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  1. Stan R

    Homecoming game attendance Prediction?

    180,000 lame arse UNT alumni will be missing out on a great game, fun atmosphere, and fist bumping scrappy. 20K will be having a great time.
  2. Girls have earned it for sure. From the article: Kononova, was recently ranked a North Texas program-best No. 41 in the nation for singles. In addition, she and fellow North Texas junior, Tamuna Kutubidze, earned a Mean Green record-setting No. 22 ranking for doubles.
  3. Stan R

    A good sign of reconciliation

    Hell, if it helps it get done, we should call it "Sir Darrell Dickey His Royal Highness indoor practice facility".
  4. Stan R

    What Will Be Built

    If this was an intentional eagle-pun, thumbs up you sir.
  5. Yeah and I never watch those... Like, ever, because they are so bad and stuff. Well I mean I usually wouldn't watch if it is a really bad hallmark show. Unless it is actually a good show with a good plot and all. Ok who am I kidding, some of those romantic comedies are actually pretty good. DON'T LIE PEOPLE!! YOU KNOW YOU WATCH THESE WHEN YOUR WIFE HAS THEM ON SOMETIMES!!
  6. Stan R

    Duke transfer

    I am not making this up, I have met this kid before. And his dad. Know them through work... Found out just the other day he went to Duke and blew my mind. Great family.
  7. Stan R

    Serious question.

    Really miss the guitar solo with a zebra guitar and ski-sunglasses as a thing. We need more of that again.
  8. Simple, agree to host a televangelist and a sketchy fat-loss pill (not approved by FDA) guaranteed to make you lose 15 pounds in one week at halftime. Audience assured.
  9. Stan R


    sexy mtsu 3 to go up by 14
  10. Stan R

    Mean Green Machine Offers New Service

    I should probably know this but - does it actually drive? Heard it had an electric drivetrain replacement?