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  1. GreenN'walinsVet


    Brandon Kennedy and Tony Mitchell say hi
  2. GreenN'walinsVet

    DRC: UNT hires new softball coach

    again..2 is not enough to establish pattern, but, his 2 hires are both young guys that have proven they can win at lower levels and again at the D1 level in the short term. Not a bad strategy for a school at our level.
  3. GreenN'walinsVet

    CFB Focus: Most Experienced Teams 2018

    what would lead us to believe that there would not be quality depth behind these guys? This isn't 2013...LIttrell is not winning with McCarney recruits, he is winning with mostly young guys that HE recruited. Stands to reason he would continue to recruit and restock the pipeline, unlike Mac.
  4. GreenN'walinsVet

    DRC: C-USA adds to television package with ESPN deal

    It appears to me that we farmed out the games not being broadcast on traditional TV or the start up streaming services (facebook, twitter, etc...) to ESPN+. So to watch those game previously i was going to have to pay for CUSATV. Now im paying for ESPN+ for the same thing. If i was a big olympic sports watcher, then maybe this upsets me, but as a big college football watcher, i would rather pay ESPN and receive access to numbers of games across multiple conferences.
  5. GreenN'walinsVet

    Starting Lineup

    not sure how they start, but unless Wooldridge really improves his free throw shooting, Gibson will be the primary ball handler at the end of games.
  6. Would assume the dates will be set, just with team TBD
  7. GreenN'walinsVet

    DRC: Five reasons for pessimism heading into 2018

    "we were fine" pun intended?
  8. GreenN'walinsVet

    CUSA Looking to Double TV Revenue, add ESPN3

    unless it is a true ESPN broadcast, ESPN 3 generally just uses the house feed and streams out via their service. I cut the cord, and use ESPN 3 quite a bit. Their broadcast for ESPN broadcast games is perfect. So the complaint is against the host schools stream not ESPN per say.
  9. GreenN'walinsVet

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    Not all the time because they have a grass field and can change the logo, but Texas AM will have the state of texas behind their ATM for some games. Also, i know a few of the Basketball courts have the state of texas behind the logos.
  10. GreenN'walinsVet

    Two Free Tickets For Every Graduating Senior

    How many graduates do we have this spring? 4k? 4500? Do these 8-10k season tickets count toward our attendance figures?
  11. Any thought to the way Tech treated Leach may have put a sour taste in Litrell's mouth? Just because he coached out there once upon a time does not mean that he enjoyed the time out there, still longs to be out there again, or any of the such. he may very well want to go back out there, but Lubbock is not his home. Oklahoma is.
  12. not to make any excuses for the previous administration, because we all know that story, but how many extra staffers are in place under the Baker admin for Basketball then there was during the RV admin? Seems like there were games this year we had more people on and around the bench in a suit than in uniform. Could the redesign have something to do with needing space for all the extra people?
  13. GreenN'walinsVet

    How Impressed Are You At The Roster Littrell Has Built?

    If we can turn into the Leach Tech (consistently win 8-10 games) then i will live with a few defensive struggles.
  14. GreenN'walinsVet

    Unt Wants Nit But Not Cbi Or Cit

    not sure if it even registered outside of the UNT family, but getting 6300 or so people into the Pit on a holiday, no less, is a seismic register that can do nothing but get the fan base primed for the 18-19 season.
  15. GreenN'walinsVet

    UNT Basketball Stat Watch

    I think after a year in the weight room, he will resemble what is now defined as a true center. have to remember he is just a freshman. Plays well with his back to the basket, runs the floor well, and is a good rebounder. I think he has the ability to go down in school history as one of the best 5's we have ever had