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    Change to Redshirt Rules

    The rules once were TOO restrictive ... now it almost is "what rules"... ??? Colleges will recruit (likely illegally) other people great players. This will help the elite teams greatly and hurt others other than getting some players that are sitting on the bench and not happy about it.. ... The new red shirt rule is way too liberal in my opinion.... it does make some sense for those that need to play end the end of a season due to injuries but 4 games seems too many . College teams tend to huge in size unlike NFL teams so they should have available players. .
  2. --- Just maybe people including television should take a look at SMU crowds before think they have a following or should have any influence.. The "Old Grey Mustang" isn't what it used to be... ( when it was cheating).
  3. --- Not so sure the above title is true .... but they should not just believed because they are female. I had a friend (teacher) that was accused of rape and put in jail because of an ex-student's claim .... a couple of weeks later she confessed ... he had done nothing and was at home as he insisted from the start... She had been with a boyfriend.. --- I know of another situation where a girl went "daddy-shopping" She tried to make herself "available" to a friend of mine but he didn't bite (thank goodness) . She was pregnant and preferred him as a father and husband over the real father. .... this was in the era of no DNA testing.
  4. Falwell and bunch always came across as very intolerant of those who had different beliefs of anything... and Liberty is his "baby". I even remember and saw him on TV blame America's sinfulness for 9-11, not the terrorists. . I even heard one of his "preacher" buddies on radio urging people to go there and not those infidel public universities and compared community colleges to barber/beauty schools. I don't want to have any part of giving them any credibility on anything. .
  5. ---Different subject (mentioned above) but I absolutely oppose "free college" ...... Where I teach we did that for a while for recent grads... It was awful. We had people sign up and go a few times and never come back once they discovered it was not HS part II. . It was a total waste of money and resources. Students need to have some "money on the table" or they will not take it seriously.
  6. Odessa Permian had one do that in basketball a few years ago.... he did not look his age either.... sent to prison because of his "actions" with a teen-age girl. . .
  7. Major in what-ever you want to major in ..... just be aware of what the job opportunities are and the pay is after graduation... Pay is often determined by what you can do that others can't ( or won't ) .. I just have seen people who suddenly realize AFTER graduation that there are few good paying jobs for that major. Most people go to college to qualify them for employment in the future... and not just to take fun or easy classes. Just don't complain about the lack of jobs or the pay then..
  8. -- I teach at at a community college..... Let me explain a big difference ... here and at most good community colleges and small colleges.... students get profs with master's degrees and PHD's that have taught a lot of years (usually) and at most large 4-year schools students their Freshman and maybe sophomore year usually get-- 1). some person who may be an "instructor" with only a Bachelor's degree and working on a Masters and maybe even teaching a class for the first time ever. , ----2). extremely large classes and unable to ask many if any questions, --- 3) Some person with a foreign accent that they can barely understand. ---- I honestly believe in a lot of cases students get a better education at a smaller college or community college their first year, maybe two... --- My summer classes tend to be .. 1/3 Aggies, 1/3 TxTech, and the 1/3 others ... and those are the complaints I hear regularly.. especially the last two... I do not just give out grades easily as the post above indicates. Maybe somewhere .. but not here... Students tell me the best thing is they can ask questions and understand us... I asked my class last summer (during the final week) who had had a prof they tried to take and could not understand or a class that was huge.... Most raised their hand. --- I was once a TA at TxTech as were many others on staff somewhere... I know what goes on. There is zero pressure here to pass students .... they will know the content or else they fail.. Those last two reasons is why so many go here in the summer. --- We do get feedback from some universities ... I have several times heard that our transfers to 4-yr. colleges including UNT have higher GPAs than the students that started there..... UNT was one of best at feedback for a while .... [ seems to indicate our students are getting as good or better background than the ones that start at 4-yr colleges ]... --- We also have some classes here taught by other colleges including TxTech and Sul Ross... in fact we have one building on campus with the Texas Tech name on it. The Frisco site will likely be filled with mostly older students (20+) going back to school (sometimes women with kids now) and traveling is a problem to them, or those who are living at home still and trying to reduce costs, or those that may be working full or part-time.... Most of these older students tend to work harder because they now understand the importance of an education. -- My pet peve is on-line classes from anywhere... Most students I see that have had them didn't learn what they should have. (math) .. just memorized methods and don't really understand. Maybe it works in some subjects... not math .. Having this campus will reduce that need some.
  9. ----UT and A&M are funded from the "University Land Fund" set up over a century ago .... which now takes in a fortune in oil money from mostly West Texas.. Starting in 1966 the Texas Legislature started changing names various colleges so they could also use those funds starting with Texas Western becoming UTEP and Arlington State becoming UT-Arlington. What was East Texas State, West Texas State, Texas A&I and others now have names which allow them to draw from it ... UNT, TxTech, and some others do not have access to that money. We are funded entirely differently.... ----Thanks to those guys in the 1800's that created that fund, many of our colleges have that money available and is likely a huge contributing factor why that we don't have a state income tax ... we don't need tax money collected for those colleges but other states do need tax money and don't have this type fund to fund education. We have it because we we once an independent nation and kept our public lands. . There might not be issues if we were a TAMU or UT branch but it isn't because of favoritism for any group or person. They have money available to them we can't access..... unless you want UNT to become UT-Denton. --- Living in West Texas I am very aware that this area provides funding for so many universities of much of the state (mostly oil money) .. Ever hear of Santa-Rita #1 near Big Lake.... it was the first University Lands oil well and began the oil money flowing into the account. I think it is used only for construction and maintenance and not salaries etc.

    Is tonight's game the biggest ever ?

    Western Kentucky did well in NIT and was eliminated in the semi-finals on Tuesday by Utah ... 69-64 and had defeated and eliminated Oklahoma State which was a very good Big-12 team, also Boston College and Southern Cal earlier. Middle Tennessee won one game in the NIT then was eliminated by Louisville. ...... Marshall in the NCAA defeated Wichita State then lost to West Virginia of the Big-12. . CUSA has had a pretty good year in the post-season.. with none of the four teams losing in the first round and had success. Chicago Loyola won the CBI about 3 years ago and they are now in the NCAA final four.. Go Mean Green...!! .

    San Francisco (3/28/18)

    McCasland was the Midland College coach the last time we won the National championship for community colleges... (have won some before ... with Spud Webb and Mookie Blaylock)... He has experience in very meaningful playoff games.... He is a good guy and I have met him several times. Not that it means anything But MC main color is also green.... .Go Mean Green.
  12. What is your deal .??.. about every time I post you attack me or try to make fun of me.... I have done nothing to you.. ... In the past I have even talked to you before football games although I never used my ID here..... .. Freedom of speech does exist. .I grew up in an era that political parties got along... Go back and look at LBJ/Dirkson/Ford/Goldwater era.. . Yes they did vote SOMEWHAT on party lines but not as extreme as now. Things started changing greatly in the 90's... The tea-party types showed up claiming to be conservative and look at the debt now ... like it or not taxes have to collected if money is spent for highways, education, law enforcement, food inspections, courts , military, etc. What has happened is the super wealthy and corporations have received huge cuts and the rest of us ...very little..... Pay attention ... In Texas property taxes have climbed as state funding fell for various things and then they brag about cutting taxes ... well not really... locals have had to make up the difference. . People in public education and many others do not like Gov. Walker..... He does have a point about about seeing students major in a subject that leads to good jobs... but that is about it. -- It is not about which party but what he has done... This is widely known to people who work in education and many others... Can't access the Washington Post article (subscribers only) on him and what he has done. ... but one exists. . Scan this.

    Is tonight's game the biggest ever ?

    Best UNT years were absolutely the Bill Blakely ones about 1976-77 or so .. Won 22+ games those years (3 straight I think) but not in NCAA because it was only 24 or 32 teams then and we were independent with no conference championship to force us in.. The best NT game I saw was in 1965? when we defeated Cincinnati in the old Snake pit who had been national Champions a couple of years earlier (twice) before UCLA began its insane run of about 9 championships in 10-11 years. We were absolutely in the best Basketball conference in America... the Missouri Valley. UCLA was the best team but the MVC was the best conference.. in fact my senior year at Christmas 5 of the top 10 were MVC members. [ Louisville, Wichita, Cincinnati, and I think Bradley and Drake ] Texas Western aka UTEP won it all that year. .Why was the MVC so good ..??.. The ACC, SWC, SEC, and few others were all white and the MVC was integrated and pulling in a lot of talent and just outside of the South. . The best player I saw was Wes Unseld, later NBA Hall of Fame player and from Louisville. UTEP and UCLA were pulling in a lot of talent elsewhere then as well. .After I graduated Houston with Elvin Hayes was killing everyone except UCLA.. and the SWC was still not integrated or very little. Houston was then also an independent before joining SWC as team #9 ... We would like have been team #10 if SMU had not opposed us so strongly... Because of the gym size you had to go early if you wanted to see a game... all weekday games were full.. Weekends not so much. GO Mean Green...!!
  14. Not exactly ... not drop those majors but let students know that some of those degrees do not lead to well paying or many jobs in the future .. in other words better advice from the college and maybe even in high schools is needed.. . I recently was looking at majors of students graduating from college (not UNT) and too many were in areas of "not great" job opportunities. if a student wants a degree in "Bulgarian Lit" well ... have at it ... but don't expect many job offers and don't complain when they can't get one. . ..... Why must everything be related to a political party ..... Who cares what party controls the legislature ... officials are elected to serve the public not a political party. Politicians should not be just puppets to a party or some donor and should think for themselves and do what is right. . .What I have read about Wisconsin public education isn't very good... Things have gone down in Texas as well ... Students I am now seeing are not what we once had... A lot less state funding putting more pressure on local property taxes ( I am guessing yours has gone up a lot.. don't blame them, blame the state for cutting their share of funding... money has to come from some where) and those current stupid tests that we now have also hurt... Remember those tests have nothing to do with me except I see the students after high school. They do not indicate much about the teacher other than who spent too much time teaching just the test items.