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  1. Bobby Bowden on playing NTSU in the snow 1976

    Also, have to remember, FSU then is not what FSU is now.
  2. Bad day for athletics fundraising

    Did i also see somewhere that Universities have to pay a 21% tax on their 5 highest paid employees that make over 1mil?
  3. Will UNT's NFL draft drought be broken?

    Major difference in Wilson and Dunbar is Size. While Wilson isn't as good as Dunbar, he has the size to play in the NFL, for all of Dunbars traits, NFL size He is NOT
  4. Wife is wanting some fresh gulf shrimp Cocktail. Anyone recommend a place, surprisingly its not very common in the Quarter.
  5. Head Count for NO Bowl

    2 for me.
  6. SMU considering Littrell among others

    I'm not confusing anything...I don't believe for one second that he had any legitimate interviews or interview requests, much less actual offers. All i was saying is I believe he his stating that Litrell turned down some P5 overtures in some aspect.
  7. SMU considering Littrell among others

    i think he is trying to say that Litrell was asked to interview or if he had interest in interviewing and declined.
  8. Why you should vote yes to raising the student athletic fee

    - If you think spending $40-60m for high school stadiums an efficient use of tax payers dollars, then vote for it. But increasing tuition isn't in the best interest of the students long term financial health. You didn't ask me what i though about spending tax dollars on high priced stadiums or if I thought it was an efficient use of tax dollars. You asked the question "Would everyone here vote "YES" for increasing taxes?" As I pointed out, taxpayers "like most here on the board" do vote "YES" to raise taxes all the time. Now to your off base argument. Do i think spending $40-60m on high school football stadiums is an efficient use of tax dollars?, NO i do not. But do i think agreeing to raise tax dollars to build new or upgrade schools and athletic programs in said school is an efficient use of tax dollars? Yes i do. Have you lived in a community with a good sports program at the local high school? It brings communities together, and gives the residents a since of pride. Like it or not, In todays world, SPORTS... it is the Tide that raises all boats. Asking students to increase their portion of spending to raise those boats will be beneficial to them for years to come. Like it or not, generally speaking, a schools academic programs and degree worth is predicated on the success on the athletic fields. In return, successful athletic programs bring in more money and prestige to said academic programs, thus raising those levels, and what you end up having is a successful circle of life within the University.
  9. SMU considering Littrell among others

    how did that work out for the previous 1..2..3..4...5..etc. coaches SMU has had? Name the last head coach (beside Morris) at SMU that improved his gig upon leaving?
  10. SMU considering Littrell among others

    i think 1.5 or maybe even 1.25 would do it. Just show him we are making the commitment to him should be enough to keep him here for the time being over a SMU
  11. Why you should vote yes to raising the student athletic fee

    we as tax payers vote "yes" to raise taxes all the time to pay for schools. city improvements, stadiums, etc....
  12. The Team Hotel is a little outside the quarter, but everything is pretty close down there. The Quarter is what, maybe 1 mile by 1 mile square. 90% of what is being talked about here is in the quarter or on the outskirts, so you should be no more than a mile walk to any place that is being recommended.
  13. I know in the past games there was a bar (cant remember which one) that became "The North Texas Bar". They would decorate up with our flags and such. Have we heard if and where that will be this year?
  14. Deanie's is certainly approved. The Seafood platter is all you could want and more.