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  1. Connor Means

    Sewo was a good athlete at Kingwood. Great kid. But most of us here have been surprised at how much tcu has coached him up. His great atttide, physical size and some coach who saw his potential have made him a beast that is improving each season. Impressive that tcu found him here, Kingwood is. not a football powerhouse
  2. MBB @ Rice - Sat 1/13 - Houston Roll Call

    Just got the torches before flood and they just reopened. Place called “local foods” looks interesting. It is close in rice village on dunstan. Upscale sandwich place. Let me know what you think. Who else is in Houston?
  3. MBB @ Rice - Sat 1/13 - Houston Roll Call

    Got four tickets for Christmas. So will bring some friends from Kingwood. You open to another place for pre game. We have a freebirds in humble so eager to eat somewhere else while making the trip into the city
  4. Charlotte (1/4/18)

    Wow, just standing and watching on that last shot. They put themselves in a position to go to ot and get this in the win column but just did not play till the buzzer. SAD

    Merry Christmas to all the green. Life is full of ups and downs as is being a fan of our great school. As I am getting older I have learned to appreciate it all. But hope Santa brings us an ol to protect mason for the next couple of years. I think he is going to give us some fun games ahead.
  6. next years game at Pig land

    My youngest daughter is there. I plan to be there and may try to see if I can find a air B and B to rent by campus and her sorority house. Would like to be a mean green central. There is a great restaurant and bar scen right off campus. Should start planning soon.
  7. What we’ve learned

    My money would be on FSU not willing to play fau. Their are teams here in Texas that would not play us this year if we were at fau level or possibly even now
  8. Expectations for UTA game?

    First time for me to see the team on ESPN 3. Started watching when they were up 17-13. So far what I have seen is very bad basketball overall. Can’t. Judge it any other way right now. Three point and free throws? Are they our weak points. If so what is our strength
  9. Still working seven days a week but take time off for games. Keep me updated, not a problem for me to drive into town
  10. UTA

    Uta lost to 25 Alabama last night by one at their place
  11. UTA

    Believe ull beat Iowa tonight
  12. Classless

    My thoughts exactly
  13. This game and fau game were defensive embarrassments
  14. Going to be a long second half. We needed that last drive before half for more points. We have to keep scoring and that may be hard. Got to keep our defense off the field
  15. Little disappointed coach did not go ape shit on that call. Maybe not his style. We needed to score on that drive. Guyton will be out for game