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  1. Jeff Wilson headed to NFL Combine

    Very proud of him!!!
  2. Team Hotel

    Scuba and I are going but not sure who else.
  3. Team Hotel

    Who else is going from the old crew?
  4. Count me in, had a great time the last time I was there..
  5. Anyone has 2 extra tickets for the UTSA game? Have to admit, haven't posted in quite a while and I know I can easily get tickets at the ticket office but wanted to see if anyone has 2 extra tickets available. Thanks.
  6. Two tickets to UTSA

    Check your pm.
  7. Tailgating plans for SMU game? Train?

    Arriving from Denver on Friday and meeting up with friends on Saturday morning.
  8. UT - Arlington (11/22/11)

    That makes 2 of us, never been there but I hear it's a pretty weird place to watch/play a basketball game...
  9. UTA Prediction Thread

    Mean Green 78 Mavs 64
  10. Roll Call for the Stage Finale

    I'll be there +1.
  11. UNT vs Tech on FSN

    Channel 787/184 on Time Warner Cable!
  12. 8Th Annual Bowl

    Green Goblin Shirt: Medium Height: 5'7 (on a good day) Weight: Trying to loose the beer fat Age: Mid-30's Former soccer player that can run all over the field but not like the old days.
  13. 8Th Annual Bowl

    Yep, count me in.
  14. Riley Has A Broken Wrist