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  1. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    But it seems more and more people now are open and vocal to the fact "winning now" is more important than following any rules.
  2. FAU's new OC - 24 year old, Charlie Weiss Jr.

    With all of the love that Kiffin is receiving it looks more and more like a great deal of the people no longer care about the ethics of the coaches as long as they win.
  3. Decommitments from The Woodlands

    Just wondering, keep hearing comments about how many O linemen we have on the roster. Any chance any of these guys can move to the D line?
  4. looks like UTEP found a QB

    UTEP will never drop Football. What they should do (and not sure if it will ever happen with their President) is invest in coaches. If they can win 7-8 games they can get 30K to 35K butts in the seats. If they could win more than that they would get over 40K, however, their administration has shown no commitment to athletics (sound familiar)
  5. You actually think one thing you have done makes a difference. I always thought you liked to post to make yourself seem relevant, and this proves it. Please go away again (for the twentieth time) and hopefully stay away.
  6. The problem is when they do decide to make an "example" of a program you know it will not be one of the "Big Boys".
  7. DRC: Three reasons UNT could be worse in 2018

    This worries me a lot. I am really hoping our O-line improves and Mason does not take such a beating.
  8. An Message From The Emergency Alert System

    Looks like the coaches son will also be coming as a Grad transfer. 3X all Big 12 FB
  9. Like him (and his dad) or not the Dodge name is respected in the High School ranks
  10. Giovanni Vizza - UTSA

    Promoted from quality control to full-time assistant.
  11. 10th On Field Assistant

    Just saw where it looks like K-State is hiring (as their 10th) a coach who had recently taken a job with UTEP. Wonder how many P5's will raid G5's for this new position??
  12. Barf

    The lovefest ESPN has with Kiffin is almost comical. I wonder how many of their employees have a picture of him up in their cubicle
  13. 10th On Field Assistant

    With the NCAA approving a new on field coaching position will the Mean Green this new coach?
  14. At AZ Bowl in Tucson-big NMSU crowd

    It still amazes me how the fans at UTEP think they’re too good to be in the same conference with NMSU
  15. At AZ Bowl in Tucson-big NMSU crowd

    The third-down play calling for NMSU has been nothing short of strange