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  1. Rice (1/13/18)

    good offensive output, but just 2 players in double figures...would like it more spread out
  2. Mike Linehan LB Idaho

    maybe there are exceptions for those players to transfer without sitting out since they are dropping down
  3. Rice (1/13/18)

    team just needs to win at home...lost 2 winnable games last week
  4. Old Dominion (1/6/18)

    second to last in free throw percentage in conference (66%)....that shit is going to lose us more games...gotta get that fixed and quick
  5. @UTSA (12.30.17)

    thanks for the updates fellas
  6. Independence Bowl

    some big dude in a warm coat and a beanie

    hahah...just going off the ESPN website ...ya, no way in Hell there were that many

    20,507 attendance...
  9. 9...our boys were blown out in all 5 losses (yes, iowa was a blowout once they decided to play)...those guys would have made it closer, but not made it a win
  10. A look at what we have

    does a team normally have 6 qbs on scholarship/roster?
  11. Austin Westlake lost today

    why the f×&* would we care? quit living in the past man
  12. C-USA 0-2 vs. Sun Belt Today

    ya, we didn't....losing those 2 games does not mean we regressed...there are good teams in other conferences
  13. Where’s everyone at?

    i'm drinking beer (milwaukee's best light) in the garage while watching hockey...
  14. 2017 FBS Attendance

    22k/36k = 61% full 38k/60k = 63% full isn't 63% better??? granted, i drank a shit ton last night so my math may be a bit off...but i'm confused...
  15. Nice Pub on 105.3!

    i believe the fan will be at east side for the game