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  1. El Paso Eagle

    DRC: UNT hires new softball coach

    Hopefully, this is another good Oklahoma connection
  2. El Paso Eagle

    Change to Redshirt Rules

    Per Football Scoop A new rule regarding redshirts that a lot of college coaches were advocates for has passed by a vote from the Division I Council. Division I athletes who are designated redshirts can now participate in up to four games in a season without using a season of competition. The new rule change will be effective for the 2018-19 football season.
  3. El Paso Eagle

    Could Mason Fine join the 5,000 yard Club?

    Guyton could be a game changer. He will get a lot of double teams. Will be interesting to see what schemes the coaches come up with to get the ball in his hand and take avenge of the other players who are receiving weaker coverage
  4. Per Football Scoop North Texas: Shelby McIntyre is the new football recruiting coordinator. McIntyre previously worked as a graduate assistant in the Boise State recruiting department.
  5. El Paso Eagle

    Maybe I missed it... what Happened to Murray

    Perhaps its the coaches way motivate him and say it's time to step up your game.
  6. El Paso Eagle

    The Newest Helmet Technology: VICIS Zero1

    Would be nice to see the NCAA supplement the cost of these helmets for EVERY member school. Take it out before they distribute the $$ to schools (would be interesting to see the P5's complain and then have to justify why all players safety is not important).
  7. Ranked as the #2 G5 QB. Nice!
  8. El Paso Eagle


    Head over to Tyler (TJC or UTT) and get one of their coaches
  9. El Paso Eagle

    Denton Caravan Stop

    A "Thanks" to Kram 💩 to the person who downvoted him
  10. El Paso Eagle

    Does UTEP start factoring in C-USA West?

    Not on the UTEP bandwagon, but with a new AD, FB, and BB coaches there seems to be a growing interest, similar to our recent changes. Will be interesting to follow. Interested to see how Chico does (he does seem to put his heart into it)
  11. Would also have been nice if they renamed the Athletics dorm after him.
  12. El Paso Eagle

    North Texas to Host MEGA camp!!

    Let's not forget, in this day and age of transfers it can never be a bad thing to leave a great memory on UNT in their minds.
  13. El Paso Eagle

    Jeffery Wilson Draft Profile

    Not saying it's not correct, but why the need to add a negative in on the celebration for these 3?