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  1. ---Most people in education realize how much the state has been cutting the state's part of funds to education in general since about 2002. Tuition at colleges has really climbed in that period and if you check your local school taxes they have gone up a lot since then in most places... At the community college where I am employed stated to us a few years ago, the President stated "I have good news and bad news.... we now have 10% more students and 10% less state money" blaming Perry mostly then because of so many item vetoes that he had done .... including insurance for staff. There are even public schools in tax poor districts (Fort Davis is one) that no longer has a band, choir, few athletic programs, or other activities. MC has lost a few programs including pilot training which trained people to fly pipelines [ note the other thread ] .. .. This thread is very related .... class sizes have increased ... less funding for instructors... college and public schools. Part of the issue for less funds is related to giving away tax breaks to corporations ... maybe that helps large cities ..MAYBE ... but it does nothing and hurts other smaller places.. .. Perry era gave away over $25 billion in tax breaks so I have read.... plus near the end of his term ... there was a $25 billion problem which resulted in larger classes and about 12,000 teachers in public schools being released. hmmmmm ... related??? , sure looks like it .
  2. NO ..... means lower prices for oil ( there is somewhat a glut now) and is not good for Texas oil industry ... plus that oil (coming from Canada ) is very bad or highly polluting (dirty) oil ... Some day we may need it ... but not now ... I am not being political, giving valid reasons... The route chosen is not good either .. expensive route and there are better routes further west that are less expensive.... I am not anti pipeline .. West Texas is full of them... Note who owns or partially owns the project..... . ----- How in the world did this get so bad....??? . Oil companies out here FLY the pipelines regularly looking for leaks and problems. I have even had students in my classes that did that for a living...... I think a nearby neighbor (pilot) of mine does that.... Looks like bad, bad, careless management. I
  3. Vegas

    It is not about cows .. it was all about calling people ignorant or making some other insulting remark .. you know that . Not everyone knows everything about everything either although some people would like people to think they do. .. .. That was also the point... Also calling people bully names which one guy does a lot doesn't gain them any respect...
  4. Vegas

    ---All I know is most people who use guns "everyday" ( most rural people) refer to the part on the gun that is not removed as a magazine ... It can be the tube below the barrel as in a shotgun or many 22's. If it can be moved and attached .. it is refered to as a clip due to the sound made inserting it . I don't care what that video of a weekend hunter says..(probably a city-slicker or someone not in the Southwest) ... On a ship the definition changes again.. the magazine is the storage room for ammunition .. ... . geeez ....Why be so picky .. plus why call people ignorant.. That says something about them. ..... Does it really matter that much...... Note---- paper "clips" are removable ... and "movie clips" are bits removed from a movie.
  5. Vegas

    Do you ever sometimes say something like "there are a lot of cars in the parking lot" which actually several are pickups, jeeps, vans etc... Come on ... why be so picky and why call people ignorant when it isn't technically correct .. big deal ... people know what you mean... . Who cares... you got your message across .. sooo ... why be such a "whatever" ...
  6. Vegas

    Ok ----- but I don't consider people who refer to a herd as cows as being ignorant... when in fact many of them are actually male... bulls, steers, or young males... that is your deal not mine.... .---- Oddly most people have no clue that most of the meat on the counter at the grocery store was actually male .. the females are usually kept for breeding purposes and 90%+ of the males get sent to market... and slaughtered for meat... Older cows(past breeding age) are later sold and usually considered as "canners and cutters" (usually tough) ---- ie. become dog/cat food, lunch meat, canned stew meat etc... Talk about sex discrimination...!!! ... So when you see a herd .. don't say cows then ... most are... but all all.... according to you that would be a sign of an ignorant person. . ....or maybe an ignorant city-slicker...hahaha. .also when talking to a mixed group of people never say "You guys ..whatever". That be ignorant by your claim. Damn I wish I was as smart as you ...!!!
  7. Vegas

    Clip .... that is A commonly used term ... may not be some people's term or even the most exact name ... but it is used that way by many people and you just said many sources use it. [ ie. confirmation that it is not that incorrect.] -- I was not even trying to give a dictionary or technical definition. Rudy you acted like you clueless about guns .....and I suspected you actually did and was one reason I didn't respond and neither did anyone else. .... You may not like the terms or technically exact but they are commonly used even by people who own guns.. .... .. ... Another from ranching .. people often say cows ... well cow is technically female .... and they are referring to a mixed herd some of which is male.... big deal ..... everyone understands what they mean . Correcting them is crazy... sometimes exactness is not required ... most people understand the term clip and assault weapon also. ---- then we have people here who misspell so much ... well I never correct them .. so what? ... I understand the meaning. .. and you likely did understand those two terms..... why so picky .. just want to be critical.?? . --- Not disagreeing with the gun addition comments...... but that happens and they are too easy to find.. Ask the people of Vegas and many others. I am tired of all these incidents .... They were not happening when I grew up... Oddly my generation and my parent's one killed more people with guns than any group in USA since.... Nam. Korea, and WWII. ..... rarely does these incidents involve my age or older.... .so what is your answer to stopping them ..?? Finding problems is easy, solving them isn't.
  8. Vegas

    ---- I had no idea it was directed just to me .... That was a general question.... and is a commonly used term .. not just my term... Saw it used again today in an article about the California shootings yesterday... To me any gun that can fire dozens of shots in a few seconds is considered an assault gun .. but I am sure you know that .... I don't know when they started being sold to the general public but I have no memory of them being marketed before 1990. ... I know they were not available that I know of when I was college age and below. I grew up with guns (family owns rural land ) but I see no real use for them unless in security or a drug dealer type..{ locally a few years ago a drug guy shot up a a car with another gang guy in it ]. They do not make great hunting guns ... they tend to wound larger animals ( not very large caliber) and often do not immediately kill them and they run off and suffer until they die.. I have found several on my land.... not humane even there and not very effective.. and if shooting an aggressive feral hog (and standing near them).. good luck .. they may get to you . not good ... those can be huge and dangerous. . .---- If you don't what what a clip is .. you don't know anything about guns... it appears in articles all the time .. a device that holds a lot of bullets to be inserted into a gun. . Most hunting rifles hold about 6... assault guns can be dozens depending on which size of clip... . PS-- a bit unrelated.... Did the last administration even try at all to take up our guns as some claimed would happen.? ??.. That was a lie by the NRA and others to sell guns and to get votes from gullible people..... That lie worked well for both groups.. .
  9. Vegas

    name one.
  10. Basketball (men's) non conference

    How long will it take before people stop using "State' ...??.. That changed 39 years ago (1988) . Maybe because that was the university's name in the "Mean" Joe Green era...
  11. McCasland Post Game Interview

    McCasland was very well likely when he coached at Midland College.... Met him a time or two.
  12. ---Just remember that public schools have to deal with these kids too ... It can be a tough and dangerous job..... Every criminal in prison was probably in someones classroom .... My worst (by far) ... I had a class (about 18 low-achieving students) that eventually 5 were charged with murder and two others were murder victims.... Most had terrible home lives ...Another in that class had a prostitute Mom and he slept in an abandoned van behind the house.. (so I was told). . Not every kid is like the kid in your house. Also that year I had a kid in another class that later made "America's Most Wanted" ... plus another that died in drug deal gone bad after being shot by a shotgun. ---- Most people really don't understand what we sometimes have/had to put up with. .. the above is far from typical ... never had another year even close ... but those people do exist. . Also true ... I had a student that brought a gun to school but was "caught" on the grounds (was stuffed into his sock) before entering the building.... I had gotten him suspended the day before .... meant for me or the vice Principal ? .. don't know ... Many years later he saw me and apologized for being such a jerk ...( no mention of the gun incident) ... I did not recognize him until he said who he was..... he was married and living a decent life then.
  13. Vegas

    Well you did answer .. you are not allowed to carry a gun on the job but you think students apparently should be able to have one in my classroom. You didn't say whether you would have been safer if your classmates around you had guns on them ... I would not . One of them might go crazy as well instead of someone from outside. ... This would have never gotten to the point except for whast you said to me..... that you come here every five years to straighten me out .. insulting ... Others here are entitled an opinion... even if it is different than yours.... . .Don't claim I support or say things I don't say or support... I am not anti gun... and the assault gun is a commonly used term and you know that. ...... As for hunting feral hogs-- .. shooting from the air and shooting one the ground is a lot different... On the ground ... I want them down near immediately .. they can be very dangerious and can weigh 100's of pounds. ... that is not a problem from the air. I grew up rural and likely have used guns a lot more than you.... to picture me is as anti gun or anti rifle is a complete falsehood.. . I am not anti gun or crazy... I will admit I do not like guns that can fire dozens of rounds in a few seconds... their original purpose is to kill people. ... and I don't think guns in the classroom is a good idea...... and I am allowed to have an opinion and it doesn't have to be yours.. ----------------------------------- FFR----- quote .. don't want to post that entire page.... " It seems like every 3 to 5 years I have to come here and correct you on your whacked out agenda against rifles.. ... FFR ----------------------------- That is pretty insulting just as" 90" was and is longer with us . I quit posting for a long time because everything I said about anything he would change what I would say or the meaning.. ..... and some you (FFR) would say corrected and revise my comment often .... Feel free to say if you would like the other students to have guns in the classroom with you or not when you were a student. ... You did not say . .. I also repeat... in the last 50 years in Texas shootings on campuses have been extremely rare and I can't name one in a classroom. . I am done. My apology to the others who read this ... I did not mean to go this way ... I was just expressing my opinion... but I am not going to be bullied.
  14. Vegas

    FFR .. ANSWER ---- Man up... You criticize me regularly and claim I say things I don't say or even support.. ... ..... Answer the question .... Can you carry a gun to work as a firefighter..? . You seem to like my students having guns in my classroom. .. and.... Part two--- Would you have felt safer with your classmates carrying a gun into your classes when you were a student.?
  15. Vegas

    FFR ---I notice you did not answer the question about can you carry a gun... ANSWER..!! I have never trashed owning rifles (legit hunting rifles) ... NEVER .... You likely are remembering what "90" kept saying I said ... He kept putting words into my mouth and of others ... very irritating... I am consistent .. I do not think ASSAULT guns serve any good purpose for the general public.... They are not the best hunting guns and were designed to kill people. You do not assault deer etc. .I own 22's... a 30-06, ...and a couple of shotguns ... I do not understand why so many people think they need to carry a gun and very much oppose students taking them to class...... How many incidents can you name in the last 50 years that occurred on a Texas college campus that would have been helped if a student had a gun on them . Very few.... more accidents would have occurred by careless people that might have killed people. .... . .Again -----can you as a fireman carry a gun at work??? You want the others carrying one also.?? ..... Unfortunately my college students can in class now. Would you have felt safer if your classmates had been "carrying" when you were in class???