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  1. Repeating... I am not anti-gun ... I own several .. quit putting words in my mouth and name calling... That is why I disliked that other guy so much. My family has always owned guns.... I own ranch- land. I just don't like these rapid fire military type ones and want better background checks. Leftism... which party claims to be conservative but they are running up the debt .. It was less than $6 trillion in Jan. 2001 after 200+ years, and many wars. Since then (17 years) it has gone to $20 Trillion plus ... Not my idea of conservative and which group controlled Congress and spending nearly all of that time. .
  2. What would have happened if one of the men (the bad one) had a gun also.???? .... especially if drunk or on drugs.
  3. Another school shooting

    Nothing .. look at my second post here.... I am tired of his 'bullying" or what ever you wish to call it ... He has done it for years . I am tired of his name calling and changing my post to portray me as something very different than I am...... His picture reveals a lot about the situation, real mature... Q.E.D.
  4. Another school shooting

    ---You DID accuse me of most of those years ago [ absolutely claiming I by opposing that invasion was not being patriotic and implying about me real Christians supported the invasion against Islam] when I said I opposed the Iraq invasion. Again today I posted and you went after me .. again. .. as you did also a few days ago. Never said you were a war monger just that war should never be entered until necessary. As for hated me .. that may have been a bit strong but you seem to target me a lot and call me out. Many times in the past you had a habit of changing my words in a quote and saying fixed it. .What is illogical about wanting less people dying in massive attacks and some controls on being able to buy rapid-shooting guns. ??? You won't answer.. that is what I said... What is your problem with me ? .. I am entitled an opinion.... the guidelines here even say don't attack others personally ... you just did again. I just did too with this one but enough is enough... _____________________________________ PERSONAL ATTACKS AND INSULTS Personal attacks and insults are not tolerated here. When replying to a post, your own post must be about the post to which you are replying, not the poster themselves
  5. Another school shooting

    Why do you hate me.... ? I am entitled an opinion... and no I don't check in everyday in fact I went for months without checking when I got tired of 90"s comments , name calling, and portraying me as something I am not. . Someone contacted and said he had been banned and I look in at times again... .. So it doesn't bother you kids and people are being killed by mass shootings... it does me. Nearly every one if not everyone is done by these rapid fire rifles... those I don't think should be available to everyone especially without a good background check and that is not happening. Despite what you said years ago .... I am patriotic.. and Christian... I just did not want Americans killed in Iraq for a bogus reason. War kills people and I have lost friends because of Nam. Two of best three HS friends died as a result. My wife lost her father because of WWII, she can't even remember him. . It is never a game to just win or lose. So did you serve in military.... easy to be for war when you are not involved or don't lose anyone.
  6. -----Something needs to be done... I am not anti-gun but these guns that shoot 20 shots in 20 secs need to be better controlled/regulated. ... The 2ed Amendment was passed long before multiple-shot guns existed.. Maybe some of you would likely feel differently if one of your students had a gun taken from him ... I have.... I got a kid suspended for constant bad behavior and the next day he showed up at school with a gun.. but another teacher (with military experience) saw it and took it from him before anything bad happened.... maybe that gun was meant for me, or maybe for the vice-principal, or maybe the student body in general .. don't know. Too many of these things have happened in the past 20 years. How anti-gun am I .. not like some here like to picture me.... I had a gun rack in my pick-up in HS and usually a .22 in it. [not legal now] .. My family owned cattle , it was not "for show". Never had a need for a rapid -fire one. Still own the land.
  7. Mexico, DACA, etc.

    The new math is confusing.... hahaha
  8. ------------------- I seriously doubt any school district is providing buses to go vote ..... They combined that with teachers being allowed to wear "I voted" stickers by school boards... ... so what is wrong with that... ?? ...That is not campaigning for any party or candidate. That is MISREPRESENTING the truth ... and not honest. .
  9. -- Empower Texans... They should draw fire ..... Plus all public teachers should absolutely vote.... Their salaries and working conditions are largely the result of politicians. If they don't want teachers voting against what they stand for then change what they advocate. One of the things the group seems to be very much in favor of using tax money to support private schools .... but where would that money come from start... taxes now used to finance public schools ...and later higher property taxes that would needed .. .--Worse ... I fear if this happens then there will be radical groups both extreme left and extreme right including crazy religious groups and racist groups creating schools and being funding with tax money. Also some of these groups teach "weird and false science and history".. Am I against private schools .??? .. no .... my wife teaches in one .. a good and also expensive one with religious connections. . .--I doubt their claim that any school is furnishing buses to go vote... besides who would be in the classroom or on campus then.. THINK, makes no sense.... Before you support this group ... learn what they really stand for... they are a bit strange... They are WAY past just financial conservative..... It seems they want to turn schools into religious schools and teach the type of religion they favor ... [-- Those who want this forget Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Davidian, Jewish, Church of Christ, Methodist, Unitarian, Watchtower, etc. are very different and schools have students from all of them enrolled and more.... Which one do you want or should be in charge. ... ???? .... A lot of what Empower Texans claim isn't even true anyway ... plus most HS students can't even vote they seem to also imply.. . " I suppose they think "don't bear false witness" doesn't apply to them.. .They don't want teachers voting it appears... teachers understand politicians provide school funding and their salaries plus other educational issues. .
  10. Mexico, DACA, etc.

    A lot of what the GOP (and Fox) claims about Demos is not exactly true.... however on this issue it is not over.... the agreement to not shut down is not a long-term agreement. The Big issue here is the GOP has lately not consulted or worked with the Democrats at all... They just do what they want when they can. Congress should represent America not just some party... You need to remember also the Democrats got more popular votes in the last Presidential election.. They should remember that also... .
  11. Mexico, DACA, etc.

    --- NAFTA is good for us for an odd but not so obvious reason ..... The better the economy and job situation is in Mexico ... the less illegal immigration will occur.. If they have jobs and a decent life there they will not be needing to leave to survive. Why do people usually leave the countries where their families are and go elsewhere...?? Usually one of two reasons... They are not safe there (such as is the case in Syria and others now) or they have a very poor standard of living... That has always been true.... that is likely why your family came here.... the Irish were staving to death and many other groups similar as well.. A lot of the Hispanic illegal immigration now is not Mexico now but Central American and both reasons apply. --- Anyone who thinks a wall will stop illegal immigration is kidding themselves.(excluding a highly urban area) .. There is always air, oceans, tunnels, and lots come in through legal entry points, hidden of just don't go back after crossing legally. Plus if you have ever been along the Rio Grande area especially the western part you would understand that immediately.. ... Walls did work for the USSR .... but they were manned with guard towers and machines guns a few 100 yards apart and they shot people caught between "fences"..
  12. I am glad they will add some text explaining what has happened in the past.... and why they left it . People need to understand what happened decades ago.... some people are clueless. . What has liberal/conservative got to do with anything.... both groups have people on both sides.
  13. Does gaining a reputation for being stupid count... ??? .. but not sure that is really a gain. It is possible to drink too much liquid also... I have heard of (especially women for some reason) that drank too much during marathons that collapsed and died.. .
  14. ---Like I said this statue is a bit different.. .. this one is more than just a statue.... . I am not fighting to keep it... but if kept it should tell people how things were and people should know... It is not a monument to slavery or to some guy like Gen. Forrest who is largely responsible for the KKK. . I was shocked when I heard the story about the water fountain. [ I went to an integrated HS and a lot weren't then ] I am not sure what to do with it ... but what happened should not be forgotten..... Even in Germany some concentration camps still remain... I have been to Dachau and trust me .. it is not about glorifying Hitler .. it is the absolute opposite.... That statue if kept should do the same ... show how bad things have been in the past and what went on. ---As for most Confederate statues of common soldiers ... I and a lot of people of people consider them monuments to men who fought for their state and regions ... and not for slavery .... few owned slaves. .... Are going to keep the union ones just because they won. .... how about of all men prior to 1920..?? Were they bad people because women were not allowed to vote then.?? Those Union soldiers apparently didn't care that women couldn't vote. .... Why not..does that make them bad people??? ... This can be taken too far.