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  1. Opioid deaths....(problem)

    A lot just comes through legal crossing hidden in trucks cars etc. ... That appears on our local news quite a bit... mostly cocaine is mentioned, and rarely is meth or heroin mentioned. The Wall stops none of those. ..Plus it gets here by air and ships. Disagree on the meth comment.... most is "cooked" here. ... The map shows the opiate problem is worst in Ohio, Pennsylvania region and not so much in border states... but unfortunately it is everywhere .. I know some here will not believe me but I graduated form UNT without even once seeing any drug including marijuana ...(1966) and I lived in a dorm and not a sheltered life... went back in 1970 and it was everywhere......When people talk about 1968, Woodstock, etc. .... things changed and rapidly. I often say I graduated in the "Beach Boy" 60's ... and not the "Steppenwolf" 60's. ... big difference...
  2. One of the big arguments for "the wall" is drug trafficking ... I am not claiming there is none but......Heroine and opiates do not come from Mexico. .. neither does meth which is produced here... Opiates come from poppies (mostly Asia) but often people get hooked on prescription drugs (may be opiates) or from illegal drug sourses and not brought in. Look at the map ... where is the use the worse... not near the Texas border... up north mostly. . This article is not just about blacks despite the title. but everyone but seems to be growing faster with that group. Look at all the charts. .As for wall and drugs.... lots come in by ship or air ... the Wall will do little to stop it. .... (maybe marijuana but it is getting legalized a lot here to grow) .I very much oppose drug use .... but a wall will be of very little help.--- I oppose the wall too ... people/ranchers use the Rio Grande for water and so do 1000's of animals. (includes deer) .Posted just for information... and show the worst drug use is not near Mexico. .
  3. Midland has gotten several people from Myanmar (Burma) .... one ethic group there is having a terrible time and being killed off. Several churches here are helping them and supporting them at the beginning. .... Again they are taking jobs most people don't want and the best may be stocking grocery shelves at night. ( see some as custodial positions too) --- Unemployment here is 2.6% and that is a job hard to fill..... too few people want those hours and maybe not the pay. ---- Immigrants usually happen because of two big reasons. ..... one is political/racial as is above (Burma) and with the Vietnamese earlier and the other is terrible living conditions as the Irish were facing and lack of food even. That is also true of many from Mexico... bad conditions and in some cases trying to avoid lawless drug gangs. ------ California (and more) has had serious problems getting grapes and other crops in ..... due to lack of Mexican labor coming over at harvest time.
  4. What Haiti is or African countries... is not the issue.... it is about his obscene classless comment and lack of respect for others....... He has a history of insulting so many groups and people and calling people insulting names like a sixth-grade bully. His conduct with women is not to be admired either.
  5. I think we agree.... How in the world did a black man with an Arabic name get elected.....??... Having the other party end with a terrible economy, a questionable war, plus having a VP candidate that many thought was nearly nuts and afraid could become President. .
  6. ---This claim seems crazy to me ... being black lost him many MORE votes than it gained. None of the Southern states voted for him and they have the largest black population percent-wise. I could name towns that went 90% against him that had never voted that one-sided before. Yes it gained him some votes... but it lost a whole lot more... think what a small percent of Americans are black anyway.. ..... The terrible economy in fall of 2008 and having an opposing VP candidate that was a "bit strange and rather unqualified" got him elected. [ been a while but in one interview she did not even seem to realize North and South Korea are actually two different countries and not parts of the same country.... there were other odd comments.] I think it was after that interview that the GOP really shut her down on doing interviews. --- that racial claim is very bogus.
  7. ---Obama sure wasn't elected because of race ....but a lot of people voted against him because of his background.... He won in spite of it .... and because of terrible economic conditions at election time (fall 2008)---- car companies being bailed out ..., the other party had invaded a country based on the fact they had nuclear weapons when they didn't and Americans were dying needlessly there plus it made the Mid-east situation worse... , unemployment was increasing rapidly,.. ... Banks in trouble and being bailed out ...., homes being repossessed.... , DOW down 7000 points from 13,000+, and more. .. ..... That win had more to do with conditions plus a ditzy VP candidate who would have been in charge of the Senate and would have replaced the President had he died.... Second election ... conditions had really improved from 2008..... .---Trump may have won because of race ... he did get endorsed by the KKK and carried every Southern state. . .... and claiming he wanted to build a wall by the Rio Grande which would take Texas rancher's land resulting in 1000's of wild animals (deer etc.) dying because they could not get to their water supply plus their cattle's water supply.. (I own ranch-land)... He also tells a lot of whoppers and people believed him plus a lot of people were tired of Clintons.
  8. McCain was 2008 , Romney was 2012.... McCain would have been done .. I consider myself an independent Democrat meaning I don't always support the party line or every candidate every time ....I always respected and liked McCain..... I think he is an honest man who tries to do what is right for the country and not just for his party. Romney wasn't all that bad either. What we have now is a mess. .In Texas, I no fan of Gov. Perry and all the things he did to public education .... but Dan Patrick is even worse... much worse. . Local property taxes went up because of Perry and state funding cuts which caused local districts to raise local taxes to support schools, but it will be much worse if Patrick gets his way and we are paying taxes which supports private schools also... Even worse... what is there to stop crazy hate groups and crazy religious groups from starting private schools and getting financed by our tax money. .... I teach in a community college and once taught in public schools. I have kept up with what has gone on those issues. ...
  9. Me either ... but I think she had the support of the extreme right and good old Rush Limbaugh ( has one hour of college credit, PE, and spent a whole year in college) was praising her a lot before then..... Probably some thought her looks and that she was a woman would get votes ... but then she opened her mouth. ..... I personally know of several GOP supporters and others that suddenly voted the other way ..... Remember she would have been in charge of the Senate and it came out that she had never even seen the Senate chamber.... Can't remember how many but she attended about 5-7 colleges before getting a degree and not a name one either. Came across to me as a cute hill-billy woman.... and that is about all.. .
  10. --- McCain regretted choosing her and they later prohibited her from doing press conferences due to her looney answers.. The press was not allowed to interview her when she came to my hometown way after the election .... but she spoke to a group and took a lot of money home... She also resigned from being Governor after being elected. I see her son beat up her husband lately (great family values) .. --- I can't believe some GOP people still like her, she is a nut... but I guess good looking considering she is no young chick. . .
  11. Doubt it .. probably a lousy singer.. Oddly when I was school ... we did not even do the hand over heart deal... that was for the pledge only ..... [ however I am old] I suppose some did.. Guys in my HS usually would place a foot on the row seats in front of us when in the gym or football stadium ... Just a mostly guy thing at my school ... not typical I suppose. .. Sort of a kneeling thing. .I have read that hand over heart thing became official in the 1990's although some did it before then. .Weird fact: Before Hitler showed up .. You will find pictures of American students saluting the flag with their hand out-stretched Germany style ... saying the pledge and not with hand over heart. It was called a Bellamy salute.. The pledge is not all that old either, 1892, and has changed a bit since. -- I have seen some older people not doing the hand over heart thing during the National Anthem and getting criticized .... well ... they were not taught to do that when in school.... I wasn't. One problem ... some people think things have been a certain way for ever .... well they haven't.... Even the National Anthem has NOT been the national anthem as long as most people think.. (1931 officially, 1916 sort of) There are people still alive that existed before 1931 when it was adopted. .
  12. ok ... but I doubt you got ads for that hotel I was looking in London .... (a rather unknown one) .. and I got them for weeks after I searched it and where it was located... Didn't even use it either.... used another one.... At present I see on this page a "Gamiss" ad with a lion tongue out .... which is the one I looked at a couple of days ago.
  13. Todd Dodge to UT

    2008 has to one of if not the worst seasons EVER..... and Dodge was in charge... only once did the opponent score less than 35 and it was 33 in the final game of the year... he went 1-11 and nearly none of the 11 loses were close games with many 50 points or more allowed. ..... That defines terrible to me....... The 0-16 Clev. Browns did better this year than he did. They at least kept their games interesting usually.
  14. Not sure why but this forum seems to be hypersensitive to what we search or look at... I am now getting an ad for "Gamiss" or sweatshirts ( mostly with a Lion picture) constantly after I looked at one a couple of days ago.