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  1. THOR

    Change to Redshirt Rules this so they can get some game experience to see what they have and if they need to be redshirted?
  2. cool as hell for those kids to experience it needed when they could play teams in the states?
  3. how many qbs have had 5000 in a year?
  4. sweet...i'll take off half day thursday, to have adequate tailgating time, and friday, let my kids stay home as well if they want. it's one day of school...not gonna hurt them or others
  5. THOR

    Snyman: Third and Final Round

    I read it as the top guy not from the team' invited...guess I read it wrong
  6. THOR

    Snyman: Third and Final Round

    ended up tied after 3 rounds....not sure of the tiebreak rules.
  7. THOR

    Snyman: Third and Final Round

    smu guy bogeyed 17...back to being tied with snyman....1 hole to go, then a playoff of some sort if they remain tied
  8. THOR

    Snyman: Third and Final Round

    same thing happening now as at the conference finished, but muts had a few holes to go and they passed north texas... snyman on 18...smu guy has 2 holes to go and birdied 16 snyman down 1
  9. THOR

    Snyman: Third and Final Round

    snyman is up 2 on the next closest guy....back nine or so to go....
  10. THOR

    Ian Snyman: Tracking Round 1

    he needs to be the top finisher of the 5 individuals that qualified for regionals to make the finals
  11. well least i got the last name right...
  12. and raul septian
  13. THOR

    Coaches Caravan

    hold my beer...
  14. THOR

    Shane Temara signs Pro Contract

    for those that don't want to read the article...heading to play ball in new zealand for wellington... random fun fact: wellington is the southernmost capital of a country in the world