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  1. Mercer (3/19/18)

    now it's 51-49 north texas....
  2. Mercer (3/19/18)

    you should have gone back and corrected them about the mean green nickname...they claim it's from some nfl guy
  3. 2018 March Madness Thread

    just their badass 6th man who broke his wrist or something
  4. 2018 March Madness Thread

    a bit conflicted...not that umbc won, but how they did...would have been cool to have a shot at the buzzer to win, but a 20 damn beatdown...that's also pretty badass
  5. Mercer (3/19/18)

    espn has it 54-46% for mercer
  6. 2018 March Madness Thread shit???
  7. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    when was the last time our boys beat a team with 10 or more wins than us?
  8. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    like you have anything else to do...
  9. South Dakota (3/14/18)

    if true, i'm there....with beer in my hand!
  10. and this will probably be these kids' only chance to ever go to south dakota...
  11. Down Goes The MUTS

    nice...enjoy when the top seeds go out...of course, cusa isn't getting 2 bids this year now, but i don't care...just wish it would have been our boys that beat the one seed
  12. registered to play...easy as drinking a light beer...
  13. DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook for 2018

    sutton is definitely a number 1...easily....he also only had 4 games of 2 or fewer catches...he made sure that he was the dominant receiver in his games i hope guyton comes in and just destroys defenses like we want him too, but i just don't see the number 1 argument...not a big deal...north texas' receiver corps makes the most of their situations.
  14. DRC: UNT wide receivers outlook for 2018

    you're right, stats don't show that he is a number 1...only 3 games (smu/usm/utsa) over 100 yards (smu game he had 2 catches for 100+ yards after the team was down 20+ points in the second half)....yet 5 games with 1 or fewer catches (not counting rice game he missed)..stats show that he isn't. never said or implied that he would get 100 catches, ya that won't happen here and doesn't need too. hell, he had 9 games of 4 or fewer catches. i hope he is the true number 1 receiver you say he is...i don't see it from stats. are other #1 receivers having the same output? the same reasons for not impacting a game in catches and yards? guyton had 1 catch against iowa...he didn't have success there like wilson did this is something we will disagree me, a #1 shows he is a number 1 in most games...not 25% of games...luckily, our team has many wrs that can step up and contribute to help win the game, so a true #1 i don't think is important with our squad. with lawrence/bussey/darden/white/etc. next year, i believe we will be fine, plenty of different weapons to torment a defense that a number 1 is not really needed