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  1. Homecoming game attendance Prediction?

    180,000 lame arse UNT alumni will be missing out on a great game, fun atmosphere, and fist bumping scrappy. 20K will be having a great time.
  2. Girls have earned it for sure. From the article: Kononova, was recently ranked a North Texas program-best No. 41 in the nation for singles. In addition, she and fellow North Texas junior, Tamuna Kutubidze, earned a Mean Green record-setting No. 22 ranking for doubles.
  3. A good sign of reconciliation

    Hell, if it helps it get done, we should call it "Sir Darrell Dickey His Royal Highness indoor practice facility".
  4. What Will Be Built

    If this was an intentional eagle-pun, thumbs up you sir.
  5. Yeah and I never watch those... Like, ever, because they are so bad and stuff. Well I mean I usually wouldn't watch if it is a really bad hallmark show. Unless it is actually a good show with a good plot and all. Ok who am I kidding, some of those romantic comedies are actually pretty good. DON'T LIE PEOPLE!! YOU KNOW YOU WATCH THESE WHEN YOUR WIFE HAS THEM ON SOMETIMES!!
  6. Duke transfer

    I am not making this up, I have met this kid before. And his dad. Know them through work... Found out just the other day he went to Duke and blew my mind. Great family.
  7. Serious question.

    Really miss the guitar solo with a zebra guitar and ski-sunglasses as a thing. We need more of that again.
  8. Simple, agree to host a televangelist and a sketchy fat-loss pill (not approved by FDA) guaranteed to make you lose 15 pounds in one week at halftime. Audience assured.
  9. MTSU

    sexy mtsu 3 to go up by 14
  10. Mean Green Machine Offers New Service

    I should probably know this but - does it actually drive? Heard it had an electric drivetrain replacement?
  11. Love the DRC's new look (DMN's look). Much easier to read.