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  1. UNT men face La Tech in 1st round of C-USA tourney

    not to be negative, but he can just drive home and get another one if need be.... Seriously though, do we know if the team is even staying in Frisco? Wouldn't it make just as much since to bus back to campus after each game and sleep in your own bed?
  2. ArkSt Sues Miami

    Not sure why, but i want to say i remember that they did get out of Miami. Didnt they ride the storm out in Atlanta? Which makes the situation even worse in my eyes.
  3. UNT’s Visitor Center to cost nearly $10 million

    In all honesty, i see the parking issues decreasing in the coming years. Kids these days are growing up in the uber, lyft, etc.... age. Many are electing to not have a vehicle at all, share a vehicle, or just long term park the vehicle and utilize public transit and ride share.
  4. '18 WR Dominick Neal -Lawton, OK

    Could be Litrell be setting up a Juco placement agreement with NEO?
  5. Another 3 star could be added to 18 class

    Can never have too many HS safeties and QB's.
  6. Sr Associate AD Position Open

    Seems like UCONN in men’s basketball received a post season ban due to APR a year or two after winning the NC, but that’s all I can think of
  7. Sr Associate AD Position Open

    APR scores going through the roof. Lets not forget before she showed up we LOST scholarships due to our poor APR. Now to just last year, we made a bowl with a losing record due to our high APR.
  8. Now that the Athletic Fee has been set....

    In the new AD Master Plan, it showed adding 4 corner video boards, instead of the one center end zone board we have now, i believe.
  9. Now that the AD can start to set their budgets for the coming years, do we see an announcement on the IPF shortly? Maybe even other projects in the New Master Plan that were slated for short term, such as the Apogee upgrades and such?
  10. Spring Practice Event

    My guess would be they open up the club as well for the lunch and to watch practice out of the elements
  11. 2018 C-USA Preseason Power Rankings

    With the way we won games last year, i could easily see us improving on the field but take a step back in record. We were probably the worse 9 win team in the country last year, so i believe a 7-8 win year is realistic.
  12. Rice (2/3/18)

    While i have no idea as to whether or not there is a student section, i can say if there is, it is not enforced. We have seats in a section away from what used to be the student section and there is always a group of students that sit in front of us that are extremely loud and crude. While this doesn't bother me one bit, it is not the area that i want my two small children around, thus we tend to sit in other places around the pit. They need to get the students back in a designated area so they can all be extremely loud and crude together and directed at the opponents bench.
  13. UNT Baseball Renders Appear Out of Thin Air

    Baseball is a much more level playing field due to the team only allowed to give out 11.3 scholarships i believe it is. Add in the location (can play just about year around) weather wise, location to talent and coaching and you have a recipe for success that doesn't equate to other sports.
  14. '18 QB Cade Fennegan(Dallas Wilson HS)

    Seemed to work ok for how many QB's that turned to baseball for a number of years.