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  1. I will not feel safe till all the jobs are filled, Arizona still needs a head coach. I know 3-4 big SEC schools that still have openings for assistants. That statement means Coach Littrell wants everyone back, not that someone will not get an offer they can not refuse.
  2. Congratulations to Coach Littrell on being selected to the Board of Directors.
  3. Recruiting Class

    Just remember they all do not have to sign next week. I heard rumors that only 30-40 % of recruits will sign early.
  4. Senior Bowl

    Here are the 3 on the watch list for the game. The announce new players that have accepted each Monday. Full roster announced on Jan 17. Kishawn McClain North Texas S 5-11 187 C-USA Trevor Moore North Texas PK 5-11 187 C-USA Jeffery Wilson North Texas RB 6-0 199 C-USA
  5. From what I read it is seniors only as they have 1 more year of post season ban. younger players have to sit out. NCAA rules give Ole Miss seniors the freedom to transfer elsewhere without sitting out a season.
  6. I just noticed you posted I was about to do the same. Hope this opens something even bigger.
  7. DRC: Source -- Combs transfers to LSU

    This has been known for a long time.. Just not where he was going.. Not to big of a shock since that is who recruited him to UNT.
  8. Seriously people, if you support this university give WB a chance. He been here 120 days, and he has hired and post lots of new positions that could fix items I have seen complained about on this board daily. People may not need to be fired, they may need to have there structure changed. Has no one ever gone from a boss they hated to one they liked. Your productivity and actions change based on how you feel. I have no doubt that he has a vision of what he wants in this hire, and am sure we will all be impressed. Give him a chance and support our student athletes.
  9. Wren Foreshadowing?

    Was just about to post a new flow that I have a feeling this is our next coach. I know they go way back, and he has a great record as a coach.
  10. HOD Bowl Game Player Gifts

    The suites are set up prior to the game, with game participants — and often school VIPs — given an order form and allowed to select a gift, or gifts, up to a value that is determined by each bowl, not to exceed the NCAA limit of $550 per person. Does not give more specific information.
  11. Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl Dallas | Cotton Bowl Stadium at Fair Park 12:00 p.m. ESPN Army vs. North Texas Gift suite; Amazon Echo Dot; football Gift Suite information :
  12. Kids Tickets

    Before you purchase seats just from the bowl game call the university and see if you can buy the $25 from them. Explain the situation, this way they can document sales. It will help us more as we are consistently playing in bowl games..
  13. Bowl Projections

    Would be happy with either one of these. Not sure I am ready to go this far, but nice to see us on list like this instead of bottom 10. Gildan New Mexico Bowl University Stadium, Albuquerque Dec. 17, 2 p.m. (ESPN) Schlabach: Nevada vs. Old Dominion McMurphy: Colorado State vs. North Texas Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl Cotton Bowl Stadium, Dallas Dec. 27, noon (ESPN) Schlabach: Kansas State vs. North Texas McMurphy: Kansas State vs. Colorado
  14. Come in and meet everyone and start to determine what needs to be done. He can not make rushed decisions. 1. Market SMU game .. It has to be a sell-out, no excuses. 2. Meet the students... 3. Meet the alumni.... 4. Meet the community.. 5. Other items as they present and are needed.
  15. Interesting Q/A with Wren Baker after getting the Acting AD title at Mizzou.