild animals that depend on it for water..... PLus what do you do with all the streams and rivers (100's).... dam them up. ??
  3. Rudy ... You are so right ....... There is a huge difference ... plus those claiming the nut-cake left are typical Democrats is just as invalid as claiming all conservatives and GOP are like the the extreme right and KKK which tends to endorse GOP candidates. .. The real truth ... most people are not actually purely either ... financially I am very conservative ...[ the group controling Washington and Congress since 2001 sure aren't.. national debt is more than triple what it was when Clinton left in 2001 ] and on a lot of social issues I am not so conservative , but on some I am. . . Conservative pretty much means resists change.... and those that wanted to split with Britain were the liberals , the Tories were considered conservative ... Those who wanted to allow women to vote , they were liberals .... conservatives opposed that ... and those who supported the civil rights acts in the 60's-70's for racial minorities and women.. they were the liberals ... those that opposed them were the conservatives ... Again.. almost no one fits each label completely... That is especially true now of the "statue" issue. "So-called liberal" me (by some here), I oppose most statue removals.. The one placed at the site of a former slave auction.. I get it.. remove it ( it was) ... General Forrest .. yes absolutely.. he is the founder of the KKK, a hate group. .. Other than that leave them alone or at least let local people decide.. Most were nothing more than statues to military veterans ... not a monument to slavery.
  4. There is a town call Santa Anna in Texas...... actually it should be Santana since it was named for an Indian chief but but spell it like the Mexican General.
  5. Are we going to rename Fort Hood ... He ( John Hood ) was a confederate general.... Plus even after the civil war .. Fort Davis which was named for Jefferson Davis remained Fort Davis and was rebuilt after being destroyed by tribes in the area during the war... If they [ the US army at that time . ] didn't have a problem with the name ... why should we ??? ... What is next, Bowie and Travis? ... they had owned slaves and Travis had one in the Alamo with him.. .. . Apparently Austin owned some at times also.. This situation is getting ridiculous ...
  6. Women could not vote prior to 1920 .... and never allowed to serve on juries until late 1960's ..... so should take down all statues of ALL men because they "suppressed" women ..... This getting absolutely ridiculous ...... As for Lee HS in Midland ... there is a ton of resistance to changing the name..... I am in Midland... I oppose the change. . Growing up in the 50's and 60's ... I am often amazed at what people don't know or don't realize...... I graduated in 1966 ... and lived in College Inn (did not live some sheltered life) and not once did I see anyone using drugs or know of anyone doing it ...... come back in 1968 .. different world.... the late 60's and early 60's are very different. Early ones was the Beachboy 60's ... the late ones was the Woodstock 60's. . I opposed removing "most" of these statues etc. but there is an odd fact about the Denton one that I can see some being very upset about ... I will not explain much here but the base was once a drinking fountain so I have heard. . ------------------------------------------------ UNT-Lifer ----Nice comment about the cows.( fed a lot of those animals growing up -- Herefords or whitefaces )... Had not heard that one.... Like I said above ... sometime people are just clueless and don't understand or know what they are talking about...
  7. UNT Working With Craig James

    I think was there earlier than that ... I remember it but can't remember if it was before I graduated in 1966 or graduated in 1975 ... I think it was there in the late 60's ... the catch is it was not called IHOP but " International House of Pancakes" ..... which IHOP means....
  8. Board Fantasy Football League?

    Good luck ....I was in the one here several years ago and constantly we had 2-3 people complain about the settings ... . I am not this time but for those in ... those are the settings .. don't complain after the draft, You should have gotten out prior to the draft if you don't like them.. ... It was irritating.
  9. Add to that list in possible danger of being removed are Travis and Bowie statues. ....because they once owned slaves.... This is getting ridiculous .... Gen Forrest ... yes... he helped form the KKK ... Maybe a few more ... There was one today taken down that was located on the former site of a slave auction.....OK ... A few do make sense but in general ... not a good idea. The US government did not even change the name of Fort Davis (named for Jefferson Davis, US Sec. of War, later CSA President) after the war and the largest military base in Texas is Fort Hood ... named for a CSA general, Gen John Hood... Many of these men served the American army in the Mexican War and on the frontier... Lee, Davis, etc. were not locked up for treason either as some try to claim they were traitors... Very few CSA soldiers ever owned a slave.. they fought for their state and home ..... not slavery really. .... . I do get Six Flags not using the "battle flag of CSA" which the KKK displays so much but use the other one which is what they have been doing. .... The CSA flag flown alone is one thing ... but using all six is just history and not trying to send any message. ..Getting more ridiculous would be taking down all WWII statues.... after all the USA was segregated then... Where will they draw the line and stop.?? -----
  10. Ohio State Black stripe program

    .Stripes for rookies maybe .... putting stickers on helmets during the season seem a lot like kindergarden .... kids there get a gold star for brushing their teeth or whatever. Can't see it helps teamwork any.. . Note .. no NFL teams ever does it on game helmets .... Can I have a star for posting today... and you don't get one if you don't. Players not having a "star" or whatever on a practice helmet ala Parcells that has never been on the team yet during the season .. no problem.
  11. Let me guess ... most of the top ones are in the North east where the writers and media are and are where they graduated.
  12. Steve Ramsey 1967-1969 totals.. QB NCAA records.

    Rust should be ,for sure , not in is ridiculous.... He coached the NFL for several years starting in 1976 and one year as head coach at N.E. Patriots for one year 1990. He did not do well but N.E. had not very well the year before either. His UNT teams put a lot of players in the NFL.
  13. I just found my Winter 1970, "The North Texan" .. interesting material in it. UNT was scheduled to be the first team to use Texas Stadium but that did not happen as it was not finished in time. (a UNT/Memphis game) --- Steve Ramsey was the UNT (NTSU) QB in those years .. and played in the NFL for Denver and was replaced later by Craig Morton (former Dallas Cowboy)... On the back cover is a list of NCAA records Ramsey set while playing at UNT for those three years [ Freshmen were not allowed to play on varsity then ] ....... Former record is in ( - ) 1. Most total yards --- 6568 -- ( 6354 ) 2. Most TDs responsible for { either scored or by passing) -- 71 -- ( 69) 3. Most points responsible for . ---- 436 --- ( 429 ) 4. Most pass completions --- 491 --- ( 448 ) 5. Most passing yards ----- 7076 --- ( 6495 ) 6. Most TD passes ---- 69 --- ( 51 ) 7. Most pass attempts ---- 1015 -- ( 943 ) 8. Most touchdown passes by a passer/receiver combination --- 30 (receiver was Ron Shankin who later played for Steelers in a winning Super Bowl) ________________________________ NCAA football has changed a lot since then it more a run, run league.. UNT, Tulsa, Louisville, and Cincinnati of the Missouri Valley were running an offence more like exists today. Also mentioned in this issue are "Mean" Joe Green plus players that were scheduled to play in college all star games that year --- Cedric Hardman, Ron Shanklin, and Glenn Holloway. . At the time this was published UNT was 8-3 in Basketball with wins over Cincinnati and Arizona.... Also stated is the official enrollment of that year 16,501.. 15,024 on Campus and 547 at extension centers. Graduate students made up a bit over 18%. 1 O'clock Lab band was going to tour Switzerland and Germany in June.
  14. Baylor administration would have ignored it in the Ken Starr era.
  15. AGREE ..... What they teach is not mainstream at all .... don't compare them to BYU etc. I do not want to help their academic credibility or give them more publicity...